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Posted in: Abe arranging meeting between Trump and parents of Megumi Yokota See in context

NorthernlifeToday 11:26 am JSTPoliticians

Politicians will do anything for a vote its pretty disgusting...

Yea I get it, So everything he does that is considered good is going to be for votes right? So I am assuming he's not allowed to do anything good?  Can you please tell me where you got your proof that he's doing this for votes.

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Posted in: More Japanese firms eager to recruit foreigners, disabled See in context

One of the biggest reasons why Japan has a long working hour is because...

companies don't have the extra cash to hire extra people so they put the responsibilities on the laborers.

it's because they just can't find enough people to work. The shortage is real here with the growing population of old people and less young people. My advice is to Japan is to hire more foreigners with REAL pay.

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Posted in: Abe arranging meeting between Trump and parents of Megumi Yokota See in context

Well, I learned one thing growing up. When people hate you people are going to hate you regardless of what you do. It does not matter what you explain or give people the most logical reason. If they hate, they going to hate and that's not going to change. So my suggestion is don't even waste time on those people. You can't change those people.

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Posted in: Abe arranging meeting between Trump and parents of Megumi Yokota See in context

Seriously, what's up with everyone's deal with Abe. I honestly think he's doing a pretty good job. At least better than most previous primes ministers. All the stuff about "he's just trying to reel in votes."  is just an personal/emotional assumption and you guys have absolutely no proof at all. Like think about it if you were in his shoes. What the hell can he do? Now If he chooses to decline to help the family, the same people are going to complain about "what a heartless prime minister, blah blah." He is actually one of the few leaders here to open up doors for foreigners and provide a huge amount of visas. And is actually trying to better up the economy. He's actually quite active and less talk for a politician.

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Posted in: Death penalty sought for 'black widow' serial killer See in context

You know thing with this death penalty for her age does not matter because even if the court does sentence her to death. She won't be hanged for at least another 10 - 15 years. so its basically sentenced to 15 years in death row prison for her age. Look at some of the notorious terrorist like Asahara shouko and other serial killers. They are still alive in prison today.

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Posted in: Job availability at four-decade high, unemployment steady in Aug See in context

The average income salaries for two people are 489,000yen?? What a rubbish!!! I live in Osaka and I know people around my neighborhood that aren't even close to that number.

Really? You must live in some terrible neighborhood if that is the case. LOL

I live in Tokyo and that's about how much I make alone. and my neighbors make way more than what I make.

You see the difference? I think comparing your neighborhood stories is unrelative.

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Posted in: Sapporo man arrested for posting URLs to 'obscene material' on website See in context

Hey so does this mean I am going to get arrested if I post an uncensored erotic material on FB in Japan?

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Posted in: Sapporo man arrested for posting URLs to 'obscene material' on website See in context

What's messed up is his name is open to the public now. Even if all charges are lifted against him at court at the very least he's going get fired from his current company. because...you guys know how it works in Japan...

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Posted in: Wagyu Olympics held amid growing demand for luxury beef See in context

Why does everyone assume Japanese beef = a lot of fat?

majority of the beef here are not like that, you can definitely get lean only beef in japan as well.

And also don't automatically assume Japanese beef = high end expensive stuff. I have bought a piece of steak at my groceries for like 900yen which is only plus 100yen from US beef.

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Posted in: Under 20s to remain unable to smoke or drink despite legal changes to lower age of adulthood See in context

Good thing about Japan is its not like the U.S where they will ID every time. I know a 17 year girl who goes to the bar every other day and orders beer. So its not really meaningful in the first place. heck I was smoking a pack a day at the age of 15.

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Posted in: Peruvian family files lawsuit against deportation order See in context

This actually happened to me when I was 14 over in the USA. Me and my mom left Japan when I was just 4. Therefore, when I came back to Japan at the age 14 (due to the fact that my mom got deported) I barely had any knowledge of Japan and the writing/reading system. One thing I can say is...it was really hard for me, really hard. My family didn't even have any money for me to go to a international school.

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Posted in: Trump insists both sides to blame for Virginia violence See in context

You know when I read articles like this...It doesn't feel like you live in 2017. Feels like we going backwards.

