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Posted in: UK to strengthen internet laws to fight Russian disinformation See in context

Russian aggressive rhetorics and lies must be stopped.

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Posted in: Aso likens Russian war in Ukraine to bullying of weak children See in context

The LDP have kept him chained up in the basement of their Nagatacho HQ for years but every once in a while he manages to escape


my wild imagination drew a very vivid and hilarious picture :D

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Posted in: Japanese gov't to launch survey on weight, dietary habits of young women See in context

Pregnant women gain weight due to the change in hormones. If one is prone to it one will gain an extra weight during pregnancy and after the labor. Wether you diet or not hormones are not stabilized with cutting on your food intake or eating only vegetables. One of my friends got super skinny after the labour though she d been more overweight

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Posted in: Japanese gov't to launch survey on weight, dietary habits of young women See in context

Always been jealous of Japanese girls’ skinniness. Im slightly overweight, need to get rid of extra 10 kilos to look and feel more healthy but its impossible for me since endocrinal chronic issues, weather i starve or diet i wont lose a gramm, though i do try to eat more healthy than the majority but the portion of my meal is always way larger than the others’ its because of a higher appetite, but if i dont do any physical like going home on foot while carrying heavy bags in the heat and need to get them up to the fifth floor in the appartment block without any elevator. This happens almost every day. In winter, the temperature at work around 15 degrees C while it may be -10-15 outside(still bags to carry) lots of housework as well so if i dont eat to my fullest id already be dead till now;( and still there’s lots of other stuff to do, so...

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Posted in: What are you doing in your daily life to conserve electricity during the current heatwave? See in context

cant do without AC in the heatwave... set at 25, already feels somewhat chilly, 26 is better. Cant do without using my electric kettle, fridge tem-re set at 2C or else food gets spoilt real quick. Dont use electricity for anything else except charging my phone or lights, not even my electric oven. But Im not from Japan:)

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Posted in: Japanese travel agency reveals summer 2022’s most popular destinations domestically and abroad See in context

Miyako island is really famous and beautiful.

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Posted in: Far from war, Ukraine sumo team trains for global glory in Japan See in context

Gambare! Fighto! Good luck!

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Posted in: Charges dropped against elderly man for nailing Putin voodoo doll to sacred shrine tree See in context

Its sad that such things are only harmful to who does them. I can understand the feelings and its a real surprise but putin is getting what he deserves even without that but the man is kawaiso, cursing someone always comes with consequences. I pray God forgives him for resorting to such means.

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Posted in: Do you think geothermal energy is a practical power source in Japan? See in context

Yes! With a proper arrangement it can become a real lifesaver!

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Posted in: A viral reprise: When COVID-19 strikes again and again See in context

Even after being vaccinated i got sick few times in a row, first time being unbearable(cant imagine what would have been if i hadnt been vaccinated) then after a month once again, and I really suspect after another month only light symptoms but still i felt it. My poor immune system is at its genkai now, dunno what to expect next

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Posted in: Common-law couple arrested over death of 2-year-old girl See in context

Poor little angel... such a tragedy its beyond words

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Posted in: Tokyo’s Imperial Palace to hold Floating Lantern Ceremony for first time in three years See in context

Reminds me of Aria

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Posted in: Dentist arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting patient See in context

re you that clueless, unwarranted touching by anybody is unacceptable behavior

Ops, sorry... didnt read he admitted hugging _

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Posted in: This is a difficult issue directly related to energy security. A decision should be made after considering the impact of a disruption of the supply from Russia on the domestic economy and society as a whole. See in context

Hora, if there’s a will, there’s a way.

if one wants to be on the right side of things, it may look too expensive ortoo much of a pity to suffer loses, but after some deliberation, and time and work there may even a better way be found.

if one wants to continue as usual because doing the above mentioned is too difficult and time consuming and much of a trouble then they will seek for an excuse in the end.

im telling ya America knew the war will happen as long before as a year ago, the news started to be made public as soon as in the fall 2021 i guess? Why Japan leaders didnt prepare, didnt make a plan, itsbecause they too thought Ukraine will be conquered in three days probably. But they still should have had plan and shouldnt let themselves become so dependant on Russia’s nice offers and ‘best prices’. Thats why the world has its problem now- because they successfully made the world so dependant on their offers.

that is the first half of the problem. Another problem is how was mentioned above. The world has long ago developed all neccessary technology to be free from ‘bad energy sources’ but the big people are doing everything they can to continue their businesses and keep having all the money they can and ruining our beautiful planet .

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Posted in: Dentist arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting patient See in context

On the other hand, dentists do have enough money to be targets... maybe the dentist isnt at fault thats why he took it to the court instead of jidan.

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Posted in: As COVID fears ebb, Japan readies for more tourists from abroad See in context

Even if I had enough money and time and no matter how I like Japan Id never visit until masks are no longer there, either to be it summer or any other time of the year.

