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Posted in: Tanaka leads Eagles to win over Giants See in context

Gotta agree with others here. While I want the Eagles to win, the call at first that allowed the run to score was an out.

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Posted in: Rakuten's Tanaka looking to build on success in Japan Series See in context

I'm pulling for Rakuten to win it all too. Not only because I'm anti-Kyojin, but I really think they have the better TEAM. They all work together well.

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Posted in: Coppola reunited with 'Apocalypse Now' typewriter See in context

Hopefully some lost footage will be on that film reel!

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Posted in: World's longest-running cartoon 'Sazae-san' to go digital See in context

I know that digital is more efficient and cleaner, but I like the old hand-drawn animation. I hoped that Sazae-san would hold out, and be the longest-running hand-drawn cartoon. Oh well...

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Posted in: Dust storm shrouds Tokyo in haze See in context

GW is right, this isn't the yellow sand and 2.5 PM that everyone is talking about. It's sand from the farms around Tokyo.

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Posted in: Takanashi dedicates ski jump fourth win to father See in context

She had "Happy Birthday" written on the palm of her right glove. She will be a force to reckon with at the Olympics. Go SARA!

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Posted in: Six arrested in new India bus gang-rape case See in context

Women would be wise not to take a bus in India. Unbelievable.

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Posted in: Final eight teams set for NFL playoff battle See in context


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Posted in: These boxed lunches will blow your mind See in context

I always teach my student that a bento is a boxed lunch, not a lunch box. It seems to work pretty well. These are amazing boxed lunches though!

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Posted in: Kabuki star Kanzaburo Nakamura dies at 57 See in context

This was a real shocker. He was so young. Very sad for his family, friends and worldwide fans. It seems that the operation for the cancer was a success, but he developed pneumonia. That happens a lot in Japan, I wonder why that is. RIP Kanzaburo Nakamura, thanks to you, there are many foreign fans of Kabuki now.

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Posted in: Disney buys Lucasfilm; new 'Star Wars' film in 2015 See in context

It's not going to be a prequel, as it is titled Star Wars 7 it will take place after Revenge of the Jedi. No need to worry about Jar Jar Binks. Kind of half-looking forward to and half-dreading what Disney, or any one for that matter, might do to Star Wars.

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Posted in: Page turner See in context

One band I really wish I had a chance to see live when Bonzo was still around. Looking forward to checking out “Celebration Day” though.

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Posted in: The name's Bond, James Bond: 007 marks 50 years See in context

More than six actors played James Bond on the big screen. They are probably overlooking, or trying to forget, the James Bond spoof film "Casino Royale" from 1967. In that movie, not only is David Niven playing Bond, he decides to rename all of the agents to James Bond to confuse the enemy. As a result, David Niven, Terence Cooper, Woody Allen, Joanna Pettet, Daliah Lavi, Peter Sellers and Ursula Andress are all named James Bond in the movie. But I guess they overlooked it because it wasn't one of the "official" movies, just like "Never Say Never Again". I love them all, but had a lot of trouble digesting the tongue-in-cheek humor of some of the Roger Moore films. Sean Connery is still my favorite Bond.

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Posted in: Crooner Andy Williams dead at 84 See in context

Great one. Loved his TV show and Christmas specials as a kid. RIP Andy. Thanks for the music.

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Posted in: Sister act See in context

I'm guessing she's on wires? I wonder how many members are Japanese.

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Posted in: My very brief fight with a yakuza See in context

It could be the bystander effect. Kitty Genovese is a famous case in the States.

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Posted in: Packed crowds and controversy at Paralympics See in context

NHK, please broadcast more Paralympics, live would be appreciated.

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Posted in: Inspiration See in context

I really was looking forward to watching the Paralympics, but NHK isn't showing anything, except condensed results. Where's the coverage NHK?

