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Posted in: NRA chief: We will never surrender our guns See in context

Here are the quates said by other people that tells you guns and bullets are just stupid...

"Guns are evil! And very little good comes from the availability of a bullet designed to kill human beings!" - Mackenzie Astin I agree with this, nothing good comes from a bullet made to kill people.

"Gun control? We need bullet control! I think every bullet should cost 5,000 dollars. Because if a bullet cost five thousand dollar, we wouldn't have any innocent bystanders." - Chris Rock This one solves everything... American people want to have guns ok have your guns but if you want bullets pay 5k$ per bullet than you will think twice before shooting....

And there is one thats my favorite quote i dont remember it exactly but it goes something like " A fool invented a gun an even bigger fool split the atom" We do not need weapons at all. Tell me if literaly every single country lost their guns what would happen? Nothing there would be no way to mass kill people want to argue with naother country argue with diplomacy -.-

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Posted in: Woman held for throwing 2-yr-old daughter from 4th-floor balcony See in context

Really they should find out if she is mentaly ill and if she is they should take the boy away too... I wouldnt want her to do that to her other child too.

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Posted in: 2 girls vandalize junior high school, inspire copycat incident See in context

Hm its rare to see people here copy manga i wonder why those girls decided to do this. Its a terrible thing to do but i dont think that the girls will get a harsh punishment.

@Yubaru im pretty sure thats what will happen. The parents will have to pay for the damage of the school.

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Posted in: Parents in Russia request ban on 'Death Note' See in context

Seriously? :D Here in Japan no-one killes themselves after reading manga or watching anime :D Seriously people are so influenchial in other countries... wow a girl killed herself left a note saying that she cant live and there was Death Note manga in her room so it must be the mangas fault not parents not schools but a books...

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Posted in: Rainbow Pride See in context

There were 12,000 people there you guys saw a tiny fraction of this! I was there with my girlfriend and we were dressed normaly like mroe than 80% of other people

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Posted in: Thousands march for gay rights in Japan's first 'Rainbow Week' See in context

Me and my girlfriend were there ^.^ It was great!

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Posted in: Samsung releases new Galaxy S4 smartphone See in context

Imma get it ^.^

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Posted in: 10 million sign petition for rescue of abductees from N Korea See in context

I wish them all the best! I signed this petition and hope that it will work our for the poor families :/

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Posted in: 2 inmates hanged, bringing number of executions to 5 under Abe See in context

I support Abe 100% criminals that kill other people or rape should be executed. There is no rights for them , they lose their right once they commit a crime. Why should we keep them alive and pay for their shelter and food?

And about giving them a warning few hours ahead is a good damn thing they never warn people when they are about to rape a woman or stab someone or kill. If they treat humans like nothing and decide to bucher them than we shouldnt treat them as humans.

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Posted in: Woman, ex-boyfriend arrested for burying her daughter's body See in context

This is horrible :/ I feel so sorry for the little girl. And seriously the guy kicked and hit her to discipline? Are you serious? These people need to put to jail for life. They took away a little girls life. :``(

Because of these kind of news every day i am afraid to open this website or newspaper :/

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Posted in: 14-month-old boy dies after being hit by garbage truck See in context

Exactly Moondog thats why i said there was no way they could have missed it.... It makes no sence

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Posted in: 14-month-old boy dies after being hit by garbage truck See in context

Ok Alimel but does this sound like opinion to you? " OMG these parents are the worst they need to rot in hell ect ect... blablabla " to me it sounds like a full insult and not a discussion or opinion.

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Posted in: 14-month-old boy dies after being hit by garbage truck See in context

And Alimel I agree with you but who would have ever imagined that that would happen? But people are talking about these parents liek they did it on purpose and wanned this to happen to their children. Like this Jump guy he sounds like the parents did this on purpose and were waitign for that truck to come along.

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Posted in: 14-month-old boy dies after being hit by garbage truck See in context

jump when you have your children throw out all the electronics and everything that you own in your house. Turn off your phone and sit next to your child 24/7 and STARE at him/her until they are like i dont know 7-8 years old? because as i said above there are no parent in the world who has their eyes on their children for 100% of the time.

