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Posted in: Western powers urge Myanmar's Suu Kyi to push for end to violence See in context

ARSA Muslim terrorist group created the conflict, Myanmar gov is just defending,Surprisingly, most of media neglect reality, of course we Myanmar people also sympathy to all war victims (both sides), no need to push for ending violence, it will clear if no terrorist, I am requested to media to investigate the situation on ground and describe the suffering of local people also.many local people were killed brutally by Muslim terrorist.

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Posted in: Myanmar's Suu Kyi to skip U.N. assembly to deal with Rohingya crisis See in context

most of media are really biased or misinformed. they describe only suffering of Muslim victims to undermine the image of our Mother Suu and country. Even in this news, they neglect the origin of the conflict that involves attacks by ARSA muslim terrorist group. what media did is that, silent while terrorist attack to Myanmar, wait and watch until refugees fleeing, then describe Muslim victim as very pitiful people, grab the sympathy of world,that make worsen the conflict of Myanmar. finally, Myanmar will become the target of many terrorist groups. how cruel ! Reality is ARSA terrorist group attacked to many Myanmar police station and killed local people (Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, also Muslim who want to stay peacefully). Myanmar military is just defending and eliminating the terrorist. we have right to protect our country, of course we sympathy all the victim of war. many victims on both sides, wherever war and conflict occurred, the victim will flee to their safe area, after stabilizing it will be normal, our government and Mother Suu is trying the best to stabilize the situation. Many fake news are spread in the world, even #Turkey deputy prime minister also spread #fakenews and photos, imagine the rest ! it is neither human right nor religious issue but terrorist ,we should condemn terrorist, even Muslim societies from Myanmar declared condemnation to the terrorist attack,do not misunderstand our Mother Suu and country. In Myanmar, many Myanmar people are saying Mother Suu and her party NLD is very favor to Muslim, simultaneously, she has been criticizing blindly for not standing from Muslim's side , I feel sorry for our Mother Suu, Please be fair, investigate the ground situation ,stand for the truth,#save Myanmar from #terrorist attack and help for stabilizing the process,

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Posted in: Myanmar crackdown marks death of Nobel Peace Prize: Iran's Khamenei See in context

It is #terrorist cleansing, ARSA Muslim terrrorist group and their followers are attacking Myanmar and have killed many local people (Hindu,Christian,Buddhist and also Muslim who want to live peacefully).Myanmar government is just defending and crack down terrorist, many victims in both sides have fled to their safe area,we sympathize all the victims, this war created by ARSA terrorist group, we have right to protect our country, Most of media neglect the reality and described about only Muslim refugees and fueling the conflict, even Turkey deputy prime minister spread fake news and photos,Myanmar is only one country, Muslim are Majority,now many terrorist groups are targeting to Myanmar, our country already failed in media war, please investigate the truth on ground, save Myanmar people and help not to initiate terrorism in Myanmar.

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