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Posted in: Ruling bloc to agree on tax reforms spurring car, home purchases See in context

2% of consumption tax increase would increase the tax revenue by 5.6 trillion yen the tax deduction of this car tax reform is expected to be just 100 billion yen. The result is obvious..

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Posted in: Ghosn admits he signed papers on post-retirement pay; Saikawa also questioned See in context

The learning is that the first thing the person in the highest position like Ghosn should do is to obey the law. In that way, there is no chance for other people to attack him/her.  Executives in Nissan may have known the Ghosn's misconduct but it was just for an ultimate weapon when he start to betray the company.

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Posted in: Tokyo 2020 Olympic organizers to change more event starting times to beat heat See in context

Agreed. Moving up the starting time is the most realistic way as counter-measure on heat from commercial and climatic point of view. The Olympic is costly but many companies are investing on the event so I hope some innovative stuff turns out.

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Posted in: Ghosn's legal woes highlight governance failings in Japan See in context

This is interesting. We can't see the truth from outside but it makes me think that many Japanese company have been trying to become global company and some of them are actually looked so from surface. But they might have not changed because maybe a lot of employee are still Japanese. Even Nissan.

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