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Posted in: SoftBank's Son asks people on Twitter whether state of emergency should be declared See in context

Being a pragmatic cynic, I would suggest that trump has involvement in this.

Abe -san is being pressured by trump NOT to go to a full declaration of Emergency, because it would make trump look "stupid", as if trump needed any help anyway.

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Posted in: Abe's two-mask pledge met online with derision and humor See in context

I usually support Abe-san 110%. But on this occasion , No Way.

A massive waste of time and money.

Effectively this is trumpism. Trying to look positive, looking for votes, and like everything trump touches , it fails.

Abe-san, please back down on this one.

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Posted in: Drinking in Japan: From whisky and sake to beer See in context

15 yr old Nikka Single Malt Whiskey, is to die for.

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Posted in: Are gun shops in U.S. 'essential' businesses during a pandemic? See in context

Are they going to shoot it out with the virus?

Only in the U S A.

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Posted in: Postponing the Olympics: Here are some of the challenges See in context

To Cancel or Postpone?

As a pragmatist the lest painful option overall is to Cancel.

An option is for the next hosting country is to utilize Japans wonderful facilities.

Sharing the costs would be a benefit to both countries.

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Posted in: Why haven't the Tokyo Olympics been postponed already? See in context

One million + attend the games. 2% have the virus, = disaster.

It is a No Brainer to allow this event to take place now.

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Posted in: Japanese ramen restaurant chain brings out noodles with cola dipping sauce See in context

They just lost this customer for good.

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Posted in: On or off? Who's saying what about Tokyo Olympics See in context

The uncomfortable truth: CANCEL!

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Posted in: More Americans think U.S.-Japan relations improved under Trump: poll See in context

trump gave himself 10 /10 for his virus reaction.

What would that tell you?

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Posted in: House passes aid bill after Trump declares virus national emergency See in context

We wonder what happened to

Not on my shift, nobody dies while I am in control!

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Posted in: Trump first foreign leader to call for postponing Tokyo Olympics See in context

This is franken-trump punishing Abe-san & Japan .

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Posted in: Canceling Tokyo Olympics would cut Japan GDP growth by 1.4%: estimate See in context

I am a pragmatic person., and as such I tend to look at THE BIG PICTURE.

My opinion: CANCEL NOW.

Short term Pain v Longer Term Pain.

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Posted in: Trump says U.S. watching Japan closely for possible travel restriction See in context

But frankentrump says, there is no such thing, Fake News.

Along with all of frankentrumps family and sycophant's.

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Posted in: Trump urges calm even as U.S. reports new virus case from unknown origin See in context

trump will only take an interest when trump starts to loose cash from his own company's

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Posted in: India pours on pageantry with colorful welcome for Trump See in context

trump asked Mr Modi, are these Indians, Navajo, Comaneci or Sioux?

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Posted in: Trump says he's the nation's top cop, a debatable claim See in context

trump also claims to be "The Best President Ever"

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Posted in: Japan Rail Pass finally being made available for purchase online See in context

Great news. Those who staff and deal with The J R pass have the worst job on the planet.

I have nothing but admiration for these hard working people.

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Posted in: Rocker Neil Young calls Trump 'a disgrace' See in context

This is , in your face "fact"

No disputing that.

trump vanity, called out.

trump will listen to :Sweet Home Alabama, all day long now.

trump will play(illegally) this song now at every opportunity.

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Posted in: Trump scoffs at 'Parasite' Oscar win See in context

Please never let trump back into Japan.

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Posted in: With impeachment over, critics see Trump 'retribution tour' See in context

trump was not impeached. His paid for result.

The point is this. trumps impeachment is still a matter "of record" which will blot trump , forever.

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Posted in: Emperor emeritus Akihito recovers after briefly losing consciousness See in context

From us in New Zealand. Please take good care, We respect you and your family.

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Posted in: Mitsubishi Aircraft to delay passenger jet delivery for 6th time See in context

You could guess that because of Boeing's ongoing troubles, Mitsubishi is just making sure the plane is safe.

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Posted in: Estranged Australian husband freed after trespassing to find his children See in context

In New Zealand I paid $121,00.00 over a 21 year period in Child Support.

During this time I had 1 person fired and 4 removed from the department for ABUSE.

The most extreme example was a person who decided to compound my arrears by 10% per day.

When this was eventually noticed by the department, I had a $127,000,000.00 bill.

Why was I in arrears? I was a seasonal worker, unable to generate a 12 month income, I was still

expected to pay my monthly contribution. When fully employed I had to pay double the monthly

amount to catch up. Loose loose situation.

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Posted in: Trump heads to Switzerland as Senate trial set to convene See in context

Greta will swamp & devour trump with one stare.

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Posted in: Why throw away your leftover ramen broth when you can use it to make ramen rice instead? See in context

OMG, this is the best ever, especially with new seasons go-han.

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Posted in: Abe says new unit will defend Japan from space tech threats See in context


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Posted in: Trump calls for more from Japan as security pact turns 60 years old See in context

Cast your mind back 2- 3 years.

trump said to Abe San, Remember Pearl Harbor?

A crude malicious barb aimed to intimidate.

trump & the white house cannot be trusted.

For instance, trump demands Japan serve up Billions of Dollars. If that would happen, trump would not say thank you, trump would impose massive extra "tariffs" on Japan, because he can.

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Posted in: To experience New Zealand’s rugged beauty, go by camper van See in context

Open road speed limit is 100kph

Towns & Cities 50kph

Give way to the RIGHT..

Putting hazard lights on does not give to the right to STOP ANYWHERE you like.

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Posted in: 3 of Japan’s best whiskies about to disappear as shortages loom See in context

Nikka 15 yr old Single Malt: To Die For.

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