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Posted in: Trump claims Obama had phones wiretapped; Obama denies it See in context

Trump said Obama was borin in Kenya. Not in USA. Is this true?

Trump said Obama was a founder of IS and Hilary was a co-founder during his campaign. Is this true?


Now Trump is a POTUS and he tweeted Obama tapping his Trump Tower phone. He added Obama was so low! Is this true?

No other Presidents have ever hated and accused his predecessor since 1776. Trump is still not matured and cruel to Obama and Hilary.

Who is so low? Trump or Obama?

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Posted in: Trump's team in disarray, McCain tells Europe See in context

Mccain is decorated war hero who has severed in Vietnam war. He was a POW too. Trump who was young and fit as Ox still got the excuse for not serving the compulsory service back in 1960s. There was something wrong with Draft of USA.

Mccain who is wise, matured and thoughtful and having many years of public service.. Trump who has never worked for single day for someone else can not handle the heat of media .He loves compliments and hates the critics. He is just a spoiled child of rich Daddy who loves to be pampered.

President who is complaining about media and critics is nothing different from Sailor who is complaining about rough Sea and bad weather.

If Trump hates criticism, he should find another job for escaping from bad publicity. . POTUS should be touch and strong like millions years old rocks in the Ocean.

Trump is so soft and weak as Jelly. He is unfit for this job and should be impeached sooner than later.

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Posted in: Australian PM, Trump offer different versions of phone call on refugee deal See in context

The deal has been done during Obama term. if Trump will not honor the deal, Australia does not need to host US bases anymore. Something for nothing is one way street.

Aussies have voluntarily died for US during Korea war, Vietnam war and Afghan war and Irag war. Trump is flip flopping President. There is no guarantee that US will honor the ANZUS treaty for shedding blood for Aussies.

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Posted in: Trump orders new refugee screening, to prevent 'radical Islamic terrorists' from entering U.S. See in context

Trump ignored one oppressed refugee of Palestine. In theory US support the people of Israel and Palestine live side be side with tolerance. Israel unbridled expansion of settlement with bulldozers have caused many of Palestinians being squeezed as sandwiches.

Obama gave warning to Israel to stop expansion.Trump is exteremly biased and pampered Israel for let them keep expanding. As far as Israel is keep bullying Palestine, there will never be peace in ME.

Israel oppression was one of the root cause of Islamic radicalization,

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Posted in: How a Trump tariff could sideswipe U.S. auto industry See in context

Trump has cars collection. Most of them were overseas made. Rolls Royce comes from U.K.and BMW comes from Germany. It is impossible to make the cars with 100 per cent parts of USA.

Cars Made in USA are unattractive to consumers. Most of them are craps. Germany, Italy and U.K.make high end cars for wealthy consumers. South Korea and China make low end and affordable cars for budget conscious consumers. Japan makes the cars for middle class consumers.

Trump by himself is not using made in USA cars. Detroit has become ghost town not because of oversea competition. It was because of unionized, overpaid and unproductive workers

Without decent profit, industry will not survive. If there is no industry, no jobs for workers.

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Posted in: Trump's 'war with the media' raises questions of trust See in context

Trump likes complements. Not criticism. He knows he has star power for attracting millions of Audience. Media has showed Trump fans were less than Obama audience inauguration eight years ago was great insult. During his prime time of Apprenticeship TV series, most Americans stop eating and sleeping for watching Trump was hiring and firing.

In his 70 years life span, Trump has marketed for himself for showing his greatness. How dare the most dishonest human on that earth showed Trump inauguration crowd was so few and so small. They are fake news.

Trump by himself fondly boosted himself I am not intellectually disabled. I know I am one of the smartest person. If media will not say good things about him, he will never answer their questions. It is time for media to give compliments to Trump.

Since 1776, No President inauguration has been great and massive like Trump day. Period! Trump is the greatest.

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Posted in: Promises, pomp and protests as Trump sworn in See in context

The world will follow your lead and will be inspired and empowered. The great USA will no longer lead from behind.

Trump is POTUS. He is not emperor of entire planet. He is not even the leader of Canada or Mexico either. However he loves employing family and friends as Monarch. He declared bankruptcy four times for avoiding paying his debt. His lead will be a unthinkable disaster for ordinary Americans because he favors nepotism, corruption, secrecy and backroom deals. Just before the Inauguration Day, he promoted his hotel near the White House for self interest. It was not the national or public interest for Trump was marketing his hotel with conflicting his duties.

His hand picked Rick Perry said he will dump energy department if he win the office. Now he has flip flopped his idea. He said regretted about saying because he got the job for energy portifolio. He also said Charleston crime was the accident. No sensitivities about slained victims. No wonder black lives matter members are getting angry.

