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Posted in: Man arrested for sexually molesting woman as she walks home See in context

The golden standard "I was drunk, I don't remember"

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Posted in: Blast in Fukushima restaurant kills 1, injures at least 18 See in context

is there a picture of the restaurant before the explosion?

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Posted in: Aichi man arrested again after having slashed over 1,000 women’s tires to get to know them better See in context

my female friend's tire got a very suspicious stab to the side 2 weeks ago in Aichi, it could be the same man....

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Posted in: Iran issues warrant for Trump, 35 others over killing of top general See in context


when, where and how did I defend IS????

Soleimani is responsible for the killing of innocent people and throwing the Iraqi army in poorly executed plans that lead to loss of army men, nevertheless, it was the Iraq joined forces who finish IS.

Soleimani's role was to keep taps on the situation for Iran. and even if you want to glorify him for finishing IS, as you said they are finished but he remained as an Iranian general controlling Iraqi militia forces to spread chaos and kill innocent people, also they fire at American bases in Iraq.

so Soleimani should be subjected to justice, but he was immune in Iraq and Iran.

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Posted in: Iran issues warrant for Trump, 35 others over killing of top general See in context

Maybe the only good thing that Trump did in his time was the removal of Qassem Soleimani, but unfortunately it was not in a humane legal way.

Iran have both political and economical dominion over Iraq which leaving Iraq struggling and underdevelopment while being one of the top 5 in oil reserved.

true if there is no Iran dominion over Iraq there will be American dominion, but at least with American dominion Iraq can be as developed as UAE or Saudi Arabia. Iraq being independent country is dream that wont be true as long as there is a need for oil, and Iraq have to go with best of 2 devils dominion.

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Posted in: Man gets 15 years in prison for murder of woman in Saitama love hotel See in context

her life was taken away at 34 years, his punishment is 15 years in prison, which is less than half of her age.....

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Posted in: Man, son accused of helping Ghosn flee Japan challenge U.S. extradition case See in context

Movie titles;

'Ghosn with the wind'

'Ghosn Impossible'

'Ghosn and never back'

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Posted in: 568 new cases of coronavirus reported in Japan See in context

It took two months for the number of patients to reach 1,000 since mid-January, but the spread of the coronavirus has accelerated in recent weeks, doubling from around 5,000 in just 10 days.

it's amazing if the reporter of such statement actually think it's right...

virus was spreading all the time with cases much higher than the ones "confirmed" and the clear evidence is that the numbers increased in correlation with test numbers, right after the announcement of postponement of the Olympics. tests were not conducted for political and economical reasons. and now tests are being done more than before, why can't the media just say it like this?

im not trying to spread panic or accuse anyone. I just want to know the truth and get corrected if I'm wrong. health isn't the most valuable thing?

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Posted in: Health ministry says 400,000 could die in Japan without virus containment measures See in context

a photo of a staff member going OUTSIDE while asking people to stay home

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Posted in: Japan records 503 coronavirus infections on Wednesday; biggest daily jump since start of pandemic See in context

it seems the cure for coronavirus was the Olympics...

before postponement of Olympics, no cases.

after postponement of Olympics in literally one day, UNCONTROLLED OUTBREAK SURGE OF CASES. PANIC!

do they really expect the people to be this much ignorant? they dont think there will be aftermath of number of tests before and after Olympics?

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Posted in: 18 trainee doctors who ignored dining ban infected with coronavirus See in context

did they test all the doctors who came in contact with them and found only 17 to have positive results? or they tested 17 out of all the group because they had symptoms then got 17 positive results?

I think with such number, they should test all the staff at that hospital, everyone in their residential building, their families and friends who came into contact with them, the restaurant staff where they gathered for dining, notify the people who use the same commute as the ones who were came back positive,...

so many measures should be done in order to have somewhat control over the spread...

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Posted in: Court scraps acquittal of man; sentences him to 10 years for raping daughter See in context

only 10 years?

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Posted in: Man arrested over sexual assault of drunk woman See in context

He got confused with the free getaway excuse of "I was drunk, I don't remember"

He thought it was: "SHE was drunk, she can't remember"

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Posted in: Reselling masks in Japan could get you five years in prison under new government ban See in context

reselling masks; up to 5 years

reselling manga/anime; up to 10 years

sexual assault/upskirt

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Posted in: Japanese mothers struggle to cope after virus shuts schools See in context

I hope there is something positive that Japanese society and work environment can learn from this virus outbreak, like the sick should stay home and not go to (school, work,...) and its better to rest to recover faster and prevent spreading any virus.

also, they learn to adopt to having a working parent, mothers and fathers (single or couple) both have to care for children. And a mother can still work at office or hospital which will provide a daycare, child support, flexible hours, paid holidays and others.

