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Posted in: 'Air-conditioned' clothes help beat heat See in context

I can see a use for them in a manufacturing, etc environment which are often not or poorly air-conditioned. Ditto for warehouse staff, etc.

As a fashion statement not so much.

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Posted in: How has the Fukushima nuclear crisis changed the way you buy groceries and other items? For example, are you buying more imported products than you used to? See in context

For some Items I check more careful which region they come from apart from that no changes.

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For the majority of people it is just good fun and maybe a bit of eye-candy.

BTW, many of those girls are coining it, there are quiet a few that started as a server in a maid-cafe and now own multiple cafe's themselves(just a few short years later).

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Posted in: Police ask for public's help in 1995 triple murder case at Hachioji supermarket See in context

Just another Cold Case(unsolved murder, etc) those exist in every country and are plenty.

Hard to solve those as many witnesses have moved away or died and even than memory of what happened is weak. Most Cold Cases are only reopened/solved when someone comes forward with new evidence.

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Posted in: 7 injured as M6.4 quake shakes Fukushima See in context

I would say it depends on the door-frame, if they are made from steel like overseas than I would go for it. Wooden Frame not much faith in those.

Bath-tub is a good choice but you can get trapped in one, other good choice is the toilet.

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Posted in: Aika sings theme song for Hollywood movie 'Ironclad' See in context

Just listened to the song, very nice.

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Posted in: Watch out -- a Level 4 gokiburi alert has just been called! See in context

I just do the normal fumigation and repeat after 2 weeks(to catch any new hatchlings). Lots of products out there but you need to choose careful as each product affects different critters. Living on the 1st floor of an old-style buildings we can get many different types of Visitors.

Storing food in tight containers, etc cleaning the place well(like under the gas-table, etc), will keep them down.

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Posted in: Handset makers get Windows Phone update Mango See in context

Over 500 new features = Winbloat.

Let me guess debugging and better security like always are not included there.

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Posted in: Boehner delays vote on his debt-ceiling measure See in context

I don't know.

Limbaugh is on daily on Eagle 810(FM Radio), not sure why anyone would want to list to him in the 1st place though. Sky-perfect, etc shows a lot of overseas programming and news channels.

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Posted in: Tsukiji fish market auction reopens to visitors See in context

Problem will be solved once the market has moved to its new location.

Tourists, etc will be confined to cat-walks above the market/trading floor. And, yeah, I seen many reports on TV about Tourists misbehaving and not just during the Tuna auctions.

Many seem to think it is a show and place for them to go wild and behave like in a theme-park and not a place where people work, etc.

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Interesting Wiki:


Heliotropism A common misconception is that sunflowers track the sun.[7] In fact, mature flowerheads typically face east and do not move. The leaves and buds of young sunflowers do exhibit heliotropism (sun turning).

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Posted in: Japan to buy up and burn radiation-tainted beef See in context

They would be better to dig a HUGE pit and bury all the affected meat very deep underground.

And what will happen to all the meat when it rots and gets absorbed by the groundwater and soil?

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Posted in: U.S. administration starts new push on criminal cartels, including yakuza See in context

Wonder if they will have the gonads for going after the Triads?

Noticed they are never mentioned when talking about Crime cartels.

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Posted in: Spielberg says new 'Jurassic Park' in the works See in context

Pls, no more.

Jurassic Park was ok. Jurassic Park II was a disappointment. American Godzilla(should have been called "Jurassic Park III", IMHO). Jurassic Park III(IV) was a snooze fest.

Maybe we could also add "Mighty Joe" into the series.

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Posted in: Analog TV broadcasting comes to an end in Japan after 58 years See in context

Just came back from my local Ito-Yokado and decided to check the TV-section.

They had one corner with about 50 Digi-tuners lined up, selling for 5.390Yen each.

Looks like some stores still do have stock.

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Posted in: Man arrested for assaulting schoolgirl on escalator at Yokohama Station See in context


I hope she goes do a decent Dojo with a good Instructor that actually teaches her realistic self defence skills and not sports fighting. Like drop the Keiko-gi and train in everyday clothing, no protective gear, etc.

If she don't train like that she will freeze first time she gets hurt for real or in as situation that was not covered in the Dojo.

1st Dan doesn't mean much in most Dojo's just to show that she has mastered the basics.

