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yumichan comments

Posted in: Parents urge Clinton to press Japan to take action on child abductions See in context

Hai wakarimashita

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Posted in: Caiya denies reports of extramarital affair See in context

once she told in a verity program that she cooked cat wood for her husband and served because of his behavior. any body tell me kindly, where does this woman come from....?

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Posted in: Electricity flows from restarted Oi reactor See in context

Good your demonstration, some how Nuclear power generation completely stopped.

But It is not easy to stop over night as Japan high Industrial nation ...be cool... It take time to find another safe cheep way of generating power .

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Posted in: Couple arrested for growing marijuana on apartment rooftop after neighbor tips off police See in context

Some inquisitive neighbors... none of your business. Marijuana is herb ( har bu in Japanese ) it has no radio active.. substance

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Posted in: Japan, Norway block U.N. role on whales See in context

Oh ..Koreans.... Did you not eat whales in your History..? as Japanese did..

Or this demonstration is just to Annoy Japanese..and their culture..?

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Posted in: Pyongyang parades fake missiles and smuggled Mercedes: UN See in context

Very responsible UN even misleads.

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Posted in: Baby dead 'for a day' as mother chats on Internet forums See in context

These people have no hearts.... inhuman , do not raise kids, do not like them , low berth rates...naturally most men and women are barren.. or no wombs...and artificial breasts.

It is shame.

Due to their extreme selfish behavior patterns

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Posted in: S Korea delays signing of military pact with Japan See in context

S. korea delays means ... They do not ready to trust Japan. .?

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Posted in: No. of fake marriages between Japanese, foreigners jumps by 49.2% See in context

85% Chinese and 23% Filipinos.

That is the market..?

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Posted in: Zoo that lost 30 squirrels in typhoon 'recaptures' 38 See in context

Oh oh ooo I see.... That is the reason... They become Zoo keepers..???

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Posted in: Suspect in train groping case escapes from police 'koban' by back door See in context

It was a mistake...that made him escape.. anyway '' This has nothing to do with me ''

It was not a mistake that made him kill when saying '' I am innocent don't kill me '

I love Japanese police. They are sweet , extremely polite...

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Posted in: Japan city seeks funds for dying 'miracle' pine See in context

Ha haa haaaaa,

This is a good example of

An unexplained typical Japanese stupidity.

Sorry to say.

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Posted in: More women in their 40s dating younger men See in context

woman in their 40 become more sexual than in their 20s..? Huh... who claims this.

the woman who are Not successive in their young age.. due to work..money .. stress..beauty....or some sick behavior... Could not find and marry in right age . or late their marriage... finally becomes victims of self Isolated ... rejected.. metal sexual sickness,

this is something recently become natural , widely accepted in society. but they never used the word sick. but it is .

Both young men and woman should be responsible for their unnatural gap related relations. due to various mental sickness which are not publicly spoken.

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Posted in: More women in their 40s dating younger men See in context

No no no . Japanese young men does not go with Older woman in 40s,( Basan asobi ) its like with there Mamas , I agree , except some few sick manias do.. These Isolated older woman sect , easily finds foreign guys. who are even very New to Japan . especially...from Korean males, I see this trend always.

I know woman in their 40 's thumb go down, Sorry for this truth.

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Posted in: British man dies after jumping from Eiffel Tower See in context

Ultimate stupidity in life ...even done it in very publicly ...

Disturbing.. disgusting people.

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Posted in: K-pop concert in Hyogo canceled due to organizer's bankruptcy See in context

Shame you Organizers..

Better you borrow money from Korea .

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Posted in: International youth do their bit at Rio+20 See in context

hope that 3 will have wonderful world meeting...

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Posted in: Wrongly jailed Nepalese man returns home from Japan See in context

People who are from Economically poor....countries came to japan at early 80s to late 90s.. for labour jobs. that time was good for every body, and Japan too. Japanese should not undermined these people and their values with your Japanese heartless economic power. your pain full ,stress lifeless suffering s . See the " headlines in Japan’s tabloid press, which said the victim, a Tokyo Electric Power Company employee, was leading a double life as a businesswoman by day and prostitute at night." if this is true. was this victim had a better a life..?...she would not be a prostitute. she had a job as every body has, but was night time prostitute. this is your suffering side of lives . she is already dead any way but this prostitute claimed Mr, Malnalis loving family life, for 15 years in jail. It was not proved that he hired the prostitute, Guess that he was over stayed when it was in the jail.

Don't forget that Specially Indian continent people, ( does not mean other country not) are with high human qualities , and which are even not explained in your Japanese society. some moral principles are sill jokes in Japan, and Japanese are blind of these values, still far behind. headlines in Japan’s tabloid press, which said the victim, a Tokyo Electric Power Company employee, was leading a double life as a businesswoman by day and prostitute at night.

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Posted in: Wrongly jailed Nepalese man returns home from Japan See in context

congratulations , and all the best for your new life..

Do not give up ...

fights for you rights..

at least others will get some fresh air..

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Posted in: American father wins custody of child after divorce from Japanese woman See in context

Now I see... how many of you Dudes are suffering the same problem as the Doctor had, But you dudes, you will never win a case , if you live in japan.

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Posted in: American father wins custody of child after divorce from Japanese woman See in context

"A Nicaraguan-born man who lives in the U.S. state of Wisconsin has been awarded custody of his 9-year-old daughter, ending a four-year court battle with his former Japanese wife." why it says " The man who lives in the US " If He is an American right. ?

And it is quite different with the states of the woman lived in the US,

Japanese having a originality problem...? try to discriminate..others.. ?

I want to know where this woman was born ... ... . ?

I am Japanese . but I was born in Philippians.

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Posted in: 22 high school students suffer heatstroke in Ishikawa See in context

sick ...weak .... girls,

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Posted in: Clinton to visit Japan for Afghan conference See in context

Japan has mentality to show their Richness to the world,

Japan can feed Afghan people for decades in exchange for Marijuana.

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Posted in: Deportation order issued against Nepali granted retrial in 1997 murder case See in context

At the beginning there are very positive comments in favor of the the Nepali...

I would like to know ....Did any body , or any Organization try to help this poor man , by going against to his resent conviction ? ?

I see there are bunches of foreign lawyers in Japan. expertise in legal affairs.. with big moths, try to show there knowledge publicly.

for them this is a very good chance to file a case against , Japanese penal system and to seek a good compensation for 15 years in jail. if you win the case you will share the price by half to half.

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Posted in: Calls made for bicycles to have number plates See in context

Lot of laws and regulations in this country, means to keep you protected from you.

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Posted in: Police mobilize 5,000 officers to track down last Aum fugitive See in context

5000 police to track down a man ? so many police..in japan , were they sleeping?.

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Posted in: Four French troops killed in Afghanistan See in context

Leave you foreign troops from Afghanistan..

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Posted in: Karzai says NATO to end air strikes on residential areas See in context

Puppet Karzai, should apologize to Afghan people for inviting NATOs and US forces in to Afghanistan ,

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Posted in: Al-Qaida No. 2 killed in U.S. drone strike in Pakistan See in context

Any way this time US assured the kill was their target. but how many innocents life's you killed and continuing killing including children. like thunders coming down using drones. where ever Killing a innocent life is not a crime ...?

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Posted in: Porn star Sora Aoi draws crowds of crazed Chinese men like few others can See in context

yes.. Japan needs more talented porn stars to boost economy, or more Japanese prostitutes to draw Chinese money in to japan. .

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