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Posted in: Students hospitalized after eating teacher’s homemade yogurt See in context

The students learned the difference between lab researcher and lab rat.

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Posted in: Halloween revelers fill Shibuya with security tight after Seoul disaster See in context

Where's Waldo?

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Posted in: Woman pays for 'Russian astronaut' to return to Earth in marriage scam See in context

Somewhere in Shiga Prefecture, there is a small volume containing the vacuum of space.

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Posted in: Reviewing the economics of air conditioner use See in context

re question 1, variable refrigerant flow(VRF) type ACs/heat pumps are designed to operate continuously where disrupting operation by manually switching them on/off will increase power consumption as well as wear & tear.

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Posted in: Robot photos appear to show melted fuel at Fukushima reactor See in context

It's possible that it will never be fully cleaned up because over time, rationalization replaces motivation.

eg. The formerly unthinkable dumping of radioactive water into the Pacific is reality.

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Posted in: Civic group denounces arson attack on Korean settlement in Japan See in context

They should investigate thoroughly including all communications to ensure that he acted alone and not on behalf of others.

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Posted in: China's economy slows as Beijing wrestles with debt See in context

There is a possibility of contagion within China if not mitigated by CCP/CB intervention. The effects could spread offshore to the extent finance issues or energy shortages disrupts trade.

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Posted in: Japanese martial arts actor, 'Kill Bill' star Sonny Chiba dies at 82 due to COVID See in context

As Hattori Hanzo in Kill Bill, he was a cut above.

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Posted in: Cycling official injured after pileup See in context

High speed sports is everything that it is cracked up to be.

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Posted in: Ikee, returning from leukemia, to swim four events at Olympic qualifier See in context

With the symbolism in the year of the 10th anniversary of the 3/11 disaster, her recovery and comeback have the potential to become legendary.

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Posted in: Attacks on older Asians stoke fear in San Francisco Bay Area's Chinatowns See in context

The previous president blamed the "Chinese virus" in which racists naturally conflated ethnicity and the CCP. It's no surprise that all ethnic East Asians became targets of indiscriminate haters.

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Posted in: Dangerous liaison: New Zealand virus quarantine flaw exposed See in context

They forgot to hang the Do Not Disturb card on the doorknob.

When the bedsprings are a squeakin

Don't come peekin

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Posted in: Man referred to prosecutors over 'Terrace House' star's suicide See in context

Everyone understands that filming would be edited to fit not-necessarily-flattering narratives. The MCs also had roles in empathizing with or attacking the cast. Yamasato-san was the savage critic who spared no fools.

The show may have some degree of culpability in Kimura-san's demise but ultimately the cast members must bear the burden of negativity or fame.

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Posted in: Trump raises $170 million as he looks to future See in context

The PAC is for advancing Trump's interests which is only The Unchosen One himself.

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Posted in: Japan to release treated Fukushima water into sea, media report See in context

Billions in costs, ruined land & lives. This nuclear project is a massive loss exercise and will continue to consume resources of a diminishing economy. Time to reconsider the value of unmitigated growth and competition.

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Posted in: Hong Kong scientists say anti-microbe drug successful against coronavirus See in context

RBC is use to treat H. pylori which is endemic in East Asia. It suggests that certain authoritarian governments can do retrospective studies of their RBC taking populations. ie. RBC efficacy vs. COVID-19 can be extracted from patient data when unconstrained by patient privacy laws.

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Posted in: 2 remote Hokkaido towns seek to host nuclear waste storage site See in context

While Chernobyl, Hanford, and Fukushima are exemplary 1st order nuclear disasters, 2nd order disasters like leaking nuclear waste are a matter of time until exhaustion of resources and abandonment aka failure by default.

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Posted in: Leukemia-diagnosed swimmer Ikee to return to competition this month See in context

Ikee's struggle and determination is an inspiration that is further amplified by the pandemic. She is the physical and spiritual embodiment of "Surviving is Winning".

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Posted in: Last-ditch virus aid talks collapse in U.S.; no new help for jobless See in context

The most affected are those who have no reserves. Watch what happens when millions who have nothing left to lose are forcibly turned out on the streets. Hint: most of the property destruction in the Floyd riots were by done a relatively small number of extremists.

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Posted in: Mother of 'Terrace House' star files rights complaint over daughter's death See in context

Participants are acting on-camera in a combination of their genuine selves and that which is guided by the show.

"Reality TV" is anything but; an oxymoron.

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Posted in: Shooting star seems to have exploded above Tokyo See in context

Everything is ok because Itomori was evacuated in time.

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Posted in: Japan's debt mountain: How is it sustainable? See in context

"90 percent of the debt is held by Japanese investors" in other words, a closed market.

Resource misallocation occurs when major asset classes (pensions etc) are forced to "invest" in government debt resulting in opportunity costs, uncompetitiveness, and economic stagnation.

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Posted in: Fuji TV to end reality show 'Terrace House' after cast member's death See in context

The show itself would not work if everyone pretended that all the cast were perfect and only handed out praise. The role of Yamasato-san in the panel is to roast anyone with flaws to generate conflicting commentary.

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Posted in: New shinkansen luggage rules start See in context

The oversized bags of the targeted foreign travelers tend to consume all hotel bag storage, coin lockers, and checkin counters at NRT.

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Posted in: Korean soccer club apologizes for putting sex dolls in seats See in context

Mannequins in a post apocalyptic world like in the movie I am Legend.

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Posted in: Tokyo deploys Marie Kondo in virus fight See in context

Sparking of any sort is not advised when you are trapped indoors on a bean diet.

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Posted in: 7 Japanese superfoods to boost your immune system See in context

Green tea may aid in zinc transport(ionophore) into cells where it is hypothesized to inhibit viral replication:



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Posted in: Rescheduled Tokyo Olympics may be held before summer 2021: Bach See in context

If Ikee Rikako manages to compete in the delayed Olympics, it would be the most symbolic and epic comeback imaginable.

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Posted in: Man arrested for assaulting 84-year-old father by yanking out his tooth See in context

There are more catalytic converters to steal for platinum than there are father's teeth for gold fillings.

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Posted in: Hundreds leave quarantined cruise ship in Yokohama as coronavirus concerns grow See in context

Avoid public restrooms due to the potential for aerosolized(=flushed) effluent and give a wide berth to diamond princesses.

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