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Posted in: Survey of middle-aged wimps provide case studies in male inadequacy See in context

Amazing japanese logic: if a man starts to earn more money it automatically makes him strong. Money make him strong! Crazy logic.

yawamono ja nai, its called insecurity and unresolved psychological issues, also lack on spiritual growth which mostly due to Japan’s non religious or rather non Christian culture. Families dont provide children with unconditional love and all necessary emotional mirroring, so they grow overwhelmed by self-blame, self-loathing, shame, non existent spiritual values, insecurity, absence of self-love and compassion and of course project that into the world.

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Posted in: If a child talks to a school teacher, their parents may find out and the abuse could get even worse. See in context

Indeed, if parents learn they will lash out even more. Nothing changes because there are no effective methods to deal with this in Japan so children probably have to suffer till they become independent and can move out. The tragedy is many of them fall into severe depression and resort to the most harmful coping behaviours which then further disables them from obtaining everything they need to move out in the future - knowledge, education, sanity, confidence, social connections etc.

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Posted in: What's the best way to salvage your day after a bad night’s sleep? See in context

Oh, Im an expert on this. Just dont drink coffee, or any stimulants, keep the pace slow and eat healthy non greasy food, fruits and veggies, stay calm and plan for early sleep in putting everything aside if possible.

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Posted in: Turkey rules the table, but a poll finds disagreement over other Thanksgiving classics See in context

Compared to Japanese a western person food intake is much more. However, theres no an ideal formula for everyone because every organism has its needs and pecularities. My ideal formula eat what you want to eat and dont cut on food unless its a matter of life and death or at least if you feel ready to cut on food.

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Posted in: Turkey rules the table, but a poll finds disagreement over other Thanksgiving classics See in context

I remember my mother roasting a turkey on Christmas it was out of the world :)

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Posted in: Exercise may reduce heart failure risk for people with depression or anxiety See in context

it depends on the level of your anxiety disorder or depression. however, in case of depression in particular people have difficulty washing dishes even put aside exercise. in case there are also fatigue even simplest exercises may be a struggle Id rather resort to calm evening\morning walk in a park with less people around and definitely would add trauma release exercises and havening. google it.

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Posted in: What do you think of year-end company parties? Do you attend them? See in context


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Posted in: 3-day Matsumoto itinerary: Castle, art and natural wonders See in context

That riverside is one of a kind!

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Posted in: 5 things grieving children want to know about the death of a loved one See in context

I think JT should regularly post articles like this on psychological topics.

listen, mental problems are on the rise out there, we should self educate or at least capture people’s attention with pressing topics so they address their issues in a right way or at least recognise what could be wrong.

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Posted in: Woman dies after being beaten by 2 men outside Chiba home See in context

Its so easy to kill a person these days, you just have to be two grownup men and attack when no ones watching or intervenes. I wonder whom did she make so angry, yakuza or Chinese mafia? She probably thought Japan is a safe country.

rest in peace

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Posted in: Understanding that chronic back pain originates from within brain could lead to quicker recovery: new study See in context

so instead of addressing the root cause of chronic pain they intervene with the brain processes? Can't approve. whether the pain is the cause of internal desease or due to psychological matters (which are often narcissistic and other kind of abuse) they should be addressed rather than supressed because the eruption will ahppen once again but only harder with more dire consequences.

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Posted in: Bears are entering residential areas probably because they do not fear humans and due to a shortage of food including beechnuts . See in context

If only Japanese secured a steady supply for bears everyone would be safe

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Posted in: UK permits 'world-first' flight powered by sustainable fuels See in context

Great job!

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Posted in: G7 support for Ukraine will not waver due to Middle East conflict, Japan says See in context

Support without giving planes in a timely manner is not support but extracting money and weakening even very weak country to the highest extent possible.

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Posted in: How one small town in Yamanashi manages to have high birthrate See in context

The intimation is that Japan's solution to the 'birthrate problem' is well paid men and stay-at-home wives, living within a factory compound. Make of that what you will.

Here's when it gets really interesting. You comment made me realise one thing - the older generation that is now holding the most power in Japan truly thinks (or choose to think) that the problem of low birthrate and marriages in the country because there are less and less well paid men to marry for women so they choose not to marry and have kids. However, I get the feeling they dont see that the young generation itself has changed, their psychology is different, they see life and people and relationships differently, they self-educate, they learn on other people experiences and on painful psychological experiences maybe of their own or their parents so the traditional Japanese model of marriage is not their cup of tea. for them to marry the majority of Japanese males have to change, the whole culture has to change (which is of course impossible). So all this idyllical stories and instances and financial promises from the government will still look like a joke to the vast amount of young people who potentially grow marry and have kids because the government doesn't understand their 'target audience'. of course there are many of women who will marry regardless if only there's a well-paid man but actually I dare to suspect they are not in majority now.

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Are there no decent Slovakua women there? Then theres still the whole Europe why Japan precisely?

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There’s no economic need for wives to work, and by and large they don’t. They bear and raise children instead.


We  all live together, we socialize together, everybody knows how many children everybody has, how much everyone’s husband earns.

in ideal town to me the less people know the details of your family life the better. But its only me who have witnessed the world and its people in various ugly ways. Maybe its me whos just unlucky or crazy or too sceptical.

Almost everyone,” she continues, “has two or three children, and if you don’t there’s pressure to keep up

i knew it was a cult! They even pressure women to reproduce to a certain amount!

Conclusion: if only money or a high earning husband could buy a true happiness!

