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Posted in: Princess Mako's boyfriend insists his family has no financial difficulties See in context

You just know THE IMPERIAL HOUSEHOLD AGENCY, are behind this.

A more spiteful vindictive evil minded regime you will not find anywhere.

Just look at what they have done to our Crown Princess.

We can only guess what annoyed this evil regime. Did the couple stand up for themselves.

Did they want their own agenda? Is it because the boyfriend in not from a background THE HOUSEHOLD approve of?.

This despotic regime is well past it's USE BY DATE. Outdated, Overpowered.

I wish the couple well.

Be strong.

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Posted in: Tsunami-hit town demolishes old office despite preservation calls See in context

This is so wrong on every level. Those who died deserve a monument in their memory.

This building is a monument both to those who died and those who survived.

Show some humanity here.

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Posted in: Female imperial family members to be barred from key succession rite See in context

Not sure about this. This should be a time of NATIONAL CELEBRATION.

The Imperial Household Agency are the trouble makers here, not so much the Government itself.

Abe San is the mouth piece for this Agency.

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Posted in: Merkel, Abe, other leaders to attend Davos forum as Trump sits out See in context

WOW, Lucky them. But, who will the attendees laugh at?

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Posted in: Trump walks out of talks on shutdown; calling meeting 'total waste of time' See in context

The only wasted space on display is trump.

A vast void of inter-gallatick dust running in a counter clockwise in a concentric hyperbowl of logic.

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Posted in: 'Anything's possible' for Japan at 2019 World Cup: Eddie Jones See in context

Japan tend to fade in the final 20. The opposition know this and run the boys out of energy, then hit hard.

Work around this, play the opposition at their own game.

Develop along these lines, develop stronger team spirit, develop fitness,. The skills are there, we have seen that. Have faith in each other and remember this.


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Posted in: U.S. government shutdown grinds on; Trump threatens emergency powers See in context

trump: It is all about me.

trump: Tough you are not getting paid.

trump: Tough you aint going to get your income tax return.

trump: Tough you aint going to get your food stamps to feed your families.

trump: I gave a $10.000 raise to those who work for me.

trump: See how I work, you say yes mr bone spurs, you keep your jobs.

trump: Those who voted for me have only yourselves to blame.

trump: Get over it people. IT IS ALL ABOUT ME !!

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Posted in: Massive hot spring theme park coming to Osaka Bay Hotel See in context

I am not Japanese, I am from New Zealand, but my heart lives in Japan. Projects such as this just make me wanna cry. I just want to be a part of this. The whole concept makes so much sense.

To the developers: PLEASE KEEP ME INFORMED. I will be there on opening day.

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Posted in: Home alone no more: Trump's chatty recovery from cabin fever See in context

trump is a child. trump bemoans being alone. JUST A THOUGHT HERE. With trumps liking for A BIT ON THE SIDE, nudge, nudge, wink, wink, could one suppose trumpy was not as lonely as he makes out.

Being a PRAGMATIC CYNIC, I look for the obvious when the obvious seems to be overlooked.


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Posted in: 'CALM DOWN,' Trump tells detractors in New Year's message See in context

ATTACK, RETRENCH, RETREAT, LIE. This is the daily process of trumps time in office.

Now comes CALM DOWN PEOPLE. A sure sign of panic AGAIN. The petulant prancing and child like rhetoric

of the class bully getting smacked over.

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Posted in: Takanawa Gateway, new JR Yamanote Line station name, fails to resonate with Tokyoites See in context

I offered a name. NEW STATION.

Simple, to the point, easy to remember.

Please give me your opinion.

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Posted in: Prince Fumihito stands firm over postponement of daughter's marriage See in context

those nasty people who are the Imperial Household keepers are the cause of this.

These nasties meddle and interfere in every aspect of The Imperial Family's daily existence.

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Posted in: Trump urges Abe to balance U.S. deficit with Japan 'very quickly' See in context

Abe San, just tell trump to go back to his hometown of Israel

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Posted in: Trump says he came to California to see fire scars See in context

A wee story from New Zealand. 20 years ago in Fiordland there was a rain bomb, This caused massive flooding. One small creek(cascade creek) threatened to sweep away the hotel on it's banks.

The Milford Road manager was risking his own life trying to divert the river to save the hotel.

A helicopter flew in carrying the then Prime Minister. The Prime Minister then said he was now in charge of

the rescue operation and started barking orders. The Road Manager, who is GOD on this Road, jumps down from his machine, walks up to the Prime Minister, grabs him by the shoulders, marchers him to the helicopter

picks him up, throws him into the helicopter, orders the pilot to leave NOW!!! which he did.

The Milford Road manager has Total and overall authority. The Prime Minister found out the hard way.

trump fronts up to promote himself, trump does not care about those around him.

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Posted in: Trump fires Sessions, says he 'could fire everybody right now' See in context

The COWARD COMMANDER doing what he does best: Being A Coward.

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Posted in: Trump says Japan treats U.S. unfairly on trade by not taking more American cars See in context

Just listen to this PEARL, Harbouring bad things about Japan. This bozo does not know his history from his A==E.

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Posted in: Trump warns that migrants who throw stones at U.S. military may be shot See in context

The COWARD COMMANDER, PRIVATE BONE SPURS, has since changed his mind.

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Posted in: Second-string All Blacks crush Japan 69-31 See in context

Now come on, no need to be so harsh. They put 31 points on THE ALL BLACKS, that is a positive result.

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Posted in: Who is to blame for America's toxic environment? See in context

A ni-ander-thall called trump.

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Posted in: Okinawan assembly votes to hold referendum on U.S. base move See in context

Throw them out. Japan can defend itself, especially from attacks and ridicule from POTUS.(trump)

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Posted in: Abe vows to bolster ties with China See in context

Mr China would be the lesser of two evils.

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Posted in: Trump calls on media to end 'hostility' after thwarted bombs See in context

There is just something in this message from trump that just makes your flesh want to crawl off your bones.

trump has the sincerity of a dead rat. Innate platitudes like this are just so offensive. Sycophantic to the maximum. Hypercritical to the extreme.

Five seconds after reading out this morbid peace of child like rhteric, trump will have forgotten what he said.

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Posted in: Trump threatens to send military, shut border as migrants head for Mexico See in context

THE COWARD COMMANDER at his best. Every day threats, threats, and more threats.

trump is just a delinquent bully who needs to increase his ritalin dosage.

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Posted in: American DJ David Morales arrested in Japan for ecstasy possession See in context

deport now. dont worry about trumpy throwing a fit. It will be good for a laugh.

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Posted in: Relocation of Tokyo fish market to Toyosu begins See in context

SAD, VERY SAD. This is not progress.This is killing off history for the sake of????

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Posted in: U.S. may push Japan, EU not to strike trade deals with China: Ross See in context

trump is just trying to get others to do his dirty gangster work for him

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Posted in: Trump says threat of auto tariffs made trade talks with Japan possible See in context

Mr Abe. trump is not your friend. trump is not your allie . trump is a liar, a cheat, who will use and abuse you and your country.

trump has just displayed his true colors by saying THREATS TO JAPAN MADE BY ME(trump) made for successful talks, in other words Abe san, trump made you look weak.

It pains me to watch my adopted country get treated badly by a tyrant and a gangster.

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Posted in: The world's oldest hotel: What it's like to stay at Japan's Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan See in context

On my next visit to Japan we will stay 2-3 days.These are the places I always look to stay when in Japan.

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Posted in: Trump congratulates Abe on 'HUGE' re-election in Japan See in context

Well done Abe-San. The event spoiled by trumps BIG FAT MOUTH.

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