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Posted in: China to relaunch the world's fastest bullet trains See in context

Very true Mr.Scrote but the China track will be China quality so expect a derail within 6 months of operation. As for HS2, obsolete before a mile of track laid but the consultant firms and project managers will grow fat and rich off it.

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Posted in: It’s still very difficult for women to reenter the country’s workforce following the birth of a child. If you are a married woman over 35 in Japan, it’s hard to find even a temporary job. Prime Minister Abe’s government is far from serious about creating work-life balance for working mothers. See in context

It is not just women who meet the age bar. I have seen adverts stating the cut off age as 28. Unless Abe has the guts to revise employment law and enforce it with jail time for company execs who flaunt the law then nothing will change. Japan is just a society with so many prejudices. Age, sex, race, social status, family name to name but a few.

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Posted in: U.S. judge says LinkedIn cannot block startup from public profile data See in context

Strange. Under EU right to be forgotten laws publicly available information can be removed upon request.

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Posted in: China says it will defend interests if U.S. harms trade ties See in context

They need an enquiry to tell us what we all know? China has got fat and wealthy form massive IP theft and piracy. Microsoft gave up trying to get the Chinese government to crack down on pirate copies of Windows XP. Even Chinese local government use ripped copies of XP. Then there is the IP China stole from GE and Kawasaki to build their bullet trains. The list goes go, fake this pirate that. About time someone took a stand and fair play to Trump for doing so and protecting American interests in the process.

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Posted in: North Korea leader holds off on Guam missile plan See in context

China lost its bottle because they believe Trump is a mad man. China has used the fat boy to see how far the international community can be pushed. Then they know how far their ambitions in the mineral rich South China Sea can be advanced. Up until now the response from the West has been very weak and China has pushed its luck. Now Trump has pushed back he should continue to push back and show China and NK that they do not have free reign in the area. As for SK, Trump should say guys you are either with us, or with them. Make your mind up.

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Posted in: Do you consider the A-bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki to be war crimes? See in context

It is exactly as domtoidi said, in addition with relations between the West and Russia souring, the US needed a demonstration of power to make the Russians think twice about a land grab in the area. After all it would look very bad at home if Russia had jumped in at the last minute and made Japan surrender after all that sacrifice by US servicemen. So yes, it was a war crime executed purely to save face in the US administration because as domtoidi rightly says the Japanese had been seeking to surrender for months after the merciless US firebombing of civilians.

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Posted in: Google employee's anti-diversity memo prompts company rebuke See in context

He's right. This equability and diversity clap trap has gone too far. Women and good at some stuff, men at other stuff so they are not and will never be equal.

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Posted in: Apple's China problem highlights conundrum for tech sector See in context

This perfectly illustrates the barrel over which China has the West. China can do what it pleases in the South China Sea knowing full well that any sanctions against it will seriously hurt Western corporate manufacturing interests and profit and we all know that politicians are owned by the corporations.

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Posted in: New justice minister to 'respect courts' on death penalty See in context

The West has been infected with soft liberalism. EU member states are not allowed the death penalty. Fortunately the UK voted to abandon that stupidity and leave. After which many will be pushing for the return of the death penalty.

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Posted in: Abe sticks to plan to hike consumption tax in October 2019 See in context

Abe will be gone before then and hopefully his pathetic three failure economics policies. Raising tax has one effect, a reduction in spending. Such reductions in spending in a consumer based economy actually reduce tax revenue. Reduce taxation and the opposite happens but World leaders seem to stupid to understand that, best and brightest? No, idiots who could never cut it in industry go into politics.

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Posted in: Born this way? Researchers explore the science of gender identity See in context

The science is quite simple. Plastic packaging is known to contain a chemical that mimics oestrogen. This chemical has been leeching into the food chain for 40 years and the consequence is hormone imbalance in kids leading to gender confusion.

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Posted in: The person - and the policy - that could ease Syria’s suffering See in context

The hypocritical West has turned a blind eye to the dictatorial policies of Turkeys Erdoğan but Syria MUST have regime change forced upon it. If humanitarian suffering were the real cause of the Wests concern for Syria they would assist Assad put down the rebels and then everyone could live under his rule.

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Posted in: It's time for liberals to fight back around the world See in context

Liberalism is responsible for the mess Europe is in now. Too much PC clap trap, too many human rights that promote the rights of the criminal over those of the victims. Membership of the EU forbids the death penalty even for the heinous of crimes. No, liberalism is a cancer that much be removed.

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Posted in: Do you think manga and anime are good study tools for children? See in context

Some are, if used in the correct educational context as they can portray real life situations and possible ways to deal with them.

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Posted in: Counseling via SNS for bullied school kids to start in FY2018 See in context

Great idea on paper only. I have had many Japanese confide in my over the years of all ages from early twenties to mid forties. They only do so after a substantial amount of time has passed and they consider that they can trust you and it is less embarrassing for them because you are a Gaijin and therefore outside the social circle within which they have to preserve “face”. Because of this experience I can also say there are a lot of mental health issues hiding under the public “face” many are forced to hide behind. So unless the lines are staffed by Gaijin, I cannot see this working.

