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Posted in: Would you like to see a referendum held on Okinawa so that Okinawans themselves can decide whether or not they wish to host U.S. military bases? See in context

Okinawa has been enslaved for 70 years. It has become the poorest prefecture of Japan. It has been bullied and locals were raped by Bases. Not by China and North Korea.

If hosting the base is heaven for Okinawans, there will be no hell exist in the eternal life. When Singapore divorced from Malaysia in1965, many doom Sayers predicted Singapore will not survive. Singapore can not defend itself. However Singapore has become the Israel of South East Asia. GDP has sky rocketed. Unemployment rate is low. It has the second busiest port. Arm Force is small however it is more modernized than neighbors.

If Okinawa has been liberated, it will become another Singapore. The bases are making Okinawa is gong nowhere! It is time for change!

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Posted in: 6-year jail term sought for man who cut off love rival's penis See in context

That criminal students is so jealous. Even the victim had affair with his wife he is not only one responsible for that crime. It takes two to dance Tango. As a western born, I used to touch my chin to Japanese female friends chins during the party.

After reading this story, I will not dare to touch their chins because I am not able to share the cruel fate with that victim lawyer. Inhumane and barbaric crime!

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Posted in: Okinawa: the new Hawaii? See in context


Okinawa food may be expensive comparing with South East Asian destination. However those nations can not beat the longevity and uniqueness of Okinawa. Their cheap food may be unhealthy and high in sodium and glucose. Those food are one way tickets to the heaven.

As someone born and grow up in Myanmar( Burma) located in SE Asia, I am so impressive about Okinawans diet, life style and physical well being. In my homeland, there are not many people can live long enough as Elderly Okinawans. Their healthy food and activities are the major contributing factors.

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Posted in: Do you agree with Donald Trump's view that Japan should arm itself with nuclear weapons to deter a threat from North Korea rather than have the U.S. military protect it? See in context

Japan has already had nuclear war heads except delivery system. Reality is not any nuclear armed nation wanted to do first strike. It will get back the consequence of counter strike. US and Russia have stock piles of nuke war heads in their museums. During the Cold War, they were useful for preventing hot war. In fact nuke prevent the wars.

However they have drained resources and time for weapons unlikely it will be used within many decades. Trump may be first US president to start the nuke adventure. If Japan follows Trump idea, it will become Ash tray. Trump is a very dangerous future president for provoking nuke war.

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Posted in: Trump on campaign protesters: 'I never hear their voices' See in context

Why don't they just go to Mexico & "vote" there?? I really don't get it.

Some parts of USA were belong to Mexico before. Although Mexico has lost some territories, Mexican population has been ever increasing due to the low birth rate of Americans.

I guess there are more Spanish speaking residents in some area of US. Trump is correct to say that illegal immigration will make US gradually becoming the Disunited States.

Trump does not hate Mexicans. In fact he love them like him family. He will save the lives of Mexicans who have risked their lives for crossing the border. USA needs the large grate wall like China.

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Posted in: Chinese New Year in Yokohama See in context

Mangolia, Vietnam, Bhutan, Tibet, Burma, Nepal etc countries also celebrates this Lunar new year.

Mogul conquered China and assimilated with Chinese culture. Conqueror Genghis Khan loves eating his own horse with boiled soup. Chinese hot pot and Japanese Suki are descendants of Mongolian hot pot. Vietnam and Burma have large oversee Chinese community. The celebration are made by Chinese diaspora. Burma has own traditional new year known as water festival similar with Thai Songram water festival.

In San Francisco, there is the largest Chinese new year parade and longest dragon dancing on the road. No dragon from every part of the world beat San Francisco dragon. Toronto and Vancouver Dragons from Canada look magnificent however it can not blow the fire as San Francisco dragon. Lunar new year in Thai, Burma, Laos, Vietnam will make the audience excited.

Nagasaki and Yokohama and Taiwan are not bad for eating out and having festive new year atmosphere. Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines are a bit boring for lunar new year.

Mainland China is the most boring and unenjoyable place for lunar new year celebration. Cities are deserted as ghost town. Most of the shops closed down. Some tourists with no cooking skills have to play the hunger game.

