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Posted in: China concerned as Japan, Taiwan sign fishing agreement for disputed isles See in context

Taiwan have just successfully passed the 1st stage, the rights of fishing ground around Senkaku Island. What's the next move? Of course, they want the sovereignty of the Island. But this claim will take later. Now, new problem has been created after this agreement. The Okinawan people has a competitor and their fishing ground becomes limited due to overlapping. And what if both fishermen ships accidentally collided each other during fishing? Are they matured enough to settle it down heartily? Maybe their nationalist pride / feelings will takes place. So this is what it makes the situation complicated.

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Posted in: China concerned as Japan, Taiwan sign fishing agreement for disputed isles See in context

This agreement is making the present situation getting more complicated.

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Posted in: N Korea threatens nuclear retaliation against Japan See in context

There's no way NK will wage war to the superpower countries. They're not ready yet and no major movements so far in their military. They don't even fill up their oil supplies, food, triple up the ammo/artillery production. So, it's a suicidal decision if he will go for war. What NK leader is seeking right now is only the "Attention" of the world so that the 6 parties will go back to the able to discuss their demands for food supplies and security in the region. But U.S. and U.N are now pissed off of their tactics.

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The PAC3 interceptor deployment is absolutely costs a lot, useless, and it adds up worries to the public. There is no way Japan will use it to shoot down any missiles passing through Japan's Airspace because they knew already that the consequences after shooting it are unexpected and worst. Japan has been doing it before by not shooting any incoming missiles to avoid escalations. Logically speaking, it is only showing off to the public that Self Defense Forces are always ready and ensuring the public that they are protected and taxes they have contributed are worth and useful in times like this. If I were with Japan, I will let the missile flies over because it's guaranteed there's no nuclear warhead on it. It’s only a practice of an Amateur “wanna be”. Let the U.N. Punish NK later on once it is proven that they are again violated the use of ICBM.

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This is really a good idea to protect Japan from foreign aggressors and to cut down the dependent of U.S. military support. But I dont think so the Japanese people would accept this idea of conducting simulated nuclear weapon tests. This idea is unconstitutional and need a long debate. The fukushima nuclear incident and the Hiroshima bombings are the living witness of how danger the effect of this things. This plan could create an arm race among Asian superpower countries if Japan will do it. China is accusing Japan of building 3 air craft carriers that capable to carries fighter plane and launch air strike.

I think Gov. Ishihara words is not serious enough. He did not think that this plan is really impossible. He dares to say this because this is his last term and wont run again for any position in the future. He's just playing like a kid if people will bite this stuff or not. I just hope that he would focus to the other important matters rather than this impossible things to do.

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Posted in: 4 wanted criminals escape Japan; Justice Ministry blames Immigration Bureau See in context

If alert status has been sent to all computers and immigration officers did not get it . That was really impossible. That means there is somebody from tthe immigration working for this chinese criminals. I hope the NPA will investigate thoroughly and find out who are these guys.

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Posted in: Family files suit over death of Ghanian who died during forced deportation See in context

I feel sorry to the family who had lost their relative in the Land of the rising Sun. . I hope this incident would serve as a lesson to all people who wish to come illegally in Japan. We should all remember that we, as a visitor in Japan, is a privilege not a rights. We have the right things to do based on the conditions and status of your visa. If we violate the rules, there's no reason that we can enjoy the privilege to stay in Japan.

I just hope and pray that the result of this case is not bias and violators should be punished according to the law.

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