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Posted in: Halloween season kicks off at theme parks See in context

It is September, ff'ss.

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Posted in: Japanese tourist stabbed to death in Turkey See in context

She wasn't alone - her companion was injured too, but stable in hospital now.

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Posted in: Osaka ward officially declares support for LGBT community See in context

Well done Yodogawa Ward! Let's hope there is some sort of domino effect.

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Posted in: Fukushima question continues to dog Tokyo Olympic bid See in context

All potential host countries get quizzed about social or political shortcomings, and the results are not always what we expect. Who is to say what sways the decisions of the IOC...?

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Posted in: It is not impotence; merely a sexual aversion for one’s wife — rooted, in a tendency for the marital relationship to evolve over the years into a quite different relationship: mother-son, for example, See in context

Does Abe conclude that men are the root cause of sexless marriages? ("...an aversion for one's wife...") I think he might have some issues of his own!

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Posted in: TEPCO discovers pipe leaking radioactive water at Fukushima plant See in context

Reports and updates seem to be arriving with more regularity - still too late to renew any confidence in "INEPTCO".

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Posted in: Activists rally in Tokyo against dolphin hunt See in context

Demonstrations, protesters, campaigning and dissent are of the utmost importance. They keep the general populace from stagnating completely. Once the majority becomes content and apathetic it is easily manipulated and ultimately controllable. It is easy to see how that has happened before, and how it could happen again (censorship, media control/influence, pampering, group conformity). The JT news discussion forum would not exist without the existence of free exchange of ideas.

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Posted in: 10 simple ways to ruin a Japanese wife’s day See in context

Live together before marriage. Test the water. It won't solve all the problems, but it's a start. Also, these peeves are nothing new. We have to compromise! If not, we will end up bitter over trivial issues.

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Posted in: Man photographed robbing ramen shop at knifepoint See in context

On the positive side, phone cams provide way better pictures than grainy old CCTV footage (really poor quality here). Sadly, "getting a cool shot" sometimes takes priority over helping in an emergency.

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Posted in: While both men and women want marriage partners to have stable income sources, men seek women like their mothers, who were housewives, and women seek men who help with household chores and child-reari See in context

A whole generation, if not two, have been brought up pampered. Spoilt as very young children - then when gender differences become more apparent, parents reinforce stereotypes by continuing to mollycoddle the boys whilst telling the girls how to behave "to get a good husband". Parents should, of course, show their offspring the results of this demographic research instead of telling them: "Yes, of course you can live in Disneyland."

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Posted in: U.N. mission in Tokyo hears about N Korean abductions See in context

Dilligent campaigners for the return of abductees have been working tirelessly to achieve their goals. The Japanese governments, past and present, have also been consistent in bringing up the issue in summits etc. In the last decade there have been some positive results. Why, then, in the face of victim testimony and blatant lack of cooperation from the "powers that be" in NK, is this the FIRST commission to investigate human rights abuses in North Korea?

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Posted in: Kishida makes fact-finding visit to Chernobyl See in context

Are we to expect a full report from the minister after the fact-finding holiday... I mean visit? What do you think it will contain? A good opening line would be "If I had done this two and a half years ago..."

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Posted in: Putin bans protests in Sochi during Winter Olympics See in context

Putin is an arse with a capital C.

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Posted in: Even if Japan called in experts from overseas to help deal with the Fukushima nuclear crisis, realistically, what could they do that has not already been attempted? See in context

They could try speeding up the process instead of letting TEPCO and the govt. dilly-dally along as they are.

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Posted in: Signs in government district get English makeover See in context

Signage is good on the whole, and comprehensive by international standards in my opinion. There are still not enought maps, especially in underground complexes. It is often difficult to relate places on, say, subway or transport schematics with real locations on the ground...

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Posted in: Let's hope athletes take a stand in Sochi See in context

Should sports competitors (or, indeed, everyone) have abided by the laws of apartheid?

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Posted in: SDF sees surge of popularity thanks to anime tanks See in context

Fairly unsurprising propaganda considering the current political climate...

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Posted in: Coffee shop offers tips on how to get a boyfriend See in context

Well, that's incitement to commit a violent act. The shop owner should be prosecuted.

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Posted in: Decontamination of Fukushima hotspots costly and complex See in context

When will TEPCO and the government stop talking about this disaster as if it were a wine stain on a reasonably expensive rug? As commented above, funds would be better spent relocating people.

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Posted in: Abe may sweeten sales tax hike with corporate tax cut See in context


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Posted in: Temperature hits record 41 degrees in Kochi See in context

While I sympathize for everyone in the heat, do remember that sweating is a perfectly natural function - and SO necessary in these conditions. Most importantly, we should keep hydrated to avoid heatstroke. Let's cut some slack for everyone who gets "a bit damp"!

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Posted in: Aso retracts Nazi remarks amid criticism See in context

Ah, I was about to say the same thing - anyone referencing Nazi policy etc. should be viewed with great suspicion. I do agree that by doing so, Aso has shown true colours. Every cloud...

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Posted in: U.S. boosts missile defense as N Korea warns of nuclear strike See in context

Reuters and AFP appear to be out of kilter on this (judging by another article in JT). Kim Jong-un is presenting so many mixed messages it's baffling. He visits a school with his wife - aaaah. He oversees a massive military parade - ooer. He entertains a famous sportsman - woohoo. He presides over war maps and sizes up targets - boohoo. Unfortunately, I think he might put his money where his mouth is. I hope the above visits and meetings weren't on his bucket list...

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Posted in: Japan's 'omiyage' culture See in context

Some points are similar, others are not so (who'd have thought it?). In my experience as a child, we always bought souvenirs for ourselves as well as others - if you want to distinguish the naming of these gifts, feel free. In the UK there are a variety of edible souvenirs depending on the area/type of region, as well as many more traditional products that people buy to give on return home. The main difference is possibly the 'degree of obligation' as to whether you have to buy souvenirs or not.

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Posted in: Gov’t aims to boost number of foreigners who speak Japanese. See in context

Working conditions for foreigners are still appallng - often not taken seriously and feeling in a state of limbo regarding job security. Even competent Japanese speakers are not always taken seriously because they look different.

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Posted in: TEPCO takes blame for Fukushima nuclear crisis See in context

The amaount of lies, treachery, incompetence and cowardice in the higher echelons of power and society here is simply breathtaking. It takes a disaster to get people up in arms about the behaviour of corporations/institutions, but in some form or other it is happening all the time.

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Posted in: LDP education proposal includes TOEFL prerequisite for univ entrance See in context

I don't think it's a good idea across the board. In fact, it's only really useful as a plum line. If anyone thinks making it an entrance requirement will magically propel students into the international community better prepared, they are deluded.

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Posted in: Masks galore: Japanese ward off pollen, pollution See in context

Yawn. We've been here before - here is the skinny: Many people wear masks, for protection against germs and prevention of spreading germs.This bemuses some people. The efficacy of these masks is frequently debated. Some people are put off by people wearing masks. Mask companies cash in on people's fears of germs, pollen and Chinese air. You will NEVER see an announcer/guest jester on TV wearing a mask. In the end, it's up to you.

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Posted in: Japanese travelers abroad lack street smarts See in context

Being aware of what is going on around us is most important. Wandering in a dream, eyes glued to a touch screen makes for an easy target.

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Posted in: What do you think of department stores in Japan? See in context

I seldom use them - they cater for a different demographic. I agree that the number of clothes sold in department stores, especially for women, is overwhelming. I'm not a casual shopper, or a person who does it for fun or as a hobby. However, I much prefer the open spaces of the mall or the quaintness of the arcades.

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