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Posted in: Univ student stabs woman to death because he 'wanted to kill someone' See in context

Anyway, this nation is seriously going down the toilet. Between all the child abductions (and murders), murders of family members over the most trivial of things (ex. keeps changing the channel, bothered me about phone bill, etc.), or stabbing of random strangers because they just wanted to know what it was like, it's not safe to be anywhere at any time anymore. This poor, poor young woman -- simply on her way home as usual and then having her life horribly and painfully taken away from her for NO REASON by some psycho scumbag who still gets to live and breathe and ponder life.

I totally agree with Smith. Japan is totally sick as chronic patient. There are not many good news from Japan except Mount Fuji is still calm. These scumbag should be hanged instead of pampering as mental patient. Japan is the sick man of Asia with endless brutal murders. There is no justice for victims. Recently celebrity soccer star Daisuke in car crash. He was suspected for murdering his wife. Due to his celebrity status, he has never been indicted. Thanks God he was punished by Karma.

Japan needs more capital punishments. Not less.

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Posted in: U.S. airmen swept out to sea by typhoon identified See in context

Base officials have said the airmen were on temporary duty at Kadena Air Base in Japan, and were visiting the coast when waves carried them into the ocean.

Okinawa coast is not safe for US service men. Even locals are scary about going there if there is the monsoon in Philippines or Taiwan. If Taiwan and Philippines sneeze, Okinawa will get the flu. If Japan is sick, Okinawa is still healthy.

Kadena base should relocate to other part of Japan. When I was visiting in US, one victim was sucked by Tornado and his body was never recovered. According his wife, he was sitting near her and suddenly gone with the wind.

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Posted in: Cameron reminds China of obligations over Hong Kong See in context


In my humble knowledge, HK was a spoilt of war without water. When Britain could not get the water and fresh vegetables, they had to lease New Territory with 99 years contract back in 1897. New Territory is the life blood of HK Island.

Margaret Thatcher tried to leave HK when the lease matured. However Deng Xiaopping said, he will send Marines if it is not returned. Iron lady consulted Military experts for fighting with PRC. Strategist assumed that fighting PRC without drinking water will be fruitless and waste of lives and time.

At the end Iron Lady reluctantly signed hand over deal. If Britain is still ruling HK, the governor is still being elected from London as CEO from Pro Beijing voting group. Not from HK citizens. Cameron is the Pot who called Kettle Black. His words may be sweet. His heart is black as Beijing too.

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Posted in: Russians love their children, too - but that alone won't stop a nuclear war See in context

It expanded in 2004 to include three Baltic states that border Russia, disregarding Russia’s express opposition. And when the West reached for Ukraine, the sleeping bear had finally had enough and so it reared up.

Back in 1962, Russia tried to install the missile base in Cuba which is the door step of US. President J F Kennedy boiled with temper and retaliated with anger. There was an almost missiles exchange between two giants. Two US planes were shot down.

Thanks to UN General Secretary U Thant (Myanmar wise and smart man), thing was settled. If US does not want to be cornered inside the ring, Russia does not want it too. Expanding the NATO base touching the Russia border was nothing different from Cuban missiles crisis.

If there is another Cuban crisis, Ban Ki Moon is not capable of finding the solution as U Thant. It is doubtful he is up to the his job. New UN Chief should be the man in action with solution.

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Posted in: Balancing act See in context

Monkey makes money for risking his or her life. Cruel and heartless boss enjoyed monkey labour. Monkey is used to be slaves during the Edo era. Japan needs the liberation of monkeys as the movie of planet of Apes.

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Posted in: Video purports to show beheading of second U.S. journalist See in context

“I’m back, Obama, and I’m back because of your arrogant foreign policy toward the Islamic State ... despite our serious warnings,” the fighter says.

Uncomfortable truth is Obama supplied US made weapons to IS during Syrian Civil war. Now IS used US supplied weapons and murdering US civilians. During Afgan war, US supplied weapons to Afgan rebels who fought with USSR. Those rebels become the murderers of US citizens and Osama Bin Laden was the daring of US during Afgan war. Back stabbing has become the posionous snake. In fact Obama should support the Syrian government who is pro western.

Obama failed his people, duty and nation. No terrorist has directly threatened the President of US with blunt message. US is the Super Power armed with nuclear stock pile. Now barbaric terrorist is threatening the commander of chief as clown.

