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Posted in: Thieves make off with Y9 million in goods from Louis Vuitton store in Osaka See in context

On the bright side, the thieves are now able to get girlfriends.

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Posted in: Atsuta Shrine: The sword in the shrine? See in context

There was also that rumor that the coronation of the present emporer was performed with a piece of bamboo.

It'd be very, very hard to authenticate a sword no one has seen.

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Posted in: Fourth 'Pirates' to be filmed in Hawaii See in context

Just keep milking that cash cow, Johnny. People who watch those films deserve whatever they get.

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Posted in: Man robs Seven-Eleven store, and steals employees' cell phone batteries See in context

Land line? What's that? Are those new?

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Posted in: Toyota’s Corolla an inspiration for Ami Suzuki’s new song 'Kiss Kiss Kiss' See in context

This says a lot about the Japanese music scene - people would rather have their music inspired by the most boring car on the road than by stimulants.

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Posted in: Maki Horikita drinks up at Suntory Cocktail Awards See in context

“I’ve never been to a bar, and I’d like a cool guy to take me to one.” hic "You look cool. Let's go." hic

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Posted in: 6 arrested for drift racing in Chiba See in context

I am NOT a fan of the drifting scene; cars with noisy fart-can mufflers and cheap plastic skirts... but the Japanese car culture is far more interesting than what is going on in the U.S.

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