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Posted in: What are you doing in your daily life to conserve electricity during the current heatwave? See in context

I use circulator most of the days to circulate cool air smoothly and efficiently around in my room so that I do not have to turn the air conditioner to full blast. Also, by using the equipment, humidity rate of my room can decrease thanks to the air circulation. Furthermore, clothes and towels coming out of the washing machine are dried faster than those without the circulator. Due to the terrible heat wave, we are required to use the air conditioner in order to decrease the temperature down to approximately 27 to 28℃. We must take working hours of the air conditioner into consideration so as to keep it working throughout the hot summer day and cold winter to come.

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Posted in: Do you think geothermal energy is a practical power source in Japan? See in context

I think it very helpful for Japan's low level of producing electric power as there are plenty of resources in geothermal energy into the ground around the country. Increasing the number of wind farms is also an ideal solution, however, since this country is surrounded by deep trenches, so it is difficult to build lots of them using sea wind. On the other hand, as we see on the geographical map of Japan, there countless numbers of the spots of hot spring. It is an ideal condition which means a sea of natural energy deep into the ground. Nevertheless, the reason of not having built the facilities to produce electric power from thermal energy is the cost. The ground needs to be drilled so carefully that earthquakes are not caused and natural water sources are shuttered. Therefore, building work requires lots of special knowledge and expensive equipment, making it costly.

Finding out how to produce energy is one of must-be-solved problems in our country, thus the government needs to pay more attention on how geothermal energy is build and used efficiently and to give more financial support for related companies and research institutes.

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Posted in: What are some Japanese words or expressions that you find difficult to translate into English? For example, how would you translate よろしくお願いします? See in context

One of them must be "お疲れさまでした(o-tsu-ka-re-sa-ma-de-shi-ta)". We as a Japanese give the phrase to those who have finished thier tasks or daily work in order to express an appreciation for their hardwork or an understanding of how they had been working so hard. However, the phrase is not used ourside Japan, which made me so surprised to hear. One of the reason not having been a habit in other countries is that the concept of "working hard for one's task is taken for granted", which made me understand.

I assume one of the reason Japanese often use such phrase is to show a greeting like "hello". Come to think of it, we do not often say "hi" or "hello" to our colloeagues or coworkers. However, we cannot leave a single moment each other without having conversations or greeting, and we also do not use facial expressions to those who passing toward us. Therefore, one of the best way to keep a good relationship with our colloeagues or coworkers is to say ”お疲れさまでした", and it have been a custom to our daily lives.

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Posted in: Do you think going to the cinema will become a thing of the past due to the increasing popularity of streaming services? See in context

I cannot say that going to movie theater is old-fashioned or a thing of past, since there are a number of movie goers in our society. Also, recent cinema complexes provide unique services such as 4D experience that online streaming services cannot offer to thier customers. Also, movie theaters themselves are sometimes considered as a place for people with the same preferences to share theirs with others. Therefore movie theaters or cinemas won't fade in the flow of time and they will be able to work well with the online streaming services.

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Posted in: What do you think of China's zero-COVID strategy? See in context

Although I've only watched on a media what the country has been doing for the counter measure, I think its strategies too strict and severe for the citizens. Also they sometimes include a deprivation of human rights. People living in an area considered as cautious to the infection are not allowed go out from the front door of their house and even they do not have access to sufficient food source.

I think the country needs to come up with some more productive ideas for both the government and the citizens.

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Posted in: Considering climate change, wars, food security, price hikes, the pandemic, migration, racial and political divisions -- what do you think the world be like in 10 years? See in context

I think our world will not change so much. Sometimes, we fall into unpreferable situation suddenly and are get accustomed or overcome it. Such events, though they include preferable ones, occur once in five to ten years like we see a wave in a graph. As long as having a human lifestyle, these occasions showed in today's topic will not be avoidable, so we will struggle with and overcome them, which goes on and on... Therefore our world won't change in a bigger way.