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Posted in: China cashing out as mobile payment soars See in context

Oh dear, oh dear. Every single purchase analysed, your entire financial history available for anyone to hack, total control of the money supply by the elite money men. This is so wrong on so many levels but lazy people will adopt it en mass for the “convenience” it brings. Convenient until you become a victim of cyber crime and then your financial provider will not want to know and all the while you are being commoditised through your buying habits and getting nothing back in return.

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Posted in: JR to build team of robots to help travelers, catch criminals in its stations See in context

Here comes the rise of the anti Chikan bot. Guilty until proven.....Well, no. Just guilty.

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Posted in: Man randomly stabs another in Asakusa; says he was 'angry' See in context

Or the headline could read, old man seeking state sponsored 3 hots and a cot, time for quiet reflection and reading with all medical expenses paid gains entry by stabbing random stranger.

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Posted in: Gov't to survey unpaid medical bills by foreign tourists See in context

This is so easy to fix at point of entry – no travel insurance – no entry unless you buy some there and then.

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Posted in: Nuke ban treaty's threat-of-use reference challenges Japan, allies See in context

Whenever this sort of idiotic rhetoric gains traction it is only the bad guys that win. Do you for one second think that Russia, China, Iran, Israel, Pakistan, NK or for that matter the US will seriously abandon their nukes? Even if they did, it would just make rogue states all the more eager to get them for the extra leverage they bring. Nukes will be replaced when a better anti nuke defence system makes them obsolete not by some talking heads signing a bit of paper.

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Posted in: Nuclear plant must release contaminated water See in context

Why not transport the contaminated water into the driest desserts in the world? Nothing grows there so nothing can be contaminated that will enter the food chain?

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Posted in: Which do you trust the most for news coverage: mainstream media or social media? See in context

For years mainstream media have promoted the political affiliations of their owners. The BBC and NHK are among the worst so called unbiased media outlets. If you want to know the truth you need to balance each report from multiple sources while understanding the bias of each source. I use RT / JT / Daily Mail / MSNBC and other sources to pick apart the bias and get to the grains of truth in each article.

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Posted in: Honda halts production at Sayama plant after cyberattacks See in context

One of the wannacry exploits is via the SMB. An attack vector that has been exploited since the days of NT4. MS has still not fully patched this vulnerability in ALL windows OS even after yesterdays bumper patch Tuesday. The simple fact is that MS bloatware is not fit for purpose. Every since NTFS arrived M$ have been telling us how the next version of Windowzzzz is more secure than the last. BS. Even a web based call directly to the MFT will still bluescreen most Windowz boxes, another trick that has been around since the days of NT4.

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Posted in: Destroyer came close to sinking after collision; bodies found: Fleet commander See in context

Maritime rules suggest vessels are supposed to give way to ships on their starboard – Americans being “special” again.

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Posted in: Gov't finds 27 suspected illegal bureaucrat job placement cases See in context

Like the documents linking Abe to that vets school project, the ministry did not look very hard to find evidence of cushy jobs for their ex - bureaucrats.

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Posted in: Education ministry finds documents apparently supporting Abe favoritism claims See in context

Abe will not be damaged by this. Everyone in the country knows that J Biz is done on a nod and a wink so put your Western morality back in your rucksack and get back in line to join the しょうがない club.

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Posted in: Japan gov't-led bid for Toshiba chip unit to include SK Hynix See in context

J Gov seems to realise that if J Corps get sold to overseas bidders they will be far less inclined to accept low returns on loans to J Gov. The only reason J Gov can maintain a ridiculously high government debt to GDP is that most of the debt is owned by the Japanese themselves. Pesky foreign investors will not tolerate this and will seek to asset strip as they always do which would create a spiral of disaster to befall the over spending J Gov.

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Posted in: Do you think the current turmoil in British politics will have an effect on Japanese companies with a substantial presence in the UK? See in context

Companies do not care about politics, just profit. Goods made in the UK are now extremely attractive to foreign buyers due to the low pound. So if you are a J corp manufacturing in the UK for export you are living it large right now.

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Posted in: Climate change rift with U.S. raises temperature at G7 meeting See in context

Before Fukushima the Japanese were well ahead in the Kyoto protocol, another green pact to reduce Co2. When Japan shut down their nuclear reactors the smug look was wiped away as they sank back down the rankings due to their reliance on coal and oil burning power plants. So what is it to be green boys? The only way to meet your silly green targets is nuclear. Neither India or China will fall in line and lets not forget the West uses these countries to produce cheap goods to sell at massively inflated profit. If costs rise to meet green targets, fat profits for Western shareholders and pension funds fall.

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Posted in: Japan scouring for maps with 'East Sea' to seek name change See in context

With this sort of petty nonsense going on at government level is it any wonder that Japan inc cannot pull itself out of depression? Too many old farts focussing on the inconsequential.

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