Trump by himself will break countless promises because they are illusions with fake propagandas. For example Mexico will never pay the bill of Great Wall. China will not let her currency to appreciate because of Trump demand. Japanand SK will not pay more for bases.

During his primary, he said he will declare China as currency manipulator on his first day in office. Now those touch talks have been gone. Midwest unemployment were caused by automation. Not because of outsourcing. Unless Trump will employ them in his business directly, most of them are unemployable because of lacking skills for modern world.

Talks is cheap. Action speaks louder. Trump is a great talker. However those talks are More marketing rather than the reality.

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Posted in: Actress Debbie Reynolds dies at 84, one day after her daughter Carrie Fisher's death See in context

Singing in the rain was one of the masterpiece of Musicals.It was Debbie first movie and she made it great. She was only,19 and performed well. Mother adored her daughter very much. They were pretty close.

In 1977, Carrie performed as princess in Star wars. She was 19 as her mum first movie. Although she did not sing and dance as Debbie, she looks cute as her character.

Sadly both of them have gone within a day. Like Mother Like Daughter and again Like Daughter Like Mother! RIP for legends. Although they were gone, Singing in the rain and Star Wars be still entertaining for a long time.

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Posted in: British singer George Michael dies at 53 See in context

When I was in 20s, George Michale stormed my late nights with Carless Whisper and Wham. Tropical SE Asia weather at Summer and Mozzies were getting calmer because of George songs. His Christmas song was also soothing. Sadly I got the tragic news after Christmas Day.

I like George Michale and George Harrison songs more than Michale Jackson. He will be treasured in my living memory as one of the greatest British legends. RIP!

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Posted in: Islamic State claims responsibility for Berlin Christmas market attack; driver still at large See in context

Mainstream Muslims like Main Stream Media which is biased for particular belief or ideology. A.though I have no ill feeling for any particular religion or geographic, there are some problems for co-existing belivers and non believers. Saudi flag is a sword symbol. I was the tools used for settling any disputes and differences. Violence was the solution for ancient warlords of Saudi. Jihard is the slogan for punishment of non believers.

For that terror, Guests who are enjoying comfort and support of host, slaughtered innocent shoppers. Tolerance should be two way street. If the Guest who is not willing to co-exist harmoniously with hospitable host, they should be deported sooner than later. Westerners working and living in Middle East can not show public affection. They have to behave modestly with courtesy to host nation such as Dubai.

However middle Eastern Immigranst do not tolerate western way of life and they want host nations to follow their way for avoiding poultry and alcohol. Western Man or Woman must change their religious belief if they want to marry believers. It is the dark age of medieval warriors who want to control the world with blood thirsty manners.

Some refugees are IS followers who were given to Europeans as Trojan horses which has destroyed City of Troy.

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Posted in: China says it seized U.S. Navy drone to ensure safety of ships See in context

Trump is the embarrassment for Americans and GOP. Firstly Pope cocdemned Trump immigration policy and racial discrimination. In social media, we can see Pope and Trump are together. Some mistakely thought Pope supported him. Pope has never been the fan of Trump. Trump has multiple wives despite being the God Fearing GOP member. During susscessive marriages, he committed adultery. Trump against the abortion. He dumped one of his own unwanted daughter.Trump is not happy about SNL which is upholding freedom of speech. Trump broke diplomatic protocol unlike other Presidents.

Trump humiliated and insulted countless people including disable and serviceman.

According Reganomics, Government should not interfere free market. Trump ditate Carrier Air Conitioners with socialist style tax payers hand outs.

Ronald Regan called Soviet or Russia as evil empire. Trump called Putin as his idol. Trump appointed Putin close friend as sectary of state. Some die hard fans said Trump has been sent by God. However God is blessing Russia instead of America.

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Posted in: Chinese media warn 'immature' Trump over Taiwan policy See in context

United States of North waged civil war against confederate states of South such as Texas for prevention of disintegration 160 years ago. South was crushed and defeated by North. Successive US presidents since Jiimy Cater followed Lincoln model for United States of China as illusion. As a WWII ally, US has moral responsibility for defending Taiwan if PRC will use force. According PRC and ROC or Taiwan constitution, there is one only one China with different political party. US wants to keep that status quo of different interpretation as far as both sides not killing each other.

Reality is US struggled to defeat China peasant army who used bamboo sticks and cleavers during Korean War. Back then China was poor and backward. Gerneral Douglass MacArthur even requested for using nukes from President Truman. Truman sacked MacArthur. One China policy likes a Romance fiction against the reality. It is not perfect. It has preserved peace and stability. Everyone will live happily after.

