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Posted in: Japan votes on the musical act they most want to see in Olympic opening ceremony See in context


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Posted in: Psy's 'Gentleman' video smashes YouTube records See in context

i watch it only because of Gain from Brown Eyed Girls is in it. some part of the dance is actually from BEG's Abracadabra. you guys might want to check that out. Gain is HOT!

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Posted in: Panel recommends 'moral education' to counter school bullying, corporal punishment See in context

Could anyone explain to me the BEST way to stop bullying? or to punish the bully so that they would stop? What should the teachers and the parents do? Because from my own personal experience as a (short term) bully at elementary school, the girl I was bullying at the time has the courage to report me to our home room teacher and he called me and in a nice way told me to stop what I was doing to my friend and to go outside play along nicely with each other. No punishment whatsoever. After that I just lost interest in continue the bullying. Imagine if the bully weren't so nice like me. After the victim reports them to a figure of authority the bullying just escalates even more.

From another personal experience as a bully victim by my brother at home. it happened whenever no authority figures ( parents, uncle, aunt, grandparents) on sight. He did that to our cousins too, to any kid younger than him. He respected my mother so much, he was mom's little angel in front of her. So, I never had any proof to tell mom what he has done. I grew up distancing myself from him. Mom finally noticed that there was something going on in the past but still she repeatedly told me to just let it go, it happened in the past, don't held grudge, just get along with each other, siblings do that all the time it's not a big deal, once I'm gone you only have your brother kind of speech. So, I guess my decision not to tell her about what happened in the past were right. There's nothing she could do anyway.

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Posted in: Trial begins for 18-year-old accused of stabbing 2 schoolgirls See in context

Hmmm...films where cats and girls being killed? There's ju on where the mom, the boy and the cat were killed by the psycho dad. Or suicide club, where there's a crazy group of guys kidnapping girls and animals to kill in their lair.

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So far, to my knowledge, they don't have original songs yet. All of their published songs are covers from AKB48 and they haven't released any albums either. They do have their own theatre shows with weekly shows. Here, i think they have quite a healthy fanbase too, high school / college boys and girls and they are also marketed for the teen market not ojisan. Unlike in Japan, JKT48 don't pose or perform in bikinis, i think Mr. Akimoto takes Indonesian cultures into consideration in marketing this group. I have to admit they ALL are cute, especially Nabilah, the youngest member. She'll be turning 13 this november.

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