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Posted in: Trump escalates fight with Fox News before debate See in context

if Trump does not want to be questioned during a debate and select the question, he could always try to move to Japan.

Many Japanese female reporters have some crush on Trump. Whether Trump will live in US or Japan, many female reporters will chase him like rock star with some touch questions.

Trump is not being paid for becoming the candidate for president. He will pay for any necessary cost for becoming the President. Therefore he can afford to ignore Fox or NHK unlike other politicians.

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Posted in: Restaurant tells couples to stay away on Christmas Eve so staff won’t feel lonely See in context

you don’t have a date for Christmas Eve, you could always try heading to the Philippines to see if you can catch the eye of one Maria Ozawa

Although Pinoy girls may be prettier than cosmetic surgery addicted Japanese girls, they have sent many Japanese businessmen to the heaven with one way tickets. Kidnapping, black mailing and murdering are daily routines for Japanese sugar daddies over there. Philippines is still in wild west era of USA for ripping off the lonely Japanese men.

Maria Ozawa is half Japanese and AV actress erotic adult movies. Besides that she prefer Pinoy man over Japanese man. Therefore Philippines is not the dating paradise for Japanese men.

Lonely, older and boring Japanese men have to learn for getting decent level of English and travel to Myanmar, Thai and Laos and Cambodia for getting younger, decent, sincere and committed girlfriends.

Without the decent communication skills, getting decent girlfriend is the distant dream.

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Posted in: Republicans disavow Trump's call for Muslim database See in context

I feel security of community is more important than individual rights. France was the birthplace of Liberty, freedom and human rights. Pleasing many immigrants will not shower the France with Roses and Wines. Instead Paris has been rewarded with bullets and bombs.

Many Muslim youths of have been radicalized in both US and EU. Boston bombing brothers movement have been ignored by FBI despite the warning from Russia. If Trump will implement and monitor the database of particular group, USA will minimize the risks although it will not eliminate entirely.

Political correctness will not make US is safer. Trump is not a polished politician. He has gut to stand up for his belief without sugar coated words. Trumps looks sincere. He is not pretending and acting as movie actor.

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Posted in: France train attack hero stabbed in California See in context

How did low life people want to murder Stone who has won highest bravery award of France and Purple Heart of US ? Stone may be not rich in front line battle field experience because of his young age. However Stone movements are lightening as Late Street fighter or martial art actor Bruce Lee. His punches are powerful as Muhammad Ali. He could fight as MMA professional in the ring.

There is one in million who is selfless, courageous and combative like Stone. He is the hero of the heroes. I Wish him well for speedy recovery.

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Posted in: Q&A: Gun control prospects in GOP-run Congress remain remote See in context

USA today needs another strong, decisive and touch leader like Lincoln who will rip off the NRA lobbyists as slavery lobbyists of the South. North will not need to please South demand for protecting their commercial interest.

Otherwise US residents will keep lighting the candles for Gun shooting victims forever. They are human preys for pleasure killing. They are nothing different from southern slaves.

Second amendment is same as grand old antique which has been old, rusted and faded. It should be sent to retirement village. Will Obama librate trigger happy and babies killing USA as Lincoln?

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Posted in: Indonesia defends rail project after Japan expresses anger See in context

In my eyes, Chinese bullet trains are almost identical with Japan. In my living memory, China has never spent big bucks for bullet train technology. They love stealing technology including Boeing and Airbus design.

Japan has made huge mistake for transferring technical know how. Now China is getting interested in Japanese weather satellite which can transmit ultra high definition pictures.

Japan is losing many markets to China. US, Germany and Japan should realize that China is no longer making toys, shoes and clothing for export. They will make aero planes, bullet train, wind turbines, solar panels and satellites with discount price. If China can make everything, U.S., Japan, South Korea and Germany will be broke and unemployment will be sky rocketed.

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Posted in: Russia begins airstrikes in Syria See in context

The whole world should be united against IS. Air strike alone will not enough for defeating IS. If US, Russia, China,UK and France are united for sending Commandoes that impossible dream can become the reality.

No pain no gain. Syrian Rebels are toothless tigers unlike Kurdish women fighters who will fight until last breath. They are Joan of Arcs of Middle East. US should support them regardless of Turkey protest. Turkey does not want to fight IS. It is unhelpful.

