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Yuya Koike comments

Posted in: Girl stabs stepmother for hiding her smartphone See in context

It's so difficult to be s real mother of child who doesn't have a blood relation ship. Even you got remarried after children reach the age of reason. I think it's better you act as a stepmother forever, not a real mother.

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Posted in: Indonesian police arrest security guard over Japanese woman's murder See in context

Why was the suspect stealing during her ansence? I think there're no reasons to kill her.

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Posted in: Gov't lifts evacuation order for Fukushima town near nuclear plant See in context

I wouldn't be able to go back hometown if there're not any doctors.

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Posted in: Murder victim had pieces of man's skin under her fingernails, police say See in context

It's odd that her izakaya boss went on her apartment even after she didn't appear just once.

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Posted in: Driver killed, 5 passengers injured after car hits traffic light pole See in context

I hope 5 remain boys and girls get wise by his death.

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Posted in: 2-year-old girl dies after being hit by car in Fukuoka parking lot See in context

I have sympathy with a woman with a car. It's unavoidable. The accident disrupted both of woman.

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Posted in: Jetstar Asia apologizes for not allowing disabled man on plane See in context

I read an article of Japan Times version. It said "the customer had noticed that he was disabled but he could ride an airplane by himself" and there's no replay by Jet Stars. I can understand that Jet Star's limited staffs can't accommodate disabled people. However, considering how went there, it's a Jet Star's mistake.

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Posted in: Gov't to release names of 'black companies' See in context

The government must give a business suspension to those companies. But it has been to right way. I hope this momentum continues.

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Posted in: Hayao Miyazaki joins Okinawan anti-military base fund See in context

One misleading in this article. Ryukyu, now Okinawa, was pressured by both of China and Japan. And Ryukyu selected Japan. It's the true history. Could you correct it?

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Posted in: Relatives mark 3rd anniversary of fatal bus crash in Gunma See in context

I think its responsibility is on the company, not him. Why isn't the company punished?

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Posted in: 55-year-old man found dead in Saitama apartment See in context

Why does the friend think it's wired the door locked? questionable.

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Posted in: Student dies after she is hit by car being chased by police See in context

He should receive a death sentence.

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Posted in: Angelina Jolie's 'Unbroken' strikes a nerve in Japan See in context

I don't mind the movie is going to theaters. But I think it's difficult to screening in Japan. Who would like to see a movie that defame their ancestor? Also it is created by baseless fact.

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Posted in: Japanese single malt whisky named world's finest See in context

Who can say the result is not affected by the NHK drama series.

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Posted in: Man revives woman with AED, but branded 'pervert' for removing her clothes to apply electrode pads See in context

I was told you don't need to put a bra off if it doesn't contain wires, but I am a man and I can't find whether there's wires. I would do the same action as the man.

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Posted in: Obuchi apologizes after political funds misuse reports See in context

Abe had chosen woman ministries only because they were women. This is of gender discrimination. They must be chosen by their skills, not sex.

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Posted in: Diet rocked by dispute over justice minister's red scarf See in context

The woman must have changed the parliament rule at first. Furthermore, she is a lawmaker. Why wasn't she able to do it?

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Posted in: Asahi apologizes for erroneous Fukushima, comfort women reports See in context


Yes, the Fukushima nuclear plant workers fled obeying to the Yoshida's order. But Asahi News Paper said ' they fled despite Yoshida order stay at the site' . There's big big difference.

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Posted in: Asahi apologizes for erroneous Fukushima, comfort women reports See in context

Japanease citizen already knew there are no comfort women, but well paid prostitutes. I really hope foreigners recognize Asahi News Paper's guilt and get the truth.

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Posted in: Flight path of Abe's plane posted online See in context

It must seriously affected the safety of the emperor. Don't make a justification.

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Posted in: Japan sends Hello Kitty into space See in context

Is it worth 1 billion yen from tax revenue? Sanrio must have paid cost of the meaningless mission..

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Posted in: Japan, S Korean FMs vow further talks after rare meeting See in context

There were no comfort woman. It is revealed as fabricated story by Asahi News Paper. japan never marched women as brothel!

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Posted in: Tohoku University evicts entire dormitory for rampant drinking See in context

Next time the university might want to open the dominetry only for scholarship student.

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Posted in: Fukushima monkeys show possible effects of radiation, study says See in context

Some group are seeking the result of radioation disaster desperately. Any data are interpretated to beneficial for them. Lol

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Posted in: Japan must eliminate misogyny in workforce: UNDP chief See in context

Born more child, work more time. They demands woman too much.

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Posted in: Politician proposes giving newlyweds pierced condoms See in context

So.. what is the picture of this article? A condom factory?

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Posted in: Japan plans to build moving giant Gundam robot See in context

It's proven thing that the Gundam can't walk because 18m tall human can't be stabilize by his own legs. I can't imagine how to realize this impossible mission. Good luck Japanese you can do it!

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Posted in: Tropical storm dumps rain on Kyushu See in context

in the Sea of Japan (East Sea) Sorry I might be snappy man. It's not a Korean news, is there any needs to describe ( East Sea ) ?

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Posted in: Aging canine nursing home to open in Chiba See in context

120,000yen tagged pets when they were bought, costs 100,000yen a month when they get old.

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Posted in: 28-year-old man arrested over theft of 300 high school girl uniforms See in context

A school uniform is a little expensive. He must compensate them for victim's family's. At least they won't wear the stolen uniforms again :/

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