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Posted in: Trump downplays legacy of slavery in appeal to white voters See in context

Is there anything here for americans to be proud of?

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Posted in: COVID-19 vaccine latest flashpoint in White House campaign See in context

trump has warehouses full of pandemic goods which is on-sold to the highest bidder.

trump will have a personnel interest, for personnel gain in a vaccine.

trump DOES NOTHING, until such time he can derive a CASH-FLOW.

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Posted in: 75th anniversary of end of WWII marked at Pearl Harbor See in context

When Japan attacked this place, the then President called it a Day Of Infamy.

The fact is, Japan pulled off a surprise attack.

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Posted in: Third virus vaccine reaches major hurdle: final U.S. testing See in context

trump will, "slow down" this process, why?

trumps own cash is in Off-Shore Vaccine development.

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Posted in: Japan provides ¥50 bil loan to India to fight coronavirus See in context

Giving cash to India is not such a good idea.

There is a good chance it will vaporize into personnel accounts.

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Posted in: Trump pays highest respect to 'great friend' Abe See in context

Ask trump this. What is Abe-Sans FIRST NAME?

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Posted in: Christchurch mosque gunman gets New Zealand's 1st life without parole sentence See in context

I live in Christchurch. We do have the death penalty, but only for "Treason"

In this case I would Re-Instate the death penalty for this crime.

As this killer IS NOT FROM New Zealand(AUSTRALIA) he should be their problem. The costs should be born by the Aussies.

He can remain in NZ, but paid for by Australia.

We are told that the Victims Family's will decide where he spends his Jail Time.

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Posted in: How can the world avoid "vaccine nationalism," where some nations may hoard possible COVID-19 vaccines while excluding others? See in context

In the States, trump "already " controls this.

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Posted in: Biden aims to reinvigorate ties with allies including Japan, keep pressure on China See in context

Lets break this down: Biden or trump.

Mr Biden is everything trump is not.

Mr Biden is wanting to "build" Mr Biden wants to repair

trump is the maker & author of "His" own destruction.

Sympathy & Empathy to trump are weaknesses.

CONCLUSION: Mr Biden is a Leader.

trump is a cowardly dictator.

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Posted in: 5 hidden gem places to visit in Kyushu See in context

I visited Kyushu 2 years ago. We made a "mad dash" to Fukuoka from Tokyo.

Somehow we got tickets to the BASHO TOURNAMENT.

We stayed for 2 nights only, then moved back north to Kino Saki Onsen.

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Posted in: Manholes get glowing anime makeover in Tokorozawa See in context

I visit Japan often. My last trip I stayed at Kino Saki Onsen. What a wonderful place. I left my heart there when I left. All around the town there are hundreds of artful Man-Hole Covers.

I think I have photo's of every one of them.

Thank you Japan.

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Posted in: New Zealand mosque shooter to face survivors at sentencing See in context

Coming from Christchurch, I do not have a good feeling about this.

I fear something "Nasty" is going to happen.

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Posted in: Marriott to open new Luxury Collection hotel in Kyoto in November See in context

Wow. This has my vote. If this happens then I will defiantly stay there on my next trip to Japan.

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Posted in: Apple reaches $2 trillion market value as tech fortunes soar See in context

This will seriously annoy trump. Anything/anybody who has more $'s than trump, will become a target.

Foe example. trump tells Americans "Don't Buy Goodyear Tires"

Why? They don't like me!!!!!!!

We rest our case.

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Posted in: Abe brushes off worries about his health See in context

Compare Abe-sans workload with the idiot across the pacific.

Abe-san does more constructive work , in a day, than trump does "at all"

Abe-san is everywhere, all the time. Abe-san sets an admirable example.

trump looks for persons /things to attack, which are Destructive & Counter Productive.

Abe-sans: Our Nation v trumps, it's all about me.

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Posted in: New Zealand PM hits back at Trump's comments on coronavirus 'big surge' See in context

A rancid dictator calling out a Countries Leader because she showed him up.

trump said , to show me something. All about me, trump turns everything into

It's all about me.

Our Country is not in a race with the trump owned virus.