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Posted in: 14-month-old boy dies after being hit by garbage truck See in context

Alime i NEVER said it was entirely drivers fault if you read i said " The driver is at fault just as much as the parents . Now look at all the comments above EVERY single oen of them are blaming parents and sayign that the driver is at fault yes parents are responsibe for safety of their children thats true but now tell me if i am a driver shouldnt i be responsible for my driving? Its easy to say "i didnt see " but did he really not see or is he just saying it so he doesnt get in trouble and he actualy didnt pay much attention? It is your responsability to use your side mirrors and pay FULL and undivided attention to the road and suroundings to avoid accidents.

Now im not sure if i got this right but if i did you are a mother now im only 20 so i do not have children but i do have a little 4 year old sister who i adore and love with all my heart. So as a mother tell me do you have your child in sight for 100% of the time while he/she is awake? and be honest. Because i really doubt that if you just need to get a pen from another room you bring your child with you or if you went outside with your children and forgot the keys i doubt you would rush your child inside just to get the keys. When i go outside with my sister and i forget my phone i dont take my sister with me to my room to get my phone. i tell her to wait here and get a phone. But you know acording to Smith that is neglecting? REALLY? "Im sorry for neglectign you Yuuko i just wanned to get my phone..."

So now Alimel please tell me that what i just said is wrong. And that all of those peopel that blame the parents and excuse the drivre are right.

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Posted in: 14-month-old boy dies after being hit by garbage truck See in context

PS. It sais that he backed off AFTER picking up trash. whitch means he HAD to be behind the truck to empty the bins there is NO WAY he didnt see what was behind him even before he was in the truck. Say what ever you want but the driver is at fault just as much as the parents.

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Posted in: 14-month-old boy dies after being hit by garbage truck See in context

Now tell me. Parent let her children play outside and lets say she just forgot to take somethign from their home so she walked in the ohuse for literaly 20 seconds comes out and the son is dead. How is that parents fault? When it comes to children anything can happen in the matters of seconds. My little sister one second she is next to me the next she is in the livingroom drawing on walls with pencils. So downvote me if oyu like but it is not parents fault for now since i dont know where they were at the time. And i can tell you that there is no way that the driver could not have seen 2 children playing on the street if he looked at the damn mirrors. i guarantee you he didnt pay full attention to the mirrors and missed them.

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Posted in: 14-month-old boy dies after being hit by garbage truck See in context

You guys are cruel. Saying bad parenting without knowing the parents side of the story as in where she/he was at the time and many other details. I am so sory for the mother of that boy she is probably heartbroken and so mad at herself :/ I hope that this will not effect the way she will treat her doughter :/

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Posted in: Businessman suspected of slashing up to 1,000 tires in effort to meet women See in context

Wow :D Am i the only one here who finds it kinda sad that its the only way he can aproach women? :D

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Posted in: 39-year-old man arrested for paying 14-year-old girl for sex See in context

PLEASE!!!!! Lock that ** up and throw away the key! These kind of men need to be locked away and forgotten by everybody! These men are scum of the world -.-

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Posted in: Theft of toilet from public park in Kyoto leaves authorities baffled See in context

Its kinda bad but i got to admit its funny :D why would they take the toilet? and why from womens room only? :D Id better have this kind of crimes than random attacks on people.

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Posted in: Man stabbed at sushi restaurant in Miyagi See in context

I live in Kyoto and i dont think i can feel any safer.

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Posted in: Handgun reported stolen from U.S. military base at Camp Zama See in context

Yes that's correct an event that happened 65 years ago or so still affects you today. That's what happens when you lose a major war. Someday the U.S. will leave and someday we'll end up coming back or someone else will take our place like China or Russia. We never truly learn from history because people just can't let go.