If Ronald Regan is the current president of states, that murderer will share the same cruel fate as his victim

While Obama is debating and playing golf, American journalists are losing head like silence of the lamb. If the founding fathers of 13 states are alive, they will be deeply offended by Obama and dysfunctional administration.

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Posted in: Actor-comedian Robin Williams found dead in apparent suicide See in context

I am a loyal fan of him since watching Good Morning Vietnam about 20 yrs ago. His acting was very natural and facial expression was transparent as mirror. Nine Month movie he acted as Obstetrician was so funny. My Vietnamese friends said Robin was adorable because of his honest and sincere expression. There were no over acting or under performing from that talented masterpiece of human. He may be even performed better than Charlie Chaplin who was the legend.

Robin was one of the gifted actor who can delicately fine balance between the natural instinct and controlled or forceful emotion as someone walking on the robe. He is simply irreplaceable like other legends. RIP!

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Posted in: Australia investigates 'pedophile' father in Thai surrogate baby scandal See in context

Gammy will be better off his future in Australia because he needs special health care and special education which Thai does not have it

In Australia, many Children have been killed by their lunatic parents every year. According media, Gammy biological father was a pedophile. NSW Community service minister Pru Goward is still in her job despite many innocent kids have been butchered on her watch. She has been her job for many years even bombardment of criticism from media. There is difference between Australia and Thai is pampering incompetent and well connected bureaucrats in Oz. Thai medical standard has improved a lot and not much different from Australia now.

200K medical bill can run out quickly in Oz. Universal health care ( medicare) is not effective for special elective surgery such as lung infection and heart impairment.

In Thailand, killing own off spring is extremely rare. Even Gammy and his sister will be under community care of Australia, they can not watch and protect them for 24 hrs and 7 days. There were many losses of innocent lives in oz under home and community care service.

Sending Gammy to Australia may cause the unthinkable consequence. At the moment, he is safer and well cared by his surrogate mother. No one can replace her maternal instinct and protectiveness of that unlucky child.

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Posted in: Japan PM tells Brazil 'Abenomics' working, time to do more business See in context

Looks like Abe is successful in wherever countries he visits and he couldn't care less how he is criticized.

Brazil is the nation of second highest Japanese population of the world. It is not like other nations. Many Brazil born Japanese descendant do not buy the theory of Japan is growing again. It is only growing in debt and inflation. Not the real economic strength of high domestic consumption and export boom they have appreciated back in 1970s and 1980s.

If Japan is promising for growth and better opportunities, there will be more children from youth. The reason of declining birth rate is reflecting the lack of confidence from consumers. Japan is the land of setting Sun after third arrow has been shot. There is no more arrow left for Abe for revitalizing the economy again.

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Posted in: Sasebo girl says she wanted to see what it was like to kill someone See in context

She is a minor. It is unlikely she will be punished. There is a four years gap for her for becoming the adult. She has already committed unthinkable crime. If she is still allowed to be free for another four years, there will be risks for other girls and rest of the community.

There is no excuse for mental health excuse for getting away with her barbaric crime. She should be faced with capital punishment when she becomes adult. Otherwise, she should be locked up for rest of her life for not committing that same crime again. RIP for poor victim and family.

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Posted in: Messi named player of the tournament; Neuer wins World Cup Golden Glove See in context


Sorry! What I meant was maximizing the goals(most goals scored as you said) through out the tournament from single player. However there is no limit for maximum.

In the last 30 years or so 6 has usually been enough to win it (or share it)!

You are right! Modern games were more defensive and scored less goals. There was a magic moment in 1958 from Sweden player called as Just Fontaine who scored 13 goals during the tournament. He was a extraordinary of mankind and proud history of Golden Boot movement.


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Posted in: Messi named player of the tournament; Neuer wins World Cup Golden Glove See in context

Sunday’s final, was named the Golden Boot player of the tournament.

Messi was named the Golden Ball player! Not the Golden Boot player. For winning the title of Golden Boot, the player have to score maximum goal such as five or six goals. He did not score much goal.

Golden ball is more about the consolation rather than achievement. Such as honorable degree for someone who has never been to university for his celebrity status .

