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Posted in: Do you think Facebook and Google should pay news publishers for providing them with content? See in context

If I have a shop and I sell at that shop tomatoes, and I have enough customers who buy tomatoes to keep the shop going and make profit, then another person comes to me who wants to sell potatoes at my shop, I let them use small space in my shop for free because the number of customers increased at my shop due to the customers coming to buy potatoes, I got more customers looking and sometimes buying my tomatoes.

now, I should pay to the person who brought the potatoes to my shop and he is selling using my shop?

I think I would give him some services like free space, free shade, free platform,.. but I won't pay him unless there is a competitive shop who also sell tomatoes next to me and offer to pay the potatoes guy if he consider moving to their shop.

unless there is a competitor better or at same level as Facebook and google then they don't need to pay anyone.... in fact they can charge news publishers to publish on their platforms.

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Posted in: Man arrested over sexual assault of woman in alley See in context


Why "regardless"? there should be regard concerning this matter!

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Posted in: Thousands march in Tokyo to protest Myanmar military coup See in context

we didnt see those protest when there was killing, imprisonment, displacement and violation of all human rights in Myanmar for years by extremist supported by the government....

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Posted in: SoftBank Group net profit soars to ¥1.17 trillion in third quarter See in context

I hate Softbank and I will never recommend them to anyone, they made me go to post office to send back their device because simply they said if I don't send it back I will be charged with extra 3man + they made me pay 5man to cancel the contract with their hidden fees which were not indicated on the website.

"we don't care about customers and unreasonable prices, because simply the customers don't have another option" as what I was told.

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Posted in: Nara asks visitors to stop feeding the deer See in context

@Jonathan Prin

some part of the money goes to the making of the cracker, another part goes to the foundation that care and monitor the deer. as it says on the wrap of the crackers

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Posted in: Nara asks visitors to stop feeding the deer See in context

4 people to hammer down a sign???

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Posted in: Thousands protest Myanmar coup in Tokyo; demand Japan take tougher action See in context

In August 2018, a study[83] estimated that more than 24,000+ Rohingya people were killed by the Myanmar military and the local Buddhists since the "clearance operations" started on 25 August 2017. The study[83] also estimated that more than 18,000 Rohingya Muslim women and girls were raped, 116,000 Rohingya were beaten, 36,000 Rohingya were thrown into fire,[83][84][85][86][87][88] burned down and destroyed 354 Rohingya villages in Rakhine state,[89] looted many Rohingya houses,[90] committed widespread gang rapes and other forms of sexual violence against the Rohingya Muslim women and girls.[91][92][93] The military drive also displaced a large number of Rohingya people and made them refugees. According to the United Nations reports, as of January 2018, nearly 690,000 Rohingya people had fled or had been driven out of Rakhine state who then took shelter in the neighboring Bangladesh as refugees.[94] In December, two Reuters journalists who had been covering the Inn Din massacre event were arrested and imprisoned.[94]


hardly seen any protest against that persecutions and human rights violations when extremist Buddhists started a major crackdown on the Rohingya Muslims in the country's western region of Rakhine State.

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Posted in: U.S. judge allows extradition of 2 men accused of aiding Ghosn escape from Japan See in context

Will they be able to receive a trial?

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Posted in: Man arrested for groping 16-year-old girl on train See in context

this is sexual assault on a child.

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Posted in: Woman infected with coronavirus commits suicide at Tokyo home See in context

the reason to suicide is not her infection, she probably have already existing depression, having the infection could be a trigger, a correlation. Not all people with the virus will suicide, only the ones with suicidal ideation and pre existing depression. if it wasn't covid, other things/disease could have triggered her suicide.

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Posted in: Man arrested for buying cup meant for ¥100 coffee but pouring ¥200 latte into it See in context

such a serious crime must be investigated thoroughly and collect a large amount of intel then hire undercover police man to arrest him red-handed. now the world is safe from a coffee thief that over several months was able to steal about 2000yen worth of coffee!

other crimes not worthy of such efforts?

