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Posted in: Renowned Japanese fashion designer Kansai Yamamoto dead at 76 See in context

RIP Kansai Yamamoto.

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Posted in: Navy confirms 7 died in USS Fitzgerald collision off Japan See in context

Condolences to families and friends. A tragic loss.

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Posted in: Dick Bruna, 'spiritual father' of rabbit Miffy, dies at 89 See in context

Sad day. His books will live on forever.

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Posted in: 3 teens in critical condition after motorbike-car crash See in context

I have heard that according to Japanese Law, if the car was moving when the accident occurred, the driver will be held partially responsible for the accident. Even if it is clearly 100% the other person's fault.

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Posted in: Actress Mika Mifune files property division suit following divorce from rocker Joji Takahashi See in context

Does everyone talking about her parents realize that her father was Toshiro Mifune?

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Posted in: BBC lists Top 100 films of 21st century; 'Mulholland Drive' No. 1, Japan's 'Spirited Away' ranked No. 4 See in context

Spike Lee’s “25th Hour” is the only movie by an African-American to make the list

What is that supposed to mean? Sounds like someone is trying to make something out of nothing. Although not an African-America, I'm pretty sure you'll find that England's Steve McQueen is black.

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Posted in: Agony See in context

clamenza, Saori Yoshida no longer works for ALSOK, so she wouldn't have been appearing in any new CMs for them anyway. I am sure she will do fine if she decides to retire from competition. She can coach, she can be a commentator, she can appear on various TV shows. Gold, silver, I don't think the number of opportunities will change. Well done Japan women's wrestling team!

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Posted in: Russia bids to avoid Rio ban as IOC reports new test failures See in context

If they really want to be serious about doping, they should have mandatory doping tests before all sporting events. If they fail, they are banned for that event, and perhaps more. Also, the medal winners should have mandatory doping tests. Again, if they fail, they are stripped of their medal, and banned for the next event. The costs of the tests to be born by the athlete's country.

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Posted in: New Godzilla movie looks darker than ever in latest trailer See in context

I am happy to see this new Godzilla movie. This is the real Godzilla, not that CG crap made in Hollywood. If you don't like it, don't go see it. Rest assured, there are many lifelong Godzilla fans who will be watching this film, and will not be disappointed. This is classic Godzilla.

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Posted in: May says Softbank-ARM deal shows Britain can be a success post-Brexit See in context

Don't know if it's good for GB, but it certainly is good for Softbank. I think Mr. Son probably got it for a lot less than it is worth, thanks to BREXIT.

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Posted in: Hershey rejects $23 billion Mondelez takeover offer See in context

If only Hershey could buy the Cadbury brand and restore it.

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Posted in: Japan’s new passports to feature ukiyo-e designs See in context

My wife is upset because her passport has to be renewed next year. Why the wait?

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Posted in: Leicester's magic hailed globally as the party goes on See in context

Congratulations to Leicester City FC and their fans! I hope they close out the season with wins!

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Posted in: Celebrity impersonator Ken Maeda dies at 44 See in context

I enjoyed watching his lip sync impersonation of Ayaya when he first came out. Definitely inspired Naomi Watanabe, the girl who does a lip sync impersonation of Beyonce among others. Despite the fact that he was a one hit wonder, he seemed to be starting to do very well. The way he died is very sad, and at the young age of 44. RIP Ken Maeda.

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Posted in: Rock keyboard pioneer Keith Emerson dead at 71 in possible suicide See in context

Is 2016 becoming the year music dies? RIP Keith Emerson, your talent and music will live on forever, and will continue to inspire musicians around the world.

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Posted in: 'Star Trek' vet to helm new series See in context

Citizen2012, the original series was aired here under the title 宇宙大作戦(Uchudaisakusen).

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Posted in: Kurt Russell saddles up for 'Bone Tomahawk,' 'Hateful Eight' See in context

Always liked Kurt Russell, even when he was with Disney playing roles like Dexter Reilly. Looking forward to these two films, they sound interesting.

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Posted in: Man arrested for sexually assaulting junior high school girl in park toilet See in context

Completely agree with Brian Wheway. A sex offenders register and a more comprehensive DNA database of criminals would be very helpful. I hope that the victim and her family get proper counseling. I also hope that the rapist (Don't want to print his name again…) receives the highest possible sentence under current laws.

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Posted in: British actress Judy Carne, a 'Laugh-In' star, dies at 76 See in context

Thanks for the laughs Judy Carne. Sad to hear about your life after Laugh-In...

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Posted in: Olympic organizers defend designer over logo; deny it's copied See in context

From what I saw on the news, they said that the original draft of the design was a capital T, and that it had to be changed because it was similar to too many other logos. That is probably when Sano dropped the left half of the T. I'm not defending Sano, but I really think it was just by chance. The tote bag designs, on the other hand, were a fiasco...

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Posted in: Adidas defend controversial Man Utd women's shirt See in context

I think what Adidas is saying is that women have a choice of buying the regular shirt or buying the shirt especially designed for women. Some may like the regular V-neck, so they buy the regular shirt, others may like the plunging v-neck. They're not forcing women to buy one or the other, it's the women's choice.

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Posted in: Urawa Reds win J.League's first-stage title See in context

Congrats to Urawa Reds. I hope they thank their farm team San Frecce, who came in second.

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Posted in: David Lynch says he won't direct 'Twin Peaks' sequel See in context

No reason to watch if Lynch is not involved. Showtime blew it.

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Posted in: Leonard Nimoy, famous as Mr Spock on 'Star Trek,' dies at 83 See in context

Where is Project Genesis when you need it… RIP Leonard Nimoy. You will be missed.

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Posted in: Police arrest 3 youths over murder of Kawasaki boy See in context

I hope they catch everyone involved, and they are dealt with appropriately. I'm not convinced that only 3 people were involved in the killing. If they were watching, they were involved.

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Posted in: Sayaka Kanda, Idina Menzel to sing 'Let It Go' on 'Kohaku Uta Gassen' See in context

Matsu Takako did the J voice for Elsa and Sayaka Kanda did the J voice for Anna. Matsu Takako sang Let It Go in Japanese (Ari no ma ma) in the movie, and it's a much better version than May J's IMHO.

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Posted in: Discarded dogs show dark side of pet boom See in context

Not only dogs and cats, but the pet industry in general is bad. I remember the squirrels stuffed into cages at the pet shop when I first came to Japan. They could barely move around. Very sad. And the chicks and rabbits at the festivals. Madness.

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Posted in: Sri Lankan man dies at immigration center after being denied medical attention See in context

Unbelievable. I also wonder if they purposely select a spokeswoman for these things, in order to "soften" the news. I hope this series of accidents will get a lot of international press, but I'm afraid it will be buried. RIP to the three who have recently died unnecessarily, and to the others who have had a similar fate in the past. Sad.

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Posted in: 'Shudanteki jieiken,' 'Dameyo, Dame Dame' voted top buzzwords for 2014 See in context

I believe Alistair has hit it on the head! (-_^)

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Posted in: Actor Ken Takakura dies at 83 See in context

Very sad. He was one of the very few true movie stars in Japan, and one of the most modest. His work will live on forever. RIP Ken-san.

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