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Posted in: Jury orders Samsung to pay Apple more than $1 bil in U.S. patent case See in context

This is a great decision, and a message to all of the other copycats out there. It's far from over, as I'm sure there will be appeals, but this is still a great victory. Here's a quick breakdown of the Jury's decisions from the NY Times: SOFTWARE Bounce-back effect when a user tries to scroll beyond the end of a list or image - Guilty Scrolling; pinching and zooming - Guilty Tap-to-zoom and center - Guilty DESIGN iPhone’s face, screen and speaker slot - Guilty Shape of the iPhone’s face, rounded corners and bezel - Guilty Icon arrangement on the home screen - Guilty Tablet design, including the rectangular shape and rounded edges of the iPad - Not Guilty

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Posted in: Hiroshima widens lead in J-League See in context

Number one in the league, and Sato is number one in goal scoring! Keep it up Sanfrecce!

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Posted in: Hot time at Wendy's See in context

Wendy's has returned to Japan, just like Burger King and IKEA. Next up, ARBY'S? Dunkin' Donuts? A real oldie, Taco Time? It's interesting how these chain stores fail once in Japan, and then make a huge comeback. Maybe they are just nervous, but I really wish they would expand a little faster. Still waiting for a BK and IKEA in Hiroshima. Good luck Wendy's.

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Posted in: Woman hits infant with car, claims to be eyewitness See in context

As a care giver, she should have some medical knowledge. Why would she attempt to move the child and risk injuring her more?

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Posted in: Fun finale See in context

Foxie, I have to agree, but I think broadcasts in other countries would probably be the same. You have to remember that the Japanese audience doesn't recognize a lot of the music and entertainers. At least they kept their comments short for the most part. It's much better than NBC cutting part of the opening ceremony to run a videotaped interview with Mark Phelps. A lot of Americans were angry about that. I do wish they would broadcast it with the comments on one channel and no-comments on the other channel. That would have pleased all. Congrats to the Japan team, and to all the other teams. Despite a few judging controversies it was a great Olympics overall. London, and England, you did a great job!

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Posted in: Harumafuji downs Hakuho to win Nagoya sumo tournament See in context

Great basho Harumafuji! They don't mention the slap to the face that Harumafuji gave the Yokozuna, which I think made Hakuho a little angry, and Harumafuji got the win. I guess he will have to win the next basho to be promoted, but I hope he becomes a yokozuna soon.

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Posted in: Junior high school English in Japan from the perspective of students See in context

I agree with your observation DenTok2009, many people use pardon, but DenTok2009 remember, @Steven Simonitch didn't write this list. He is just reproducing a translated copy for us. Perhaps the teacher that did this doesn't use pardon, but that doesn't mean it isn't used in everyday conversation by other people. There are a lot of people who use English around the world, and teachers should never assume that the way they speak is the golden standard. Teach pardon, then explain that where you live it isn't used, and give an example of what is used in your area. It is not incorrect, it is just a different was of saying the same thing. Different English speaking countries have different ways of expressing themselves. I remember when I first taught in JH and HS in Japan, there were some teachers who marked British spellings, like colour, as incorrect. (The spell check on thus page is also set to American English it seems.) It seems unbelievable, but in some schools now, similar things are happening. If the answer is not according to the textbook or materials, it is sometimes marked as incorrect. Very frustrating for students, parents, and native speakers of English. This may be related to the entrance examinations though. @Steven Simonitch, was this list actually written by junior high school students, or just Japanese people of all ages? If possible, could you post a link to the original Japanese list? Just curious.

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Posted in: Obama says he won't apologize for attacks on Romney's time at Bain See in context

Kapuna, it was not an issue in 2008, because Obama didn't make his business experience a big part of his platform. It is an issue now because Romney has stated several times that he can fix the US economy because of his business experience. Obama didn't bring it up, Romney did. Read the quote that you used.

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Posted in: Hollywood producer Richard Zanuck dies at 77 See in context

Thank you for some great entertainment Mr. Zanuck. RIP.

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Posted in: Baby panda born at Ueno Zoo last week dies of pneumonia See in context

Sad. RIP Ko Panda.

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Posted in: Probe finds 'shocking' abuse in Australian military See in context

Shocking news. Hope they can help the victims and punish the perps. Bernie, I think it is a typo. I think they meant to type unwilling, not unwitting.

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Posted in: Caiya denies reports of extramarital affair See in context

I feel sorry for her, because she was kind of pushed into this stereotyped image of an American wife, pretty much to help her husband's career. Hang in there Carolyn!

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