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Posted in: How important and reliable are opinion polls in this day and age? See in context

Given the fact that some opinions are sometimes manipulated by one authority, it is helpless to be said that they are not so reliable. At the same time, thanks to wider use of commenting system such as SNS, we are individually able to express our opinions or convey what is occurring in a real time, being secured by an anonymity. Therefore, if we have a moral of how to use the Internet, opinion polls might be no longer important than they used to be.

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Posted in: Should there be an age limit for driving licenses? See in context

As it is not until being seventeen years old that Japanese citizens are allowed to get drivers license, people, in their 70s for example, should have a limit. Since a capability such as judgement for safety gradually decreases, though it has gap for each individuals, elderlies have more chances of operating thier car wrongly. Therefore, a certain age limit is needed to be implemented. If it is difficult be done, some proficiency tests for safety driving might reduce the number of accidents related to aging.

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Posted in: What are your views on parents hitting their young children as a means of punishing or disciplining them? See in context

I don't think using physical power as the uses of them. Recently, the number of people relying on physical punishment to children have been decreasing as we see in our society in Japan. On the other hand, small number of people such as sports coaches use such punishment for discipline in a club activity, which is unbelievable to me.

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Posted in: How do you feel about getting a second booster shot for the coronavirus? See in context

It depends on which kind of vaccine we can choose. If I have no choice but to take conventional ones, I do not want to take, frankly speaking. This is because I'm tired of suffering from side effects, which disappear in a few days. I've already took first booster shot and had regular side effect that most of people did, as I expected. Preventing virus from getting in my body is important not only for myself but also people around me. However, staying in bed due to the severe side effects is also a moment of being unproductive for my life.

I hope a totally new type of vaccine without any side effects to be developed and authorized as soon as possible. Then, many people will soon change their mind and think of taking second shot if necessary.

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Posted in: How would you evaluate the international news coverage of Russia's invasion of Ukraine? See in context

I hope more and more investigations be done by not only related countries but also other less related ones. Even small pieces of reality occurring Ukraine will be reveal the fact people there are facing, if accumulated. Also, we need to keep paying attention to the information updated everyday to know what the facts are.

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Posted in: Do you find it difficult to sometimes do a social media detox? See in context

I do not think so since I consider myself that I'm not obsessed with social media. However, for those who want to make sure their social states or existence by sharing what's-ups with other, it is surely difficult to keep social media away from them. I cannot say whether relying on social media so much or not. But I think we need some time to take a rest by not watching the screens of our devices, and instead, to share what's-ups with someone besides you.

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Posted in: In general, what do you think of the quality (not price) of fruit in Japan? See in context

I want to say the quality of fruits in Japan is very high, though I've never compared them with other countries'. Moreover, not only fruits but also vegetables in the market can be said very good condition. I've never seen fruits and vegetables even with some scratches on the shelves in a supermarket. Perfectly grown-ups are only accepted as a product, and this notion might be inherently developed in our mind. Of course, there are some areas that sells foods with small damages, which are said "wakeari (=not a perfect condition for some reasons)", at more reasonable price. This shows one of Japanese cultures and leads to high quality products such as cars.

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Posted in: From April, the legal age of adulthood in Japan will drop from 20 to 18. What's your view on this? See in context

I have heard that this change was made to increase the number of voters for elections due to a concern of a declining rate of people paying attention to national affairs, which every citizen should do. If it is no doubt that the decision came from mainly such reason, the new policy will not be effective. I think that what government needs to do is increase the number of people who are interested in our country and ones who believe how important it is to speak up, instead of raisin the number of voting.

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Posted in: Do you agree with the decision by many global companies to sever their business ties with Russia because of its invasion of Ukraine? See in context

I agree with the decision to some extent. The acts of withdrawing from the country show global concern about the cruel behaviors on Ukraine. However, I doubt if it let the country in an argument change their unreasonable way of thinking rationally. I hope such global companies show and share messages from people in a disastrous situation through the use of media, which is severely restricted in the country in an argument. Then, the acts help the citizens of not realizing the real fact to awaken from the wall of irrational propaganda.

