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Posted in: Crypto addiction: A hidden epidemic? See in context

The ease in which it is to trade is at everyone's fingertips. Thereby pumping exponentially more $ into crypto as well as stock markets. Spend a few bucks and HODL, it's the price of entertainment, nothing more. Don't make it a career. But to the point of the article, perhaps a mental health tax on these apps?

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Posted in: Suez Canal chief: Vessel impounded amid financial dispute with Japanese owner See in context

Japanese owner honorably issues an apology and gets slammed with nearly a trillion dollar bill. The Suez canal will forever be the SEWER canal to me from now on.

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Posted in: Evidence emerges of 'brand new' physics at CERN See in context

very quarky indeed

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Posted in: Selena Gomez: Big Tech 'cashing in from evil’ See in context

There will always be a secret handshake somewhere... Hello? It’s me...

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Posted in: Japan now scrambling jets against Chinese military aircraft taking off from Fujian See in context

The CCP is probably dumping Covid-19 droplets. So send in the US military from Okinawa since they already have it. I mean, what else are they good for?

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Posted in: Actress Yoshiko Mita’s son gets suspended sentence after 4th arrest for using stimulant drugs See in context

if the law were enforced on this child 20 years ago. The child may have had a better life and we would not be reading this article.

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