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Posted in: University of Tokyo asks firms to stop pressuring job-hunting students See in context

Well, I didnt mean that all of them are like that, but I think that many are not prepared to face cruel ‘adult world’ reality. Maybe Im wrong, let it be :)

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Posted in: University of Tokyo asks firms to stop pressuring job-hunting students See in context

In my experience of Japanese who have gone to top universities, they tend to be very talented people, rather than just memory machines.

sorry if i expressed my thoughts in a wrong way. I understand Todai people are talented but in my opinion to get there youd still needs lits of time dedicated to studying, like looots of time, and i think it deprives of other important experiences and knowledge.

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Posted in: University of Tokyo asks firms to stop pressuring job-hunting students See in context

antifunToday 08:57 pm JST

The government doesn't make all these dirty tactics illegal so the universities to had to fill the gap to protect their students. But it will fall on deaf ears without any enforcement backing it.

univesrsities can do counseling or seminars dedicated to work hunting dangers.

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Posted in: For parents who’ve been through shootings, raising kids requires grappling with fears See in context

They definitely need to address it with a therapist rather than coping by themselves. Spiritual guidance is also a must.

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Posted in: University of Tokyo asks firms to stop pressuring job-hunting students See in context

The statement also urged companies to instruct their employees in charge of recruitment not to engage in sexual harassment by "taking advantage of the weakness of students wishing to secure jobs."

thats something new! Havent heard about this crazy fact yet! Insane!

would also think that just because they were "smart" enough to get into Todai, they are pretty damn "dumb" when it comes to common sense and thinking for themselves.

well, its easy to judge being born into western world country and being broughtup in the culture of freedom but Japanese culture mostly is narcissistic and abusive and doesnt nurture being wise, brave and secure. its in schools, in universities and most of all in families so i wonder if you would be put in the same life path how would your psyche shaped out or do you claim to be a superhuman?)

getting into Todai takes most of the time memorizing probably, studying and learning, it doesnt necessarily mean you develop in other ways like psychologically, interpersonally wise, spiritually or even culturally. So when cruel life challenges strike very book smart people can easily be like helpless children. Another thing is those hardworking smart young Japanese may be really under pressure to find a job asap due to carious financial reasons so they probably get somewhat swayed.

The pressure takes various forms, such as obliging students who have received informal job offers to frequently attend social gatherings, endure long hours of job training or participate in study trips

if a company is already this bossy when you are not even their employee yet imagine what awaits you further. Run for your life.

Hope young smart Todai Japanese will be wise and careful and discerning enough when choosing a company. its similar to finding a life partner- you choose wisely you get a lifetime of happiness, you choose blindly hastily you live a life of hell.

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Posted in: Why sugar matters – and how to cut back if you're eating too much of it See in context

Stevia is a bad choice for people with adrenal dysfunction. You need to be careful when cutting on sugar altogether. If you want sweets then you body needs it, dont be abusive to yourself.

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I think the crisis of interpersonal relationships contributes to that a lot as well as women realising traditional Japanese marriage is often not satisfying. A woman can make her own living now without a man, so is chilly loveless marriage with a strict schudule everyday worth it? A marriage with little (as a rule) emotional connection that often doesnt hold test of life challenges and has no deep authentic basis. Do you want to make kids with men of such culture/worldview who are obssessed with their work/hobbies/leisure activities and rarely appreciate human relationships?

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Posted in: 5 Japanese fish to celebrate autumn See in context

sardines for my kitty and unagi for me please :3

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Posted in: Tokyo's Shibuya sees subdued Halloween as tight security dampens mood See in context

"There are too many restrictions, so it's spoiled the fun," said a 17-year-old schoolgirl who asked to be referred to as Yuna. Dressed as Playboy bunny with her classmate Rian, the pair agreed it was a shame since "it's only Shibuya where we can do things like this."

a comment that you'd expect from a 17-yrs old. who didn't have any painful or traumatic experience yet. but she did come dressed up like she did despite the restrictions, right?) so probably the restrictions weren't that bad.

Mamoru Morita, 47, who had with him two pet iguanas and a goat, said that not only were there fewer people compared to last year, "the police officers are noisy."

Im somewhat sceptical about Japanese police officers being that much noisy. If someone thinks Japanese police is noisy I wonder how would they like the police from the western countries :3

I think they should welcome (Halloween) rather than resist it.

if they resisted it, it wouldnt be allowed at all in the first place.

not sure if i'm a party downer/authoritarian or those unsatisfied are trouble seekers/makers :D

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Whats the point to think about the future? You dont know what awaits you the next day. World events only confirm this day after day.

all i know is that im getting older and health is declining and soon ill become a wrinkled old obasan whose existence would barely have great importance for anyone except for God. As the famous person sings ‘dont worry, be happy’ :D

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Posted in: Why do so many people keep talking about GOATs (greatest of all time) in sports? See in context

Maybe something connected with men’s pride, idolizationof an image of a strong and skillful sportsperson as a subconscious need to compensate one’s unrealized ambitions and desires to be someone great/famous/successful which has existed as the belief that was installed in early childhood by parents who put major value in success/titles/ambitions rather than shower their child with unconditional love?

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Posted in: Decapitated head of cat found in car parking lot in Chiba See in context

Some are grotesque, but unfortunately due to social media you can make a living out of killing animals

I know these stories they are way too creepy. One of which is a family with young children did that to countless animals to earn money, they made videos according to the demand and order of overseas 'clients'.

Unfortunately, the cat's killing may even be done by a child since psychopathy usually shows early on.

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Posted in: 5 personality traits that can guarantee success See in context

1 personality trait that can guarantee success - nsrcissism


You're not wrong but the question is how many pull this off successfully and evade the law?

almost everyone

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