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Posted in: Do you think Russia's invasion of Ukraine might push Japan to acquire its own nuclear capability to stave off a potential China attack? See in context

I don't think possessing a capability of nuclear weapon in Japan works as one of the protective force against certain countries. Instead, the act of it may cause a flame of the argument in our nation. Also, it can facilitate motivation to upgrade such disastrous arms in other countries. Deterrence is required to prevent any wars or conflicts from occurring, however, nuclear capability should not always be the case for that. We need warm heart and cool(reasonable) decision to pursue win-win situation for both countries.

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Posted in: How should tech giants like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Yahoo, Line, etc, deal with requests to delete defamatory and abusive messages and fake news posted online? See in context

How about introducing a system which automatically removes words offensive to people at first and foremost. Since such words are normally needed in everyday conversation to make a good relationship. Regardless of a freedom of expression, that will work to help interpersonal communication smooth.

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Posted in: The International Air Transport Association (IATA) says travel restrictions have little to no long-term impact on the spread of the coronavirus. Do you agree with its view? See in context

I think the flow of people coming in and going out because of travel may cause a spread of virus to some extent, however, it does not lead to a long term effect. On my observation, how each person behave is more important than the number of people move throughout the world. As we see the lockdown has a limitation for a complete prevention from the virus, restriction does not necessarily work perfectly in this situation. Therefore, I think each of every one of us should be considerate and sensible enough to seek the best way to protect ourselves from the virus.

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Posted in: How do you think the global community should react to Russia's invasion of Ukraine? See in context

In my view, it seems that the case of Ukraine is seen as a fire on the other side of river. It needs immediate and strong action to prevent a country in question from attacking. However, unlike major country involving with the issue, many countries seem to be coming to standstill, seeking the best way to avoid getting into the problem without losing their reliability. It make sense to me to some extent, yet it is not the time to be on the sideline.

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Posted in: Do you think the surge in authoritarian behavior by governments around the world poses a growing threat to democracy, free speech and other civil rights? See in context

Using authority for personal aim definitely creates negative effects to one's citizens under the authority. Authority should be used for people's happiness or something beneficial to whole society, not for controlling people. Sometimes large authority or power might be need to for change in society. However, it must lead to people in a positive way.

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Posted in: How has Japan changed for the better since you have been here and how has it changed for the worse? See in context

As a positive side. People have been getting more and more liberal for doing something new or something different. Thanks to the Internet, especially social networking community, people have opportunities to expose themselves to new ideas from those in foreign country. Before 2000s, people tend to be more conservative to protect Japanese tradition or proud, which should not be criticized though, therefore this attitude prevent Japan from being globalized. However, Japan gets open to the world outside of our country, so the mixture between good side of Japan and one of other countries, making new trends or cultures.

A negative side, on the other hand, is that young adults have been more and more immature, and they tend not to be responsible to what they do. As we see the recent news such as criminal cases, young adults carelessly do what people with sensible minds do not do. Although not every younger generations are like that, but it seems to be the case recently.

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Posted in: Which fashion look for women or men do you think will never go out of style? See in context

Wearing wrist watch outward for men, and inward for women. I have been wondering the reason why men and women wear it differently. I once asked the question to some friends and coworkers, but all they answered was "just because everyone do the same". I'm not sure how people wear their watches applies the field of fashion. However, I really want to know the reason and effectiveness of the differences. Please help me find the answer of my question.

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Posted in: Are you watching or do you plan to watch any of the Beijing Winter Olympics on TV? See in context

I'm eager to watch the games! However, most of the competitions are held on workdays, so I do not have access the opportunity to watch them. Also, winter sports are largely affected by the weather condition, which causes rescheduling. I was really looking forward to Men's DownHill tournament, which was going to be held on Sunday. However, due to the heavy wind, the plan was rescheduled to the next day, when I had a job. Thanks to the Internet highlight video, I can manage to catch up with the latest information, but hopefully I want to watch the competitions on live, otherwise I cannot get the authentic enthusiasm unique to the Olympic Games.

May it be calm weather.

