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Posted in: Japanese tourist stabbed to death in Turkey See in context

it is so hard to deal with this as a turkish tour guide who lived in that peticular town 'Cappadocia'!i lived there for almost three years.and guided hiking tours in that valley over and over.but there are some unfortunate times that teribble things happens even in an ordinary town.as a young turkish women i am deeply wounded due to this crime against the japanese girls.i wish there was a way to comfort the families but at least they should know my friends in Cappadocia held a ceremony in the place where the girls were found today.and the police arrested a man and i hope anybody involved with this crime will pay for their actions.and please stop talking about turkey unless you've been in here.this is a democracy,and a secular country this means we are not ruled by some crazy extreme muslims.we are not the greatest country in the world but it is so absurd to attack two japanese tourists over the loss of the olimpic games.i am pretty sure the man who attacked them don't even care about that.he is just a sick son of a bitch!

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