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Yuuju comments

Posted in: Japanese authorities urge caution after wild bears attack several people in the northeast See in context

It must be nice there, in northeast… romantic and mysterious landscapes alluring sea and nature… a nice place to reside :)

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Posted in: As yakuza weaken, police focus shifts to unorganized crime hired via social media See in context

Unorganized crime which was performed with organized criminals :)

in any group there should be the leader.

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Posted in: Izu blossoms See in context

I wish I could live there, owning land, worry free...

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Posted in: Make bath time more fun with the Magcase waterproof smartphone holder See in context

I think its more contributing to your health, nervous systme to completely go off while bathing, let your eyes and brain have some rest they are already too overstrained.

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Posted in: If a job applicant is not sure how to dress for an interview, what should he or she wear? See in context

depends on a workplace. a big corporation and a small cafe are quite different arent they?

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Posted in: Princess Aiko begins work See in context

its a pity many of royal family members dont ever get to express their true selves, finding their own calling and passion, choosing a career path that is more suitable to them, especially women...

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Posted in: Song lyrics are getting simpler, more repetitive: study See in context

Interesing research. Perhaps every era has its vibe and frequency, perhaps people are not really into music like it was some 20-40 yrs ago so as long as the melody is up to your mood its fine.

I liked different kinds of music since early teenage yrs, from pop to rock\metal, then to jazz\blues then to jrock and pop :) however, if to compare those to mainstream Hollywood top chart singers song I guess i could say that a song of my fav jpop\jrock band\artist is much much interesting to listen both in regards to lyrics and melody vibe and style. and I always come back to them after some time. However, after listening I'm sorry by Bieber for hundredth time in a row I dont feel like listening to it anymore. strange!

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Posted in: Japanese generally sleep badly - why, what effect does it have on body, mind and country as a whole? See in context


poor darling. you have my sympathy.

I watched a Japanese girl youtube channel where she shows her evryday life and i can conclude that Japanese do sleep less but seemingly not very much affected by it that's why i conclude they are superhumans. She goes to sleep around 23\23.30 and wakes up at 5.30\6 then slowly prepares breakfast or sth unrelated to before work routine (why wont she sleep longer instead?!) after work she is still energetic enough to prepare dishes for dinner, dishwash, have a bath, read a book...maybe its sth wrong with me but i barely get up after 7 hours of sleep and i can barely stand up straight in the kitchen after work to prepare dinner...sigh.

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Posted in: Humans give more viruses to animals than they give us, study finds See in context

here's interesting case for study, dear scientists. whenever I got sick with a virus my cats get sick too! so I guess there's some reasonable point in the statement.

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Posted in: Cancer often requires more than one treatment See in context

She does look so thin now, void of life. Im sure she aufferes much pain day to day. I pray she can recover soon.

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Posted in: In a cycle of extreme weather, drought in southern Africa leaves some 20 million facing hunger See in context

climate change refugees 

perhaps soon there will be nowhere to run.

and the humanity is still planning to go to mars and make robots instead of dealing with major issues.

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Posted in: Central Tokyo logs 28.1 C on Sunday; record-high temperature for March See in context

Its everywhere. In my country its 25 today! Hot! If not for a tender wind Id get grumpy :)

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Posted in: A must buy Japan souvenir from Don Quixote: Quality 1st’s Derma Laser sheet masks See in context

Id love to try those! But its a pity this brand is not on iherb! I cant order otherwise. Bad luck.

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Posted in: Iniesta reportedly pays back extra tax owed in Japan See in context

You will only pay tax in Japan when you are a resident. You will pay taxes to your government. No double tax treaties.


perhaps the taxes will be paid by the company who will sell my goods in Japan, right? I will pay taxes share from the part of the profit in my country?

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Posted in: What do you think are some of the biggest mistakes single men or women make on their first date which usually torpedo any chance of a relationship? See in context

Being a narcissist/a psychopath/a sociopath.

being immature/unmannered/too eager/trying to be someone else.

either way, first date is just a way to see if you are compatible/what the other party expects if you are not theres no point trying hard to last till the next one. Dont waste each others time in vain.

