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Posted in: Do you agree with the Japanese government's decision to lift the state of emergency on Oct 1? See in context

Now that lots of citizens in Japan have had a doubt of the effectiveness of the state of emergency, it was a time to shift the current situation. However, there had been the a number of people fully vaccinated at several traveling spots before the state of emergency ended. That have made me concern that the next outbreak occur some time soon.

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Posted in: Do you think tech giants like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Amazon and YouTube have too much control over what people see and read? See in context

I don't think it is not a good idea, and I disagree with it, much less be unpleasant if these companies have a connection with national government.

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Posted in: Can family relationships and friendships broken or frayed because of differences over vaccinations, restrictions, mask-wearing and lockdowns due to the pandemic be repaired? See in context

If the bond among family members are truly forged, broken relationship should be repaired no matter how bad the situations are. This is what a family should be.

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Posted in: Vaccine mandates: Is no jab, no entry into restaurants, cafes, bars, sporting and event venues discrimination? See in context

In my opinion, it cannot be helped to be considered as discrimination. Take Japan as an example. About 50 percent of the population have not gotten second shot yet, most of whom are younger generations. Many say that they cannot make a reservation for the injection on a specific day when they are able to go take a shot, even though the vaccine are provided free of charge. Under the circumstance, these people will be cornered if they are required to show a certification otherwise they cannot enter. Surely putting the mandatory into action will reduce the risk of spreading the virus. However, more research need to be made incorporating opinions from citizens.

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Posted in: What are some first-date mistakes to avoid? See in context

I consider being late for the time of date should be avoid, though I've never had a date with anyone.

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Posted in: What are some of weirdest sandwiches, pastries or other food and drink items you have seen in Japanese convenience stores or supermarkets? See in context

The challenging flavors of Popsicle, Gari-Gari-kun, is one of the weirdest. Of course the series come with regular flavors such as soda, on the other hand, the main supply company of Gari-Gari-kun often releases unique flavors like ketchup-based taste. Surprisingly however, most of the new products have become a big hit. The titles of the packages are so straightforward that I cannot help but feel weird to them. I recommend one of them once in a life time, though I've never tried...

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Posted in: Who would you like to see become the next prime minister of Japan? (Sensible answers only please.) See in context

Hopefully, I want Kono-san to be a next prime minister of our country. First, he is relatively young compared to recent leaders, so he is not likely to resign in the middle of his terms due to health problem. Second, it seems that he is actively trying to connect with citizens, especially youths. That appears that he has a popularity from younger generations. Third, as a minister of administrative reform, he has been working on some matters which have been bothered workers such as hanko use. These ideas directly connects our daily lives compared to bigger projects which do not seem to be direct benefit to us. For these aspects, he has a potential to change the national affairs in a positive meaning.

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Posted in: What is the difference between patriotism and nationalism? See in context

I think Japanese people can be a good example to show the difference between nationalism and patriotism. Most of them tend to obsessed with a desire to share ethnic aspect with others such as looking. On the other hand, lots of them do not have any interest in national affairs and politics, which shows that Japanese do not have an affection toward the country.

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Posted in: What do you think is causing tennis player Naomi Osaka's problems? See in context

I have not experienced as a professional athlete, so I cannot understand the inner feeling of her in 100 percent. However, she doesn't seem to be mentally strong when she's cornered. One of the examples is that she often threw her racket on the ground when she gets irritated on herself, which is seen countless times on other players games. She needs the skill of controlling her mind and bear up the bad situation. Although I think she understands her role as a professional tennis player, she has not yet grown up to be that unfortunately. I hope she overcome it.

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Posted in: What is the best way to prevent pedestrians, glued to their smartphones, from stepping carelessly into oncoming traffic, falling off train platforms or bumping into each other on the sidewalk? See in context

How about introducing motion detector which stops the smartphone or other electronic devices processing applications? That doesn't require any regulations, and people will stop at the specific side on the street in order to have the smartphone work. I think recent technology can realize the idea soon. More safety, less anxiety.

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Posted in: U.S. climate envoy Kerry in Japan to discuss effort to cut emissions See in context

"China is the world's biggest carbon emitter and the number two economy as well, and it is extremely important that we encourage China to firmly fulfill its responsibility to match its place," Motegi told reporters after his meeting with Kerry.

I cannot agree with the statement. Japanese government now needs to pay more attention sincerely to its environmental issues before mentioning ones occurring in other country. As see in the article, Japan is on the fifth place as a carbon emitter. Also, former prime minister planned to increase the number of thermal power plant, though it was said to be more eco-friendly than the existing ones. In my opinion, it is not too much to say that the government has not been considering the environmental problems seriously.

China would feel unpleasant to be set as a topic of the statement by such country.

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Posted in: If you have or had a Japanese spouse, how would you describe your relationship with your Japanese in-laws? How has it changed over the years since you got married? See in context

I'm going to introduce the expected spouse to in-laws regardless of nationality and would have no opposition. However, people in their 50s or over appear to have a certain tendency toward foreigners. Let's take one example, in the international sports competition, such people tend to have a notion of "Genuine Japanese". Even though an athlete have the nationality of Japanese, whose family name or first name is not Japanese oriented, is regarded as "Not Genuine" by such people. This express they lack of understanding towards diversity. Therefore, we, young adults, need to have them change the way they see.