Oh i see how you think. that a war that happened 68 years ago caused by lets say our gradfathers and grandmothers ( Not just Japanese but everywhere ) and now new generation has to suffer just because America is afraid of every tiny thing? And seriously the way you put it sounds like it was a damn competition for you " OH WE WON SO I CAN NOW SEND MY ARMY INTO YOUR HOME LAND! YAY!"

Another thing, its easy to read these news and be like " ahh they will be fine! " while you sit in another country or another city. but you guys never think about how a person feels when they live in a place where a crime just happened or where something like this happens. For example if i heard someone getting stabbed in Kyoto and the guy/girl is still on loose i would be afraid to walk around that area.

And yes my Yakuza comment was bad and i said it because if a civilian took it 60-70% of Japanese live and die without seeing a real weapon with their own eyes let alone using it. Now even if it is unloaded and if it has no bullets or is not ready to fire that 70% of people wouldnt know a difference maybe even more. Even with unloaded gun you can give someone a good fright or rob a store or even worse.

In my opinion there should be no guns at all. if all guns disapeared it would be better than having them. Damn i better have swords and katanas back again than guns. Thats how i feel. And you can downvote me all you want not that it matters to be but if you dont live in that area where there is that base and you are not a Japanese civilian you cant understand how they feel because you guys are not even trying to.

I said all i wanned to say Good day for everyone.

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Posted in: Handgun reported stolen from U.S. military base at Camp Zama See in context

@Yurie Yoshida So I guess all the guns the yakuza have we're stolen from US military bases? Do you even know why Japan has US bases in the first place? Do you remember a little thing called WWII?

OH yah that thing that ended in 1945! Let go of the stupid past its 2013 damn it! Seriously thats why people cant let go and hold grudges against each other because you just see huge military bases placed there and guarded behind words " we are here because of WW2 that happened 70 years ago " might as well make a bill board and put it at the entrance.

And excuse me but i much rather have Yakuza carying a gun that some dumb soldier or civilian who will just blow someones brains out by accident.

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Posted in: Handgun reported stolen from U.S. military base at Camp Zama See in context

Ok Surf i dont know about bases because i could not care less... In my personal opinion we do not need those bases in Japan. The thing is if you lived in a city and soemone reported that a gun was stolen from base and they have no clue who took it would you not be worried while walking down the street? would you not be scared that at any time that person can pull outt hat gun and you might be the one getting shot?

And what is going to happen to that person who missplaced hsi gun? I guarantee you that if he is " a high ranking officer " or some crap nothing will happen to him. He will be " oh well happens"

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Posted in: Handgun reported stolen from U.S. military base at Camp Zama See in context

Have you been to a military base before? Not everyone on a military base is a "military person", there are large numbers of civilians on base. Just like everyone in a hospital isn't a doctor, not everyone in a police station is a police officer, nor everyone in an airport a pilot. It is narrow minded to say that "it has to be taken by a military person".

The examples you are giving me are public places. Military base SHOULD NEVER BE A PUBLIC OPEN PLACE! and if it is than they are doing something wrong. So you want to tell me that i could go to a military base right now and walk around and no-one would care?

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Posted in: Handgun reported stolen from U.S. military base at Camp Zama See in context

PS. It has to be taken by a US military person and not a civilian because. If it is than what kind of military it is if a civilian can infiltrate it...

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Posted in: Handgun reported stolen from U.S. military base at Camp Zama See in context

Who cares what kind of gun it is? the point is that the gun is missing and it can now be brought outside fo the base ( if it allready havent been done ) and it might be used to commit crime and indanger innocent people. Seriously if people in Army leave their guns on the damn table than it just means that they do not need them.. -.- I am glad i live in Kyoto because if i was there i would be scared to walk on the streets at evening even more now.

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Posted in: 4 men arrested for employing 14-year-old girl at brothel See in context

Are you serious? These guys should not get 10 years or 20 or even 50 if it was up to me all of them would get 5 year minimum and than execution... It is absolutely discusting. Just the thought of that little girl being pretty much violated by 20 men a day is sickening. Parents need to be found and punished as well...

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