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But the economy of Okinawa is based on having that base.

After kicking off the base like neighboring Philippines, Okinawa economy will become like roaring tigers of Taiwan, Singapore and Hong Kong. Okinawa is very poor in natural resources like Singapore. However it is strategically located for maritime trade and logistic Hub as Singapore. If Singapore can become third richest nation as purchasing power parity, Independent Okinawa will make it too.

Beijing’s growing regional assertiveness, a sizable proportion of Okinawans want a dramatic reduction in their numbers.

Many Okinawans do not buy the theory of Beijing will occupy Okinawa. Unlike Japan and US, China has never colonized Okinawa. They have got plenty of opportunities in the history.

Sizeable propotion of Okinawans not only want to reduce the numbers but also they want the complete military free zone which has fresh air, clean water, no air craft noise, pollution, no traffic jam and no single serviceman.

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More CV22 means more hearing losses, accidents and pollution. Japan needs more missiles and less air crafts.

Missile can bring down ospreys. Osprey can not intercept missiles. Missiles do not need fuel as Ospreys. Missiles do not need pilots as Ospreys.

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The ministry said none of the Chinese planes violated Japanese airspace.

If Chinese planes have violated Japanese airspace, they have been already shot down. So far none of them. Currently Ospreys were violating residential air space of Okinawa and residents are losing hearing capacity.

I think missiles are more useful than fighter jets which caused fortune to build and maintain. Pilots needed to be trained for thousands of hours. One missile with multiple war heads can shoot down dozen of fighter jets. However fighter jet can not shoot down missile.

Russian activity was seen mainly as reconnaissance around Japan in April last year

Russia is closer to Japan. If Russian plane violated Japanese air space, Japanese authority will protest it. However it is unlikely it will be shot down.

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Undeterred by heavy rain, tens of thousands of people lined a 15-kilometer (9-mile) route through the city

Mr Lee had prove track record for sound management, efficiency and strong leadership quality.

Watching people waiting early under rain has brought me back the memory of Lee making big speech for Singapore future back in late 1960s. As a young boy visiting Singapore, I was so impressive about his energy, determination and iron will. His facial expression, powerful voice and fist raising in the air have made the watching crowd wild with excitement and joy.

Back then the people were stood and listen his speech under heavy rain too. Singaporeans wiped out the racial tension and move on for the better future.

His funeral has reunited again all the different race and culture of Singapore as United People of Singapore. Farewell the best, brightest, charming, combative and strongest leader in my living memory. Enjoy the heaven!

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I am not the Singaporean. When I saw the news of Mr Lee passing, I could not find the suitable words for expressing my sadness. He was so good as Steve Jobs who has reformed and prospered Apple Inc. Singapore population is only 5.47 millions. However their two government backed investment funds, Temasek and GIC, together accounted for 60 per cent of the $23bn in cross-border deals by the world’s sovereign wealth funds.

Therefore Singapore is controlling the more than half of the fortune of the world. It is so amazing.

If Singapore is the co-operation, each Singaporean share of dividend from their sovereign fund is so huge as Titanic. If Mr Lee is the CEO of co-operation he will be deserved to receive more than 10 millions. 2 millions salary for him and his associate are so tiny as drop on the bucket. He was deserved to receive higher pay check for prospering tiny land which have nothing even the drinkable water! Singapore is the Oasis in South East Asia however it has to buy the water from the neighbor.

Back in 1960s, Philippines and Myanmar(known as Burma) were jewels of Asia. They were richer than Singapore. After successive corrupted, hopeless and incompetent administration, those nations are sadly economic basket cases in 2015. Unlikely they will catch up with Singapore for many and many more generations. Many of those nations resident will jump for the joy if LKY was their leader.

As the human, he may have some weakness. However his good work, incredible wisdom and contribution has outweighed his weakness. No one is perfect.

As the admirer of Singapore success, harmony and efficiency, I would like to pay my great respect, admiration and tribute to LKY. RIP Mr Lee!

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Japanese people should be ashamed of their racist, xenophobic government.

How about Japanese people should be ashamed of their discrimination and injustice to Fukushima victims? They have anti nuclear radiation attitude for not messing with victims. My neighbors told their child to not to play with kids who have come from Fukushima.