If Trump is not happy, he is nothing different from war monger Bush Jnr who waged Irag with Saddam Hussein WMD. He is the dumbest President for twisting very effective diplomatic protocol,

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Posted in: Trump on the attack against 'SNL' again See in context

Trump should need to be fully grown up like late Ronald Regan. Unlike Regan, Trump has no Presidential charm, maturity, grace, civilized manner, tolerance, diplomacy and wisdom. If someone can not handle the heat, he or she should not enter the kitchen.

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Posted in: Trump backers ask courts to halt or prevent 3 state recounts See in context

Recount should go ahead for integrity and fairness of the majesty of democracy. It will not change the outcome of election. Co-operate pay for the expenses. Trump will not pay for it. It is non of GOP business.

Those blue collar rust belts have not voted GOP for decades. Interestingly Trump who is an elite with fraudulent history won narrowly. It is hard to believe that Trump has won many poor and unemployed people hearts. If there is no rigging or hacking, everyone wil happily move on.

GOP is very autocratic and controlling almost everything. If they will go too far, there will be another revolution.

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Posted in: Trump keeping 'open mind' on pulling out of climate accord See in context

It is very dangeous for Trump who is commander in chief keep flip flopping almost every minutes. In fact Trump has dillusion for fact and fiction. He can not judge properly for climate change is real or not! He can not predict whether he should follow Obama climate control policy or not. He showed his true color for not totally dumping Obamacare.

Trump is real fraud for not honoring his election promises. Coal industry is open minded about no longer trusting Trump sugar coated words.

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Posted in: Cracks emerge in Trump's campaign promise on immigration See in context

Who will pay the bill of building the greatwall? Mexican President or US President?

If I win, you will be in jail as he said. Now he has won legally. Clinton should behind bars as soon as possible.

He said he will dump Obamacare completely. Now he has flip flopped his policy.

Paul Ryan is not commander in chief. He should follow President promise ffor mass deportation.

Trump has never keep his words. Bond university students got broke because of falling for his charm.

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Posted in: In 2nd day of anti-Trump protests, civil rights a top concern See in context

US current political system is balancing three government bodies of Supreme Court, Congess and President. If President wants to spend huge money or waging war, congress approval is required.

Due to Trump overwhelmingly success, US no longer has opposition party movement. If Trump wanted to spend fortune, congress will rubber stamped it. If Trump wants to wage the war as Bush, Congress will not say no.

Supreme Court judges are hand picked by Trump or GOP. If Trump wants to do third amendments, it is plain sailing too.United States has become People Repubic of America with one party dominance.

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Posted in: Trump edges closer to White House win See in context

Latest news is Trump is leading 128 points over Cliton 97 points. Since 1776, USA has never elected female President. Trump campaign is more successful with limited resources and without backing much from GOP and celebrities. In soccer term, it could be called as grass root development campaign.

Sad to say Sayonara to Cliton and her fans,

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Posted in: Clinton, Trump target two different Americas in final push See in context

Wilmington, Ohio, another overwhelmingly white town where just 13 percent of residents have a college degree.

No wonder unemployment rate there are very high,Whether Trump or Clliton win, those unemployed people will never got their jobs back. US is not only losing blue collar jobs but also white collar jobs such as software engineers jobs to India.

China has stolen many blue collar jobs from US before. Now China has lost textile industry to Bangaladesh. China is struggling to train and re-employ those blue collar jobs.

There is no magic wand for solving unemployment, high foreign debt and inequalities. Good old days of US, Japan and China are over.

Poorer nations will get more jobs. Richer nations will lose more jobs.

Trump should be ashamed for himself for misleading desperate people with false hopes and illusions.

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Posted in: Putin grants action star Steven Seagal Russian citizenship See in context

Donald Trump used to praise Putin as strong leader. He has never criticized about Crimea annexation. He should be rewarded as Russian citizen with Russian passport.

He may be first POTUS with dual citenship.

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Posted in: As Duterte embraces China, Abe set to roll out warm welcome See in context

that cute girl you knew in high school

Imagine Phillipines is that cute girl. US is good looking young punk who is looking for fight on the street. That punk also like lecturing, hectoring and bossy. Japan is match maker of US however it has been mistress for a long time. Since 1990, influence of mistress has been waning.

China is an old wealthy man as Donald Trump who can shower the gifts and financial security for that girl. Like Trump, old man will whisper romantic, sweet and persuasive words. As Trump successive wives, she will fall into the arms of that old man.

The morale of that story is money, gifts and flowers are sweeter than fists, knives and coffins.

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Posted in: Trump questions legitimacy of election; challenges Clinton to take drug test See in context

I still have unpleasant memory of George Bush jnr won Al Gore the election with high court decision. Election is democratic rule which favored for majority of votes. Al Gore won more primary votes however he still lose the election because of George Bush favored judges. To be honest, powerful elite make the outcome of the election. Not the ordinary people. Nixon did not believe John F Kennedy won the election. However he did not want to be seen as sore loser and moved on.

