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Posted in: We’re living in the age of being connected or reachable 24 hours a day by one device or another. Is this a good thing? See in context

Being connected with device is mostly convenient and helpful to make our lives better, the connections with Internet through devices in particular. However, such we can get such benefits as long as we can control how we are being connected. If we were out of control of how we are connected, we would get disadvantages more than advantages.

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Posted in: What is the main way you get your news? See in context

Online news can be a useful and fastest way to get the news. However, due to the convenience, we are facing a sea of information. Therefore, lots of data overload our brain, and it sometimes inhibit us from judging for something. On the other hand, newspapers usually release news twice a day, so we can get well-arranged information. That's why I prefer the source of newspaper to online news.

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Posted in: What can be done to deal with the increasing problem of stalking? See in context

As a counter measure for stalking, building a good relationship with neighbors on which we can rely in a community. Having an attention from neighbors will keep stalkers away from us. However, more and more people prefer keeping personal space to opening social space, which is unique to Japanese culture. Therefore, the bonds between one person and the other is getting thinner and smaller, compared to those decades ago. Building a person to person connection in a real world can be the best way to protect us from stalker.

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Posted in: The Japanese government is offering families 1 million yen to relocate from Tokyo in an effort to revitalize towns across the country. Do you think this is a good idea? See in context

I think its a good idea. However, I think offering just one million can work little for facilitating relocation. For singles, it costs hundreds of thousands of yen to move to a new place. For families, the relocation costs can get higher, so the government need to cover more of the cost for relocation.

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Posted in: What are some TV series, old or recent, that you can binge watch over and over again? See in context

Japanese TV drama Good Luck (2003). A story of a young pilot to be a professional one struggling with hardships and developing partnerships. At the time of days the drama has been on the air, the rating of it was around 35 percent. It is surprising number considering that the recent ratings are around 10 percent. Also, this drama gave me a hope to be a professional pilot. Thanks to it, I have been able to work hard for that.

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Posted in: Are you optimistic about Japan's economy this year? See in context

Hopefully yes. As some critics say, "this year's economy is rephrased in a weather condition such as the sun comes after the fog." I hope the economy grows in a positive way this year.

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Posted in: Tuna fetches ¥36.04 mil at New Year auction in Tokyo See in context

Fishermen for tuna market have been struggling to get the biggest and highest quality tuna for each year. I can't imagine how hard and nerve-wrecking it has been. Congratulations on the achievement, I want to thank for those who involved in the market, because I will be able to enjoy such delicious tuna in wide varieties of dishes.

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Posted in: What is your favorite winter getaway destination in Japan? See in context

Online video streaming sites, which take me to the unrealistic worlds. I've been working in the rapidly changing society, which bring a stress, nerve-wtecking treatment for people. Sometimes I need to Get into the world that can make me forget the busy and strssfullbdays as a worker.

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Posted in: Are you financially better off now than you were this time last year? See in context

A little bit better than that of last year. I'd worked at private school for about five years, and I changed the workplace to public one. The salary system in public school is different from that of private school. The former ensures lots of supports. What I do as a teacher is not so different. However, the private school is more like a small or middle-sized company, so I realized that such enterprises are striving to in the depressed economy and how difficult it is to survive in the society.

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Posted in: What do you think were the biggest international and domestic (Japan, if you live in Japan) news stories of the year? See in context

As for the domestic one is that the former prime minister was shot by a man whose life had been ruined because of his family member's relation to the religious group, which was once believed to have a connection with the former government head. What surprised me the most is that the murder was occurred at the daytime and in front of the public space. Many of my coworkers also seemed to have been watching the breaking news at that time.

The international news, on the other hand, is that the incursion to Ukraine by Russia. I've never watched the real battle between two countries on real time. Therefore, this sticks to my mind. Also, I'm really concerned that the situation has not yet turned around in a positive way, or rather, it is getting more and more worse.