Golden Boot title belong to Columbia player James Rodriguez who had scored six goals in 2014 WC. He is only 22 years old. If he was not fouled by Brazilian cowboys, he may scored more. Congratulation to Colombian boy!




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Posted in: More misery for Brazil as Dutch take third place 3-0 See in context

When Oscar went down in the box following a Blind challenge midway through the second period,

It is fall inside the box. Referee should check his eyes sight for innocent fall and prepared fall with exaggeration. Oscar is not cheater and actor. He was pure and clean as Snow White. Robben should be rewarded with Oscar award for his acting skills.

I wish Robben will compete as Diver in the coming Olympic in Brazil. He will be the legend as expert of diver and striker.

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Posted in: Argentina beat Netherlands in penalty shootout to reach World Cup final See in context

There is the tragedy of Holland team. Since 1974 it has been runner up for many times. Unlike other teams Holland has never won the trophy before.

Hiring super genius Duct coach will be journey of the Doom for Manchester United. He was stupid enough to used all available substitutes.David Luis has been bought of 90 millions for strong and solid defense. In my living memory, he was the weakest defender.

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Posted in: Belgium holds on to beat U.S. 2-1 in extra time See in context

Green pulled one back in the 107th minute with a sterling volley on the turn that Thibaut Courtois could only touch before he saw it fly into his net

That goal was lightening and spectacular. USA has many creative strikers. I guess most of them sitting on sideline because of Coach. If Demsey and Green attack combined earlier, there will be more cracks from Belgium defense.

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Posted in: Robben in penalty storm as Dutch sink Mexico See in context

it was more a penalty kick served to the Dutch on a silver platter than a dive.

Not all referee will made the same decision as that one. That one lacks the common sense.

Mexico coach Miguel Herrera lashed out at referee Proenca for awarding the penalty.Television replays suggested he had a point.





If you replay your video, he was ready to fall before the physical contact. His facial expression is in Agony. In the die hard tournament, it should not be biased with injustice. I am not a soccer Guru however most of the world wide news media concluded that penalty was the error of referee. In 2010 WC, Mexico was sent home with injustice. It was the referee error too.

Argentinian goal against Mexico allowed despite scored from an offside position – led to renewed debate over the lack of video technology in refereeing in 2010 WC.

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Posted in: Robben in penalty storm as Dutch sink Mexico See in context

"The determining factor was the man with the whistle. He put us of the World Cup,” Herrera said."

It was the slightest of touches. The Mexican captain Marquez had planted his foot, Robben got a light touch but then he flopped over in the manner of an Oscar winner. His offence was worse than Suraez who did not change the outcome of match. Cheat to win is not the glory for winner who is the champion of fall and fall again.

Referee should go back to see Video playback for his unforgivable incompetence . His error at last minute of game has caused the cruelty and injustice for honest and hardworking players. There are many referee errors in this world cup including Bosnia and Nigeria offside goal.







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Posted in: Iraq insurgents seize oilfields, hit air base as U.S. advisers arrive See in context

U.S. special forces troops and intelligence analysts arrived to help Iraqi security forces counter a mounting Sunni insurgency.

Obama is a lawyer. He thinks Baghad is the court room for the cross examination between Sunni insurgents and Shitte majority population. While US experts are advising the Iragi military commanders, their meeting room will be seized by insurgents within a few days.

In recent days, Baghdad’s grip on the Western frontier with Syria and Jordan has also been challenged.

At the end, Obama and Kerry are all talks and lack the substances. ISIS are advancing toward Baghad. Their trophy is not only Irag but also Jordan and Syria for establishing the United States of Sunni Islamic Saudi Arabia empire.

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Posted in: Scoreless draw keeps Japan and Greece alive See in context

Japan national team playing for 2014 world cup is not better than the old teams played in 2010 or 2002. Even it may be worse than those teams. Back then Japanese teams were more energized and better capitalized on the opportunities. There is no any creativity, speed or hunger from players in 2014.

Japan is England of Asia which will be exaggerated by media before the game. When the game started, they have never met the expectations of their fans and early exit is always predictable. The whole management and structure of team should be changed.

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Posted in: Hashimoto says allied soldiers raped women after D-Day See in context

My point is Japanese are sick and tired of and angry at being criticized every day by SK/China/USA over something that happened more than 70 years ago.

