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Posted in: Is U.S. President Donald Trump a friend of Japan? See in context

ONLY when trump wants something, otherwise trump will say WHO?

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Posted in: Abe visits typhoon-hit areas; emperor's parade to be postponed until Nov 10 See in context

The contrasts between the above photo and what trump would do in the same situation.


trump would not be able to kneel down to clasp a victims hand UNLESS the victim was handing over cash to trump.

trump would deem this action as un-dignified.

Abe san displays compassion, remorse and dignity. We are lucky to have such a person as Prime Minister.

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Posted in: Abe to meet 50 foreign guests during enthronement ceremony See in context

Abe san is a lucky man. trump cannot be bothered to attend. trump sends a minor official.

trump AGAIN insults my Imperial Family and My Country.

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Posted in: George Clooney calls Trump's quip on Kurds 'pretty shocking' See in context

trumpy just keeps on digging a bigger hole for himself. trump does not need s shovel, trumps mouth does all the damage, followed closely by trumps extraordinary low i.q.

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Posted in: Narita Airport accommodation: New hostel opens in a converted elementary school See in context

Just what we are looking for


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Posted in: From Hitler to Michael Jackson, unlikely names for Nobel Peace Prize See in context

ADD Donald trump to the mix.

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Posted in: U.S. airlines grapple with 'unfair tax' that adds to aircraft supply disruption See in context

Another trump FAIL.

The u s is now a 2nd/ 3rd level country thanks to Comrade trump.

trumps Stalinist Methods and Dictatorial traits just Empower Lesser countries to fight back.

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Posted in: Transportation secretary to represent U.S. at emperor's enthronement ceremony See in context

trump has just shown his true colours "YELLOW " the cowards colour.

trump has insulted the Imperial Family and Japan as a Country.

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Posted in: Trump says he will formally object to impeachment inquiry See in context

trump is not a president, trump is a dictator.

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Posted in: ASDF fighter obstructs commercial plane's landing at Misawa base See in context

Does not THE CONTROLLER have sole rights here, not a pompous upstart fighter pilot.

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Posted in: Kiwis bristle as beloved haka cops Rugby World Cup flak See in context

The Haka is a part of the game . Scoring tries is part of the game.

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Posted in: Trump slams John Legend for not helping with justice reform See in context

And the World Slams trump for being an Idiot!

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Posted in: Trump says G7 leaders are getting along well See in context

TRANSLATION: trump has not spoken yet!

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Posted in: Trump's message to G7 leaders this weekend: Be more like U.S. See in context

trump will embarrass itself, then attack everything and everybody.

This is a forgone conclusion.

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Posted in: Should Japan send Maritime Self-Defense Force vessels to the Strait of Hormuz to escort tankers bringing oil to Japan? See in context

They need to stay home. Protect Japan from trump.

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Posted in: Cup Noodle’s Nissin releases ultra-nutritious instant ramen See in context

Can Nissin send me 6 boxes of the new noodles

Zenji Fujisawa

12 Tyndrum Place,

Highland Park,


New Zealand.

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Posted in: Japan-S Korea dispute puts U.S. in bad position: Trump See in context

TRANSLATION: trumps money is in a bad position.

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Posted in: Trump: 'Hate has no place in our country, and we're going to take care of it' See in context

trump uses reverse truths as a tool, so does this make trump a tool?

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Posted in: Trump: 'Hate has no place in our country, and we're going to take care of it' See in context

This from a person who hates all NON-WHITE SKIN PERSONS.

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Posted in: Is it OK for a man to take his girlfriend to restaurants like Yoshinoya on a date? See in context

I have do so many times, but then move on to more expensive attractions.

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Posted in: Pompeo says he'd go to Iran if needed as he asks U.S. allies to join maritime force See in context

If the U S A want a war. They can fight it themselves.

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Posted in: In rebuke to Trump, U.S. Congress blocks Saudi arms sales See in context

The trump family have taken a huge hit in their collective wallets.

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Posted in: Japan official to Kardashian West: Kimono belongs to Japan See in context



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Posted in: Trump says Saudi crown prince doing 'spectacular job' See in context

trump endorses a fella who ordered the murder of another person.

It is now obvious trump wants trump branded businesses in that country.

Which is why other members of the trump gangster family are in Osaka.

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Posted in: Trump announces U.S.-China trade truce; talks to resume See in context

We have seen and heard this track before which led to NOWHERESVILL

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Posted in: If Japan is attacked, we will fight World War III. We will go in and protect them with our lives and with our treasure. But if we're attacked, Japan doesn't have to help us. They can watch it on a Sony television. See in context

trump has just offended and insulted the entire population of Japan.

Time ladies and gentleman to react. Close down the american bases.

Shut down all U S consular offices, send the US ambassador packing.

Time to be pro-active Japan.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. affirm alliance after Trump revives security treaty criticism See in context

Charming. The trump gangster family surrounding Abe San.

I really hope Abe San will realize he is just a toy for trump to abuse, which he often does.

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Posted in: For sake of G20 unity, Japan aims to keep conflicts backstage See in context

This is what trump said this morning in a Interview for tv.

Japan would rather sit at home and watch WW3 on their Sony TV'S than come to the aid of the US.

Why should we have to sit back and take this terrible insult to our country?

If I could I would Shut down the american embassy's, close off the water and power to all american military bases

expel the american ambassador and all the staff.

I have never in all my 64 years been so offended by anything like this insult to Japan.

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Posted in: Iran's Revolutionary Guard shoots down U.S. drone See in context

trump is not pleased. He has been caught out by a drone. LOL

There is a joke here.

If the drone was in Iranian Airspace and they shot it down, I cannot see why trump is complaining.

The only crime that I can see is that trump got caught spying.

Petulant little snot isn't he. Damaged oil tankers are a minor problem says trump, shot down my spy drones, then I will drone on and on and on.

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Posted in: Trump defends Mexico migration deal; says more details will be released soon See in context

trump gets caught lying again, so the details have to be altered to suit the lie.

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