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Posted in: School textbooks to be revised to reflect gov't view on history See in context

possibly one of the reason for future war,riot,dispute or not . Future generation,they probably wouldn't realize whether it's the whole truth or not .Nah, the only thing they would be probably worry about is whether they gonna remember it or not for their test in the future .

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Posted in: China praises Korean assassin whom Japan calls a 'criminal' See in context

Government doesn't really care about some dude that died a century ago what do they care is what pull that dude have in history,with people and what benefit does it have to them,they do what they must to remain functional and keep the people well put in their place even if they have to put on a bit of farces among each other .

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Posted in: China's behavior jeopardizing peace, Onodera says See in context

what one more war with the pretext of peace or national interest and so on gonna do , nothing really just another news on a TV screen and some random people trying to care or not but in the end remain helpless anyway . People dying for dirt and that is the simple truth of human history and people in power are the one who either will benefit or their predecessor and if war do occur what could have the dead died for,patriotism maybe but is it really worth it .

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