Japanese social policy even not look after her people let alone welcoming and feeding the asylum seekers. Japan is not the birth place of Mother Teresa!

Refugees should be evaluated and considered more fairly

In Osaka, there is slum area for middle aged unemployed men. Some died as hungry and homeless in cold and harsh winter. They have never seeked the help from J authority. How about homeless and hopeless natural disaster Japanese victims? They have been waiting for help since 2012.

They are forgotten victims of Japanese government. J government wrote off many outstanding loans from corrupted governments of developing nations. Such as Myanmar and Philippines. In fact, J authority concerns more about oversea aids rather than domestic social problem.

Japan should fix own refugee problem before importing more unemployed, ungrateful and radicalized immigrants. Japan is not resource rich and wealthier nations like US, Canada or Australia. Humanitarian intake should be lower. Not higher. Charity starts at home!

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Indonesia? Blame? For what?

Back in 2002, many Aussie tourists were killed in Bali bombing. Not all terrorists were severely punished. Some former terrorists are still free as birds on the streets of Bali. Aussie did not blame for freeing murderers on the streets.

Enforcing their own well-known laws?

Indonesia well-known law is corrupted with bias. They have double standard for asking clemency for their citizens. In the past, Aussie journalists and tourists were murdered there. However Most Aussie have forgiven murderers. They even contributed Bali economy and natural disaster relief for Indonesia.

Singapore executed Aussie drug smuggler before. Singapore is many times richer and have more military toys than Indonesia. However they did show off fighter jets and Armor carrier to media.

Executing two men do not need to show off the military prowess. Two bullets or two piece of ropes are sufficient. Indonesia is intimidating the small Australia. US navy seal only used only handful of service men for killing Osama Bin Laden.

Australia needs to realize that their generous aids have been spent on military hardware by Indonesia government. Not for intended purpose of education, infrastructure and poverty relief.

The moral of the story is Indonesia is a fair weather friend. With booming economy and showing off military hardware to the media is over reaction.

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Samsung’s smart TV could be listening. And sharing.

Smart TV are not really smart unless they can transmit the smell of Tempura or Ramen to Viewers. Samsung has successfully marketed OLED TVs world wide. The Mistakes of Panasonic, Sony, and Sharp was investing too much on Plasma TVs.

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he wouldn’t trust the company “to build a canoe.” Johnston later apologised and was subsequently dropped from the Abbott ministry.

He lost the job because of his bluntness. It is hard to get the conclusion as Sub Marines built in Australia or Japan or anywhere in the world will be battle ready, fully weather proof and energy efficient.

When Toyota, Ford and Holden built the new car, they could do the stress test and consumer surveys. Japanese likes Sushi. Aussie likes BBQ sausages. It is hard for Japanese to understand Aussie taste and needs.

Building own subs will blow the budget and time. Buying ready made subs will need to be modified with local taste. The best thing is making short and medium range missiles which is cheaper and more efficient than subs.

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Japan’s military to rescue Japanese citizens in danger, following the beheading of a Japanese reporter by Islamic State militants

Most of the Japanese citizens murdered by Terrorists are journalists who are on the foreign nations. The motives an actions of terrorists are different. For example hijacking the plane and ship in Japan for blackmailing the government. For that case, SDF will be very useful. However Islamic terrorists are better off financially. They used the Guerrilla tactics for capturing and beheading foreigners. They are totally invisible for their actions. Therefore SDF may be pretty useless for saving civilians lives because of time, waiting the permission of foreign government and travelling distance issue.

In 2007, one of Japanese journalist was murdered by military police of Myanmar or Burma. That MP was a public servant of Myanmar. For Myanmar government, he was the spy. For Japan, he was a journalist who was doing his job. SDF can not wage the war with Myanmar authority for that intentional shooting. Japan even did not get the apology for that murder. Abe theory of sending SDF for saving hostages is the fantasy. It does not work for the real world.


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After initially setting a $200 million ransom for Yukawa and Goto’s release,

It is all the mess of Abe for visiting middle east and offering 200 millions for funding the corrupted middle east nations. If IS is keep blackmailing for kidnapping Japanese citizens, there will be no more money to pay.