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Posted in: Japan's 1st unlicensed tuk-tuk taxi case referred to prosecutors See in context


Is this man a foreigner by any chance?

You would know if he was a foreigner.

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Posted in: Man served 6th arrest warrant for drugging intoxicated woman, sexually assaulting her See in context

then 7th and 8th and 10th,... and no final action

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 2,392 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 7,882 See in context

who would've imagined that increasing the number of tests will result in finding more positive results...

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Posted in: Man arrested for forging prized popsicle sticks to win Pokemon cards See in context

it's funny how this news about an old man forging popsicle sticks shows how the police investigated and did arrest the criminal, just for 25 paper cards...

while the previous report about sexual assault multiple times by a man, was not detailed and it shows the man even though he did crimes and police knew about it he was released...

money is more important?!

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Posted in: 273 teachers in Japan punished in fiscal 2019 for sexual misconduct See in context

that is less than half of the actual unreported or ignored cases..

what is alarming is that 30% received no punishment

45 were reprimanded or received lighter penalties.

what is even more alarming those figures are just for those under 18 y.o. imagine if they included the 18 y.o. highschool students or college freshmen

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Posted in: Maritime Self-Defense Force lieutenant arrested for groping 18-year-old girl on train See in context

what? no "I was stressed from work" "I was drunk I can't remember"??

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Posted in: Japan to start multilingual coronavirus helpline See in context

it will be useful for the next pandemic

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Posted in: Change of tune: Japanese music fans moving from CDs to streaming services See in context

you guys use CDs? I still listen to music on floppy disks

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Posted in: Man arrested over sexual assault of intoxicated woman See in context


He's not going to be able to talk his way out of this one and let's hope this will be his last victim.

you don't live in the real world my friend, he is probably planning his next assault already before you even wrote your comment, and with the help and support of keeping his picture and personal details hidden from the public he could be anyone that you encounter....

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Posted in: Man arrested for sexually assaulting woman in bicycle parking lot in Tokyo See in context


I feel you. plus, the guy who did the sexual assault will be free and hunting for the next victim by just saying the following magic words "I was drunk I cant remember, I was stressed from work" and the media will publish your pictures for months and he will remain anonymous.

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Posted in: Japan to create database to prevent sexual predators from babysitting See in context

it should include other jobs as well. like teaching (schools, universities, driving,...) healthcare (doctors, clinic assistance,...) customer care,..

basically any job in which there is a chance for one on one interaction

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Posted in: Japanese KitKats are shrinking; Nestlé says previous size may have been too large for customers See in context

for mass production factories this shrink in size even if 10 grams means a huge extra profit

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Posted in: No jail for parents who left daughters at home while they used COVID cash handout for hotel stay See in context

even animals take better care of their children than those couple...

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Posted in: Sanja Festival See in context

its nice to see the viewers also practicing social distancing

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Posted in: The life of Ghosn: Fugitive tycoon to star in documentary and a mini-series See in context

Tom cruse should play his role and the documentary should be called 'Ghosn impossible'

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Posted in: The life of Ghosn: Fugitive tycoon to star in documentary and a mini-series See in context


it could be, but, if you rephrase your sentence it could be also true in some cases.

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Posted in: The life of Ghosn: Fugitive tycoon to star in documentary and a mini-series See in context


Ghosn was not treated as a suspect, he was treated as a criminal. and as far as my knowledge, he was treated worse than (some) convicted criminals.

Plus the media done a great part in demonizing him with aggressive titles associated with his name and picture.

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Posted in: Make yourself invaluable: Ghosn offers exec training in Lebanon See in context

if 'some' of the uneducated here know his history and achievements they will know his value and rush to take his classes.

regardless if he was convicted or not, the crimes that he is accused of are not as bad as of Jordan Belfort was convicted criminal and many still learning from him.

and even if Ghosn was found guilty (which so far isn't the case) he should be able to pay back in community services and have a government salary based job as a business lecturer.

killers and rapists are roaming the streets freely yet no one care, good job media.

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Posted in: Self-driving buses being tested across Japan let you pay with your face See in context

^ I agree! I send you a fax with more details

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