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Posted in: Man forgets wallet with ¥2.8 million in it on Yamanote line; cleaner who found it nabbed See in context

That is one heck of a wallet! 3 million in 10000 notes is almost the size of a brick. I want to see this mans pocket.

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Posted in: University student arrested over killing of woman in Tokyo love hotel See in context


They watched him on the camera entering the room then called him to the front desk.

No. He entered and left the hotel alone. Which is not unusual. Often people prefer to enter and exit separately, for various reasons. The cops obviously followed a trail of CCTV cameras to track his movements. No call to any front desk involved.

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Posted in: 300 more Chinese arrested in Philippines crackdown See in context

Whoa - we aren't allowed to call them "illegal immigrants" here, are we? Isn't the PC term "undocumented migrants?"

I think that only applies to North America and Europe. The rest of the world is blissfully free of the wonderful cultural enrichment with PC.

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Posted in: Debate over 'Hamilton' speech exposes post-election cracks See in context


" Trump tweets: theater “must always be a safe and special place.” Just like beauty pageant changing rooms, Donald? "

How just like the "safe spaces" that the social justice warriors have been clamouring for at universities and more?

You people really do not see how you are being trolled here, LOL!

The cluesless mainstream media and their followers are a sight to behold.

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Posted in: Battling pneumonia, Clinton falls ill at 9/11 memorial, cancels California trip See in context


Thanks for demonstrating that I was right. Your quotes show that indeed you take your information from misleading talking points from the DNC controlled MSM, hook and sinker, without looking deeper.

Do I really have to point out to you how all 3 of your selected snippets are out of context and distorted? If I have to, I am wasting my time.

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Posted in: Tokyo Game Show begins with focus on virtual reality See in context

Dennis Bauer:

That is one safe bet!

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Posted in: Battling pneumonia, Clinton falls ill at 9/11 memorial, cancels California trip See in context


" t's funny that you think a guy who publicly called mexicans rapists and murders, wanted to ban all muslims, and mocked handicapped people, needed smearing. He smeared himself. "

Except he did not. All you did here was demonstrate that you have not looked deeper into the issue than reading the smears in the DNC affiliated media.

Embarrassing, but alas not unsurprising.

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Posted in: Trump attacks Muslim father's convention speech See in context


" Here's what likely happened: Khan speaks at the convention; rabid Trump sycophants become incensed and do and internet search for Khan; they find his website and post vulgar and violent threats on the site (if it allows such things) or just start slamming the site with DDOS attacks "

Nope. No comment section on the website, it was a very simple site advertising his legal loophole immigration service -- something that apparently disturbs the political narrative. You can still see it in the archives instead of speculating about it.

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Posted in: Trump announces Pence as running mate See in context

From wnat I read about the guy, this sounds like an attempt by Trump to reconnect with the corrupt Republican establishment that has sold out the nations interested, caved to Democrat polemicists, and dumped on Trump consistently. If that is the case, this is his first big mistake.

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Posted in: Obama slams suggestion of Muslim test in wake of Nice attack See in context

black sabbath:

" "No religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States." "

That is a nice concept, but the problem with that is that islamis a political ideology masquerading as a religon. And as long as we fail to address that, we will keep losing.

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Posted in: 42 reported killed in Turkey as military stages attempted coup See in context

This a chance to take back secular Turkey from the islamist Erdogan. Alas, it was unsucessfull. And predictably, our deluded Western governments sided with the dictator Erdogan from the start. Madness all around.

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Posted in: Bawling Japanese politician sentenced for graft See in context

He is a Youtube celebrity by now, he should cash in on that.

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Posted in: Talent Becky officially returns to Japanese TV after affair controversy See in context


" This story has everything I dislike about Japan rolled up into one. Fake TV personalities, double-standards, excessive and hypocritical media and public reaction, superficial punishments and redemption, programs titled F "

Oh come on. And this unique to Japan? How so?

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Posted in: Britons cast historic vote on EU future See in context

" LOl and where do you think all those big rich corporations will go if there's an exit, theyll move and base in the EU. along with all the jobs associated with them "

Sure, and the sky will fall and the sun will never rise again. Good grief, it is amazing how many people fall for the propaganda of the unelected Eurocrats and globalists.

In the event, I am unconvinced that they will actually leave; I still think the popular vote will be ignorred on some technicality, and "progress" towards the EU multinatinal undemocratic empire continues. Juncker is already talking about a EU armee, and I have no reason to doubt that he will get it.

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Posted in: U.S.-backed forces enter IS bastion in Syria amid clashes See in context

" U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces "

Err... what? Are we talking about the "vetted rebels" aka Al Nusra and similar jihadis? Who are as happy to cut infidels throats as ISIS is? Got to love those euphemisms.

