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Posted in: The world's oldest hotel: What it's like to stay at Japan's Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan See in context

On my next visit to Japan we will stay 2-3 days.These are the places I always look to stay when in Japan.

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Posted in: Trump congratulates Abe on 'HUGE' re-election in Japan See in context

Well done Abe-San. The event spoiled by trumps BIG FAT MOUTH.

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Posted in: Australia eyes PNG military base to curb China's Pacific influence See in context

I am sure the peoples of P N G would love to host you Mr Aussie. NOT !!!!!!

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Posted in: What do Japanese think about Trump’s 'I remember Pearl Harbor' comment? See in context

Intimidation. The COWARD COMMANDER at his best, or so he thinks. Abe san is yesterdays news.

Japan is passed its use by date. Offensive childlike rhetoric is trumps only way.

Catch the victim off guard, make him/her look like a fool. Belittle your closest allies, cause derision and embarrassment, then move away. Here is trumps way of things.


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Posted in: Trump's trade beef with China may backfire on meat See in context

Mr China. Come and see us in New Zealand. We will be more than pleased to help you out with your beef supplies. We can easily BEEF UP YOUR SUPPLIES !!!!

Looking forward to hearing from you

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Posted in: Medical school exam scandal exposes bias against female doctors in Japan See in context

This is not good is it? This is going to stop now.

Please let this stop now, this is the 21st century. ne.

We are a regal people. Regal people do not behave like peasants.

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Posted in: China may try to join hands with Japan to challenge U.S. See in context

Now this is positive talk. Now for positive action, sooner than later.

Strike down trump while he is weak and that time is now.

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Posted in: Over 80% of Japan's transport operators found to have breached labor rules See in context

I drive Tour Coaches. I am able to work 14 hour days to a maximum of 70 hours before I have to have a 24 hour break, this does not mean a day and night off, for instance I could finish at 3am and start back at 3am the next day, so I work 7 days a week anyway. $17.50 per hour, no bonus, no overtime rates.

36 years as a driver. WHY? because I love the job.

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Posted in: N Korea criticizes U.S. impatience on denuclearization See in context

Kim v trump

trump 0

Mr Kim 10

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Posted in: Japan-U.S. trade talks to test Tokyo's negotiation skills See in context

There is only one way to do business with Japan, and that is the Japanese way of doing business.

Make these impostors bend to our way. They need us more than we need idiot americans.

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Posted in: Trump trashes media as 'fake, fake disgusting news' at rally See in context

The more this idiot screams, the more this dotard complains, the more bad tempered the display you know

he is telling lies. The bigger the noise, the bigger the lies.

He is the largest threat to America. He is the largest threat to their economy. He is the largest threat to Global

Peace. And no matter what happens, his personal fortune just grows on his voters misery.

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Posted in: Under Trump Doctrine, no slight goes unanswered See in context

These actions are the actions of a coward, hence the name we have for trump.

We call trump the COWARD COMMANDER. A coward commander leads from the rear, blames everything and everyone else for his incompetency.

A coward commander is a nasty person, and trump is as nasty as you can get.

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Posted in: EU leaders coming to China, Japan to counter U.S. protectionism See in context

Excellent news. Fight trump with fire.


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Posted in: Trump vows 'great' trade deal with UK; has tea with queen See in context

trump cannot make a deal with the devil let alone real people

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Posted in: Trump to meet Queen Elizabeth next week despite chorus of discontent See in context

This visit will destroy all good will between the 2 countries. trump will embarrass himself and his country.

trump will humiliate the Queen and what she stands for. trump will create so much anguish while in the UK

because trump has no class, no manners, no sense of protocol.

You can guarantee he will break every rule on how to conduct himself with the Queen, trump will put his hand on her shoulder or place his hand in the lower back area. He will offend on every possible occasion to draw attention to himself.. Remember, trump is ALL ABOUT ME.

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Posted in: All 13 rescued from flooded Thai cave See in context

WOW There is a God. My life changed today. Because of what these boys have achieved makes me as a individual more able to connect with the world, with my emotions and my own power.

I can achieve, I can respond to difficult situations, I CAN BE A WINNER IN LIFE.

i AM 63. Today is the first day of the rest of my life.

