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Posted in: Japanese students’ eyesight the worst in recent years; smartphones and mobile games are blamed See in context

Yubaru is right, 1.6 is good but nothing unusual. I also work in IT, use PCs for the last 30 years, the secret is to have good monitor and take a rest from time to time. I got in japanese scale between 1.4 - 1.6 which depends on machine or doctor.

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Posted in: Japan modernizing workplace conditions to lure mothers back See in context

Like other wrote before, this article is just 100% PR and reality is totally different.

In many companies there is no such a thing like "maternity leave". You just gone for good.

Whole system is broken from the beginning.

You cannot get your child into day care until you got work. You can pay 80-100k monthly for daycare, but you need to earn it. Many daycare are closed around 16 or 17 (of course you can pay additional and have hours extended but it becomes 120k). No way that you can have full time job, you need also to commute and it takes time. Also sometimes you need to go clean the rooms, make washing or be part of many events at daycare places, so you need to take day off to do that. If baby is sick you cannot use daycare, sometimes if you are lucky there are daycare places for sick kids but it costs extra.

In reality women can have part-time job or contract via HR company, earn about 100-150k monthly that will cover daycare and there will be additional stress - not only in the office but also worrying all the time about baby, to get on time to pick him/her up to not pay penalties, to make washing, cleaning, cooking etc..

In the end women become more stressed out, less productive and every job is like "temporary" one, so no way to think about long-term job with perspectives for the future.

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Posted in: Japanese pension data entry outsourced to Chinese firm See in context

I am sure they still use MS Excel for this..like for everything else.. Without it Japanese bureaucracy will not survive.

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Posted in: 6 hurt as drone crashes into crowd in Gifu park See in context


It was big, commercial drone, not small one. Somebody recorded video, when drone started to sounds strange. On that video you can see that something breaks up, fall off, two rotors stops and suddenly drone falls into the crowd.

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Posted in: Japanese car rentals include stickers that read: 'A foreigner is driving' See in context

Last year I visited Okinawa almost every month for business trip. Every time I rent a car and when the staff noticed my golden driving license, they never offered me this sticker.

Okinawa is driving nightmare, permanent traffic jams, blocking lines because drivers want to pass yellow line and go to opposite side because shop/restaurant etc. It is like giant slalom between them. Some roads changing lines during the day or depends on traffic. In the morning there were 3 lines for one way, afternoon are 2 lines and one is for opposite traffic...can be confusing..

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Posted in: N Korean missile flying over Japan makes Tokyoites more wary See in context

Many people do not care, they do not understand the news either. Missile was about 550 km over Japan, in space, much higher than ISS (International Space Station). There is nothing that Japan could do to intercept this missile. If Kim attacks Tokyo, there is about 8-12 minutes for intercept, after that there is nothing what SDF can do. Nothing what normal person on the train, in the office, at home can do. Game Over.

Even if J-Alert was sent few minutes after lunch, realistically we got about 3-5 minutes to hide, impossible. Also in Japan normal houses or apartments do not have basement, do not mention far villages, countryside in Akita, there is no subway or anything under ground to hide.

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Posted in: 3 workers fall to their deaths at Tokyo building construction site See in context

My office is just next to construction company's office. Yesterday there were lots of government staff coming, police etc, there is full scale investigation. I meet these construction guys everyday, they always carrying helmets, harness, protection uniforms etc. I really do not believe that this accident was due lack of following procedures or neglect of safety rules. Let's wait for final opinion from investigators. Now all Mitsubishi construction group is under government's investigation.

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Posted in: Heat wave continues across Japan See in context

For my house I pay now around 8000 yen, one aircon is working 24/7, two more only when we going to sleep. Solar panels generates 15.000 - 23.000 yen per month.

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Posted in: Cleaner robot pulled from Fukushima reactor due to radiation See in context

Normal radiation inside active, working reactor is about 65.000.000 Sv/h. Also in March 2011 Tepco detected water radiated about 1000 Sv/h.. so not so big news this time..

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Posted in: Hiroto and Aoi ranked as most popular baby names for 2016 See in context

according to japantimes, so there is some trend..

Kohei, the given name of Japanese gymnastics star Uchimura, who won two gold medals at this year’s Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games, rose to No. 41 on the boys list, up from No. 312 last year.

Kei, the given name of Japanese tennis star Nishikori, a bronze medalist at the Olympics, shot up to No. 60 from No. 878.

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Posted in: Accidental deaths on the rise in daycare centers in Japan See in context

Instead of spending billions of yen on maglev to Nagoya, is it not better to build more kindergartens? This will make difference in the future, not maglev.

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Posted in: 3,700 pigs perish in fire at Akita farm See in context

@CoconutE3 I read somewhere that it was natural gas explosion

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Posted in: Suzuki patriarch steps down from CEO post as mileage test storm grows See in context

This is not the same as VW where they cheated on purpose. This time is about tests. Japanese efficiency tests are nonsense and gives no real life data. More accurate are US and EU tests where cars drive 100 km/h and simulate hills, stops and starts. Tests in Japan do not allow to speed up more than 60 km/h without any hills simulation or traffic jams.

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Posted in: 3,700 pigs perish in fire at Akita farm See in context

@Citizen2012 this is just bad wording. My friend uses pigs from that farm and every time there are very strict tests.

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Posted in: M4.6 quake jolts Kanagawa, Tokyo See in context

Did not feel anything, but train slowed down.

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Posted in: 5 reasons why Japanese expats say sayonara to their homeland for good See in context


Who're the five guys on the side of the JAL plane in the photo?

Boysband Arashi, not related to topic.

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