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Posted in: DeNA on track for overseas profit in 4th quarter See in context

"Regulatory concerns and a maturing market at home have accelerated Japanese firms’ move abroad and investors say DeNA’s overseas strategy looks to be finally gaining traction."

DeNA apparently lost 22% Good luck with globalization and best practices I love "Blood Brothers"

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Posted in: Louisiana 'Freeze' shooting tragedy remembered 20 years on See in context

Quote: "Go native in appearance. (Males should grow facial hair as it will make them look more Hispanic in appearance.)"

As an American I am confused, trust me I can tell the difference it is not the face it is the stance, how you walk how you stand, etc. I can tell if you originate from an OCED country, no disguise will prevail in obfuscation of the personification of such geopolitical origins. But all withstanding it is IMHO horrible that a series of "mistakes" ended a young man's life. I regret even having to imagine what really happened and/or what was is in the heart of the supposed "keepers" of Yoshihiro Hattori.

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Posted in: 80-yr-old man held after keeping wife's body in freezer for 10 years See in context

@ 70+ years of terrestial life what kind of murderous argument does a couple have? didn't these people survive WWII?

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mu ha ha ha :) we live but once thus international attention seems to be a logical resource for private initiatives of those with amorous tendencies towards specific events such as this one. way to go bro from NE usa.

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Posted in: Over 25% of Japanese in their 20s have considered suicide See in context

it hurts you know, some of those ppl can be my friends I have none ATM. I don't want to see you hurt yourselves because its insult to injury!

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Posted in: Stray parakeet tells Tokyo police where he lives See in context

the animals in Japan have been are pretty smart. The karate bear and parrot that can solve puzzles and now this! Hmmm... great story feels good to read it.

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Posted in: Learn how to sleep in a toilet stall like a pro See in context

what kind of anarchy..., sir, a revelation of those supervised optically and classifications unknown. A follow up please with collaborative aerial obliques from passive CCDs. lol

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Many variants and divers techniques on the age and calculation of the cosmos itself persist. As the universe expands and galaxies merge we wonder how did we get here? Perhaps there is a large gravitational lens preventing the real beginning of the universe from being observed. Remote sensing these events requires a good portion a time. The mirror on the subaru telescope took 7 years to polish. I am sure there is life out there of course not as we know as being alive(respiration,reproduction, etc) but the earth does appear such a grand a destination as we may like to believe.

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Posted in: N Korea admits failure as world condemns rocket launch See in context

NK doesn't need a remote sensing agency it needs to grow out of their 50s culture. I thought JASDF was joking when it thought it needed patriot missiles. SAR(conjecture 30cm or better) spy satellites in were place NE way. It must have been a diversion. Best April fools day ever!

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Posted in: Japanese woman hit by NY police bullet gets escort to airport See in context

facepalm! Unfortunately American law enforcement has become quite the "Black Knight!" If the LE officer's firearm has the safety released the only discharge is "accidental!"

I live very close to NYC and wish to be concern for all who consider it a destination.

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