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Posted in: Grim warnings for White House, Republicans ahead of election See in context

Collective inaction enabled Trump to hijack the Republican party. Endangered Republican candidates have only themselves and their leadership to blame.

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Posted in: Myanmar defends Suu Kyi's silence over jailed reporters See in context

She has abandoned the democracy principles of her house arrest era in a cynical calculation. Popular support (from anti-Muslim majority) is in her favor to cling to power yet she demonstrates the lack of power with inaction.

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Posted in: China's 'Silk Road' project runs into debt jam See in context

Debt trap tactics are a form of "soft imperialism". Debt default enables the next level of intrusive entanglements. Project development is often conditionally awarded to firms of the creditor country which recaptures much of the project's value chain.

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Posted in: U.S. accuses China of 'super aggressive' spy campaign on LinkedIn See in context

Recruitment is a tool to vacuum up technology. Nothing new, except web makes it easier.

Foreign controlled firms act as the agent or agents target firms where infiltrators get access to trade secrets, patent proposals, and proprietary code.

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Posted in: Man arrested for molesting guy he thought was a woman See in context


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Posted in: Solar cookout aims to woo traditional chefs, cut carbon See in context

Solar to compete with gas for cooking?

It's a non starter with shady prospects.

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Posted in: Trump-Putin summit leaves wake of confusion, outrage in U.S. See in context

If a true crisis arises, how can Trump effectively lead when no one trusts him?

Nobody will storm Takeshi's Castle on orders from Trump.

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Posted in: 4 firms made foreign trainees do Fukushima decontamination work See in context

Need to determine if there was coercion, full disclosure of the hazards, and provision of adequate protection from hazards.

Perpetual exploitation of the disadvantaged is universal. In the 3rd world, the poor exploit those even poorer.

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Posted in: Outcry as Japanese winemaking couple ordered to leave France See in context

The story has a bouquet of a government official acting on behalf of a envious competitor.

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Posted in: Trump trade war to become reality as China tariffs hit See in context

I suspect Trump's tariffs are an attempt to foment destabilization to negotiate with a weakened/preoccupied adversary. Doubtful that he understands the risks in this game.

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Posted in: N Korea to close nuke test site in May See in context

did anyone imagine a few months ago a revocation of Aung San Suu Kyi's Nobel Peace Prize while DT might receive one for his threats of nuclear annihilation?

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Posted in: Kim says he, Moon are on starting line of new Korean history See in context

The merge of former East and West Germany succeded because of common culture (language, traditions, cuisine etc.) and it economic sense - cooperation was more profitable than conflict. The same applies to the Koreas.

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Posted in: Japan pushes renewables, but keeps nuclear in energy plan through 2050 See in context

Some electric power consumption can be exported such as for IT operations. Cloud DCs, AI back-ends, web services, etc. are easily deployed across virtualized DCs that can be located anywhere. Regions such as Norway, Iceland having hydro (cheap, green, and reliable) power and naturally available DC cooling are tapping into this trend.

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Posted in: 5 strange Japanese office occurrences See in context

A number of Silicon Valley tech firms have switched to Japanese style open workplaces and management processes like Kanban. Tables are grouped end-to-end to form a column, 2 facing columns joined, and a multitude of double columns groups per floor. Managers and directors are also in the open, no offices. This has greatly increased worker density and creates peer pressure to not be seen leaving early. There is a ready supply of cheap calories so that one might forget to leave earlier due to hunger. A problem is that the high wage disparity remains yet little individual recognition and reward since it is all about the team!

The novelty is already wearing off as the US, unlike Japan, is not comprised of polite, compliant, and culturally homogenous peoples.

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Posted in: Missing Hokkaido boy found alive in SDF hut in forest after 6 days See in context

Suggested Father's Day gift for Papa Tanooka: vasectomy by katana

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Posted in: S Korean students protest See in context

As with the Nazis, you can prosecute the criminals if any alive can be found but there is no retribution or compensation from an organization that no longer exists.

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Posted in: Japan's 'Golden Bolt' sets 100-meter world record in centenarian race See in context

Living to 100 years of age and maintaining health with mobility is tough to do. Usain Bolt will not beat Miyazaki's record, a near certainly.

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Posted in: China's government to regulate public dancing See in context

"noisy disputes" describes normal conversation between Chinese people ;-)

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Posted in: Chef says he stole women's underwear from balcony because he was stressed out See in context

Chef Dorobo's specialty is Pantsu-eared Chikan, in a balcony-caper sauce.

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Posted in: Genetic testing moves into world of employee health See in context

Private insurers in the US have the motivation to eliminate the sickest and riskiest from their pools. This in turn is a driver for patient data collection which is retained indefinitely to be used against you like a bad tweet.

If you don't think your personal data can be used against you, try applying for private insurance with a history of cancer, heart disease, or at the age of 80.

A single payer system is a solution but is opposed by insurers who by definition would be eliminated.

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Posted in: Vagina kayak artist denies obscenity charges See in context

there are more traditional ways to monetize one's vagina but Ms. Igarashi's way is virtualized (print-your-own), scalable (file over internet), and it will never get older or more wrinkled.

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Posted in: Asiana plane hit antenna on runway, footage shows See in context

In the 2013 Asiana crash, the Instrument Landing System(ILS) at San Francisco was out of service and inexplicable pilot error led to impact short of the runway. In Tuesday's incident, the Asiana plane impacted short of the runway, smashing the ILS at Hiroshima. Asiana has severe credibility issues if this incident is again found to be pilot error.

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Posted in: Warming seas may spell end to Britain's fish and chips See in context

mercury levels of the oceans are rising, literally and figuratively.

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Posted in: S Korea, Japan to resume security talks despite conflict over history See in context

Apologies from those who committed war crimes are no longer possible, they are dead or nearly so. There is no need for post war generations to apologize for the misdeeds of their ancestors, only the obligation to learn the historical facts and to acknowledge and condemn acts of inhumanity.

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Posted in: Mass beaching fuels fears of imminent quake See in context

Anyone can predict the next big quake with the prediction written and sealed in an envelope. However, the timing accuracy requires a lot of envelopes.

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Posted in: Saitama police set up Japan's first all-female forensics team See in context

Life imitates art? Jdrama "Higanbana" featured six female leads.

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Posted in: Families of missing tsunami victims struggle to move on See in context

He ought to move on and live for those living yet we can understand - with forsaken rationality and breaking hearts - why he is driven to find his son.

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Posted in: Deserted Fukushima town to remove pro-nuclear signs See in context

The real irony is that such an absurb contrast (between the slogan and the abandoned town) is lost even before officials try to suppress it - because no outsider risks a visit to see it...

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Posted in: Greek PM accuses Germany of using legal tricks to avoid WW2 reparations See in context

Greece can always chose default and Grexit but would that would send them back to the Stone Age, locked out of capital markets. Since the main debtor is the government, Grexit would clear it's Euro liabilities but it's markets would then have to resort to operating with the currency equivalent of beads and seashells.

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Posted in: China urges Japan not to lose its conscience over WWII guilt See in context

History must not be distorted but recorded properly. Germans and Japanese should acknowledge and learn the facts of the grievous mistakes of WWII. But the world community should also recognize that the war crimes were not committed by the post war generations and act accordingly. International discourse should not be spent arguing about the past but toward solving the looming existential threats to all mankind.

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