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how many more stupid hurdles will the remainers invent

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simon dan:

China should just end Hong Kong its special status

China promised Hong Kongs special status for the next 50 years IN WRITING. Are you saying China should break written contracts? And the world should do business with a country that breaks written contracts?

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But the journalists covering the trial are warning that restrictions on media access will cripple their ability to do their job.

That is funny. So they claim they have been doing their job? Well, if they define their job as being establishment propagandists, I guess you can say that.

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Yes the Japanese justice system is alone corrupted failure, but I bet this man has done some terrible things.

I think most people here acknowledge that he might have had some shady dealings. But that does not excuse the unfair treatment he got. Keep in mind that his collegue at Nissan was proven to have cheated the company, and his punishment was.... retirement. Not a day in jail or under house arrest.

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An earlier request for bail was denied on grounds that he could destroy evidence or flee the country.

What? Destroy what evidence? And why leave the country when his crime consists of being here? Ridiculous logic.

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Utterly clueless. This is what happens when Japanese are too proud to consult a native English speaker.

I am not sore. I thought the president of the Japan operation is a gaijin, and I assume they have some smart people in the advertising department. The commercial also looks a bit tongue in cheek. Wouldnt be surprised if there is an eye on viral advertising.

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The swamp is in power now,

Then why does the swamp hate Trump?

his sanctions hurt the US public more than China, and his daughter still does business in China when daddy dearest is having pretend sanctions.

So his sanctions have an effect, but still they are only pretend?

Regarding HK and Taiwan arm sales, its nothing new that donny did.

Obama refused to sell arms to Taiwan.

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It is crucial for the Taiwanese that normality returns to the US presidency with a seasoned politician who respects the world order.

You mean the world order where the US cows to the mainland China regime and throws Taiwan under the bus? That is precisely why I am scared of these "seasoned politicians" aka swamp candidates.

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China is a bully and bullies get it in the end. If China starts any war with anyone, the world will win by simply shopping elsewhere. This is a lesson that the USA is just now starting to learn the hard way and their own citizens are helping to weaken it just as the China is slowly being weakened

True, but if one of the Democrat swamp candidates wins next election, the US will return to the old game of selling out the mainland China and strengthening the regime. Hope for the best.

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And the only candidate (Tulsi G) who can fight Trump is kept out of the debate, great,

Yep. The only one who speaks against the globalist warmongers. But yeah, she gets the Trump treatment by the propanda media. Sickening.

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Do you demand ‘correct predictions’ for everything?

For computer models that claim to accurately reflect reality, yes. If the computer models are consistently wrong, they clearly do NOT reflect reality.

Interesting you bring up faith healing.... the religious belief that Western governments can influence the world climate by legislation, and bringing up faulty computer models as an argument is pretty close to faith healing, would you not say?

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Posted in: Iran says it 'unintentionally' shot down Ukrainian jetliner See in context


And now Trumpers are praising the Ayatollah - guess we'll be seeing love letters and hugs next...

Is that a prediction? I predict there will be no love letters and hugs, only more symbolic posturing and rethoric. Lets see who is right. Can you give us a time frame on those love letters and hugs?

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I wonder if Trump would have authorized the strike on Sulemani if he knew the consequences...

The consequences being that Iran shoots down civilian planes over Teheran?? I am pretty sure he would simply point out that he is not in charge of Irans missile batteries. What other wondrous things are you wondering about?

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Posted in: Iran says it 'unintentionally' shot down Ukrainian jetliner See in context

And so we're left with Sulemanei and eight others in the convoy dead, a US contractor, several US members in Kenya, 50 Iranians in the funeral stampede, and 176 Ukrainians and Ukrainian-Canadians on the plane...

Err... what? Iran shoots down a plane over Teheran, and TRUMP is responsible? In what world?

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Posted in: Iran says it 'unintentionally' shot down Ukrainian jetliner See in context

last I checked the last 3 wars were started on Republican watch

So Clinton/Obama did not destroy Libya and support the terrorists in Syria? You call that checking?

