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Posted in: Man arrested for trying to rob convenience store says he was hungry See in context

Unless you actually have info that leads you to that conclusion you are making a lot of assumptions. and you know what they say about ASSUmptions

The problem with this comment is the fact that you’re assuming that what led to his financial demise was not due to his personal choices. He could have been an alcoholic and lost his job or gambled his life savings, etc. the fact that you agreed that the government was 100% cause of his downfall is a major assumption that you can’t verify as well based on the article. This, the poster calling out on intellectually lazy comments stand.

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If a foreigner living in Japan has put in the time and effort, working their way up to JLPT N1 level language proficiency, shouldn't that feat, along with a clean record, be enough to warrant at least strong consideration towards the Highly Skilled Professional visa? After all, it could be said that the individual is "highly skilled" in the area of Japanese language - a "necessity" for building a career in Japan. Not sure how it will work in the new system but in the old system you were granted a measly few points towards the acceptance threshold. Shouldn't it be more than that? I would imagine it should be.

do you seriously believe this? Seriously….

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Posted in: Profiling poverty: The sad, threadbare lifestyles of Japan's downtrodden and disadvantaged See in context

Japan is already considered a developing country by many Japanese money managers and experts. However, the Japanese bureaucrats (under UC control) and their ultranationalist cohorts of both domestic and foreign keep seeing a rainbow reality daily. These ignorant people also don't spend much time outside of Japan to realize how poor they have become. 

Even Thailand starts to refrain from serving Japanese tourists because Japanese ones are poor and haggling too much over prices. Japanese employees are now even paid lower than locals in various ASEAN countries like Vietnam and Singapore.

Why do you never provide sources for your posts? Just because an uneducated simpleton agrees with you doesn’t add any credibility to your statement. I want to read where your getting your information from.

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Posted in: Japan's real wages fall in November at sharpest pace in 8 years See in context

Many foreigners? How many is many? Are you one of them? I know a of a few, but I wouldn't say many. Most I knew were living month to month and year to year on short-term contracts with no job security and crappy salaries. Furthermore, most I knew left Japan and have since become successful. 99% of foreigners working in Japan are not making any more than ¥3.5M a year. That is not a career. It is just surviving.

if you’re talking about eikawa, then it’s not a career in the first place. It’s an entry level job no different than flipping burgers. there’s nothing wrong with that path but don’t expect financial upward mobility since those that choose to continue as an eikawa do so because they find it rewarding other than expecting financial freedom and gain. Completely pathetic to blame Japan.

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Posted in: Japan to deploy missile defense unit on Yonaguni: report See in context

Take a long hard look at any map of the region. Okinawa is in the unfortunate position geographically, of being right in the way of any aggressor wishing to attack Japan from the south, and is in the direct path of China's well known desire, to have direct access to the Pacific Ocean.

There is nothing anyone can do to change it, but it's also childish and naïve to think that removing any bases, or not preparing it's defenses properly would keep Japan "safe". 

Okinawa is a shield, and unlike WW2, it does not stand alone, it has both the JSDF and USJF together, as allies, to defend it, and Japan as well, from any and all outside aggressors.

absolutely spot on!

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Posted in: 'Japan has no future' is a widespread if not universal feeling See in context

That means that one third are full time workers. And people wonder why the economy is hurting?

No, that does not mean a third are full time workers. The economy is hurting but not based on that calculation, lol!

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Posted in: Neymar returns as Brazil brush aside S Korea 4-1 to reach quarters See in context

You have zero to base this on, especially since Japan couldn't even do anything but kick the ball across the ground in the shootouts. I think Brazil would be dancing more, and to a tune of 8-0 or so.

says the Korean who thinks every win by Japan is just luck. Korea gets destroyed by Brazil in this game. Yet he says Japan would have fared worse by what measures? This is the same guy that thinks a manager has nothing to do with winning, just the players. Lol, jss as pan would have lost more because because because, it’s Japaaaan, waaaaah!

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So many insecure comments angry over Japanese people being courteous.

the usual suspects that blames Japan for their failures in life. Nothing new.

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Posted in: No. of bankruptcies in Japan up in April-Sept for 1st rise in 3 years See in context

I specifically stated "work with them", which does not mean forgive the debts! Working out payments, is something they CAN do, and there is no reason to force them into bankruptcy!

I agree with you but there’s different types of bankruptcy. Chapter 7, 11 or 13. I wonder if there are equivalent in Japan as well.

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Posted in: Wüst makes history with 6th Olympic speedskating gold; silver for Takagi See in context


Agreed, I saw her interview and it was nothing but class. Obviously, she was disappointed in not getting gold but also gave credit to Wust of her being a strong opponent.