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Posted in: Trump will not ask donors to repay nearly $50 mil in campaign loans See in context

Mark G:

" Where does Hillary's money come from? How much of her personal wealth has she contributed? Has she ever given any free commencement speaches at any college or university? Na, just gimme, gimme, gimme! "

We do know that a large part of Clintons campaign is funded by Saudi Arabia, the Wahabi kingdom where women are beaten and homosexuals hanged. But hey, that is A-OK. Hillary is the champ for modernity, and we are too busy bashing Trump, LOL

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Posted in: Woman jailed for 4 years for murder, assisted suicide of parents See in context

wow that is dark

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Posted in: Asian central banks, policymakers wade in to calm markets after Brexit vote See in context

Frederic Bastiat:

" The NWO/EU just got a nice poke in the eye. Well done! Now, the EU overloads are rightly fretting about "contagion" spreading, threatening their monopoly. The EU's days are numbered as others will also clamor for exit. "

I wish I could share your optimism. Alas I think the elites will find a way to ignore and circumvent this vote, just as they did previously with the EU "no" votes in France, Holland, Ireland, and Denmark. The NWO elites are still hell-bent on realizing their undemocratic super-state, come hell or high water.

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Posted in: Asian central banks, policymakers wade in to calm markets after Brexit vote See in context

The politicians should keep their ignorant behinds out of the markets. Markets always jump on any news and overreact, driving by speculations by traders. Some will get burnt, some will make money. That is why these are markets, and not government committees. Now, with the politicians ordering their central banks to intervene, the markets have even more material to speculate on.... fools.

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Posted in: Nuclear regulator says aging reactors can stay on line for 20 more years See in context


" Simply moving from one radioactive source to another is not a solution "

Instead of typing a kneejerk reaction, you might want to read up on thorium technology. The reactors are fundamentally different, inherently safe, and produce very little nuclear waste (most notably no plutonium).

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Posted in: Jordan seals last entry point for Syrian refugees after blast See in context

Not to worry, Angela Merkel is inviting them all to Germany.

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Posted in: Trump fires his campaign manager in dramatic shake-up See in context


" Trump, a corrupt globalist masquerading "

I can only go by what he says. And he has clearly spoken against the globalist agenda on several points, which is why the establishment of both parties plus big capital is against him. While Clinton is the proverbial globalist puppet, not even to mention her Saudi connections.

Unless you have some secret insights, it seems to me you are simply falling for globalist propaganda.

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Posted in: Trump fires his campaign manager in dramatic shake-up See in context


" 'd say the comments reflect actual concerns that a man who has shown he's ill prepared in every way to be the most powerful man in the world might actually become the most powerful man in the world. "

I would say some concerns that Hillary Clinton with her disastrous track record and connections might become president is more of an actual concern.

I can see that the idea of a non-establishment candidate is immensely threatening to the cabale of Washington insiders, globalists (think George Soros), the military-industrial complex, the deep state etc... but that ordinary citizens would chime in and demand more of the same globalist corruption is, frankly, astonishing.

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Posted in: Trump fires his campaign manager in dramatic shake-up See in context

The hysterical Trump bashing in the median and here on this board is sight to behold. From the comments, one would think that Kim Yong Il or Attila the Hun was in the race.

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Posted in: Nuclear regulator says aging reactors can stay on line for 20 more years See in context

What they should do is invest in research in safe nuclear technologies such as Thorium reactors (which actually been in trial operation for many years on some cases, so it is not a pipe dream). Why do we not hear about that?

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Posted in: Trump says U.S. should consider profiling Muslims See in context


" I agree, and yet so many keep spouting the right-wing PC line that there is a problem with not using the term 'radical Islam'. "

Well, what else do you want to use? I would agree that there is a problem inhererent in islam, period. But if you ban the term "radical islam" you disregard the fact that there are also islamic reformers and non-jihadist movements in islam, such as the Alevites, the Ismailis, etc. Is that what you want?

Likewise, do you also want to ban the term "fundamentalist christians"?

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Posted in: A divided Senate answers Orlando with gridlock on gun curbs See in context

It is sheer insanity that a discussion about about a islamic terrorist attack now has been turned into a gun debate. Political activists are hell-bent on ignoring reality and sticking to their political talking points.

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Posted in: Brexit feeds European populists' ambitions of power See in context


" The splits they want and the mindless nationalism they spout will lead us all back to 1914 or 1939. "

Oh really? Like the "mindless nationalism" of Switzerland, Norway, or Iceland? No, WW1 was when the last empires (the Austrian-Hungarian, Prussian, Ottoman, British, clashed. The modern states are precisely the opposite of undemocratic, multinational empires. The EU on the other hand is precisely that --- a undemocratic, megalomanic empire building project without democratic legitimization. So that argument is exaclty backwards.

Note that I am not against the old EC free trade block. That was one thing. But since then, the EU has grown out of control and massively exceeded its sensible limits.

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Posted in: Trump says U.S. should consider profiling Muslims See in context


" We know who we are dealing with. ISIS and other terrorist groups. "

OK, and what is the ideology that ISIS is based on? And should that not be monitored?

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Posted in: Hyogo school introduces trial afternoon nap time for students See in context

It is called a power nap. Probably a good idea.

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