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Posted in: What are your fondest childhood memories of Christmas? See in context

Christmas letter from Santa Clause. I put a thank-you letter for Santa Clause at the night of Christmas Eve. When I woke up at the next morning, the letter disappeared, and a Christmas gift was next to a pillow. I was wondering how Santa Clause got into my house and took it. A few weeks later, a letter with a name of Santa Clause were sent to me, saying "thank you for your letter and I got so pleased to your sincerity. I was so busy in carrying lots of Christmas gift to kids around the world that I could not answer your message. I hope you were happy with a present and had a wonderful Christmas night. I'm looking forward to seeing you in the next year!" I was so excited to read the message from Santa Clause. It became one of the fondest memories in Christmas.

And the riddle I had had as a kid was solved a few years later though...

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Posted in: What advice would you give to someone who may be feeling depressed or lonely during the Christmas-New Year period? See in context

I do not know the exact situation on each person, however how about staying with family members such as parents? They are probably waiting for you and wishing for your health. Or how about focusing on your house work such as cooking. Making yearly Christmas and New-year's meal more attracting or adding one more dish on your dinner. Preparing a meal is time-consuming work, thus you can forget your negative feeling during that time.

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Posted in: Is Christmas the most wonderful time of year for you? See in context

I cannot say this is the best, but this years Christmas won't be so bad as usual. I have been spending on Christmas with my family mamber ro being alone every year. Welcoming a peaceful Christmas is one thing I hope anually, so may you have a wonderful Christams.

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Posted in: What will your Christmas be like this year? See in context

This will be my first time to spend on Christmas alone. Until the last year, I had lived with my family celebrating my mother's birthday, which is on 25th of December. However, I started to live myself for the first time due to the change of my workplace. Therefore, I do not know how to spend on a whole day of 25th. I do not have acquaintances or partner to enjoy the Christmas with. Anyway, I'm thinking of purchasing a FamiChiki at Family Mart before it's price is risen.

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Posted in: How do you decorate your home for Christmas? Also, what do you think of people in some countries who practically decorate the whole house, inside and out? See in context

I do not have a practice of decorating my house.

On the other hand, I enjoy watching houses with illustrious illuminations every year in Christmas season. They make me feel the year-end is coming and also take me to the fantasy world. I hope this culture continues. However, recent shortage of electricity and price increase affect the practice in a negative way such as a tendency of limiting the use of lightings of illuminations, which make me really sad.

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Posted in: How would you evaluate Japan's performance in the FIFA World Cup in Qatar? See in context

Good performace, there were some arguments though. As well as athletes, supporters from Japan did a great perfomance after the games end. They clean up the seats they used. That's what I can be proud of as one of Japanese citizens.

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Posted in: Do you think participation in extracurricular school activities in Japan is beneficial for students? See in context

I think they are beneficial for students. Japanese students come to focus on major subjects such as mathematics and foreign language as their grade step up. Universities and high schools often measure students' knowledges for their adimission. However, in a rapidly changing society, people need to have abilities such as flexible and logical thinking. Such skill can be fostered by connecting and introducing a lot o ideas from different subjects, experiencing inter-communication with many classmates. Unfortunately, Japanese schools often consider extracurricular activities as a make-up for major subject. I hope they need to be more productive and comprehensive for students to develop their mind and creativity. Therefore, after-school activities are important as well as regular classes.

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Posted in: In many parts of Tokyo and other cities, although bars are open until late, many people who got into the habit of drinking on streets and in parks to avoid closed, crowded environments due to the pandemic, are continuing to do so, making noise and leaving trash. What do you think about this? See in context

I'm wondering why those who leave bad manners think they are allowed to do such a thing. As a person in a communitiy, each one normaly has a common sense of behavioring in a good manner. I think people with unappropriate manner show bad attitudes anywhere and anytime in a publich area. They need to be taught basic lessons that ordinary people have in mind.

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Posted in: How do you feel when you are talking to someone and they are looking at their smartphone? See in context

Very unpleasant. Half in a conversation and half in a smartphone is the worst attitude making me really irritated. If someone wants to get out of the conversation, get out of the conversation. What is the person interested in? I'm not in the screen.