This will help the feeling of security in people and will probably also help in increasing the population.

It will also solve the excuse which the university used when they altered the female students test results to promote less capable "man" on becoming a future doctor which will deal with human lives and cause more economic and health issues, like saying a ship is suitable for quarantine virus outbreak.

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Posted in: University student arrested for molesting woman See in context

they forgot to say that "he was drunk and cant remember" then released him with no charges.

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Posted in: Man jumps on bullet train tracks during questioning over voyeuristic filming of woman See in context

Police have arrested a 35-year-old man on suspicion of creating a public nuisance and for obstructing police in the performance of their duty after he resisted arrest following a report that he was voyeuristically filming a woman on a bullet train.

So the reason of arrested was not for filming the woman?

why "suspicion" of creating public nuisance? the police can't acknowledge that he was obstructing the police performance?

Police said Onaka, who is from Kita-Kyushu, told them he had been drinking heavily at Hakata before he boarded the train.

building for "I was drunk I cant remember" free getaway card

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Posted in: Olympic crowd crush expected as Japan Inc rules out work from home See in context

I think Olympics should be cancelled due to the wide spread of COVID-19

but they wont cancel it because money more important

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Posted in: Man accused of groping woman on train, arrested for assaulting man who tried to stop him escaping See in context

Well done to that 20 year old hero who stopped him on the stairs, I would at least charge him deadly assault crime since he easily avoid punishment for sexual assault

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Posted in: Over 50% of single Japanese women in their 20s struggle to make ends meet, survey says See in context

this study is proves nothing with such small sample number. The news report is just to emphasis that "young single women" should marry old rich salarymen

we may have stumbled upon one reason why young women tend to prefer marrying rich men and becoming housewives over staying in the workforce: working doesn’t appear to yield nearly as much reward as marrying rich.*

just another disgusting news report by SoraNews24 supported by JT

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Posted in: Junior high school students filmed up skirts of female classmates, sold images See in context

the real questions are; where this demand for such pictures came from? how did those school boys came to know of it? who bought the pictures or promised to pay for more pictures?

yes, punishing those kids seems to be a solution but, more will rise if not there are more already undiscovered.

to end this problem, they must cut the demand for those pictures

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Posted in: Health workers may not be using hand sanitizer properly See in context

I can say roughly 50% of workers wash their hands after urinating, and only 10% use soap (personal observation, male washrooms)

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Posted in: How to apprehend a 'chikan' and protect women from being groped on a train See in context

for people who are scared to act or saying to others not to act when they see a sexual assault in front of them,

you are either truly worse than the chikan or you are chikan yourself and dont want more people stopping you,

so what if police investigated you after you stopped a criminal?

no, they cannot turn this against you. if you did make it a global issue, start a movement, be the change,

"Don't fear the path just because few follow"

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Posted in: Prosecutors probe 2 Americans for allegedly helping Ghosn escape See in context

Prosecutors suspect

They suspect, so they are not sure yet. I dont think they can go anywhere based on just suspicion, they tried with Ghosn and failed .

also, why they made their names public without evidence? show us the video of their hotel meeting.

lastly, if Ghosn was judged innocent, what will be the position of the prosecutors seizing the documents of people met with Ghosn?

Maybe they should wait until the trial of Ghosn and then go on rampage.

what next? they will be prosecuting anyone who wrote a comment about Ghosn online?

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Posted in: Police officer arrested for groping woman on train See in context

can’t remember the incident because he was drunk at the time.

Him being a "police officer", He is well aware that those magic words can help him avoid justice and being charged criminal offence, sexual assault

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Posted in: Police officer arrested for abusing wife See in context

so there is a crime, but he was released? and his name and picture were not released?

poor woman... I hope someone can help her..

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Posted in: Foreign student/cosplayer arrested in Tokyo for having fake Self-Defense Forces ID See in context

stopped by police officers on the street in Setagaya Ward and asked to produce identification (something foreigners can be asked to do at random in Japan).


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Posted in: Ghosn used company money for private events: Nissan report See in context

why Jmedia only publish one side of the story? everything about what "Nissan said"

what about what Ghosn said at the press conference to the Japanese Media reporters? why no mention to that news?

when he had no right to defend himself and speak to foreign reporters Jmedia made him look like the devil, washed the brains of millions, also, the arrest warrant was not about "money for private events"

regardless he is guilty or innocent of the accusations, the treatment he is getting is harsh that most criminals in Japan dont receive, especially in publishing their pictures and linking it to aggressive titles. and in sharing private life events almost everyday at the media.

to Nissan, remember when he saved you. hope the media share about his work that came in advantage of Nissan

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Posted in: Ghosn used company money for private events: Nissan report See in context

you lost already. get over it before it backfires on you Nissan

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