Unlike other election, that one has character assassination against Trump. Before the contest, winner has been prevailed by biased media. Trump has rights to be angry, frustrated and resentful. He is not Al Gore or Richard Nixon therefore if he does not want to accept the unfair outcome, he can request the judges for intervention. If Judges said, Trump win the election, Trump will become another George Bush Jnr. Hilary supporters have to move on.

It is also true for other way around. It does not look good however there is no alternative.

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Posted in: New allegations of sexual misconduct rock Trump campaign See in context

All of the allegation against Donald Trump were back in 1980s and 1990s. What took it so long for that women wait until October 2016? Their motive is character assisnation for ruining Trump bid for Presidentilal race just before the election!

Americans need to ask whether Cliton or Trump is more competent, trustworthy or fit and well enough for leading the nation. Because of Cliton laziness or negligence, Lybra ambassador was slaughtered. Because of her vote for Irag war Thousands of Marines died. She took sick leave during her campaign and she can not stand straight for a long time. She will take more sick leaves after she becomes the President.

No one has died because of Trump. Trump has no blood on his hands.

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Posted in: Senate, House Democrats see new opportunity from Trump tapes See in context

As personality, Hilary is more likeable. She is polite, fliemdly, and persuasive. However she is not strong enough to stand for a long time. For his age, Trump is amazingly strong and energetic. Unlike other candidates, Trump does not need a chair and sick leaves

He is more suitable as commander in chief.

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Posted in: Low-income over-40s: How it happens and how they live with it See in context

In the perfect world, there will be jobs available for over 40s. However Japan has been almost zero growth since 1990. Unlikely it will get back the prosperous and glorious days of 1980s. Therefore Entrepreneurs or risk takers will prosper if thy have foreign connection.in right place and right time. Someone who has been depending on the employer mercy and generosity will be left behind.

Made in Japan is not the big deal in Japan. However many developing Nations worship Japanese made products. If these products will be sold in those nations, seller will make more freedom and higher income.

Someone who dares to risk for success and failure will get the dividends.

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Posted in: Trump accuses Obama of being the 'founder of ISIS' See in context

Founding fathers of IS we're Saudi Arabia government who is competing with Iran., Successive US government has never criticized Saudi because of dependence on oil.

Bush has sacked all Arm Force members of Irag. Unemployed and angry Iragi military service men crossed Syrian border. Then IS was born with Saudi help,

Even Trump has become the president, he will not dare to call Saudi prince as Hilary.

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Posted in: America seen from abroad: Arrogant, nice, tech-savvy, free See in context

America is very good in A for Aero Space or Aero Dynamic, B for Bio Tech, C for Computer and D for Disco. It is the birth place of Iphone, baseball, Bill Gate, Bruce Lee, Peci Cola, KFC, McDonald, Muhammad Ali, Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe, MIT, Mississippi and Steve Jobs.

However American foods are very high in calories and sugar. . Eating street food in America will shorten 23 years life span of individuals.

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Posted in: British stars complain about Trump's use of their music See in context

Here comes the Sun is very optimistic, refreshing and calming. I am a big fan of this song. It is treasurable and memorable as Beatles collection.Trump should stop copying other people good speech, good song and good work. He should use his creativity and talent for energizing his supporters.

Potential President of USA should respect the intellectual property rights.

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Posted in: Man sentenced to death for murders of two elderly people in Gunma See in context

the short drop and dangle time until a person is dead on a young human would I'd imagine be longer than that of an older food rationed human that has spent years waiting & wishing for their day to arrive.

Young or old, someone has no rights for robbing and murdering vulnerable people especially frail elderly. During the Stone Age, strong survive and weak and old were butchered for cruel, violent and selfish young men food.

Thanks God for Japan is no longer in Stone Age. Justice should be prevailed for protecting more victims. If someone had intentionally and violently murdered many innocent people, he or she is well deserved for capital punishment as terrorist.

It is not an eyes for eyes. Deterrence for copy cat crimes. During Edo era, those criminals were beheaded in front of public.

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Posted in: 5 Dallas police officers killed, 6 wounded at protest See in context

Dallas has many unpleasant memories from past! President John F Kennedy was killed there. United States is disunited for gun law. It is time for preventing more tragedies. Israel special service units are highly trained for unarmed combat. They can wrestle armed person without using weapons. Israel police do not kill their citizens with guns!

USA police should learn from Israel martial art for arresting suspected persons. No more guns mean no more trigger happy lunatics whether civilians or police!

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