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Posted in: Climate change protest throws Sydney traffic into chaos; 11 arrested See in context

I once saw a documentary about activists like these. Blocking a road might be dangerous if for example an emergency cabs should drive along that road. Maybe it should have been sth other plan to protest but unfortunately the lawmakers wont care a bit if theres no movement like this.

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Posted in: Truck driver arrested after hitting and killing 6-year-old girl on bike See in context

The cars and trucks in Tokyo often speed up when swerving around pedestrians or bicycles to avoid oncoming traffic. Also, when there is an illegally parked car blocking my way as a pedestrian or on a bicycle, I notice that cars in both directions often assume that the pedestrian or bicycle should stop and wait and will not give any extra room when the pedestrian or bicycle is forced out into the street to go around a parked car.

Its about this

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Posted in: Truck driver arrested after hitting and killing 6-year-old girl on bike See in context

Is there no proper law in Japan? Arent all people who get their driving license taught the rules and laws before they are permitted to drive? Cant pedestrians/bikers call the police and sue car drivers for a dangerous ride?

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Posted in: When texts suddenly stop: Why people ghost on social media See in context

I got ghosted by my Japanese penpal recently. Weve been chatting on Line since 2018 about different things, nothing much serious or too often but I was glad to have that bond with a nice person from my beloved Japan but when the war started that person suggested I come to Japan as a refugee or even marry them, I said I cant marry them since the only person I love in this wirld is my neko! And this was the end of our long term penpal friendship. It makes me sad but the person never replied.

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Posted in: Unless they are having close conversations, we urge people to remove their face masks if they are commuting to work or school on foot or by bicycle, or when they are walking, running or doing radio gymnastics and other exercises. See in context

Off the masks! I am now free!))) its so nice to live without a mask, i thought id go crazy wearing them before.

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Posted in: Households becoming less tolerant of surging food prices: study See in context

I wanted an ordinary apple today. I saw them for 200 yen and said no.

I feel for you.

I used to dream to live in Japan before but when i learnt how the prices for food were I changed my mind.

I can buy a kilo of nice red juicy apples at one of the cheapest markets at the price of 11 hryvnyas in my city. 1 dollar is now 37 hryvnyas. My monthly income is around 8,000 hryvnyas.

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Posted in: Ukrainian forces ordered to withdraw from key battleground city See in context

A large portion of what the western media calls "Russian forces" are in fact Ukrainian citizens fighting against a government they consider oppressive and illegitimate. The Ukrainians in East Ukraine have been living in that area for generations and they speak Russian and by and large have Russian cultural ties.

They feel that they are being ethnically cleansed and are fighting for their lives and families.



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Posted in: Eurovision chiefs insist Ukraine cannot host 2023 show See in context

Ukrainain have lost the ability to do anything by themselves,just openly begging others countries to do something,their government should be doing,and get pissed off ,if you do not support them, everybody catching some kind of hell these days,they are not the only one

So much of hate here. As if any other country in this world doesnt have painful moments about itself, sth not to be proud of, at least Ukraine has never invaded any other country and killed their children and raped their women. Now is a serious situation, a matter of life or death for many many people, of course support is crucial here and now. And if you think it only affects Ukraine itself you are very wrong. Take Africa for example, now many people will starve there because our farmers cant farm like before and export grain. So before writing sth like this try to think more carefully putting your baseless sarcasm away.

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Posted in: Eat a piece of sky: Clear confectionery artist’s stunning creations See in context


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Posted in: Visit from a princess See in context

Feels very formal indeed, kids may be shy and aware of the media and covid there is and Japanese kind of thing but i think if all these royalty could take some not very formal picture, no need to hug even, for example everyone including the princess hands up and wrinkles in the corners of their eyes it would show this visit really did great for those children because they could feel at ease and had a good time... no matter how i look all the circumstances included, if people could put more thought into spending a quality time with these children i feel like they could really felt happy during that visit, just being there and participating may not be enough to make disabled people happy, one have to go out of their way to be innovative and creative in a way.

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Posted in: Chaka Khan, Ukraine tribute highlight Boston Pops show See in context

Everything is now politicised, even a fireworks display

Even if sth is politicized it may serve a good cause. Also it doesnt nullify a concert being great in its own.

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Posted in: 76-year-old man arrested for beating daughter See in context

Poor woman, must have had no choice but to live with this abusive father till this day... unfortunately being brought up by a toxic parent greatly affects all aspects of your personality and life, they also always try to make you grow weak, dependant and unable to find your place in society and thus get to become strong, individual, independent and happy so no wonder such an old man is still beating his daughter who might be as well the one who could beat him instead. The mother must have been closing her eyes on all beating till this day which was probably the worst among all the days... i pray the daughter is healthy, put far away from her parents in some facility and never sees her father ever again and finds happiness some day.

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Posted in: Campaigning starts for Japan's upper house election on July 10 See in context

i wonder how is the weather like in Japan these days. Am I the only one who feels somewhat ‘poor you’ while looking at people wearing masks in this unbearable heat and humidity, some even a jacket...

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Posted in: Food prices rising in Japan; cooking oil up 1.5-fold on year See in context

This year is gonna be hard but next year it may become better.

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