Japan is not USA which is police man. It is none of her business for intervening the never ending blood shed of middle east. Abe has blood in his hands for promoting for Japanese citizens becoming halal meat or Big Mac. Tokyo Olympic will be not enjoyable due to security concern. It is all the fault of Abe for his aggressive foreign policy.

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Abe promoted the peace keeping force world wide. For Extremists point of view, is part of the collation force for wiping out them fro Middle East. Their ransom amount is same as Abe donation amount of 200 millions.

The consequence is Abe is risking Japanse people blood for his popularity in Middle East. Abe has blood on his hands, if they followed cruel fate as western journalists.

Abe can talk touch with nationalist pride however Middle East is not Japanese national interest. It is all the fault of Abe for making Japanese citizens for becoming Big Mac or Quarter Pounder.

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Buddhist monk who oversaw a school in Tsuruoka City, Yamagata Prefecture

Although I do not know who he was, I paid tribute to him as founding father of school lunches. Without his action, many impoverished kids did not come to school with hunger.

His simple lunch looks yummy although it is not very spectacular.

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We (native French) are taking care of [the immigrants and their families] livelihoods, education and medical care

Now that ungrateful immigrants have paid back their gratitude with slaughtering French people. In fact they have never assimilated with main stream french society.

To avoid this kind of situation, it is clear that restrictions must be placed on immigration

Boston bombing brothers were granted as refugee by US despite Russian warning of their potential risks for terror. Sydney Gun Man was fraudulent criminal from Iran. Australia did not extradite him despite several requests from Iranian authority.

It is hard for migrants friendly nations for refusing the political asylum seekers because of their pride for humanitarian ground. Reality is some of the immigrants had colorful criminal past and they become more destructive in the free and fair society.

Japan may appear 'broken' in many ways to outsiders but its people are the reason it will survive as a nation deep in its culture.

Absolutely correct. In UAE and Saudi, many Western and Asian skilled people are living and working there. For example US pilot, Fillipino nurse, Japanese engineer and Aussie pathologist. They contributed local economy and followed local rules and custom. For example public affection is prohibited there. If the western couple kissed and hugged in public place, they will be prosecuted and fined. They have to respect the local law, culture and custom.

On the contrary, western nations are very tolerated to the immigrants including hiding face in old fashioned uniform. Le Pen is very correct to say that Japan should avoid the same mistake as US, UK, France, Germany, Denmark, Holland and Australia for pampering the killer immigrants. When in Rome, do as Roman.

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According the media, two gun men were third generation of northern African descendants granted for refugee by France authority. The problem of France, UK, Australia and US have many fundamentalist refugees who have become radicalised terrorists.

For example, Boston bombing brothers were refugees. Sydney cafe gunman was a refugee. London terrorists were refugee too. It is very questionable that whether humanitarian refugee intake is opening the gate of dam for flood of hateful extremists.

Japanese immigration is stricter and refugee intake is very low comparing with those nations. It is better for Japan for not sharing the cruel fate with those nations for offering the generosity to the killer immigrants.

According the cartoonist, better stand on the foot rather than kneeling on the ground. I prefer Japan is better poor without high level of immigration rather than becoming intolerant, violent and uncivilized society.

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It had been reported earlier in 2014 that flight attendants on Vietnam’s national carrier had been discovered carrying back big bundles of Uniqlo merchandise for resale in Vietnam,

Japanese goods are very popular in Vietnam. During my recent my visit to Saigon, Sapporo Beer is the best selling brand there. Sapporo brewery is employing and training locals and paying tax to Vietnam. It is win win for Japanese companies and Vietnamese students. Instead of Vietnamese students coming to high cost nation Japan, Japanese Inc should follow Sapporo foot steps for setting up shops in Vietnam.

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Deploying Japanese peace keeping force for natural disaster relief has no problem. However Japanese force will join the offensive mission in middle east will be inviting hostile and terrorist attack on Japanese home soil. Pig may be still pig whether it has lip stick or not!

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The cafe is located in Martin Place, a plaza in the heart of the city’s financial and shopping district that is packed with holiday shoppers this time of year.