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Posted in: South Korean court orders sale of confiscated Nippon Steel assets See in context

Yes, Japanese occupation of Korea is legally considered to be illegal and criminal, hence Japan is liable for all the damages resulting from actions of Imperial Japan from 1910 through 1945.

delusional Koreans desperately trying to defend their pathetic country’s actions. Who considered the occupation as illegal?

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Posted in: One of a kind: Ohtani wins AP Male Athlete of Year award See in context

I know the days of the 20-game winner are gone but in the old days 15-17 wins was considered highly successful for a starter. And a lot of pitchers reached that plateau within a season. So admittedly as an old guy when I see nine wins I think ‘meh.’

How many starting pitchers do you know hit 46 home runs in a single season?

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Posted in: Yes, there is a Santa Claus. And no, COVID-19 won't stop him See in context

Shoup “answered the call, thought it was a prank at first, but then realized what had happened and assured the child that he was Santa, and thus started the tradition that we are celebrating now 66 years later,” Schlachter said.

This! Thank you so much for this story. Very heart warming and another tradition born. Absolutely wonderful.

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All these athletes competing abroad, yet here it's almost impossible to get in. 

No reciprocation from Japan yet again.

Did you just conveniently ignore one of the biggest sporting event in the world just finished in Japan a couple months ago?

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Posted in: Burger King releases duo of spicy and cheesy Big Mouth burgers in Japan See in context

Big Mouth?

Big Bad Engrish!

True, in the US it wouldn't make sense unless it should be called a happy meal or something equivalent for kids. Japan should learn what "big" means in the real world. Bad Engrish, BAD!!!

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Posted in: Japan beats U.S. 2-0 to win 1st Olympic baseball gold medal See in context

@smithinjapan, what are you smoking? Baseball is a unknown sport? A sport that have been played for more than a 100year and enjoyed word wide everywhere? Anyone who doesn't know what baseball is, lived under a rock. You have no idea what you are talking about.


Lol, when Japan won the world baseball classic, that guy said that it means nothing since Olympic gold medal, which Korea won, is what counts. So when Japan wins the gold medal in Olympics, baseball becomes an obscure sport that no one knows about. Why are you surprised about his logic?

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Posted in: Former illegal manga site operator gets 3 years in jail See in context

JJ JetplaneToday  10:38 am JST


Don't these statements contradict each other?

n all fairness, that's because you're comparing apples and oranges between the two crimes which shouldn't be equated in terms of sentence lengths. Unfortunately, the typical not-so-bright posters (not you) have already commented based on these false comparatives showing their lack of critical thinking skills.


The defendant profited massively off of copyrighted materials and transferred huge sums of money out of the country and into an offshore account. This shows clear intent to break the law (profit off of these manga illegally) and then to further evade wrongdoing by transferring the funds out of the country (which can also be an attempt to evade taxes). Look up how Al Capone finally got arrested (it wasn't the killings).

These two cases have nothing in common thus you become guilty of the same thing that you are being critical of other posters of doing.


Thank you for responding and just to make things clear, I didn't consider you as part of the posters I'm criticizing. The statements you posted is exactly what I meant when the sentencing length cannot be compared if the crimes are completely different. Each crime has different setencing length but there are many factors that involves when it comes to sentencing. Sentencing of 1st degree murder can sometimes be much shorter than fraud if the amout of money defrauded is substantial (ex. Madoff case). In that case, one can argue that a life is worth less than people losing money when taking a glance at the surface only.

The reason I commented wanted to point this out because one poster commented the situation like this:

So this is the state of the japanese judicial system:

The guy who writes Rurouni Kenshin owns actual child porn: a small fine.

The guy who scans Rurouni Kenshin and puts it online: 3 years in jail.

The first case is about "mere" possession. This case is about profiting off of copyrighted materials and other factors I mentioned that adds various counts to the charges which can easily add up the time in sentencing. That's why I brought up an example that if they author went to the lengths of what this guy did, you will definitely see a difference in the sentencing.

JJ JetplaneToday  10:40 am JST


comparing apples and oranges 

When it comes to comparing the different cases it is not a comparing two unlike situations. Because what people are comparing are sentencing patterns where the more severe crimes to public saftey are sentenced more on the minimum side and the blue collar crimes are sentenced more on the maximum.

People on this site just willynilly throw out "oh the justice system here...." without even knowing the fundamentals of the justice system. Many just comment just to spite and think they know it enough since they've watched so many law and order series. The truth is, it is more complicated than that and sometimes the occasional oddball case will make it through the news while all the mundane court cases will be processed as always. People then react on a kneejerk reaction based on emotions rather than logic all the while feigning "competence" on knowing the justice system.