France should realize that supporting run away warriors of Syrian Rebels is fruitless and waste of resources. Russia will be praised for bombing over them.

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Posted in: SoftBank warns droid owners not to try sex with them See in context

In Canada, one robot with Japanese name Aiko Is very cute, charming and feminine. Robot inventor who is a Canadian Chinese has never had good looking and sophisticated girl friend in his life. At the end, he has been getting dirty fantasy with Aiko. He admitted he got some crush on his robot and thinking her like comfort woman of WWII.

Robot and developer relation is same as father and daughter. If that Canadian Chinese has slept or will sleep with his creation, he is an incest man. New law should be introduced for Cat walk model like robots for not being sexually abused by software designers. Some robot can smile, cry and exclaim like human now a days.

In the future, some lonely engineers with dirty ideas will exploit their charming and defenseless female robots. Decent and civilized society will not allow it.

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Posted in: Okinawan governor to revoke permit for U.S. base relocation work See in context

Many pro base apologists exaggerated the usefulness of unnecessary base extension project. That project not will not change the outcome of real combat if there is an emergency. Bases in Okinawa are simply holidays resorts for holidaying tourists.

NK has demonstrated their real time delivery system with orbiting rocket. The bases from Okinawa watched it as Star Trek movie trailer. Missile can not shoot down with M16.

No marines from any hostile nations will land Okinawa coast as Normandy beach of WWII era. They will fly drones, supersonic missiles and orange agents of Pizzas delivery. Residents will become like barbecue steaks from Kansas due to over crowded US base infrastructure.

The more U.S. Force is visible, the more it will share the old fate of ambush of Vietnam, Irag and Afghanistan. There is no credibility about canceling one construction project will be end of the world for both civilians and Military. The Sun will still rise from east. That project Is such a waste of time, money and land.

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Posted in: Muslim U.S. flight attendant says she was wrongly suspended for not serving alcohol See in context

At this stage, management will tolerate her for not serving alcohol to customers. In the future, she will demand that she can not serve pork to customers due to her religious belief. Management will exempt her for not serving pork again.

Later on she will complain that she can not serve non Hala food to customers because it was forbidden by her religion. Will Air line management change the all of the food serving on the plane as Hala food? Another option is she will sit on the plane while other staff are serving the food. She is someone special due to her religion.

United States has gradually transformed as United Arab Emirates which will restrict food and drinks serving on the planes according the Koran!

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Posted in: Bush hit from both sides on birthright citizenship See in context

Mainland Chinese women are transforming California as People Republic of China. Latino immigrants are transforming Florida as United States of Hispanic. Due to high volume of birth rates, migrants are gradually becoming Majority. Newest friend Cuba wanted to join Babies competition too.

According Chuck Norris old movie, it is the Invasion of USA.

As a politician, Jeb Bush will protect the interest of baby manufacturers who are lobbyists. Even Donald Trump will change his tone if he has been elected. No matter Liberal or Conservative president win, U.S.A will enjoy babies boom due to birth rights. After many decades, demographic factor will be changed a lot. U.S.A born new generation will become minority.

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Posted in: U.S. Army copter crash-lands on ship off Okinawa; 6 injured See in context

Marines are fathers, brothers or Sons of decent and honest people of US. Sending Marines to heaven intentionally with one way ticket is unforgivable crime. Marines died more in training instead of being killed by enemy.

Yo Marines! Your folks lives are worthier than that piece of junk which loves the ground more than sky.

Osprey is the killing machine for Marines. Sleeping with Tiger is safer for Marines or Japanese servicemen rather than flying with that junks. It has proven unsafe and frequent crashing record.







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Posted in: Japanese should take heed of Greece's woes See in context

The government insists that the outlays will bring economic benefits, but right now Japan takes in about 50 trillion in tax revenues and blows 100 trillion in expenditures

Imagine Japan is a drunken sailor who wants to impress new girlfriends at the city which was his ship docked. He will shower the girls with fine dinning experience at the expensive restaurant. He will shower the girls with fancy gifts.

During the dinner, sailor will show off with his unlimited spending power. When the party is over, the bill was more than twice of his annual salary. His credit card bill has been skyrocketed.