Whenever I visited Sydney, I love having big breakfast in this busiest food court in the morning. Many office workers rushed to buy their food before starting the work. In my widest dream, I have never seen about that breakfast paradise will become the nightmare for innocent residents and near by office workers.

Hopefully no one will get the harm and trauma.

Abbott said the National Security Committee of Cabinet met to be briefed on the situation.

Australia is the peaceful and quiet nation like Switzerland before. Since Howard and Abbot became PM, it has become like 55 states of USA. If there is the worst case scenario, Mr Abbot has the blood in his hand. I wish Australia should be independent nation like Switzerland which have no alliance. Being the faithful disciple to the powerful friend has unwanted risks.

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I have seen many waterfalls. No water falls is looking so good as Niagara Fall. it is spectacular. Japanese water falls are so weak comparing with Niagara.

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The AInu have more or less been bred out of existence, where the Okinawans are very much still a unique people. Both are seen as inferior aboriginals by the mainlanders.

Where did you get the information of Okinawans are inferior as Aboriginiespeople or Ainu? They had Ryuku kingdom since 1372. They were fully clothed with shoe. They have their dialect,identity, palace, garden, furniture, temples custom, art and craft even before Ryuku kingdom was unfiied by as one nation.

The earliest tex of Japanes written form, the Kojiki, dates to the early 8th century, and was written entirely in Chinese characters. The end of Old Japanese coincides with the end of the Nara period. During 8th century, Okinawas had own written form and spoken language. Many Japanese were making living with pirates and fishermen. They were not fully clothed back in 8th century. Japan had no own written language until end of Nara Kingdom of 794..

Back in 8th century, many Japanese prefer to eat raw fish and vegetables. Ryukyuans cooked the food in their kitchen with fire.

Ancient Ryuku Kingdom was civilized, peaceful and culturally flourished. Japan had to import a lot of art, craft and custom from Ryuku or Okinawa. Karate, folk dances, songs and Japanese lion movement were come from Okinawa to Japan. Not the other way around.

Comparing Okinawa with other aboriginal people and Ainu likes comparing Vegetarian Buddhist Monk with man eating Carnivalist.

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Washington has said a broader realignment of U.S. forces in Japan is to ensure their presence remains “politically sustainable”

Washington has to know that Japan is too broke for footing the more bills for holidaying service men. It has just got another recession. While occupants of base are having the good time in their holiday resorts, golf course and bar, Okinawa residents have to live like over crowded animals on their ancestor land. Annoying noise from Osprey are unbearable for them too.

Now Pentagon is reducing word wide budget, some bases from Okinawa should be reduced too because they are not like other bases around the globe. When I visited the Middle East, bases over there are battle hardened because of real life actions in the combat.

The nature of service man likes a sword. Without a fight, the sword will be rusted and blunted. The bases in Okinawa are approaching 70 years anniversary. It is just like the Circus team docking at the carnival festival without real fight with enemy. For political sustainability, some bases should be reduced because of the local resentment. Futenma base should be first one to go to mainland Japan.

As protest activities may intensify… we may see bloodshed if the government chooses to build the new base forcibly, which is legally possible

If Tokyo has a gut to go ahead, it will become the reality. Okinawa has been bullied for a long time. It is no longer tolerable.

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The prospect of a stronger tripartite alliance could stoke fears in Beijing that Japan, the United States and Australia are ganging up to limit China’s increasingly assertive expansion in the region.

Beijing may be assertive to Tokyo. Not to Canberra so far yet. However Russia navy ships are approaching Australia north east coast right now. The response of Australia navy ships are going to greet them with wines and roses. Collin Class sub marines of Au navy are defective and there are no reliable alternative for underwater warfare for Australia. Even they can not defend their coastline right now. How can they help Japan for China or Russia aggression. Abe is so naive for trusting US and Au will defend for a few rocks .

Japan has been struggling with both Russia and PRC intrusion too. US has been observing Russia strategic bombers flying over gulf of mexico bay. Immediate threat is Russia right now. China may be later threat.




Hopefully US seven fleet will defend for Oz in case of worst case scenario. If US will not, Abe should forget about deeper ties with them. Talks and promises are different from the reality. US have fought with PRC back in 1950. However it has never and it will never fought with Russia even in the hawkish Bush junior term. Under Obama, it will be more unlikely.

