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zazagata2 comments

Posted in: There are good reasons why Europe's Jews are so worried See in context

Well, the rise of antisemitism in the 30's is linked to the 1929 Wall Street crisis. If debating about History, don't avoid to speak about the economical facts that happened. ( we had economic crash in 2005, 2008, war and incidents since the 90's, shut down of many factories, globalized economy etc... these are some causes. Antisemitic and anti-muslim ideology is only the results ) But yes, Weimar period means " crisis of a democratic system ".

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Posted in: 5 reasons why Japanese expats say sayonara to their homeland for good See in context

I have never met a japanese man working for an international company, it seems they are only few. Big corporations prefer to hire asian woman than asian man. With a woman employee in a foreign company, the manager think : "we got our asian ! We will win", but with a man, managers think " who is that hobbit ? Is this the sushi delivery man". Japanese woman know that they can fin a good husband overseas ( even older ) and start a new life. Japanese men are not really popular outside japan, and like many asian people, will suffer of racism and hidden racial prejudice, except if he is an artist, if he opens a restaurant...

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Posted in: Memo to U.S. citizens: Pay your taxes or you may lose your passport See in context

US citizens pay the taxes for what ? They don't even have social welfare.

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Posted in: Radwimps offer alternative to Japan's sugary music scene See in context

There are a lot of indie rock bands in Japan, but only known by a few. It is a good point for JT to focus on some of japanese rock bands, because japanese music is not only akb or Hp. Of course, japanese rock doesn't suit to rock purists and anglosax listeners. Just listen to Supercar ( a indie rock band from last decade ), or the actual shoegaze scene and you will know why : Because there is no sex, drugs and rock'nroll ideology in it. Of course, many japanese rock bands sounds like college or high school bands, because here, it often started in high school. A Japanese university produces musicians and bands, an US university produces football players : that is the thing you have to remember about Japan. I often read some comments from readers who compare japanese rock or j-pop to the music of their own country, saying that japanese music sucks, is too cute, or too this, or too that...and I just want to answer : " stop complaining, just listen. And if you can not refrain complaining, just remember this is japan here, not your world. You wanted to go global, but here, you get gurobaru."

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Posted in: Seventy years on, few Americans regret Enola Gay's mission See in context

I am really astonished in reading some comments here. Why some americans are still thinking that their fight and their victory is morally right, and that other countries are not right ? If now, arab fighters put an atomic bomb on an american city, killing 60000 people, because they want to stop the Us/anglosax policy in arab countries and middle east, would you think this bomb was a good issue to end war ? Would you think it was necessary ?

Hiroshima's bomb was an imperialist act ( Us imperialism ), and the war could have been ended without this mass killing. One country have Weapons mass destruction and this country is USA, not Iraq as they pretended. Please, Us citizens, admit your governement did bad things too. See your history without closing your eyes. Be more honest than japan who still cannot admit the mass killings of the "great asia" dream.

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Posted in: Increase in foreigners points to diversified future for Tokyo See in context

Immigration can increase, but Japan has to stay Japan ! Not becoming a global place where everybody speak english, think in the same way, eat the same food... Usa and Israel build their own country with immigration, but is it right for other countries ? Look at western european countries : they have no tradition of welcoming immigrants ( which are often seen as invaders ) and they allowed immigration only for economical reasons. Until now, they are not able to manage the problem. In theory, immigration is a good idea because it means "opening the mentality", "tolerance" and so on...but in practice, it has other meanings : think about all the south east asian workers who will work during years in subcontractor companies for 2 bucks. Welcome to japan, welcome to Toyotism nightmare !

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Posted in: Son kills mother and bites own tongue after calling police See in context

For those complaining about the fact a young man lives with his mother, please read the books of Takeo Doi. Learn the country that hosts you. Japan is not USA, and for many people, family is the 1st home ( ex : 家 and its meaning ). There is no need for many young japanese to go far from family ( except for jobs, study or a need of free life ), because in this country, if you are not depending of someone, it means you are nobody.

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