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Posted in: 273 teachers in Japan punished in fiscal 2019 for sexual misconduct See in context

that is less than half of the actual unreported or ignored cases..

what is alarming is that 30% received no punishment

45 were reprimanded or received lighter penalties.

what is even more alarming those figures are just for those under 18 y.o. imagine if they included the 18 y.o. highschool students or college freshmen

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Posted in: Maritime Self-Defense Force lieutenant arrested for groping 18-year-old girl on train See in context

what? no "I was stressed from work" "I was drunk I can't remember"??

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Posted in: Japan to start multilingual coronavirus helpline See in context

it will be useful for the next pandemic

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Posted in: Change of tune: Japanese music fans moving from CDs to streaming services See in context

you guys use CDs? I still listen to music on floppy disks

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Posted in: Man arrested over sexual assault of intoxicated woman See in context


He's not going to be able to talk his way out of this one and let's hope this will be his last victim.

you don't live in the real world my friend, he is probably planning his next assault already before you even wrote your comment, and with the help and support of keeping his picture and personal details hidden from the public he could be anyone that you encounter....

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Posted in: Man arrested for sexually assaulting woman in bicycle parking lot in Tokyo See in context


I feel you. plus, the guy who did the sexual assault will be free and hunting for the next victim by just saying the following magic words "I was drunk I cant remember, I was stressed from work" and the media will publish your pictures for months and he will remain anonymous.

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Posted in: Japan to create database to prevent sexual predators from babysitting See in context

it should include other jobs as well. like teaching (schools, universities, driving,...) healthcare (doctors, clinic assistance,...) customer care,..

basically any job in which there is a chance for one on one interaction

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Posted in: Japanese KitKats are shrinking; Nestlé says previous size may have been too large for customers See in context

for mass production factories this shrink in size even if 10 grams means a huge extra profit

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Posted in: No jail for parents who left daughters at home while they used COVID cash handout for hotel stay See in context

even animals take better care of their children than those couple...

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Posted in: Sanja Festival See in context

its nice to see the viewers also practicing social distancing

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Posted in: The life of Ghosn: Fugitive tycoon to star in documentary and a mini-series See in context

Tom cruse should play his role and the documentary should be called 'Ghosn impossible'

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Posted in: The life of Ghosn: Fugitive tycoon to star in documentary and a mini-series See in context


it could be, but, if you rephrase your sentence it could be also true in some cases.

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Posted in: The life of Ghosn: Fugitive tycoon to star in documentary and a mini-series See in context


Ghosn was not treated as a suspect, he was treated as a criminal. and as far as my knowledge, he was treated worse than (some) convicted criminals.

Plus the media done a great part in demonizing him with aggressive titles associated with his name and picture.

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Posted in: Make yourself invaluable: Ghosn offers exec training in Lebanon See in context

if 'some' of the uneducated here know his history and achievements they will know his value and rush to take his classes.

regardless if he was convicted or not, the crimes that he is accused of are not as bad as of Jordan Belfort was convicted criminal and many still learning from him.

and even if Ghosn was found guilty (which so far isn't the case) he should be able to pay back in community services and have a government salary based job as a business lecturer.

killers and rapists are roaming the streets freely yet no one care, good job media.

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Posted in: Self-driving buses being tested across Japan let you pay with your face See in context

^ I agree! I send you a fax with more details

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Posted in: Safe containing over ¥1 mil in cash stolen from ninja museum See in context

inside job

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Posted in: Japan's re-entry ban to contain virus unfair, Western business lobbies say See in context

Nationality should not be an exception when we talk about health, right?

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Posted in: Man arrested for sexually molesting woman as she walks home See in context

The golden standard "I was drunk, I don't remember"

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Posted in: Blast in Fukushima restaurant kills 1, injures at least 18 See in context

is there a picture of the restaurant before the explosion?

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Posted in: Aichi man arrested again after having slashed over 1,000 women’s tires to get to know them better See in context

my female friend's tire got a very suspicious stab to the side 2 weeks ago in Aichi, it could be the same man....

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Posted in: Iran issues warrant for Trump, 35 others over killing of top general See in context


when, where and how did I defend IS????

Soleimani is responsible for the killing of innocent people and throwing the Iraqi army in poorly executed plans that lead to loss of army men, nevertheless, it was the Iraq joined forces who finish IS.

Soleimani's role was to keep taps on the situation for Iran. and even if you want to glorify him for finishing IS, as you said they are finished but he remained as an Iranian general controlling Iraqi militia forces to spread chaos and kill innocent people, also they fire at American bases in Iraq.

so Soleimani should be subjected to justice, but he was immune in Iraq and Iran.

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Posted in: Iran issues warrant for Trump, 35 others over killing of top general See in context

Maybe the only good thing that Trump did in his time was the removal of Qassem Soleimani, but unfortunately it was not in a humane legal way.

Iran have both political and economical dominion over Iraq which leaving Iraq struggling and underdevelopment while being one of the top 5 in oil reserved.

true if there is no Iran dominion over Iraq there will be American dominion, but at least with American dominion Iraq can be as developed as UAE or Saudi Arabia. Iraq being independent country is dream that wont be true as long as there is a need for oil, and Iraq have to go with best of 2 devils dominion.

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Posted in: Man gets 15 years in prison for murder of woman in Saitama love hotel See in context

her life was taken away at 34 years, his punishment is 15 years in prison, which is less than half of her age.....

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Posted in: Man, son accused of helping Ghosn flee Japan challenge U.S. extradition case See in context

Movie titles;

'Ghosn with the wind'

'Ghosn Impossible'

'Ghosn and never back'

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Posted in: 568 new cases of coronavirus reported in Japan See in context

It took two months for the number of patients to reach 1,000 since mid-January, but the spread of the coronavirus has accelerated in recent weeks, doubling from around 5,000 in just 10 days.

it's amazing if the reporter of such statement actually think it's right...

virus was spreading all the time with cases much higher than the ones "confirmed" and the clear evidence is that the numbers increased in correlation with test numbers, right after the announcement of postponement of the Olympics. tests were not conducted for political and economical reasons. and now tests are being done more than before, why can't the media just say it like this?

im not trying to spread panic or accuse anyone. I just want to know the truth and get corrected if I'm wrong. health isn't the most valuable thing?

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Posted in: Health ministry says 400,000 could die in Japan without virus containment measures See in context

a photo of a staff member going OUTSIDE while asking people to stay home

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Posted in: Japan records 503 coronavirus infections on Wednesday; biggest daily jump since start of pandemic See in context

it seems the cure for coronavirus was the Olympics...

before postponement of Olympics, no cases.

after postponement of Olympics in literally one day, UNCONTROLLED OUTBREAK SURGE OF CASES. PANIC!

do they really expect the people to be this much ignorant? they dont think there will be aftermath of number of tests before and after Olympics?

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Posted in: 18 trainee doctors who ignored dining ban infected with coronavirus See in context

did they test all the doctors who came in contact with them and found only 17 to have positive results? or they tested 17 out of all the group because they had symptoms then got 17 positive results?

I think with such number, they should test all the staff at that hospital, everyone in their residential building, their families and friends who came into contact with them, the restaurant staff where they gathered for dining, notify the people who use the same commute as the ones who were came back positive,...

so many measures should be done in order to have somewhat control over the spread...

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Posted in: Court scraps acquittal of man; sentences him to 10 years for raping daughter See in context

only 10 years?

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