If Japanese politicians admitted our forefathers including Abe grandpa was a rapist, there will be no more noise. I can forgive Japanese soldiers raping young women during war time.

However I can not forgive one particular nation is turning blind eyes on raping their poor young women during the peace time. It is neither US or Japan or EU nations.

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Posted in: Netherlands humiliate Spain 5-1; Mexico downs Cameroon 1-0; Chile beats Australia 3-1 See in context

To my credit to Netherlands team, they are in the peak physical condition and run like the deer which was chased by tiger.

Spain played total football strategy was a brain child of 1970s Holland coach(old name of Netherlands). Spain team usual short pass to each other did not work in this match. Spaniards have lost the mojo for controlling the ball. The differences are speed, will to die for winning and amazing fitness of two veterans of Dutch team.

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Posted in: Highly skilled foreigners to be allowed to stay permanently in Japan See in context

@Pratima Gojanur

yes we do not have bullet trains because we are still progressing

That progress take too long and causing many injuries and deaths. During the peak hours, many people risked their lives for travelling on the roof top of trains. Many foreign contractors proposed the modernization of Indian railway system since 1990s. However it is still progressing for many decades.

have you seen India?

Of course! I have been to Amritsar, Jalandar and Chandigarh. I have seen impressive Bangalo and Hyperdad universities. On the contrast I have seen Mumbai Slum and inequality and injustice for people leaving behind. There is nothing can beat the efficiency and accuracy of dabba wallahs (lunch delivery for office workers).

do not judge if you r lacking knowledge.

If you read my post again, I am welcoming about Indian immigrants rather than whinging westerners. Many Indian army of professionals are leaving India everyday. In my knowledge, it is not only about higher pay and higher living standard. It is escaping from pollution, traffic congestion, corruption and inequality.

India is beautiful in its own way

Golden Temple and Taj Mahal are beautiful in own way. However they are men made. When I watched Aradhada Indian movie, I noticed that Kashmir is very beautiful. When I watched Sholay, I realized that sholay rocky area are exotic and intimidating. When I watched Nagin ( Indian snake folk tale), forest sence are beautiful. Yadon Ki Barat is one of my favorite india movie and I saw the beautiful scenes too. I did not say India is not beautiful. Japan is a bit more beautiful.

whatever,India is India and we love japan..so???

I love both! However I want to see India is more modernized, orderly and stamp out the criminals. Indian young women professionals are safer in Japan rather than India.

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Posted in: Highly skilled foreigners to be allowed to stay permanently in Japan See in context

Highly skilled IT professional who are good enough for Silicon Valley are mostly from I which is representing India and T which is representing Taiwan. I am not sure about Taiwanese. However many Indians IT experts want to live in Japan because it is clean, modernized, low in crime rate and orderly. India has no bullet trains, cherry blossom and mouth Fuji. There is no other place like Japan which have longevity and politeness.

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Posted in: Huge Russia-China gas deal still leaves door open to Japan See in context


PRC needs to do alot of construction to do into actually utilizing the natural gas they are going to buy

In my opinion, PRC used to get the cheaper LNG deals with neighbors because of independent foreign policy. Japan is not independent. Of course! Japan is more advanced in technology. In the market, that factor does not make the competitiveness. Currently Japan is paying to Russia for same quality and quantity of LNG for many times more than PRC. It is because Russia believe that PRC is bigger promising market and it is important for Geo Political interest. Japan is not.

they are going to buy since they still lack the infrastructure.

PRC has been importing LNG with pipe lines from other neighbors before getting the deal with Russia.

The gas is transported through the 739 km Myanmar-China gas pipeline, which is linked to CNPC's 1,727 km network in southwestern China.

From Central Asia, China also imported 1.17 million mt of gas from Turkmenistan in September, a 26.4% year on year increase, the data also showed.

Uzbekistan gas pipeline imports totaled 169,086 mt last month, compared with just 15,244 mt a year earlier.


The real burden is the amount of gas lost during transport and that amount accumulates in a steady pace since you can't stop evaporation of LNG.

One of the risks of LNG is a rapid phase transition explosion, which occurs when cold LNG comes into contact with water. Now a days, it can minimize the loss with extreme cautions.