Jacinda adopted a "go early-go hard" policy. The Team of 5 million complied.

For 103 days we did good, now we have a new attack, so we again "attack back"

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Posted in: Princess Mako's marriage to boyfriend in limbo See in context

As I am a New Zealand citizen, may I offer for the Couple to come down to New Zealand and And get Married here. This is a personnel Invitation from me.

You are very welcome.

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Posted in: Australia suffers deadliest day of coronavirus pandemic, as cases rise See in context

The STATE got greedy, opened up to soon.

Lessons to be learnt here.

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Posted in: New Zealand scrambles to find source of new virus infections See in context

I am in Auckland. It is fair to say, this level #3 status will move beyond the 3 days.

It is the reality. As such my household prescribe to the theory of, Short Term Pain for Long Term Gain.

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Posted in: New cases end New Zealand's 'COVID-free' status; Auckland back in lockdown See in context

I live in Auckland. We have a warning system on our mobile phones. I was alerted at 10pm last night.

Our Prime Minister reacted Early & Hard, like last time. Auckland is now @ level 3, the rest of New Zealand @ level 2. This is for a 3 day period only, @ this stage.

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Posted in: Over 60% of Olympic volunteers worry about anti-coronavirus measures See in context

Time to be honest. The Games Cannot Proceed. Fiscally Imprudent, Commercially Not Viable, and on the Health Topic, Just Not Do-Able.

These are the Facts.

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Posted in: U.S. to begin highest level Taiwan visit in decades See in context

Oh no. What is trump after? If any of trumps mobster family "show up" then they are up to something nasty.

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Posted in: Abe no longer appears to be indispensable, the only one who can keep Japan safe. Instead, he has appeared indecisive, several steps behind events, and unable to communicate directly with the public. See in context

Every countries leader who is battling the virus is in a lose-lose situation. Dammed if you do, dammed if you don't. What worked last month, the virus changes tact the next month.

A leader cannot predict what will happen next, then and only then can a countries leader react.

I live in New Zealand. We have a strong leader, we have a team of 5 million, so far, WE, have done quite well.

But even with that success, Prime Minister Ardern is getting negative comments.

A countries leader cannot please every body and or every faction.

The Big Picture, is what drives recovery, and it is this mind-set that drives New Zealanders.

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Posted in: Sumo wrestler's retirement offer rejected despite breaking COVID-19 rules See in context

Top Tier Sumo Fighters have been "kicked out" for lesser offenses.

Abi potentially could have infected hundreds of innocents, both colleagues and spectators.

This punishment is "wrong" on every level.

Abi should go.

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Posted in: Do you think events like the A-bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the attack on Pearl Harbor, 9/11 and so on should be commemorated each year or would you rather see the dates fade into history without any ceremonies? See in context

9/11. I felt sympathy for the U.S. for about 30 minutes.

After that my mind-set changed. If you demand to be the World Policeman, you will get punched in the nose.

America suffered because It Is What It Is.

Hiroshima/ Nagasaki have a place in History. I watched the Live Stream here in New Zealand.

Tears Streaming down my cheeks. I am 65, what happened to these two cities is relevant to me.

9/11 is not.

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Posted in: Neil Young sues Trump campaign, deriding use of famous tunes See in context

In trump-world, laws, the constitution, civil rights, Do Not Exist.

In trump-world, I am the law.

In trump-land, it is all about me.

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Posted in: Journey to Hokkaido’s far north for camping, trekking, and more See in context

Cape Soya. Great place for a New Years Party at the worlds most Northern Bus Stop. Been there, done that.

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Posted in: Raytheon lobbying Japanese lawmakers to replace Lockheed Martin as radar supplier See in context

And Guess who" has shares in this company, trump does!

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Posted in: Gov't considers stockpiling 'Abenomasks' after delivery plan draws criticism See in context

Sell the useless things to trump.

Problem solved.

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Posted in: New Zealand suspends extradition treaty with Hong Kong See in context

The person in the above photo is our version of donald trump. His name is Winston Peters.

A supreme hypocrite, A back stabber, it all about me type of person.

In New Zealand he is known as either Donald Peters or Winston Trump.

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