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Posted in: Former illegal manga site operator gets 3 years in jail See in context

JsapcJune 3  08:11 am JST

I am absolutely against piracy in any form, but now is a good time to remember that Nobuhiro Watsuki, the author of Rurouni Kenshin, was only fined a measly ¥200,000 after being convicted for possession of child pronography (and not the "manga" kind, real movies).

So this is the state of the japanese judicial system:

The guy who writes Rurouni Kenshin owns actual child porn: a small fine.

The guy who scans Rurouni Kenshin and puts it online: 3 years in jail.

In all fairness, that's because you're comparing apples and oranges between the two crimes which shouldn't be equated in terms of sentence lengths. Unfortunately, the typical not-so-bright posters (not you) have already commented based on these false comparatives showing their lack of critical thinking skills.

The defendant profited massively off of copyrighted materials and transferred huge sums of money out of the country and into an offshore account. This shows clear intent to break the law (profit off of these manga illegally) and then to further evade wrongdoing by transferring the funds out of the country (which can also be an attempt to evade taxes). Look up how Al Capone finally got arrested (it wasn't the killings). Finally, the fact that he left Japan to the Philippines to escape authorities completely negates any possible mitigation of remorse or inadvertent wrongdoing for a lighter sentencing.

If you want to compare this case with the author of Kenshin, it would be closer if: the author posted the child porn on to a website for others to get access, receive HUGE amounts of money for running his site, stash that profit in an offshore account, and then leave when he finds out that the police is out to get him. If you want to argue about the sentencing (a small fine), I completely agree with that. BUT, was that sentencing within the parameters of the sentencing guideline? If so, then it would be the legilature that needs to be criticized since the judiciary did not violate any provisions and acted within its course.

*After reading the article, I also noticed that he also conspired with other individuals to violate the law which adds another count to charges so he got off quite light. He must have cooperated with the prosecutors and struck a plea deal.

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Posted in: U.S. calls on NATO to deepen ties with Japan See in context

Tom DoleyJune 2  10:35 pm JST

Maybe on your planet South Korea is a member of QUAD and conducts FON exercises with US allies.

Why do the Japanese keep on mentioning the quad as if it's some sort of privilege. I don't see Americans, Australians or Indians talking about this at all? Inferiority complex ne?

The only ones having inferiority complex are the typical Koreans on this site who bashes Japan spreading down right false information or half-truths. QUAD is important because of the evident intentions of China's UNPEACEFUL rise as you can see what's going on in the South China sea, intentions to get Taiwan back (even by force if necessary) and the constant intrusion of the Senkaku's. China's military will be a force to reckon with in the coming decades and potentially overpower the US in that region unless their allies cooperate. QUAD wasn't established to invade China, but to prepare for a possible engagement with the Chinese if they become aggressive in the future.

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Posted in: Mother in Arizona denies killing 2 children with meat cleaver See in context


Excellent point about the use of kanji as there are multiple ways of writing her name, thus putting it in katakana. Perhaps, that's why they made sure to specify that she was a Japanese and a national of Japan on two occasions. Of course, that didn't change some posters of trying to portray that there was some sinister plot by the Japanese to disassociate her as somewhat non-Japanese when there was a perfectly legitimate reason other than describing her as a nikei. Again, these posters thrive on disparaging Japan every chance they get.

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Posted in: Mother in Arizona denies killing 2 children with meat cleaver See in context

They're describing her as Nikkei not Japanese. They're writing her name in katakana instead of as 井上結衣.

Well, no surprises there.

No, they clearly stated that the mother is a Japanese national. It's odd that they're writing her name in katakana but the first sentence is absolutely false. But, I'm not surprised at the typical responses you get on here.





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Posted in: S Korean students shave heads in protest over Japan's Fukushima water release plan See in context

Here's an article from the KoreaTimes regarding this issue and it's hilarious how hard the author is trying to spin it to bash Japan to no avail. Here's one example...

For years, the government here has been calling on Japan to share information on the contaminated water and to let Korean experts take part in damage verification procedures. The friction between the two countries resurfaced recently as a diplomatic issue after Japan announced April 13 its plan to release more than 1 million tons of the contaminated water into the Pacific Ocean starting 2023. 

He then follows up with this this right after

"Japan first brought up the idea of information sharing in 2019 during diplomatic discussions, in what appears to be a strategy to set off a debate on revealing the radioactive waste information to Korea and China," a government official said on condition of anonymity. "Despite Japan's claim, we don't see this as a developing debate."