Instead of relying on fair weather friends, Japan should make own nuclear missiles for deterrence.

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Britain has plenty of beautiful gardens. The weather is not friendly. However it has celebrity chefs like Jammie Oliver and Heston Blumenthal. These two chefs are representing innovative contemporary British food culture. Many Japanese do not know Ice Cream was invented by Charles I of English. As the Ice Cream lover, I was deeply offended he was beheaded in the history.

For tourism marketing, Britain needs to prepare well presentation of food photo with background of beautiful garden. the lawn should be green as Oxford university lawn. If they can add native British fish, it will be more attractive for potential tourists from Japan.

Many Japanese have perception about British food. It is because of former French President Jacques Chirac Joke. He is responsible for making many Japanese think all English food are tasteless.


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We are preparing for President Putin to visit Japan at the most appropriate timing

If Putin visit is after the election, it is the most appropriate timing. Abe needs Northern Territory and Gas pipe line. Putin wants Japan investment and business. Signing something before election is not credible.

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If the trade agreement with China were conducted openly, I'd rather go with that.

Bertie is correct to say that TPP is biased for US interest. US has been pushing Japan to open the food market immediately. On the other hand, it will open their Auto market gradully within 30 or 35 years. For God safe, many auto makers will not be alive when US open the auto market. It is the double standard as do as I told you. Not as I do!

For the fruit vendor from Ginza, Chinese tourists bought more fruits from him or her. Therefore PRC tourists gave them joy and hopes. On the other hand, US wants to steal his or her customers with importing genetically modified fruits. US will make him or her broke for closing his or her fruit shop.

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Posted in: Japanese pre-race favorite Admire Rakti dies after finishing last in Melbourne Cup See in context


you clearly have no idea what you're talking about and should calm down.

In fact, you may not be horse lover. Nathaw and heynong are horse lovers. While you are enjoying party for your win, two horse have died sadly. As the horse lovers, they have rights to post their opinion about the racing industry and Melbourne cup. It can be called as freedom of expression.

This was a freak tragedy.

This freak tragedy happed before. Were you born before 1979 and watched 1979 Melbourne cup?. Pre race favourite called as Dulcify shared the cruel fate with Admire Rakti. After 35 years, that tragedy revisited again in killing field known as Melbourne cup.

Perhaps the horse was carrying too much weight on a track harder than what it was used to.

If so, racing the horse carrying overweight was obviously animal cruelty and sending Admire to the heaven with one way ticket. It is heartless and disgusting.

False and a little over-reactionary but I'm sure the Cup will survive without you.

If you visit Aussie social media, many Aussie and coalition of racing horses lobby group are demanding for tougher action or banning the touch race. Admire is not only admired by Japanese but also countless Aussie and world wide viewers.

It can be assumed that Admire Rakti death was natural. However Araldo death can be prevented by controlling spectator for not waving flag and covering wooden rail with soft foam. It is caused by incompetence and negligence of race organizers.

but I'm sure the Cup will survive without you

True! the cup has survived before we were born it will survive because of greedy racing industry. However it has lost the reputation as killing filed of many racing horses. Many animal lovers will boycott it.

The horses have teams of veterinarians, conditioners, officials and stable hands taking care of them.

They are no longer being trusted as safe hand for taking care of the horses. Horse have roughly 40 litres of blood and it will increase 60 litres during racing. One third of racing horses will bleed into the lungs during the race. One per cent will bleed out through the nose. Some got heart attack and haemorrhage due to racing beyond their capacity.

Race favourite was also carrying 58.5 kgs in the past 60 yrs. only two horses known as Rain lover with 60.5 kg in 1969 and Rising Fast with 59.5 kg in 1954 won the race. Therefore putting extra weight on the pre favourite horses should be outlawed as animal cruelty.

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Murakami also said Japan did not seriously pursue who was really responsible for the 2011 crisis at Fukushima—when powerful earthquake and tsunami caused a reactor meltdown and radiation leaks—choosing instead to blame the disaster on uncontrollable natural events.

