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Posted in: China says tracking COVID cases now 'impossible' as infections soar See in context

Here come the hoards of Chinese tourists. This will, of course ONLY result in a boost in the economy in Japan, and definitely NOT increase Covid numbers.

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Posted in: Ad agency Hakuhodo, others raided as Olympic bid-rigging investigation widens See in context

There’s no way corporate corruption exists in the perfect country of Japan.

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Posted in: Kishida, Xi meet as tensions grow over Taiwan, East China Sea See in context

WiseOneIn KansaiToday  01:00 pm JST

@ awa no Gaijin and stephen chin

The truth is that Taiwan was a independent free republic nation before Japan colonized it for 50 years and ended its sovereignty.

Why should Taiwan trouble Japan? Does Japan want to colonize Formosa again?

You guys live so in the past. That all happened over 70 years ago.

I often meet my Taiwanese colleagues and I having been raised in the West, asked them about Taiwan's colonization openly over dinner one night. There were some negative aspects as with all forms of colonization but they said that living standards, education, population, infrastructure and standard of living improved greatly. They ended the night saying "The past is the past!!"

Once the LDP stops going annually to Yasukuni to honour the 14 convicted (by the World court no less) Class-A war criminals, then Japan itself could be considered as having can stopped living in the past.

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Posted in: Kishida, Xi meet as tensions grow over Taiwan, East China Sea See in context

Whilst also inviting over the evil Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman for his oil, training the Myanmar Junta, trying to keep the gas project going with lovely Russia, all of the J corporations still doing business in the latter two countries, and so on and so on. Knowing to not fear losing political power, as the general public will always keep them voting for them. No shame, no morals?

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Posted in: China steps up anti-COVID measures in megacities as infections mount See in context

SpeedToday  01:24 pm JST

Glad I don't live in China

yet the j-gov just started allowing free entry of all Sinovac-vaxed foreigners, just to boost the economy and their own popularity.

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Posted in: China urges 'patience' as COVID cases rebound ahead of key congress See in context

Concerning in that Japan will be opening its borders to this Sinovac-immunized country, which will probably lead to an 8th wave.

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Posted in: N Korea fires ballistic missile over Japan; some trains suspended See in context

You know things are messed up when your country’s only savior is Dennis Rodman.

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Posted in: 'Passengers who don’t want to be groped, please use the rear train cars' announcement angers many See in context

As long as the good ol’ LDP stays in charge, no social reforms will ever occur.

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Posted in: Japan eyes lifting of pre-departure COVID tests for inbound vaccinated travelers: media See in context

Who in the right mind would want to come to the country with the most Covid cases in the World for the past month?

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Posted in: Spreading COVID-19 infections among aides to Kishida raise caution See in context

Kishida-san’s led LDP is the best in the World…at highest # cases per capita:


thus of course its staffers are now all becoming infected. Rest assured though that there’s no need to worry as all of them also ride the packed Yamanote everyday like the rest of us.

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Posted in: Japan looks to regions to mount COVID fight as variant spreads See in context

In America this is known as “passing the buck”. Here it’d be “円を渡す”

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Posted in: Japan tops global new COVID cases in week to Sunday: WHO See in context

40,406 in Tokyo today. The anti-vax crowd here have better odds in their local Yak pachinko parlor.

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Posted in: 2nd Japan case of monkeypox confirmed in Tokyo See in context

…and “Japan marks world's highest number of weekly COVID cases“. This is not going well.

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Posted in: Japanese police raid home of Tokyo Olympics executive See in context

“Greed is good” - Gordan Gecko-san in the movie Wallstreet

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Posted in: Japan's 1st case of monkeypox confirmed in Tokyo See in context

MontyToday  09:27 am JST

spread through close physical contact

Means exactly what?

thankfullly the commute on the Yamanote is quite spacious.

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Posted in: Japan's 1st case of monkeypox confirmed in Tokyo See in context

ReadyfortakeoffToday  09:29 am JST

They did not say the nationality of the man. But the rule of thumb is if they omit the nationality, it is a foreigner.

you have it completely backwards. They always write if it’s a foreigner (easy to blame), and make it sound more ambiguous when it’s a national.

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Posted in: Angels rebuff calls to trade star Ohtani See in context

SDCAToday  10:22 am JST

Trout, Rendon, and a possible record breaking contract for Ohtani would push them into the luxury tax. The rest of the club would have to be minor league players.

Based upon their current record of 39-55, it seems like the rest of the Angels are already playing at the minor league level.

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Posted in: Japan reports 195,161 coronavirus cases See in context

If the j-gov approach to Covid has been the best, then why is Japan experiencing a “seventh wave”, whilst my relatives in California are just now going through only their fourth?

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Posted in: Japan aims to maintain stakes in Russia's Sakhalin 2 energy project See in context

Money over morals...further proof that the pro-LDP corporations are no different than the USA's GOP ones.

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Posted in: Ex-PM Abe in critical condition after being shot while campaigning in Nara See in context

At the extremely slow pace that they loaded him into the medical helicopter, it appears that he most likely is deceased.

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Posted in: IOC's Bach praises Japan's coordination behind Sapporo bid See in context

of Course he does as he can take those back alley payments in lowly ¥, and cash out later if the Japan’s economy ever recovers. Not a bad bet, as j-gov/BOJ artificially will ensure that he doesn’t lose money.

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Posted in: Japan reports 45,821 coronavirus cases See in context

No need to worry Tokyoites, as the Koike-San has got everything under control again:


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Posted in: Schalke signs Japan captain Maya Yoshida to bolster defense See in context

The same Yoshida that was on the pitch when the “bolstered” Saints lost 0-9 to Leicester?

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Posted in: Add this year’s GBL line of Studio Ghibli shirts for adults to your casually stylish collection See in context

At almost ¥20,000 for a single shirt, you’d expect at least silk rather than cheap rayon in the manufacturing.

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Posted in: Gov't issues power usage warning for Tokyo area as temperatures soar See in context

And what about shutting down all those Ginza lights?

no way that’ll happen for how will the LDP leaders find their way to their favorite steaku houses?

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Posted in: Biden urges Western unity on Ukraine at G7 summit See in context

Oh great LDP, have you no shame? how can you stand there smiling when “Less than 3% of Japanese firms exiting Russia; lowest among G7: survey“?

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Posted in: Less than 3% of Japanese firms exiting Russia; lowest among G7: survey See in context

”Greed is good” - Gordon Gecko in the movie Wall Street.

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Posted in: Gov't issues power usage warning for Tokyo area as temperatures soar See in context

Shibuya Scramble will definitely conserve power, eh?

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Posted in: Power-saving reward points worth ¥2,000 to be given to households See in context

Hey if the LDP will cover the cost of a dozen natto packs from Aeon, they got my vote….and what is the sound of sheep?

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Posted in: Food prices rising in Japan; cooking oil up 1.5-fold on year See in context

…and yet the sheep will still vote LDP.

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