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Posted in: Vaccination site for younger people to open in Tokyo's Shibuya district See in context

Unfortunately, I heard a disappointing comment from one young man through the interview broadcasted on TV news. Answering the question "are you afraid of being infected with the virus?", he said to the interviewer "I do not care about it since it's like getting cold. When I get infected, I'll go see a doctor."

A few percentages of young adults have such attitude toward current situation throughout the nation, though majority of them pays attention to it. In my opinion, reservation free vaccination opportunity will soon face a dead end because of such people. Therefore, the first thing to facilitate vaccination is to have them be aware of the danger of the virus and watch the news to get enough knowledge of it.

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Posted in: Japanese media reports have estimated up to 40% of bars and restaurants in some parts of Tokyo are flouting anti-virus measures that restrict them from selling alcohol and require them to close by 8 p.m. What do you think of this? See in context

Not having been supplied sufficient support from the government, it is natural for them to feel resentment to the government's request and show disrespect for that. It's like a person who utilizes stick without giving carrot to the other. Even though the government have supplied 300 billon yen in total so far, majority of business owners do not satisfied with the treatment. To make matters worse, many of them have not yet receive the total amount of monetary assistance. To which place was the 300 billion support sent? I'm so interested in consult the official document which shows the process of supplying the monetary fund. However, most of the part would be blacked out as always.

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Posted in: To what extent do you think the Tokyo Olympics are responsible for the spike in coronavirus cases across the nation over the past month? See in context

Let's look back on the day when the marathon tournament was held in Hokkaido. Lots of fans across the nation get together at the sidewalk to watch and cheer the athletes, even though the municipal government and Olympic committee advised to refrain from going to the spot. One of the spectators answered in the interview as follows: "It cannot be helped. The excitement defeated me".

The atmosphere which comes from the notion, "it's not a problem if each one of us pay attention for the infection, undermine the common sense, we are under state of emergency for the outbreak. I'm sure this Olympic games will bring unexpected negative results as well as hope.

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Posted in: We aim to promote vaccinations by giving incentives. See in context

A small amount of incentives would be to put an oil into a fire of younger people, who want to take vaccination but still waiting for it. Regardless of an age, lots of people are willing to take it, however many hospitals and municipal offices stopped supplying them with us due to the lack of doses. Then, incentives!? I want the government to seriously put their effort into getting sufficient amount of the vaccine or creating medicine.

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Posted in: What are your feelings about the upcoming Paralympics which begin on Aug 24? See in context

The upcoming Paralympics should be held as we've seen in the closed Olympics. However, I feel many people appear to consider it as one extra every time I see the Olympics closes. If we enjoy the Olympics with enthusiasm, we also need to have the same spirit for Paralympics and welcome it.

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Posted in: 7,943 taken to hospital to be treated for heatstroke from Aug 2-8 See in context

About 1,100 people suffered from heatstroke. I feel that I have been swamped with corona-related new recently, so I have been less conscious of such risk. Also, the news tells me the number of people infected with the virus every day in these days such as two thousand, three thousand or four thousand. Therefore 1,100 people in average did not struck me at the first sight, come to think of it however, such number seems to be serious.

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Posted in: How do you feel now that the Tokyo Olympics have concluded? See in context

Even thought I could not be a spectator for the competitions at the site, I was satisfied with the excitement coming through the screen. However, at the moment the sacred fire ends, I felt I was pulled back to the real world with the anxiety for the outbreak of the corona virus.

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Posted in: Man arrested in train stabbings says he suffered rejection in relationships See in context

As some psychology professors say, he might have been obsessed with being conspicuous to people around him since he was young. It might be shocked for him not to be taken care of by his surroundings when he was in college. Even so, that cannot be the reason he took it out on other person. Moreover, attempting murder is out of the question. Whether or not he is mentally ill, he should be prosecuted and take a strict penalty.

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Posted in: Nagoya mayor under fire for biting Olympian's gold medal See in context

His apology? I'm sure he does not truly regret doing such behavior, watching his reading the written comment in front of the press. I feel full of resentment. Imagine the certificate coming with admiration and saliva.

When you lend your belongings to him, keep in mind that you cover them with something.

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Posted in: Why do you think some Olympic medal winners bite their medals? See in context

It's out of the question. No matter what the situation is, it is ridiculous to bite any other person's objects.

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Posted in: Do you think that the state of emergency in Tokyo has become a state of complacency? See in context

Watching over what the government has done to fight against the outbreak so far, it seems that the government is under the state of incompetency for the situation.

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Posted in: Athletes from many countries have been the target of hateful messages mainly through their social media accounts during the Tokyo Olympics. Why do you think people post such abusive messages? See in context

Those who post such comments are narrow-minded, and they have lower vocabulary level compered to people who cheer the athletes for their efforts.

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Posted in: Japan concerned over S Korea's Olympic food site See in context

It's natural for them not to eat such ingredients if they are not willing to take the situation in Tohoku areas into consideration showing their mercy. It was smarter for them to cover their primary purpose of establishing such facility. By doing so, they wouldn't have had such argument...

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Posted in: Do you think the extended state of emergency in parts of Japan will work for or against the Tokyo Olympics? See in context

It will work for the Olympics. However the extended state of emergency creates suffering for business owners of restaurants, hotels, tourisms and so on. Moreover, it brings about condemnation of Japanese citizens.

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Posted in: Japan to vaccinate Olympic athletes: reports See in context

Olympic is going to be held under the pride of Japanese government, sacrificing lives of citizens with corona virus. How cheap our lives are to be seen.

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