He is heavily indebted because of the expensive dinner and gits. The only solution for paying off the debt are selling his personal asset. If not he should default the debt and surrender his credit card.

Olympic game will be proud moment for Japan. It will be joyful celebration with national pride for a few weeks. However the cost will exceed beyond the benefits. As far as Yen is low and Japan is getting cheaper, tourists will come whether there will be Olympic or not.

If Greece has not hosted extravagant Olympic in 2004, they will not blow out the budget and spent like the drunker sailor. Tokyo Olympic 2020 will make Japan is broke and heavily indebted.

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Posted in: U.S. beats Japan 5-2 to win Women's World Cup See in context

Peeping_TomJul. 06, 2015 - 11:49AM JST

Didn't the "small, weak and "disorganised" win in 2011, against this same USA???

No disrespect to Japanese fans. I am just neutral football or soccer fan. Japan won USA back in 2011 with penalties shoot out as lottery. However Japan will not win lottery for every world cup.

Were they tall, big and strong and well organised then?

Some were taller and stronger. Back in 2011, Japan had more hungers for success. 2011 Japanese women team wanted to die in the field for not surrendering USA. 2015 Japanese team is the different story.

Nobody is saying the US didn't play well today.

USA older generations lacked the interest in soccer unlike Europeans and South Americans. Their soccer history is not well established like UK, Germany or Italy and Spain. How far their women team has become stronger and stronger is beyond my wisdom.

USA Women team won a Gold medal in London soccer Olympic game. They have won every games without draws or losses during London Olympic. Since then they are well prepared for WC and destined to become the Champion of the world.

It is hard for me to believe that they are real women. They can run faster, jump higher and kick stronger than average men. Some of the wining goals from final match were shot from long distance.

Their success have not become overnight. They worked hard and hungry and committed for winning. They are destined for the trophy and they are well deserved for that.

As a football or soccer fan since 1960s, I pay my great respect to USA women team for winning four goals within twenty minutes. In my living memory, it was the extraordinary and incredible moment.

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Posted in: U.S. beats Japan 5-2 to win Women's World Cup See in context

@ Peeingping_Tom

I told you so. I wish we can bet for future world cup in JT.

Zenpun Jul. 03, 2015 - 12:44PM JST posted

In my opinion, Japanese players are physically small, not well organized and not running fast. Unless Japan will be rewarded with penalties or US girls will shoot own goal, there is very little chance that Japan will get trophy.

It will be miracle for Japan winning the women football world cup in 2015.

Bring it on - U.S. women relish facing Japan in World Cup final Sports Jul. 03, 2015.

Peeping_Tom Jul. 03, 2015 - 08:46PM JST posted

And in terms of grace and finess, Japan is the best team, whether some sucker experts like it or not.

They are not called the Barcelona of women's football because "they are small, weak and disorganised", as one of our "experts" stated a few posts above.

This same "small, weak and disorganised" bunch is STILL the reigning World Champion.

Bring it on - U.S. women relish facing Japan in World Cup final Sports Jul. 03, 2015.

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Posted in: 'Bring it on' - U.S. women relish facing Japan in World Cup final See in context

In my opinion, Japanese players are physically small, not well organized and not running fast. Unless Japan will be rewarded with penalties or US girls will shoot own goal, there is very little chance that Japan will get trophy.

US has never used their best strikers until almost end of the game. They want to preserve the strength and fitness of goal winning legs. It has been paid off with Germany. Wise and Patient Cobra will wait for the precision attack until prey has been exhausted.

It will be miracle for Japan winning the women football world cup in 2015.

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Posted in: For Japan, lesson from Greek crisis is to keep on spending See in context


Any proof that I copied/pasted info? US economy is not export driven economy because lacking competitiveness. If you have been Ghost town of Detrioit, manufacturing is history in US of the A. Apple products are best sellers however all of the hardware parts are sourced and assembled in Asia.

Alan Greenspan has admitted he has made many errors during his term. Low interest rates encouraged unsustainable borrowing and risky assets investments. US federal offset the inflation due to foreigners buying treasury bonds. Foreigners have not patriotic duties for keep holding the investment unless they are getting regular interest payments.