So Korea demanding to share information on the contaminated water. Then when Japan proposes of sharing infromation of contaminated water, it becomes an evil Japanese diplomatic ploy that Korea should not partake in. Also, keep in mind that Korea completely disregards that an international agency, IAEA, supports Japan on its decision. The most telling that this is another move to discredit and bash Japan is this paragraph:

"Japan seems to have established a strong logic," said Seong Poong-hyun, a professor at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology's Department of Nuclear and Quantum Engineering.

"As Korea is also releasing wastewater containing tritium ― from the Wolsong nuclear plants ― after verifying its environmental harmlessness, this has become a counter strategy for Japan. However, it could be a good option for Korea to make public its data on the wastewater and compare it with that from Fukushima."

Korea is also releasing contaminated water, refuses to disclose the amount that it discharges out into the sea, and even receives scientific infromation from an agency within their own government that concludes no harm will be done from the Japan's release of the water. Yet, reading the comments of Koreans on this site and seeing Koreans behave like the picture above shows the result of a national propaganda policy to demonize Japan.

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Posted in: Seoul court rejects wartime sex slaves' suit against Japan See in context


And study a little bit more on Japanese law regarding sovereign immunity.

This deals with internation law regarding treaties formed between the two countries. Thus, you don't focus on Japanese law.

State immunity is a principle in international law that holds that the exercise of governmental authority is immune from civil prosecution in another country’s courts. As the South Korean special law of 1993 stipulates that comfort women were forcibly recruited by the Japanese government, the legal character of its act was tantamount to the exercise of governmental authority. As such, it must be exempt from civil prosecution in South Korean courts.

The January ruling found that Japan did not have state immunity on the grounds that Japan’s forced recruitment amounts to a war crime or crime against humanity, violating peremptory norms (jus cogens). However, at the level of international law, state immunity is an issue that is entirely distinct from international crimes and/or peremptory norms. Peremptory norms, as stipulated in the 1969 Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties, apply to the validity of treaties, an issue far removed from state immunity. Peremptory norms do not override state immunity.

This is all from the article I posted above.

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Posted in: Seoul court rejects wartime sex slaves' suit against Japan See in context

Hence for stuff like crimes against humanity, sovereign immunity doesn't apply and Japan is held liable for its war crimes committed during WW2.

Still doesn't make sense. When did the court rule that the comfort woman system was ruled a war crime? When did that trial occur? If there was no trial, Korea cannot unilaterally declare it as a war crime and then impose that as a basis that sovereign immunity will not apply based on universal jurisdiction.


He's bringing facts that doesn't add up no matter how much you want your country to be right. The United States Federal Court dismissed a class action suit brought upon by comfort woman on the basis of sovereign immunity. Here's another article indicating Korea's erroneous ruling on the matter.


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Posted in: Seoul court rejects wartime sex slaves' suit against Japan See in context


*Of course, Korea's supreme court already ruled universal jurisdiction overrides Japan's sovereign immunity, so *this ruling will be overturned at higher courts.

I never heard of universal jurisdiction so I took a quick research on it and I have some questions.

How does the Korean court have jurisdiction of universal jurisdiction? It seems that the International Criminal Court should be the one to have universal jurisdiction from what I read. Also, universal jurisdiction seems to be a matter of criminal trials while the treaty involves civil issues of compensation. So what is the Korean supreme court basing its ruling based on universal jurisdiction that deals with a criminal case? Are they saying that the comfort woman system was ruled a war crime and thus they have universal jurisdiction?? If so, when did this trial and ruling occur?

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Posted in: New S Korean ambassador eyes political solutions to issues with Japan See in context

SJJan. 18  11:18 am JST


They also arrested a professor for publishing the truth about some Koreans voluntarily becoming comfort women and other Koreans cooperating to recruit them. Seems like they're fine with altering history when it's convenient for them.

Typical Japanese misinformation on S. Korea. She was indicted in charge of libel against the survived comfort women regardless of the truth about the CW.

Truly, what an utterly pathetic response typical of brainwashed Koreans. The purpose of a libel suit is to protect individuals' reputation from false information and lies. Thus, an affirmative defense to a libel case is to provide evidence that the information was in fact true among others. Your reasoning that the korean court found the defendant guilty "regardless of the truth about the CW" clearly shows the reality of korean society's narrative of the comfort women. It is willing to forgo the basics in a defamation suit and exemplifies the absuridity of the court's decision to what it really is: an absolute farse.

P. SmithJan. 18  12:30 pm JST

Am I missing something here?