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Posted in: What do you think of bicycling etiquette in Japan? See in context

How people ride on the street cannot be said "riding in a good manner". Some cross the road even the traffic light shows stop, and some ride against the cars. Revised traffic law has already in effect, however, many riders do not know much about it. Therefore, they ride on the pedestals, though they have to get off their bicycles. More announcement about law is needed so that many bicycle users can be aware of it. Also, those who do not follow the law or are against the etiquette should be punished.

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Posted in: Do you think Christmas illuminations should not be displayed in Japan's cities this year in order to save electricity? See in context

Hopefully yes. However, many businesses especially in the field of travelling are preparing for or have already started events of illumination. Unless the government ask them to refrain from the use of lighting for pleasure, this move cannot be stopped. It seems that lots of citizens are not so much concerned about the shortage of electricity.

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Posted in: What do you think of the self-serve coffee machines in Japan's convenience stores? Have you had any problems with them? See in context

I've never used such machine since they began to be installed in convenience stores. This self-serving coffee machine can only be applied to the country which high level safety is assured to some extent.

I was working as a clerk in a convenience store. I've never seen a customer who inappropriately uses self-serving machines not only of coffee but also others. Every customer naturally follows a common sense.

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Posted in: When you were a teenager, did you think much about issues concerning the environment, such as climate change, pollution, recycling, energy and water conservation and so on? See in context

I barely didn't, but I wish I had considered such things. I'm surprised to see the result from the pole, which many people had not though about them. I think it's time to introduce more about the environmental issues on child education. Teaching the importance of preserving our environment to kids in the early stage, they will get interested and it'll be passed to next generations.

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Posted in: What does Halloween mean to you? See in context

For me, it is just a party for people, especially youths, showing their costumes to friends or other pedestrians enjoy at the center of suburbs. I seldom see kids walking around streets and visit house, saying "trick or treat!"

I'm teaching English to children. When I ask them to tell the meaning of "treat", most of them said "I do not know of it".

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Posted in: The sick, insidious world of cyberbullying: What can be done about it? See in context

Ignore it, believing people in real you can rely on.

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Posted in: What advice would you give to someone who has a job with a toxic boss, but can't afford to quit and spend time looking for new job? See in context

No matter how bad the surroundings are, keeping away from current job by quitting or taking days off. Taking care of mental condition is a top priority to lead a healthy lifestyle. The scond step should be after that.

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Posted in: Do you believe there are still Japanese abductees alive in North Korea? See in context

Accoding to the news that some abductees were released and came to Japan dacades ago, the possbility of living in the country is positive. However, those who remain in the place might have hesitations of going back to Japan in some reason.

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Posted in: Some restaurants require that customers use their smartphones to read the QR code in order to see the menu. How do you feel about that? Would you rather see a printed menu? See in context

I do not feel it strage, though such style has not yet been popular in Japan. Sometimes, menues with oily spots bothers me and take appetite away, so digital menues are welcome for me. Also, digitalizing the menues will reduce the use of paper or other materials, which is environmentally friendly.

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Posted in: Do you think children of past generations had better manners than kids today when it comes to gestures like saying "please," "thank you" and showing respect for their elders? See in context

Although I cannot say children in past generations had better manners on elders, I think they have more respect to elders or mind of taking care of them. Children in recent generations, on the other hand, have not been taught such ideas from their parents as a lesson in their lives. Also, interactions between elderlies and youths are getting less recently.

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Posted in: In the future, how would you feel about robots with artificial intelligence working with you at your workplace or functioning as servants in your home? See in context

We've already been live with robots and machines. Also, we are dependent on them to make our lives convenient. We have AI on smartphone and ICT on our education. I think I have no doubt that human beings will utilize such technology. However, we need to think about how to deal with them. Human activities should not be replaced in robot or machine to preserve our cultures. Therefore, we need to keep how to USE technologies for our lives in mind.

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