At the moment, Greece is unable the meet the payment of IMF. US federal treasury has no magic wand for getting trade surplus and federal budget surplus. If US can not meet the repayment as Greece, the fate has been sealed as capital flight during 1997 Asian financial crisis.

If you spend more than you earn, you have to borrow for footing the bill. If you keep spending more than you earn, you have to pay the interest bill with newly borrowed loans. Compounded interest will be keep rising of loan amount until you have no point of meeting your debt obligation unless selling your assets for honouring the debt.

Argentina has gut to default back in 2003. US will share the same fate unless there are tougher fiscal disciplines (spending cuts) and raising the revenue with new taxes or exports.

Hope you will accept the reality of the chronic debt ridden nations. We do not live in fairy world.

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Posted in: For Japan, lesson from Greek crisis is to keep on spending See in context

paulinusa JUL. 01, 2015 - 08:04 AM JST

US is the largest and most diverse world economy.

It is entirely true. US is the founding father of digital revolution. It has been rewarded with highly competitive and profitable organization such as Apple, Google, Sun Micro system and Microsoft. However their profits have not contributed for shrinking sky rocketing deficits of national revenue and trade.

Last year, many economists predicted US will overtake Saudi as leading energy supplier thanks to Shale Gas revolution. However it will not become overnight because worldwide market demand is not strong enough for lifting US export volume.

Don't believe the doomsayers (mostly politicians looking to get elected and rightwingers).

The root cause of US sky-rocketing debt has been created by successive US politicians who have been spending more than what they earn. Back in 1970s, US has been almost debt free nation. In 2030, US debt level will more than 30 trillions dollars.

If US dollar is not reserve currency of the world, US debt level is unsustainable as Greece. Unlike US, Japan can default the debt of domestic investors over medium term like South Korean did during the Asian financial crisis.

US foreign debt is more than 18 trillions and keep rising because populist government has not refrained from keep spending. As a superpower, US has never refrained from spending. Every year US congress has to raise debt ceiling limit for paying the interest of bonds.

From the bottom of her heart, Angle Merkel knew that Greece will never be able to pay the huge debt. However she is keep footing the bail out for stability and unity of EU.

From the bottom of their heart, US creditors Saudi, Japan and China know that US can not afford to repay the more 18 trillions dollars within ten generations. However they want the stability of US banking system and assume their money will be safer in US treasury bonds rather than other investment option.

However it will not last forever. If US will keep spending like Greece as no more tomorrows, investors will not risk their money. They will find the alternative way for their saving.

The fundamental weakness of democratic system is very slow and touch to reform. US needs the fiscal disciplines rather than spending for universal health care and welfare for illegal immigrants for winning more votes.

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Posted in: Abe heckled at ceremony in Okinawa on 70th anniversary of battle See in context


The Ryukyu Kingdom never survived

Ryuku Kingdom well established from 14th century to late 19 century. Japan and China treated Okinawa as tribunal state. Japan started to annex that Chain Islands in late 19th century. Therefore you are wrong to say that they have never survived. It has been flourished before US was founded. Almost Five centuries has been survived for that proud civilization.

In the 14th century, small domains scattered on Okinawa Island were unified into three principalities: Hokuzan (北山?, Northern Mountain), Chūzan (中山?, Central Mountain) and Nanzan (南山?, Southern Mountain). This was known as the Three Kingdoms or Sanzan (三山, Three Mountains) period.[citation needed] Hokuzan, which constituted much of the northern half of the island, was the largest in terms of land area and militarily strength, but was economically the weakest of the three. Nanzan constituted the southern portion of the island. Chūzan lay in the center of the island, and was economically the strongest. Its political capital at Shuri, Nanzan was adjacent to the major port of Naha and Kume-mura, the center of traditional Chinese education. These sites, and Chūzan as a whole, would continue to form the center of the Ryukyu Kingdom until its abolition.

not after Japan invaded and conquered it

In the ancient time, Japan even did not have own written form and dialect. They had to adopt the Chinese language, culinary, Art and craft and civic rule. Ancient Ryuku Kingdom had own dialect, custom, tradition and identity while ancient Japanese were pirating, exploring and fishing in the sea.

