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Posted in: Woman arrested for stabbing 17-year-old son See in context

It's like a Japanese drama but real! D:

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Posted in: New daycare centers held up by residents opposing noisy kids See in context

I agree with ribstick... It's understandable that many people may be fine with a few laughing children but not a building full of kids screaming at all hours of the day. Either they should soundproof the walls or play the daycare facilities in busy, non-residential areas. A lot of people here are older and want to rest at home in peace and they deserve that.

As for the advertising trucks and whatnot that people keep mentioning, most of those noises are just annoying, not quite so high pitched and earsplitting. Biologically, children screaming and crying is MEANT to cause us great distress so that we run to take care of them... I hope I don't get too much hate on me, but I personally have ears very sensitive to high pitched noises like screaming and even prefer to use plastic instead of silverware because the sound bothers me so much. My ears have just been like that since I was a kid...

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Posted in: Documents reveal chaotic U.S. military sex-abuse record in Japan See in context

@Frungy That's exactly what I was thinking... The difference in those two punishments was absolutely shocking!

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Posted in: Trial begins for couple who abandoned 3 newborn babies over 9-year period See in context

@Disillusioned Actually, to be a serial killer you have to KILL at least three people at at least three different times. Though even if all of the babies died you might not even really consider them two of your typical serial killers, because they didn't seem to set out to downright murder them like Bundy...Instead they would have died of neglect which would probably be manslaughter.

But still serial offenses, and still scum of the earth! D:

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Posted in: ADB says China, Japan should tackle pollution together See in context

Yes! DO IT!! ;)

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Posted in: Texting, dialing while driving raises crash risk See in context

What? Nooooo.

Next they're going to try to say eating junk food makes you gain weight!

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