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Posted in: China uses D-Day anniversary to praise Germany, slam Japan See in context

gokai_wo_manekuJUN. 07, 2014 - 09:12AM JST China's elite have never gotten over the total embarrassment of being conquered not only by Europe, but by that little island country that was the good student.

Amazing, amazing, thank you…

I have just been waiting for some japanophile to provide his own poison.

You have just provided the perfect rationale and justification for China to want to build up its military now that they can afford to. Just amazing…

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Posted in: Kono criticizes Abe for questioning war apology See in context

randommanJUL. 03, 2013 - 10:23AM JST Me think better analogy: Ye come to me house and shot dead me father. Raped me mother and sisters then killed them. Tortured me brothers then killed them too. Then ye burned down half the house. Neighbors come and capture ye and hold ye responsible, BUT instead of putting ye in jail or just hang ye, they give ye good treatment -- send ye to school, teach you skills so ye can better yeself. Later, after much prompting by everyone, ye say ye are sort of, kind of sorry. Ye say it did not happen the way everyone thinks, and ask why do me still hold grudge after all these year. Ye even say everyone else does this.

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Posted in: China cleans up after anti-Japan protests See in context

To you sissy guys/gals talk on leaving china. If japan never left china japan is not in this situation tody. china will not become communist and japan is still rule over china. All asia happy. So do not leave china. We still have chance to rule.

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Posted in: Nao Minamisawa tries out her Chinese on set of new drama See in context

wajisin at 08:57 AM JST - 23rd January

I did the same in Korea. I wrote notes in Japanese kanji in my notebook and the >locals could understand me. However, I

what is "Japanese kanji"? you meaning there is "Russian kanji"?

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Posted in: China's spats call into question 'peaceful rise' See in context

I agree most posters. Japan has great big "soft power". You will see it in 2011.

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