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Zeram1 comments

Posted in: Private U.S. spacecraft is on its side on the moon with some antennas covered up See in context

Jaxa’s SLIM = upside down

Intuitive Machines’ NOVA-C = on its side

Future SPACE-X craft = perfect landing and full incorporation rights to the entire Moon.

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Posted in: Japan industry minister says he is reviewing finances amid funds scandal See in context

Corrupt LDP leaders? I’m shocked!

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Posted in: Olympic president Thomas Bach urged by IOC members to extend term limit and seek 4 more years See in context

What does Bach have in common with Xi Jinping, Putin, and Trump? All have (or at least wanted to) extend their top post beyond original governing rules.

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Posted in: Kim Jong Un stops to see a fighter jet factory in Russia See in context

All you’d need would be Xi in the same picture to complete the “Trinity of Evil”. Unfortunate that they’re all nearby neighbors. I’d be in support of a small scale targeted nuke gps coordinated to the camera when it clicks.

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Posted in: Japan, Indonesia expand cooperation over maritime security, energy See in context

Are they the most popular Osakan Manzai act (漫才) at the moment?

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Posted in: 'It hurts my heart': Japan's Kanto massacre, 100 years on See in context

KniknaknokkaerToday  09:54 am JST

YubaruToday  09:14 am JST

The only blatant experience I had of this fairly early in the pandemic was when I walked up to a crossing and was waiting, an older guy close by looked at me and moved away closer to a (presumably) Japanese person.

Ojii-chan would’ve done this even prepandemic. Haven’t you ever ridden on a train yet?

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Posted in: All 14 Toyota factories in Japan halt operations due to massive glitch See in context

those sneaky Chinese CCP hacking agents are getting better at hiding their tracks.

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Posted in: Popular S Korean DJ shocked, scared after being groped at Japan event See in context

Her problem is that she didn’t expect it, in the country where women are sex objects and not respected. I guess that the Koreans haven’t gotten around to stealing this misogynistic attitude and behavior from Japanese as of yet.

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Posted in: Kishida sends offering to Yasukuni shrine on WWII anniversary See in context

The Japanese equivalent of the US Proudboys pictured are the ones that are dangerous. The crazy otaku in Imperial WWII cosplay regalia are just moronic.

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Posted in: Catch 'em all: Pokemon hooks kids, parents and investors See in context

Thus the lovely area down the coast is temporarily known as “Yotakuhama”:-)

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Posted in: Biden's reelection bid faces vulnerabilities in wake of special counsel appointment See in context

His loser of a son Hunter is the best opportunity/excuse for him not to run for a second term, and allow any of the younger Dems to take his place.

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Posted in: Smart girls don’t marry? Japan rushes to erase stigma for women in science See in context

Referring to a third year university student as still being a “girl”, shows the bias of the article’s emphasis.

As for “a Chinese educator… in Japan on a cultural exchange program”, one would think that the educational system would pave learned from all of the prior spying incidents.

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Posted in: Young Chinese entrepreneurs starting new businesses in Japan See in context

Will it still be considered spying or espionage when they ultimately steal the info, data, etc. and send it back to the CCP?

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Posted in: At least 130,000 bank accounts affected by latest My Number ID card issue See in context

Further proof that Japan resistance to change (I.e. hanko, burdensome amounts of requisite documentation, etc.), has resulted it not being able to implement newer technologies.

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Posted in: 4 Chinese arrested by Japanese police for smuggling 700 kg of drugs See in context

one_consciousnessToday  06:55 am JST

JT can you state the significance of these suspect's nationality being in the headline (or in the story at all)?

Being that this was the second largest seizure ever, whilst the largest was due to the criminal activity of Chinese nationals as well, perhaps it’s showing a relevant trend.

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Posted in: Kishida, Yoon jointly visit cenotaph to Korean atomic bomb victims See in context

The little fat boy North of the DMZ can be thanked for all of this loving/let’s bury the hatchet that’s now joining the two nations together.

