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Zambezi Dan comments

Posted in: 'K Computer' smashes speed record See in context

Just imagine where we'd be now, if Alan Turing (the british WWII hero code-breaker, who did so much to help the Allies shorten the war against Germany & Japan, and who invented the electronic computer) hadn't been driven to suicide as a young man by the british authorities, just because he was gay, and we could have had his genius contribution to computer development for many decades more?

Instead of being honored for the enormous contribution he made to saving his nation, and thousands and thousands of lives on all sides by helping end that awful conflict, he was ruthlessly persecuted an forced into barbaric drug treatments to "cure" his gayness, under threat of imprisonment for his "crimes".

So agonized was his existence made, that took his own life by biting an apple laced with cyanide, which I believe was the inspiration for the Apple corporation logo.

A terrible, terrible tragedy and injustice.

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Posted in: Tokyo tourist draw shoots self in foot with bizarre name change See in context

For all this article's manifold faults, I have never been to Center-Gai/Basketball Street, and it has at least stimulated my curiosity. I shall pay a visit with my trusty old Zeiss Super-Ikonta german medium-format camera and record the (somewhat intriguing sounding) scene on traditional film.

Japan is still a very fine country for this kind of activity, and despite being the epicenter of cutting-edge digital photographic technology, is one of the few countries where expertise in traditional photographic skills and crafts is truly appreciated.

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Posted in: Sakura Police nab student for taking upskirt videos on escalator See in context

@Tokko Tai

Completely correct Tokko san, as usual. This foolish young student probably doesn't realize how dangerous escalators can be. There have been many terrible accidents involving people who didn't take sufficient care when traveling on them, all over the world. This is especially true when people are distracted, and not paying enough attention when getting on and off them. With the (typically Japanese, I must add) obvious dedication this young man was devoting to collecting his up-skirt movie material, I should think it would have been nearly impossible for him to have been paying the proper amount of attention to negotiating his escalator journey in safety. It's all very well being dedicated to your work, but not if it could result in you having your foot torn off in a horrible escalator accident --- though footage of that might also have some commercial value in the strange world of the internet of today, perhaps?

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Posted in: Victims struggling six months after quake, tsunami See in context

Tokko Tai above is absolutely correct. Nuclear power was a real dumb idea from the very start. Too expensive, and way too dangerous, plus it creates all the stuff dangerous despots and psycho regimes need to make nuclear weapons.

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Posted in: TV commercial of the week: Milk makes you big See in context

I suppose people on here are arguing about the nutritional benefits (or otherwise) of cow's milk, but where I came from in the Florida Keys, cows were a rare animal years ago (I'm 65) - only rich folks had cows, or drank their milk. Poor people like my family used to drink hog's milk (ever tried milking a hog? They have up to 16 teeties!), and sometimes even the milk of live captured possums and raccoons (raccoon milk is especially nice on breakfast cereal!). I even had one neighbor who swore he'd bred a chicken with teeties that you could milk, and that chicken's milk was extremely delicious and wholesome (It supposedly tasted of scrambled eggs) but nobody ever saw him do it, and I think he was spinning a yarn. He later got hunged for stealing brushes.

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Posted in: Nadeshiko Japan beats Australia for 3rd straight win in Olympic qualifiers See in context

Japinese soccer moms rule!

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