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Posted in: S Korea starts review of 'comfort women' deal with Japan See in context

The Japanese government is so stupid. They keep paying and paying and paying.

Seriously, our first apology was at the san Francisco treaty during the 1950's to compensate for damaging costs over the pacific and Asian countries. South Korean and China didn't even attend the  treaty even though many other countries did. They took the money anyways and they decided to use the money on "infrastructure" instead of giving the money to the victims. how sad is that...I bet those victims don't even know about compensation.

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Posted in: Japan almost finished with probe into U.S. Navy ship collision See in context

I don't get what the point is in investigating this case from Japan's prospective view and why Japan is so obsessed with the investigation. I would understand if one of Japan's ship was in the accident but this is between the US and the Philippines. Japan really didn't lose anything from this incident. its like investigating a case of murder over in China with an American guy being killed (its not any of Japan's business). makes no sense.

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Posted in: Japan aims to reduce suicides by 30% in 10 years See in context

A lot of you are rumbling about how this is not going to work out. but look at the numbers, it is definitely getting better. You guys think Japan is bad with overtime work and harassment and other bad working environments right now? It was a lot worse during the 90's. Of course it is no where near decent yet but its getting better by the year. So I think 30% cut on suicides within the next 10 years is a realistic number.

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Posted in: Tokyo must step up now, 3 years from Olympics, Mori says See in context

Wow I can feel this country has been very busy. Which I think is a good thing. Abe and his team has a lot to do obviously.

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Posted in: Two 16-year-old students arrested for dumping body of newborn baby See in context

First of all, how does the family not notice that she is pregnant. Wouldn't it be pretty obvious?

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Posted in: Man arrested over deaths of 2 Chinese sisters See in context

A 39 year old dating an 25 year old huh?

Sounds pretty shady and I bet he was being used by her for visa related stuff.

Eventually he found out, got upset and killed her.

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Posted in: Man gets life in prison for killing 3 family members in Shizuoka See in context

Michael Jackson: It usually takes 2 kills without any reasons to be sentenced to death. for example, raping 2 women and killing them usually results to the death sentence.

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Posted in: Suspect in fatal Kobe stabbing case blames unhappy school, work life See in context

He's probably going to get the death sentence

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Posted in: Olympic stadium worker's suicide was 'death by overwork,' say parents See in context

I do not get why people work for these crap companies. Not all companies in Japan are like that. I for example start work at 8AM and get off at 5PM with 1 hour lunch break and like 20 minute X 4 smoke breaks. Has a nice lounge and a relaxation room. When companies mistreat their workers, people leave and go elsewhere. Therefore, bad companies lose their source of labor and it becomes harder for their workers and more people quit.

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Posted in: British foreign secretary in Japan for security, trade talks See in context

For a second I thought he was Trump.

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Posted in: Narita airport police find 30 bullets in U.S. plane crew member's bag See in context

He brought them in because they can be sold at a high price here. its actually common and if you ever wonder why some gangs have guns/bullets its because they get them from overseas or have a foreign military member sneak it in for them.

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Posted in: Japan says time for pressure, not dialogue with N.Korea See in context

The North Korean communist is the biggest problem and is causing problems for their poor citizens. So yes I honestly think other countries should do more than just dialogue and sanctions. In worst case scenario...Military actions should take place to help the N.Korean citizens.

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Posted in: Gov't statistics reveal most common Japanese surnames; Sato No. 1 See in context

I thought Tanaka would be in the no.2 spot

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Posted in: Japan to give $1 bil. in assistance to help children: Kishida See in context

You know a lot of you talk about poverty in Japan and how we should fix the internal problems first. but Poverty in Japan versus poverty in 3rd rule countries are different. Let me tell you about my family (Mom, my sister, and I myself) we were marked as poverty family because my mom made less than 2K a month. but that was on purpose because if we get marked as poverty, full rent was funded by the government which was 1K a month. I also know a family (mom & Daughter) + some guy living in the same house. They did not get married because they knew that if they get married they would not be able to take the full "poverty welfare package". So basically there is a mom + guy (dad of the daughter) in the family working full-time and taking advantage of the poverty system. So NO I do not think Abe should take care of the poverty issue in Japan because that's the main issue why this country is in so much debt. seriously this country is way too generous.

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