The most important infrastructure needed for LNG production and transportation is an LNG plant consisting of one or more LNG trains, each of which is an independent unit for gas liquefaction. Russia and PRC have proximity. Short LNG pipelines for use in moving product from LNG vessels to onshore storage are available. Longer pipelines, which allow vessels to offload LNG at a greater distance from port facilities are under development. This requires pipe in pipe technology due to requirements for keeping the LNG cold.

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Posted in: Girls, girls, girls See in context

The name of band is AKB48. If they have 51 now, the name should be changed as Army of Girls which is bigger than Girl Generation and Kara.

To me, they are dynamic, youthful and entertaining. I do not mind whether they have talent or not. That girls like Macdonald staff. When they have reach certain age, they have to say farewell to the band.

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Posted in: Japan's industrial production falls 2.5%; inflation up 3.2% See in context

Accodrding Abenomic principles. consumer inflation should be tied up within 2% range. 3.2% is not encouraging sign. It can be risen further after adjusting with consumers price index. As Japanese industrial output has declined to the 2.5% means Japan is exporting less to oversea. Domestically Japan can not stimulate the growth driven consumption too.

It is true that no risks mean no growth. However artifcial growth which was stimulted by pumping of money is unsustainable too. Abe may has another special hidden arrow after sales tax hike. Low output, high inflation and low consumer confidence will make Japan as the land of the setting Sun.

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Posted in: Putin says Russia ready for talks with Japan over disputed islands See in context

The USA has an aliance with Japan in order to have a military presence next to China, Russia and North Korea.

USA has got the lesson from Cuban crisis for counter installation of missiles base in Cuba. If US base is too close to Russia, Russia will repeat the history again. Russia has shot down two U-2 planes during the crisis. The response from President John F Kennedy was we forgave you whatever you have don if your base leave from Cuba.


It is better for US of the A does not poke the Bee nest again. Currently PRC balletic missiles are targeting the US bases around the Japan. Of course! US can easily strike back. However Japanese civilians have already been wiped out before that.

The more base means the more body bags of Civilians.

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Posted in: China should build ties with Russia to counter Japan: newspaper See in context

sourpuss MAY. 23, 2014 - 09:41AM JST

The US is now the largest fossil fuel producer in the world.

So what? US has high deposit of LNG and champion for Wheat harvest too. Why not Japan import more from US instead of Russia. Transport and logistic cost is major concern. Russia is near by neighbor of Japan. It is more convenient for buying from Russia.

If you are resident of Japan, Russian LNG is warming your room in the winter. Your noddles are made with Russian wheat.

They have played the gas card too often with Europe, and now the rest of the world has seen through them.

As a consumers, EU has freedom to choose to buy from anywhere else. Russia is not pointing the Guns to them for buying from them. Energy security and reliability is EU insecurity. Russians can sleep well without EU. EU can not sleep well without Russia Gas.

Clearly two double-dealers like Russia and China are going to be at each others throats more the closer and more dependent they become on each other.

Russia and China were back stabbed by Henry Kissinger for US interest of containment of evil empire before. Now it was the history. It will not repeat again.

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Posted in: We protest See in context

JoeBigs MAY. 21, 2014 - 10:32AM JST

Actually most if not all of those elderly are party of the Communist Party and the Socialist Party. Hell, if we did a bit of searching we would most likely find some members of The Japanese Red Army at these protests.

So what! Japan has many homeless and unemployed people needed to be taken care by Communist party and Socialist party. Changing pacific constitution will make US military contractors and weapons manufacturers richer. It is not the interest of poor and broke Japanese Red Army.

In the USA, there are free food vouchers for hungry and broke. Not in the Japan. It is what Japanese Red Army is fighting for not changing the constitution. Food before the Fighter Jets!

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Posted in: Thailand's army declares martial law See in context

detlef langer May. 20, 2014 - 06:06PM JST

Nevertheless, it is a coup, regardless of the motive and reasoning behind it.

Depending on the duration of military government term. If they restore law and order and transfer power back to civilian government in the short term. It is not coup. It is the acceptable transit government. I can not say three months term military government as coup. If they hold the power for decades like neighboring Myanmar, it is the coup.

For westerners, military intervention is highly undesirable. However it has been the way of life in S E Asia. Besides that Thai military has taken the power before. Mostly they are transitional due to obeying the order of monarch. Without military, Thai is hopeless, chaotic and unsafe.

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