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Posted in: After talks with Pompeo, N Korea accuses U.S. of 'gangster-like' demands See in context

trump / 0 - Mr Kim / WON

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Posted in: Trump versus the world: A look at America's trade disputes See in context

trump 0 / THE WORLD WON.

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Posted in: Two teenage boys in Japan arrested for vandalizing 'Love Live!' anime manhole cover See in context

Take them to meet the creator. Get them to explain why they wanted to damage his artwork.

Make a short tv program about this incident, involve the boys, their patents and the artist.

Pro-active way to deal with the cause and effect of such a silly act.

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Posted in: Trump's UK trip includes palace pomp, aims to avoid protests See in context

The Coward Commander is to avoid protesters. The true mark of this leader in retreat.

This man cannot even hold his wife's hand, let alone hold a country together.

As the world lowers itself to trumps level, what does that say about us as a planet.

I hope 10 of thousands of protesters descend onto the streets in protest and disrupt proceedings.

You can predict what trumps reaction will be. He will tweet, hundreds of thousands turned out to greet me.

Oh the shame of it all.

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Posted in: Trump to meet Queen Elizabeth next week despite chorus of discontent See in context

This will not end well at all. As you know trump has no class, small hands, small mouth and brain.

A very low I Q, no common sense or manners.

The United Kingdom will be insulted. Most other countries will be embarrassed by trumps anti social behavior.

All of which will not even put a dent in his arrogance. The one thing that will provoke a nasty response from trump is for a reporter to state that THE QUEEN has more cash than trumpy.

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Posted in: Japanese helicopter carrier to tour South China Sea, Indian Ocean for two months See in context

Hey !! Bring you ship down to New Zealand. WE would love you come and visit. Take this note as my invitation to come and visit.





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Posted in: Washington moves to block China Mobile from U.S. market See in context

China has just issued a Travel Advisory to the U S. I must admit that is a smart move in retaliation to the

U S imposed tariffs.

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Posted in: Princess Mako's fiance to study in U.S. from summer See in context

This is shameful. The meddling Imperial Household is intent on breaking up this wonderful couple.

WHY ?? I am only guessing, he stood up to this despotic regime.

So now they force them apart in a act of PURE SPITE.

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Posted in: Opposition to family separation grows; Trump defends actions See in context

Good afternoon Japan. Trump is a COWARD, he is fighting Children.

Please show your dislike for the child abuser. If you are planning to visit the US "DON'T"

Cansell those tickets, fly to somewhere else. Canada, New Zealand, Australia. It is safe there.

You are more than welcome.

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Posted in: Trump threatened to send 25 million Mexicans to Japan: report See in context

Lady's and Genteman. My sincere apologies for the comments made by this Gaijin.

I am from Christchurch New Zealand. Yes I am Gaijin but not american.

It is difficult for me to see my Spiritual Home attacked by a simpleton. An uneducated, unsophisticated ill

informed, raciest idiot (baka ne )

trumps statement will show what trump means to Japan, (NOTHING)

How to retaliate, simple. Remove all american bases fro Japan, instigate huge tariffs on goods from the states that voted for this Gaijin idiot . Close or suspend the american embassy, kick out those who reside there.

Increase landing fees for all american passenger aircraft landing in Japan.

Time to be harsh. Time is up for this Gaijin Coward.

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Posted in: U.S F-15 fighter jet crashes into sea off Okinawa; pilot rescued See in context

Another one bites the dust.

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Posted in: Beautiful mountain farmlands are yet another reason to visit rural Japan See in context

WOW, I wanna go there.

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Posted in: City in Shizuoka Pref removes anime girl manhole covers after repeated vandalism See in context

Can I buy these manhole covers?

I live in New Zealand. We do not have such things.

They will look seriously funky in my garden. Anyone reading this can you ask on my behalf.

please reply to : kinosakionsen55@gmail.com

Domo Arigato.

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Posted in: U.S F-15 fighter jet crashes into sea off Okinawa; pilot rescued See in context

Follow the example of your COWARD COMMANDER : CRASH AND BURN SUCKER.

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