Perhaps. Japan stripped Koreans of Japanese citizenship after WWII despite having granted Koreans citizenship during Japan’s brutal colonization of Korea, even the Koreans who were born in Japan to citizen parents from Korea.

The Koreans that chose to remain in Japan were given special residency status, but continued to be treated like second class citizens. If the Koreans wanted to gain Japanese citizenship, they were forced to apply for it and renounce their Korean citizenship. Until relatively recently, they were also forced to drop their Korean names and adopt Japanese names.

Another example of damned if you do, damned if you don't. Japan stripped Koreans of their citizenship because they were liberated from Japanese rule and this applied to all non-Japanese citizens and not just Koreans. Japan has never allowed dual citizenship nor jus soli (citizenship by birth), so your comment regarding Koreans born in Japan not receiving citizenship is entirely moot. Japan never FORCED Koreans to apply for Japanese citizenship which is absolutely absurd. You first complained that Japan stripped Koreans of Japanese citizenship after WWII, but then somehow Japan forced Koreans to apply for Japanese citizenship? No, in fact they gave them special priviliges and granted them easier access to Japanese citizenship if they chose to become one allowing the Korean to choose on their own volition.

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Posted in: South Korean court orders Japan to compensate 12 former sex slaves See in context

marcelitoToday  05:28 pm JST

Again, the K-Court crbbs living in the past, cut the drama, this is 21 century, move forward and stop deliring

Will you make the same suggestion when August with the N bombing anniversaries rolls around? Of course not... Because that's different right?

That it correct it is very different in multiple ways.

The A-bombings were fully documented. before during and after the events.

The A-bomings represent the killing of about 200,000 civilians mabny in horrible ways

-The A-Bomb memlorial ceremony is attended by 93 countries because it represents a global collective hope that nuclear weapond will never again. This includes South Korea attending.

-Civilian NGOs make an issue of the A-bombs every year. The J-govt does not.

-Japan does not use the A-bombs as a diplomatic and political tool against the US or other WWII allies.

In contrast, the comfort Women issue;

-Is based on the 'testimony" of surviving CWs, which have been found to be "not credible" by Prof Ahn of Seoul University.

-Ignores documentation available in the US, interogation of CWs during WWII, interogations of POWs which counter the SK narrative.

-No documentation of the SK narrative has been presented. No records of kidnappings even though the police were Korean. Uses the records of an actual recorded crime in Indonesia as a template for all of Korea despite no evidence.

-Anti-J sentiment is taught in SK schools and used as a diplomatic and political tool by SK government. It permeates the SK judicial system to the extent that a SK prtofessor was prosecuted for going against the narrative.

-SK CW Acivists with tacit backing from the SK Govt are bulding CW monuments in multiple countries which have nothing to do with the issue.

So yea, there's an enormous difference. Hope this helps.


Great response but unfortunately, in order to comprehend your post, it requires some amount of intelligence and the fact that they could not distinguish between the comfort women issue with the A-bomb peace anniversary, you won't be able to educate them any further. They will keep spreading false information and come up with pathetic excuses such as Korea didn't sign any document so the agreement isn't valid.


I think even before any talk of standing, res judicata or collateral estoppel should apply since it has been addressed and remedy already been given. The 1965 deal should have taken care of the comfort women which the greedy Korean government used it for creating its infrastructure. To prevent negating the 1965 deal, AWF was established with quasi-government and civilian NGOs trying to compensate the women who did not receive a single won that they were entitled to. Finally, the supposed "final and irreversible deal" to settle the issue was agreed upon and Japan executed its terms for the comfort women. Sure enough, the Koreans arbitrarily broke the agreement and demanded more.

While true on the surface, this does not address the problem in this case. The questions of jurisdiction and standing are important ones. Prior to 1945, no Korean government existed, and there were no Korean laws. Unless you allow for ex post facto application of law, the only jurisdiction under which a suit against the Japanese government could be brought for actions prior to 1945 is a Japanese court. Everyone in Korea was under Japanese law at that time.

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Posted in: Lack of blood from cancelled Comiket contributing to donation shortage in Japan See in context

Pukey2Jan. 2  07:43 pm JST

Here too. I don't mind donating but my blood is considered dirty.

I don't remember China as one of the list of countries that the red cross won't accept blood donations but I'm not quite sure.

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Posted in: Health ministry panel says people 65 or older should get COVID vaccine priority See in context

Just reposting first paragraph as too many people seem to have trouble comprehending


Yup, but who needs reading comprehension anymore? I'm surprised they didn't add TIJ as well.

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