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Posted in: Tenkaiho: A delight for nature lovers See in context

Looks like it became an inspiration for my fav anime Aria :)

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Posted in: Man arrested for starting fire in mountain forest says he was stressed out See in context

Guys, you dont understand. This person has a serious problem. No psychologically healthy person ever makes fires to relieve stress except from psychopaths and arsonists. Left as he is, theres gonna be some big trouble one day. Perhaps he already started putting animals on fire. Soon I may become humans.

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Posted in: Iniesta reportedly pays back extra tax owed in Japan See in context

If Im not a resident in Japan but a freelancer or have a contract of partnership with a Japanese firm I will still pay taxes to Japanese authority while living abroad, right?

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Posted in: Putin has no successor, no living rivals and no retirement plan – why his eventual death will set off a vicious power struggle See in context

Perhaps he intends to live on forever. Jumping out from one body into another :)

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Posted in: Couple sent to prosecutors after unvaccinated dog injures 7 See in context

dogs bred for hunting

I didnt see where it is said in the article.

the most probable explanation they bred them for illegal sale and kept them in terrible conditions and with no care, no proper training or affection if not with beatings or starvation, thats why the dog was so aggrressive.

I used to know a person who bred dogs like that in poor conditions it was a crime against morality and God.

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Posted in: Can people with an irregular heartbeat drink coffee? See in context

You can drink date seed coffee instead:)

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Posted in: Women break into world of Japan's 'masculine' noh theater See in context

Ah, noh. My favourite seiyuu has switched to being a noh actor. He seems to be overjoyed but I feel sad, dont understand this Japanese art.

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Posted in: By running the race, I want to give injured Ukrainian soldiers the will to live again. See in context

Gonna cheer for you ;)

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Posted in: A trio of warming spices makes this beefy Egyptian omelet dinner-worthy See in context

I always make my omellette with Middle East traditional spices :) i also fry tomatoes and some becon together with it :)

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Posted in: I want to eat healthily. So why do I crave sugar, salt and carbs? See in context

This article is good. Everything mentioned I can testify to)

also its not only accute stress that can lead to eating more of these but CPTSD and mitochondrial dysfunction and insuline resistance.

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Posted in: Police officer arrested for breaking into house to steal woman’s underwear See in context

When you think youve read it all

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Posted in: Torn neck arteries may be more common than once thought See in context

minna, let's strengthen our arteries! add important supplements to your meals (such as omega3 and gotu kola\gingko) or at least add more healthy foods and drinks :)

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Posted in: An artful aftershock: Supporting Noto Peninsula earthquake recovery through the arts See in context

collecting money for survivors is a great idea.

but if you want help the survivors to recover psychologically I feel like nothing could do better than psychological drama play. they need to process the grief of losing family members, pets and houses, and Im not sure if just a concert or exhibition could ease that pain effectively.

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Posted in: What are the most and least attractive hobbies for Japanese men and women? Survey investigates See in context

> Jumping around? Yeah, that really sucks

i suspect an attractive woman should be weak, somewhat clumsy, little silly/unitelligent, love to cook, to clean and be silent often and obedient and cute and skinny.

Engaging in sports implies she has a lot of strength and energy and may kick a man between his eyes if he starts behaving badly :) I recommend you watch more jdrama :) so yes sports is definitely out of question. On the other hand 13% is already hopeful, those 13% are probably nice guys to date :)

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Posted in: What are the most and least attractive hobbies for Japanese men and women? Survey investigates See in context

i think this survey is messed up. hobbies or just bad habits, innocent preferences or harmful addictions?

somehow I feel that the list of unattractive 'hobbies' chosen by men only reflect their need for a woman to be convenient of cute only. There's no single one that reflect some individuality or uniqueness of another human being being a woman as well.

the women's list looks simplified as well. I dont mind a person not having some real interesting hobbies but perhaps if the respondents were given the list of some unusual choices this survey could have been more interesting indeed.

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