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Posted in: Shooting star seems to have exploded above Tokyo See in context

Everything is ok because Itomori was evacuated in time.

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Posted in: Japan's debt mountain: How is it sustainable? See in context

"90 percent of the debt is held by Japanese investors" in other words, a closed market.

Resource misallocation occurs when major asset classes (pensions etc) are forced to "invest" in government debt resulting in opportunity costs, uncompetitiveness, and economic stagnation.

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Posted in: Fuji TV to end reality show 'Terrace House' after cast member's death See in context

The show itself would not work if everyone pretended that all the cast were perfect and only handed out praise. The role of Yamasato-san in the panel is to roast anyone with flaws to generate conflicting commentary.

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Posted in: New shinkansen luggage rules start See in context

The oversized bags of the targeted foreign travelers tend to consume all hotel bag storage, coin lockers, and checkin counters at NRT.

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Posted in: Korean soccer club apologizes for putting sex dolls in seats See in context

Mannequins in a post apocalyptic world like in the movie I am Legend.

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Posted in: Tokyo deploys Marie Kondo in virus fight See in context

Sparking of any sort is not advised when you are trapped indoors on a bean diet.

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Posted in: 7 Japanese superfoods to boost your immune system See in context

Green tea may aid in zinc transport(ionophore) into cells where it is hypothesized to inhibit viral replication:



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Posted in: Rescheduled Tokyo Olympics may be held before summer 2021: Bach See in context

If Ikee Rikako manages to compete in the delayed Olympics, it would be the most symbolic and epic comeback imaginable.

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Posted in: Man arrested for assaulting 84-year-old father by yanking out his tooth See in context

There are more catalytic converters to steal for platinum than there are father's teeth for gold fillings.

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Posted in: Hundreds leave quarantined cruise ship in Yokohama as coronavirus concerns grow See in context

Avoid public restrooms due to the potential for aerosolized(=flushed) effluent and give a wide berth to diamond princesses.

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Posted in: Japanese data on cruise ship coronavirus infections backs quarantine strategy See in context

There were no infection containment procedures on board the ship when Iwata made his observations. Authorities chose to confine those aboard as if a leper colony or POWs in a state run experiment.

What laws are applicable when litigation begins? Maritime?

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Posted in: Human-hunting film set for release after Trump 'racist' row See in context

The movie genre is not new eg. Battle Royale, Hunger Games and there are countless 1st person shooter video games. Where was the outrage then?

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Posted in: Cruise ship virus cases jump to 175, including quarantine officer See in context

The ship's ventilation system could circulate virus containing aerosols since it isn't hospital grade. The quarantine protects against spread to state side, not within the ship.

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Posted in: Japan may expand ban on foreigners from China amid virus outbreak See in context

The plan for those contaminated is to contain them and then dump in the ocean. Oops, wrong article.

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Posted in: 7 injured after police helicopter crash-lands in Fukushima Pref See in context

Harvesting of organs is not necessarily donor constrained, according to Ishiguro Kazuo.

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Posted in: Survey asks Japanese women what best job for a husband is, with architect topping list See in context

Abe Hiroshi is the tall, handsome, eligible, architect in...

Mada Kekkon Dekinai Otoko

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Posted in: Japan had over 8,000 deaths related to drug-resistant bacteria in 2017 See in context

Antibiotics induce weight gain and resistance in animals raised for meat (and to humans when consumed). Over consumption of meat impacts the environment (water/acreage for feed, pollution, methane) and health(growth hormones, obesity, antibiotics, GI tract).

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Posted in: S Korea to use radiation detectors, food from home at Tokyo Olympics See in context

Seoul has banned imports of seafood from Japan's Fukushima region since the nuclear disaster

Let's see if they also ban any Korean labeled seafood re exported from polluted East Asia sources.

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Posted in: Japan, S Korea weigh creation of fund amid spat over wartime labor See in context

The Japanese and SK governments settled the matter in 1965. However SK's rulers hijacked the funds and did not settle with the victims or aggrieved.

Don't expect it to be different this time.

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Posted in: Children reveal more info on assailant who killed parents in Ibaraki home See in context

A junior detective would generate a contacts list from the household's cell phone records and go from there.

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Posted in: Trump says it looks like Iran was behind Saudi oil attacks See in context

Trump replaced the Iran Nuclear deal with sanctions at the behest of SA and Israel.

Well, SA got the oil price increase they expected from sanctions but the expense of damaged infrastructure and a permanent increase in security costs.

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Posted in: TEPCO will have to dump radioactive Fukushima water into Pacific, minister says See in context

The water is used for cooling so why couldn't they reuse cooled contaminated water ie. closed loop?

Granted, the concentration of contaminants would increase with every cycle but there would be less water volume to manage.

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Posted in: Hong Kong leader withdraws extradition bill that sparked protests See in context

Bringing your cellphone to a protest would negate the attempt to disguise one's identity. Even burner phones can be linked to personal phones due to colocation.

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Posted in: Japan speculates over identity of final Olympic torchbearer See in context

possibly Ikee Rikako because of the story of her success followed by her sudden health problem.

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Posted in: S Korea calls in Japanese diplomat over plans for Fukushima water See in context

Discharge into the Pacific won't directly affect Korean waters due to the Kuroshio current.

Nonetheless, calling attention to it is tactical stirring of the pot.

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Posted in: Rival rallies as Hong Kong's divisions deepen See in context

When a non-violent movement turns radical, it indicates infiltration or hijacking by extremists. Such disruptions may be masterminded by competing interests or the opposition to undermine the movement.

The alt-right and antifa both use such tactics.

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Posted in: S Korea says it 'won't be defeated again' by Japan See in context


"It was not until 2005 that declassified documents revealed the full terms of the 1965 agreement. President Park Chung-hee did not use the funds to compensate victims directly, as suggested by Japan, but instead invested the capital into the economy."

In other words, a past SK administration stole the funds intended for victims, leaving unresolved individual grievances. More recently, the SK government allowed grievances to proceed and prevail in SK courts without acknowledging the past corruption to their citizenry.

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Posted in: Japan-South Korea trade dispute threatens global tech market See in context

The failure was by the SK court that ruled for forced reparations by confiscation of Japanese corporate assets.

This has damaging implications for all foreign investment in SK in addition to the now escalating SK-J trade friction.

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Posted in: Japan population declines at fastest pace to 124.8 million: gov't See in context

The global economy is in a low growth era which means in countries like Japan having low population growth, per capita income will remain constant. Workforce headcount growth is not needed for economic growth in an age of automation and AI.

While not in an economic boom with an increasing standard of living, Japan has an advantage over economies that are leveraged upon growth to maintain financial & social stability.

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Posted in: Trump jokes to Putin: 'Don't meddle in the election, please' See in context

Manipulation and mud slinging for political gain are perennial, only the players and methods change.

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