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Posted in: World Order robot-dances their way around London See in context

These guys are great. I wonder why they refer to World Order as a band. Group, yes, band, no.

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Posted in: Obuchi under pressure to resign over political donations misuse See in context

If they find that she knowingly broke the law, then she has to be prosecuted. If it was the people running her affairs, then she should probably step down, and the people responsible should be prosecuted. Then I say they should put every single member of the Diet, including the accusers, under a microscope. If wrongdoing is found, more prosecutions. Of course the latter will never happen...

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Posted in: 'Health food' certification mark to be placed on prepared foods See in context

Governments should not be involved in labeling foods as healthy or good for high blood pressure (as some teas are in Japan). Bad idea. Could be held libel.

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Posted in: Norway named best place to grow old; Japan 9th See in context

I'm a little surprised at these results, with all the news about how bad it is for senior citizens in Japan. Years ago I would agree, but not now.

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Posted in: Man arrested for poisoning over 40 cats in Tokyo's Ota Ward See in context

I am glad they finally caught this guy! There are still others out there though. I hope the judge will be able to charge him with something that'll give him a long time to think about what he did. Alas, I am afraid that he will get off with a much lighter sentence than we would give him...

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Posted in: Goalkeeping blunder by Japan lets Venezuela grab 2-2 draw See in context

If they are going to try out new players, they should start with the goalie. Kawashima is ok, but it's time to bring in some new blood. These internationals are great matches to test the next generation.

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Posted in: Visually impaired school girl kicked from behind in Saitama See in context

I really can't believe nobody saw this. It was 8am, train stations are usually pretty busy. I hope they find him, and charge him with assault.

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Posted in: 16-year-old girl arrested for beheading classmate in Sasebo See in context

Because the suspect is 15, her name will probably never appear in print, much like Kobe's Sakakibara, who at the time was known just as Shonen A in the press. His real name and photo did appear on the internet, but not officially. Then again, in 2000, the Diet lowered the age for criminal responsibility from 16 to 14, so maybe they'll release her name and photo. Both are horrible cases.

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Posted in: More Japanese firms withdraw Husi-supplied products; 5 detained in China See in context

The McDonalds inspection team is shown in one of the videos. After they leave, the reporter asked, "It must be hard to work when they are here." The factory worker said, "Yeah, we can't do what we usually do when they are here." So, the inspection teams seemed to have been fooled by the factory. They even had special yellow clothes. rather than the standard white clothes. I imagine so that all the workers in the factory would know that there were inspectors in the factory. Madness.

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Posted in: Teacher's conviction for groping girl on bus overturned by Tokyo court See in context

Justice has been served, and he's happy with the outcome. I don't think the girl was trying to get him, for cash or anything, I think it was a case of mistaken identity. Someone else probably touched her buttocks, either on purpose or by chance, and he happened to be behind her. It's an honest mistake, but I can't believe the video was not used before by the defense. It would have avoided a guilty verdict in the first place. HIs statement at the end really says a lot about his character, "Almost anyone could find themselves caught up in such a misunderstanding. Although there was no real case, that girl genuinely believed she had been sexually assaulted, and her feelings are real, which I believe makes her a victim of sorts. It must be difficult to believe that such a thing has happened to you, so I do feel for her." I'm glad he was found not-guilty, but as many have said, he will have to start rebuilding his life now.

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Posted in: 11-year-old girl missing in Okayama See in context

She may have been abducted in a car. Whatever the case may be, I hope that she is found and is safe. Unfortunately, I fear that may not be the case.

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Posted in: Japan's soccer chiefs play hardball with Aguirre See in context

Is Pierre Littbarski available? He speaks Japanese, and I think he'd fit in great!

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Posted in: Japan fights back to draw 2-2 with Australia in Women's Asian Cup soccer See in context

Australia was playing well, but Nadeshiko were lucky this time around. If it hadn't been for the own goal, NJ would have lost. I hope the remainder of their games will be much better. Go Nadeshiko Japan!

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Posted in: Japan imports 2,000 tons of whale meat from Iceland, Greenpeace says See in context

Gaijin Dilemma, agree with a lot you said, but I think you're confusing Greenpeace with the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. SSCS is the group that is responsible for the "appalling, aggressive and confrontational methods" you spoke of. (They are often called eco-terrorists.)

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Posted in: More than 170 sharks caught, 50 killed in Australia's cull policy See in context


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Posted in: Miyazaki Blu-ray collection to be released with special bonus content but won’t come cheap See in context

I love this quote in the article: "Some Internet users in Japan have already commented on the steep price, saying that it would be more economical to buy the individual Blu-rays for just the movies that you really like." Yes, of course it would be cheaper to buy only the movies that you really like. Why would you buy this set if you are not interested in it? There are plenty of fans who would love this set at this price. Fans may have already purchased the blu rays of their favorite movies, but they might be enticed by the extra content.

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Posted in: Video of dancing girls revisits Japan’s weird ’90s street fashion See in context

By the way, they are not all girls, hence the name Tempura KIDZ. His stage name is Pi-chan...

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Posted in: Sea Shepherd campaigners return after anti-whaling mission See in context

Eco terrorists…

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Posted in: AKB48 creator joins Tokyo Olympic board; petition against him circulates See in context

I think a petition to get rid of Mori would be a better idea...

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Posted in: Nobel laureate calls handling of stem cell research data sloppy See in context

I just hope that Obokata isn't being thrown under the bus. If the science is found to be sound, then rewrite the report with assistance.

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Posted in: Cola-flavored soy milk See in context


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Posted in: Japanese girl mauled by dogs in NZ was bitten 100 times See in context

Any way people can contribute in Japan?

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Posted in: 9-year-old girl missing for 4 days in Sapporo See in context

I think there is even a company in Mexico that injects gps trackers in children and pets due to the many kidnappings. (Usually rich families…) I hope she is found safe, there are a lot of evil people out there.

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Posted in: 49ers gear up for tough return trip to Seattle See in context

Hawks all the way!

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Posted in: Queen guitarist Brian May undergoing cancer tests See in context

I hope he's alright.

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Posted in: Paramount to fight 'It's a Wonderful Life' sequel See in context

I can't believe they would even think about making a sequel to this classic film.

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Posted in: Man arrested for cutting off sleeping woman's underwear See in context

When I first read this article there were no comments. It seemed appropriate. Unbelievable.

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Posted in: Gov't to honor Chinese student who rescued drowning boy in Osaka See in context

I say they should pay his tuition until he graduates.

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Posted in: Mino Monta resigns from long-running news show 'Asa Zuba!' See in context

I echo other commentators, I hope Kenmin Show isn't cancelled. They just need to get a replacement for him. I never really liked Mina Monta, and I really don't think that "Mino Monta no Asa Zuba!" is a long-running show as the title of this article says. His previous show "Omoikkiri Terebi" had a much longer run.

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Posted in: Yokohama beats Oita to claim 1st place in J-League See in context

Go Sanfrecce Hiroshima!

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