Japanese imported many Okinawa art, music, literature and combat skills known as Karate. After Japanese conquest, Okinawa has been oppressed and bullied by Japan or US. Japan needs Okinawa for becoming decent civilization back then. It was not other way around.

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Posted in: Racist manifesto linked to Charleston shooter See in context

In San Francisco, Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton called for tougher gun laws in the United States in the wake of the tragedy.

Bill Clinton tried for tougher gun laws. Obama tried again. It still going nowhere. South Africa and Australia had gut to went ahead for tougher gun laws despite the strong opposition. Civic society does not need to please individual person interest. Individuals are part of society and they have to surrender their narrow interest for safety, law and order and well being of society.

where the Confederate flag has been a focal point for controversy for years.

According North and South TV series of US, Southern states did not want to abolish the slavery culture of African people. That mentality still exist among some US residents until now. North under President Abraham Lincoln was touched enough to liberate African black people from being as slaves.

North waged the war with South. North won the war. South surrendered. Confederate flag was a symbol of racism, ideology of white supremacy and disunity of federation. It should be ripped off since after the end of civil war.

The problem of today USA is no President was or will be touch enough to wage the another civil war with trigger happy extremists, ideologists and racists.

Will Hilary or Jeb or Donald will become the another Abraham Lincoln of USA? He or She may follow the cruel fate of Lincoln. However he or she will be martyred as reformist of never ending gun massacre of US of the A.

United States needs another Lincoln for completely wiping out the racial hatred, intolerance and disunity.

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Posted in: Distrust between South Korea, Japan sky high: poll See in context

Samsung may be outselling and profiteering. However Some models of Samsung washing machines have burnt the consumers laundries. Panasonic may be losses makers however it has better safety records. If I can afford I prefer to buy sharp TV over LG. Japanese brands are losing market however they are reputable. I trust more on Panasonic over Samsung.

Korean drama boys over flowers based on Japanese mega, They have copied many old J dramas. The reason of K pop and drama success are heavily backed up by the government. In my view, both SK and Japan should move forward as friendly neighbors. Bygone is bygone.

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Posted in: Thousands surround Diet to protest U.S. base relocation plan See in context


Unlike Okinawa, Russia has never forced Crimea against their wills. Crimea was given to Ukraine as Anniversary gift by former soviet leader. I agree with your post as Okinawans should have been allowed for referendum. It is the real democratic way and majority rule. However it will never be.

If Okinawa location is at Hokkaido near Russia, I bet you Russia will not let her neighbor being crushed under oppressive force. Okinawa is very unlucky.

Okinawa will never get liberation with peaceful demonstration. Japan is not Russia who has made referendum according local people wish.

They have been devastated and being cheated for better tomorrows. Sadly relocation of base will become reality against locals wish.

Something in life is beyond our control.

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Posted in: Thousands surround Diet to protest U.S. base relocation plan See in context

Many posters posted democracy will prevail for Okinawa plight. in the real world, it does not work that way. There will be bias for special interest group. Politicians can not please everyone. Democracy can be interpreted for self interest with bias.

Japan annexed Okinawa for territorial expansion. US exploited and bullied locals for strategic interest. It was against their wills and souls.They needed to be free by themselves with Revolution. Not the evolution.70 years has been too long.

Foreign expats with J spouse with neutralized citizen or mainlanders will not care about their suffering. Their loyalty belongs to their homeland. In the real life, Hokkaido is not Okinawa. If It will be annexed by Russia like Crimea, they will have compassion.

Being passive and forgiving will not go anywhere. Unless I am wearing someone else shoe, I do not know about the sense and sensibility of Shoe.

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Posted in: Okinawan governor determined to press U.S. to move base off island See in context


National government is puppet and technically broke. Japanese national debt is 240 percent of GDP and keep footing multi billions for bases.If there is default against creditors, who will keep buying the J bond? if there is no alternative funding, who will pay the bills for bases? Obviously not you.

Philippines national government did not want IUS bases to leave from Clark and Subic. However Marines had to pack their bags. One factor was local resentment. One factor was divine intervention of Volcanic eruption. If they go back there there are not much land space for them now.

Nothing lasts forever. Bases will not last forever. They may be shut down because of lack of funding or natural disaster. Something in life is beyond our control.

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