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Posted in: Bullying blamed after two 13-yr-old girls jump to their deaths See in context

Thats right take the bull(ie)by the horns...

I grew up in a household where it was unacceptable to have someone bully you...I remember being a 5 year old girl and on my way to school for the first time and my dad sits me down and gives me the big first day of school speech,which of course included "bullys" He says to me "If anyone...ANYONE...picks on you or trys to hit you you pick up the biggest stick or rock you can find and you throw it at them.(OMG)Not only was that intimidating to me i didnt know school was going to be that rough. He says if you ever come home with a bruise or a black eye i will hurt you worse...(he wasent serious he was trying to make a point)Man i was scared of going to school...no matter what,those kids were big but...my dad was bigger. So i never had bully problems and i became the one involved in helping other classmates fight off bullies.

My daughter had similar problems in school only because for the most part shes a beautiful girl and you know how envious other girls can be.

At a young age i put her in self defense classes not so she can fight rather for the self disipline it offers. she seems to have more control, and higher self-esteem.

This is a very important topic It seems to be a problem in the American school system as well.

Please parents talk to your children and LISTEN!! to them. talk to the teachers,to other parents. stay involved!

As for the girls...God Bless their young souls my prayers are with the families.

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Posted in: Fast food places like McDonald's, Wendy's, Burger King, KFC, etc, are frequently criticized. What do you think of them? See in context

Fast food and credit card interest are killing Americans... Dont let it happen to you.

hahaha 2000 yen for a Mc D's combo? i dont remember paying that much it was on the average. now pizza in japan thats a bit pricy i got a 10in personal plain cheese for about for a about 2200 yen.

And all fast food is sooooo bad for you! I always tell my Japanese friends stay away from that stuff it'll kill ya.

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