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Posted in: What do you think of the expression "new normal" when it is used in reference to how the post-pandemic world will be? See in context

The trend of the idea, "new normal", such as wearing face mask outside will be stuck to many people, especially in Japan. The number of people who want to wear their mask reagardless of the situation, in particular, will be increased due to moderate attention to showing their personality unique to Japanese. Also a lot of Japanese workers have come to appreciate the Internet-based remote work, so even after the subsidence of the outbreak, many of them prefer online work to the conventional working style, or rather the number of it might increase.

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Posted in: What are some movies that couldn't be remade today because social norms have changed? See in context

Absolutely, the early series of movies of Crayon Shin-Chan. Although each of the storytelling is so funny and sometimes heartwarming that many people who watch them have been moved, the movies around the year of two thousands always include a scene which might not be appropriate for child education in public. The main character, Shin-Chan, often show a certain part of his body, which should be covered by cloth, and sometimes his phrases include a bit sexual contents. Also, due to his behavior, he often get a blow on his head as a small punishment. These interactions really match his characteristics and create a humorous aspect.

However, recent social trend tends to restrict such scenes since they can give negative effect on child growth. I think it is understandable because this is the world trend, I should take it into consideration. But unfortunately, recent series of movies look less and less funny.

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Posted in: Do you think the world will be rid of COVID and all its variants this year? See in context

Getting rid of the virus is considerably difficult because it struggles to survive changing its form as a variant. Also corona itself has been put on a list of "concern" for years, though I understand the recent ones are quite different from those before. Therefore, instead of finding the way to defeat the virus as an enemy, we need to think about how to deal with it in order to live safely each other. The virus is way older than human beings, more than three billion years in history on earth. To learn from the virus is better way to get along with it.

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Posted in: Have you noticed any examples of "shrinkflation" in Japan -- when a product or portion size in a restaurant gets smaller but the price stays the same? See in context

Sometimes I notice, but most of the time I do not. In my opinion, I do not care the small change such as the number of pieces of cookies. Thinking about it too much discourages me to appreciate a taste and enjoy a time for the rest. However, I would be a bit disappointed if the shrinkflation occurs in a medical field, especially in pharmaceutical. The important thing for me is how to have a wonderful time with the limited amount of the product.

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Posted in: Have you ever made a New Year resolution that you actually kept? If so, what was it? See in context

Last year, 2021, I decided to change the workplace and put my plan into action. What pushed my forward to take the action is the motivation to improve my skill and making a situation I cannot escape. In my case, to change the workplace requires some tests including general knowledge, language proficiency, interpersonal communication skill and so on. Therefore, it took a couple of years to make the decision since these tests are held once a year. Then put myself into a bit severe situation; telling the boss about my decision to retire and ask him to make a process. I have no option except for being employed for a new workplace. Fortunately, I was able to pass all of the phases in an employment test. When I reflect what I did, I felt I might have done crazy things. However, such action sometimes trains my mental strength.

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Posted in: What was the best thing that happened to you this year and what was the worst? See in context

I'm working as a teacher at a high school. The best thing of this year is that one of my students, who do not have higher grade than the other, passed the entrance exam of the university to be a nurse. The test requires not only general paper tests but also an interview, since the medical workers such as nurse need to be honest, diligent and adaptive to the changing environment, so most of the universities which set the department of nursing put priority to judge the humanity of the student. Therefore, I provide my student with a lot of opportunity to practice for the interview test. I cannot remember how many times we did, but thanks to them she got accustomed to talking to people whom she had never met, and she built up her confident. I'm really proud of her passing the test, and I hope she will be the great nurse in the future.

On the other hand, the worst thing is that... I cannot remember what it was, because such good things overwhelmed the negative memories.

In general, although the school year have not yet been over, I can say this year was good.

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Posted in: Are you financially better off now than you were this time last year? See in context

I'm financially better off this year compared to last year. The primary reason is a self-restraint for my pleasure outside due to the continuous concern of virus outbreak. Thanks? to the situation, I have not used large amount of money causing it to be saved in the bank. When I look at the savings account, which I do not often check, I was surprised to see the sum of money! Even I did not use any bonuses for my pleasure this year. I actually want to purchase some products, but since I've accustomed to refrain from using money largely or something, I cannot put one step towards for shopping.

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