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Posted in: Florida Gov DeSantis to visit Japan on Monday See in context

The general public exists shallowly, not even caring or knowing about World affairs. They went ecstatic for Trump at the basho, so why not invite with open arms another right wing idiot?

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Posted in: Putin bestows friendship award on U.S. actor Seagal See in context

Not sure whether this friendship is as hilarious as the Little Fatboy / Dennis Rodman one.

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Posted in: Japan to relax border control for passengers from China on March 1 See in context

ifd66Today  08:28 am JST

Chinese tourists made only for roughly 0.4% of Japan's GDP.

So on a cost benefit analysis - to ensure quality of life for locals, emissions issues etc - it seems clear that tourism from abroad should be limited to 'sustainable' levels.

Having experienced pre-pandemic Kyoto, then even the amount from China which generated that 0.4% is too large.

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Posted in: Japan to relax border control for passengers from China on March 1 See in context

I lost count. Will this result in the 8th or 9th wave?

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Posted in: G7 vows to strengthen coordinated sanctions on Russia over Ukraine See in context

Mr KiplingToday  07:19 am JST

How stupid is Europe? or rather how subservient?

These sanctions are designed to damage the industries of Europe not Russia.

Who gains? Undemocratic oil exporting kingdoms, China, India and of course the US master.

Even Russia gains from the increased oil and gas prices.

one word: sakhalin-2

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Posted in: Japan establishes simplified visa track for skilled foreigners See in context

Who that’s making at least ~$200k/yr, would come to Japan to get paid approx half of the amount?

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Posted in: Japan to ease COVID-19 border controls on travelers from China See in context

Here comes the ninth wave

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Posted in: China says tracking COVID cases now 'impossible' as infections soar See in context

Here come the hoards of Chinese tourists. This will, of course ONLY result in a boost in the economy in Japan, and definitely NOT increase Covid numbers.

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Posted in: Ad agency Hakuhodo, others raided as Olympic bid-rigging investigation widens See in context

There’s no way corporate corruption exists in the perfect country of Japan.

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Posted in: Kishida, Xi meet as tensions grow over Taiwan, East China Sea See in context

WiseOneIn KansaiToday  01:00 pm JST

@ awa no Gaijin and stephen chin

The truth is that Taiwan was a independent free republic nation before Japan colonized it for 50 years and ended its sovereignty.

Why should Taiwan trouble Japan? Does Japan want to colonize Formosa again?

You guys live so in the past. That all happened over 70 years ago.

I often meet my Taiwanese colleagues and I having been raised in the West, asked them about Taiwan's colonization openly over dinner one night. There were some negative aspects as with all forms of colonization but they said that living standards, education, population, infrastructure and standard of living improved greatly. They ended the night saying "The past is the past!!"

Once the LDP stops going annually to Yasukuni to honour the 14 convicted (by the World court no less) Class-A war criminals, then Japan itself could be considered as having can stopped living in the past.

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Posted in: Kishida, Xi meet as tensions grow over Taiwan, East China Sea See in context

Whilst also inviting over the evil Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman for his oil, training the Myanmar Junta, trying to keep the gas project going with lovely Russia, all of the J corporations still doing business in the latter two countries, and so on and so on. Knowing to not fear losing political power, as the general public will always keep them voting for them. No shame, no morals?

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Posted in: China steps up anti-COVID measures in megacities as infections mount See in context

SpeedToday  01:24 pm JST

Glad I don't live in China

yet the j-gov just started allowing free entry of all Sinovac-vaxed foreigners, just to boost the economy and their own popularity.

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Posted in: China urges 'patience' as COVID cases rebound ahead of key congress See in context

Concerning in that Japan will be opening its borders to this Sinovac-immunized country, which will probably lead to an 8th wave.

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Posted in: N Korea fires ballistic missile over Japan; some trains suspended See in context

You know things are messed up when your country’s only savior is Dennis Rodman.

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