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Posted in: Lebanon may lift Ghosn's travel ban if files not received within 40 days See in context


Can Lebanon be trusted to properly handle files from Japan?

Can Japan be trusted to properly handle files from Nissan? Please tell us.

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Posted in: Lebanon may lift Ghosn's travel ban if files not received within 40 days See in context

After working on this for almost 2 years, they should have plenty of documents to send right now. Great move by the Lebanese justice minister.

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Posted in: Prince Harry's wife Meghan returns to Canada amid royal storm See in context

Brexit is out of the news.... we now have Megxit

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Why should they? Serious question. I've read that the International Civil Aviation Organization rules say that the country where an incident occurs is in charge of the investigation.

In charge of the investigation, yes. But the black boxes are always sent back to the manufacturer for analysis. Read up on the history of plane accidents.

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Everybody can only speculate. But the idea that it was a faulty Iranian air defense missile is reasonable, and is supported by the fact that they will not release the black boxes, as they should normally do. If they release them, that would clarify this. As long as they are not, this remains a reasonable explanation.

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The beginning of billions upon billions to come -- the cost of not spending a fraction of it in the past on cleaner energy.

So tell us what this "clean energy" is supposed to be. (And spare us the childish nonsense about windmills and solar panels.). And then proceed to tell that to China, India, and Africa too, which is where both energy and population growith is happening.

NB: If you are talking about research into 4th gen nuclear energy, no argument from me. That would actually be sensible.

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Trump's killing of Iranian military commander Qassem Soleimani may have taken out a bad guy, who was once an American ally in Afghanistan,

Soleimani led the Al Quoz brigade which is Shia, and has nothing to do with with either Al Shabab or Al Quaida/ISIS, all of which are Sunni. In fact, Al Shabab would have no qualms in killing Soleimani themselves. You might want to read some background to understand the conflict.

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Trump insisted on Sunday that Iranian cultural sites were fair game for the US military,

That was a terrible tweet. Not the usual Trump rethoric level. I wonder if John Bolton wrote that for him.

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you said tens of thousands of scientists in various fields. Links, please.

There were links in the message you responded to. May reading before posting?

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Of course it means Obama made this great economy. Thanks for confirming.

It is Obamas economy as long as it is good. When it turns bad, it becomes Trumps economy. Didnt you learn that yet? Pay better attention to the media.

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Jews are a religion not a race. Anyone can convert to being Jewish. You can't convert to being a separate race.

That is not quite correct. In case of Judaism, religion is mixed with ethnicity. Yes, it is possible to convert to Judaism, but that is very difficult. Not just a case of saying the Shahada, like in islam. And there are plenty of Jews who identify themselves as Jewish, yet are non-religious, how do you explain that? It is not as simple as you make it out to be.

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So, ineffective then. That was my point.

"Effective" does not mean ''omnipotent". I dont think anybody claimed that Trump is god, or is that what you read in the MSM now?

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Pelosi, Trump wrote, "is turning the House of Representatives from a revered legislative body into a Star Chamber of partisan persecution" while "scarcely concealing your hatred of me."

Trump is quite correct. Of course, for those of us who consume the BBC, CNN, NYT etc as their opinion source, it sounds like heresy.

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Tired of Johnson's tough guy threats.The EU should say there's 20+ of us and just one UK. Bring it and let the chips fall where they may.

That is misleading. Germany, France, and the UK were the big economies in the EU. The flock of tiny economies around them does not count that much. Without the UK, there is basically just Germany and France, with Merkel and Macaron running the empire. It is a fundamental shift in the power structure.

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Posted in: Britain threatens Brexit cliff-edge to force EU trade deal by Dec 2020 See in context

Johnson will use his control of parliament to outlaw any extension of the Brexit transition period beyond 2020

It is high time. The remainers have spoiled any action on the will of the people for long enough. Go, Boris!

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