Could not agree with him more! 1945 was a bit far away from 2014. However 2011 was not! The problem of Japanese bureaucratic mentality is " It is not my fault. It is beyond our control." For example rebuilding of the Fukushima. No one takes the accountability and responsibility. However they love the pay checks without single headache.

As the disaster prone nation, earthquake and tsunami are part of the daily life for Japan. However nuclear reactor melt down was the man made. During the crisis, Japan even refused the assistance from nuclear experts from other nations. The consequence was more deaths and more radiation. Some children will grow up as cancer patients. J authority failed duty of care for vulnerable citizens.

Japan should acknowledge that Japan is not superior nation for emergency. All officials responsible for nuclear crisis should be dismissed and punished. During the nuclear crisis, J authority pretended calmly it was under control. In the reality, it was out of control and helpless.

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Posted in: China calls on Japan to end jet scrambles See in context


Shooting down PRC plane is entirely not the business of Japan. Japan is still the pacifist nation according article 9 of constitution. That constitution was written by US general after WWII. JSDF role, man power and resource are still limited. US has many bases in Japan. However they are more likely tourists instead of defending for Japan security. Obama promised Asian nations US will not let Japan and other nations down. He talked touch. After his talk, there are more planes

As an ally and permanent tenant and former occupier of Japan, US is solely responsible for blocking air route or shooting down the PRC plane. Successive US presidents, defense secretary and JT posters talk touch. However they were just talk shows like Ellen. The more they threat PRC, The more planes and ships scrambled. It is obvious that US is not interested in defending for Japan or Vietnam or Philippines. As the leader of Asian pivot, US needs to show the initiative instead of unproductive talks.

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Posted in: China, 21 other countries initiate new Asian bank See in context

In Asia, many nations are still backward and lacking the fund for building modernized infrastructure. India has many injury and death due to people travelling on the roof of the trains. Thanks to that initiative, poor and backward nations will get the loan for modernization.

U.S. objections dwell mainly on worries the new infrastructure bank could lower international lending standards and work against existing multination lenders by offering laxer environmental, labor and other safeguards for loans that are intended to prevent abuses and protect vulnerable populations.

International lending standard was the lowest in USA. USA has never honored the protocol of international banking regulation. Before 2008, US banks lent the unrecoverable loans to NINJA people. NINJA means No income, No Job and No access. The consequence was the Leighman brother bank collapsed the many banks from US got the domino effect. Since then world wide economic growth has slowed.

economically vibrant nations such as Singapore, Vietnam, the Philippines and Mongolia

Singapore is not only vibrant economically but also it is so good in infrastructure . Changi airport won the gold medal of world wide aiports Olympic. Their buses, transit trains are rock stars of Asia. Unlike US and Australia which is still in the colonial era for public transport. In Singapore, public transport is very convenient. Vietnam, Phillppines and Mongolia desperately need the modern and effective infrastructure

If PRC link the longest tunnel of rail line across the Asia, it will become like railway extension of wild west era of 19th century. The difference is these trains are super fast, clean and comfortable. It will reduce the air traffic congestion.

U.S. allies Japan, South Korea and Australia, whose membership was sought by China.

Japan and South Korea are modernized nations with better infrastructure. However Australia is still backward which has no high speed rail network. Within 20 years, it will become like granny flat of Asia.

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Posted in: Japanese firms want government action if yen weakens See in context

But let's face it, it only benefits a very small portion of the population, and most of these are the elite. The common man, and non-exporters are being screwed.

You may have come down from another planet. Japan domestic market is not sufficient for Japanese firms for surviving. Weak Yen will make Japanese export more competitive. It is good for Japanese export. Therefore it is good for employment. Since J Yen has fallen, rival Korean and Taiwan firms have to find the strategy for not shrinking their export market. Higher employment rate means more and more tax income for nation.

On the other hand, weak Yen will make cash rich investors will get low return. Outbound Tourists will get less money from foreign currency exchange. Imported materials and energy will be more expensive. Exporters have to absorb the low margin instead of passing to the consumers. It is the double edge of sword for economy.

Back in 1980s, J Yen was about three times lower than now. However Japan enjoyed the golden age of prosperity. Majority of common people shared the success of export boom. Unemployment rate was negligible. Weak Yen is good within the acceptable and reasonable range.

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