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Posted in: With so much media coverage of the coronavirus and medical professionals and governments sometimes giving conflicting advice, what advice would you give to people suffering anxiety and depression? What are you doing in your daily life to get through this crisis? See in context

I try to communicate with God as often as I can. I tell my worries and He makes my anxiety easier and helps me see sth good in any kind of a day.

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Posted in: Hosoda: Japanese anime has problem with women and girls See in context

every artist will have his own vision of his characters and how they want to present them to the world. Since all of anime and manga female characters lack realism, why pointing fingers only at Miyazaki? Its nice that Belle has gained so much recognition but saying something so insulting about Miyazaki lacking confidence/creating ‘bad’ females doesnt show Hosoda in a good light.

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Posted in: Husband arrested for beating pregnant wife to death in car See in context

It is. Had someone told you it was some sort of violence-free Utopia?

Well, many people said it was very safe in Japan and Japanese people are very calm, peaceful and not agressive

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Posted in: Husband arrested for beating pregnant wife to death in car See in context

I thought Japan was less violent country than others...

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Posted in: Vienna tops 'world's most liveable city' ranking; Osaka 3rd, Tokyo 7th See in context

smithinjapanToday 04:19 pm JST

Wellington: "Congrats to Osaka and Tokyo, very well deserved!"

In what world? I believe this is the same survey group that was bought out partly by Sankei Shimbun, is it not? There is no way at all that Tokyo and Osaka should rank anywhere near the top 100 save for the categories of safety and transportation. They are easily among the most expensive places to live in the world -- particularly Tokyo, they are among the most crowded and population dense -- again, particularly Tokyo, they are not very green, there is little to no daycare available for kids, the pension system has all but dried up, taxes are high, health care is not bad but expensive, the air is not so great, and have you not noticed the weather lately? And in terms of danger, Tokyo and Osaka right #s 1 and 2 respectively in terms of world's most dangerous places for earthquakes, they are top for typhoons, and other natural disasters, and now, pretty much the world's longest fatal heatwave.

Right?! It was my dream since childhood to live in Japan but...tears

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Posted in: Woman found in plastic case floating in dam was strangled to death See in context

I have always thought that Japan is safe... Now, I think I couldn't live there.

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Posted in: Still no trial date set for suspect in 2015 abduction, murder of two children See in context

Her body also had 30 stab wounds on it.

I just can't believe what I've read. What kind of a person would do that?

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Posted in: Abe says Japan wants to accept more foreign workers from April See in context

sorry, not corporal x) corporate although I didn't mean that x) although it also needs imporoving of course x) I mean... maybe, its better to think of the ways to attract the natives to these jobs

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Posted in: Abe says Japan wants to accept more foreign workers from April See in context

Good luck with that, learn a second language, pass tests, to get a low paying unskilled job for five years. Leaving your family behind. I might be wrong. Can imagin the paper work involved with this new "unskilled" government Department.

absolutely agree. the play seems to be not worth the candle.Maybe, they should first try to do something with the existing corporal culture, to attract the natives to those positions and the problem will cease to exist.

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Posted in: Love confessions in Japanese: What to say to win them over See in context

the article is interesting but feels like an introduction. so, what are the right phrases and ways to confess?)

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Posted in: Death toll in heat wave tops 30; more than 10,000 taken to hospitals See in context

I don't know for sure, what I would do, were I to hear from the school that one of my Kids has just died due to overheating. What can Parents do in such a case anyway ?

okay) I'm rephrasing it)

The solution is actually really easy. With parents cooperating together they can force school administration to change the situation. If I were in such horrible situation and if I was a parent, I would anything for the school and people responsible to take a full responsibility and do not ever forget it.

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Posted in: At least 11 more dead as heat wave continues to grip Japan See in context

I guess Japanese people are used to high temperatures that's why they fail to recognize when it's about to keep safe in this heat wave. Black umbrellas in the heat ... is unbelievable :D

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