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Posted in: M6.2 quake jolts northeastern Japan See in context

We slept through this one.

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Posted in: Analog TV broadcasting comes to an end in Japan after 58 years See in context

It depends on the TV, Some like mine has 2 Input jacks(1 Analog & 1 Digital) others like my sons only has one. If you got 2 jacks you will need to move the antenna cable to the digital jack, select Digital on the remote, after from the menu that you will need to set the area and do a channel search for the TV to pick up the various channels.

All the Jacks should be marked on the back for HDMI, D4, VGA input, etc.

Your remote should also have buttons for Analog, Digital, BS and CS selection(depending on the tuners installed).

BTW, my TV has 2 menu buttons (Digital menu) and Standard TV Menu(settings).

Shouldn't take more than about 7min to do it all.

I don't think US digital Tv's can use the local broadcast frequency.

I can be reached via the Forum if you got further questions, I configured both my TV's(Tokyo) from the Japanese manuals only.

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Posted in: Analog TV broadcasting comes to an end in Japan after 58 years See in context


I am happy with mine and it works well for me.

If you want extra HD space buy a 1 or 2TB drive and plug it into an open USB socket on the PS3. You will need a splitter on the antenna cable though.

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Posted in: Analog TV broadcasting comes to an end in Japan after 58 years See in context

Forgot to add if you read a bit up the thread.

People are struggling to find tuners now and shops already said they won't get new stock in from makers.

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Posted in: Analog TV broadcasting comes to an end in Japan after 58 years See in context


Granted not for everyone. I have a PS3 and was wondering if I should fork out 40.000+ for a HD Recorder, went with the Torne instead.

Since I got a Digital TV and Antenna on the building I only use it for recording but the signal can also be watched on a TV(Analog or Digital) via the PS3.

The PS3 has a build-in Blue-Ray Disk Player and can also read 3D BD Disks which many of the older BD Players can't.

Was just some info for people.

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Posted in: Analog TV broadcasting comes to an end in Japan after 58 years See in context

For PS3 Owners that want a Digi-Tuner there is the "Torne System", Digital TV can be viewed via the PS3 on an analog TV too.

The Torne also turns the PS3 into a Digital HD Recorder and the PS3 also supports 3D Images and 3D BlueRay disks(automatic software upgrade). Torne comes with its own B-Cas Card.

The Torne by itself is around 10.000Yen, or you can buy the new PS3 320GB/Torne pack for 36.000Yen(1000yen more than the PS3 320GB alone).

Info might help a few people.

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Posted in: Analog TV broadcasting comes to an end in Japan after 58 years See in context

Did the cutover already happen?

Been on digital for a few months now.

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Posted in: Suzuki frustrated with Volkswagen; may turn to Fiat: report See in context

Al = All

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Posted in: Suzuki frustrated with Volkswagen; may turn to Fiat: report See in context

FIAT - First In Al Troubles.

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Posted in: Analog TV broadcasting comes to an end in Japan after 58 years See in context

Yes, Sky-Tree will be broadcasting, also hoping that one-seg signal will improve.

Tokyo-Tower will switch their broadcasting signal off in a few weeks.

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Posted in: Analog TV broadcasting comes to an end in Japan after 58 years See in context

Foxie, the Antenna itself is fairly cheap but a proper Installation will set you back a few Man.

Unfortunately I already gave my FREE Digi-Tuner away, otherwise it would have been yours..

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Posted in: Cases of emergency patient refusal by hospitals rise to over 16,000 See in context


Such a system is in place and has been for years. A few years back they did a report on it on TV.

They found that many of the Hospitals and Doctors don't update the stats/data on it and thus the ambulance drivers have to call each Hospital on their keitai's to check about status.

Like the system is supposed to show when a Doctor is doing a surgery, etc some places hadn't entered ANY data for months. At that time they were looking into automating a lot of that data entry.

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Posted in: Basashi cuisine from sushi to pizza See in context

Interesting article.

Horse-Meat is also widely consumed across the globe, I like to eat it as it as it is a stable in our cuisine back home.

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Posted in: Gov't names 4 more radiation 'hot spots' near Fukushima plant See in context

The temporary housing is done by the goverment, did all those donations end up with the goverment?

So, yes, a lot of money was donated but it was not pooled and thus can't be used readily as each charity is in control of their received donations and got their own ideas on how they should be used.

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