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Many people seem puzzled by the apparent anti-Japan sentiments in Korea, saying why can't they get over the Japanese occupation which was over 70 years ago. But less seem to be aware that Japan has been invading Korea for hundreds of years, and there are historical records that go back to the 1500s regarding this issue. Not saying it's justified, but I see too many people demonising an entire nation without understanding the historical context.

This post shows what is troublesome here: yes the Japanese did invade Korea already 500 years ago. Yes they did occupy the country 70 years ago, too. But we are in 21st century now, and none of the Japanese who I personally know today ever invaded Korea or any other country. Leave them alone.

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Posted in: Korean campaigns for removal of Japanese flag from French stores See in context

Japanese leaders, sheltered from Asia by the US-Japan security relationship, had little incentive to reflect deeply on the nation’s wartime record in China or elsewhere. This is why there were 168 Japanese goverment officials still visiting Yasukuni praying for memories of 14 Class A and 2 million dead soldiers. The visit by these goverment officials does not help relations with neighboring countries. Remember over 15 million civilians died in China during occupation by Japan

The fact that the shrine symbolically enshrines the memories of commanders who have been classified as war criminals should not mean that the Japanese - politicians or ordinary people - would not have a right to pay their respects to all the fallen. It is a symbolic gesture to remember the horrors of war not to applause their military conquests. Vast majority of those 2 million soldiers were just conscripts who were sent to their absurd deaths, I think they deserve a bow and a ring of a bell once a year. Every nation, including Korea and China, has their leaders visit the memorial for the unknown soldier during a remembrance day.

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Posted in: Korean campaigns for removal of Japanese flag from French stores See in context

This is what happens when children who are brought up in an environment of media and state "encouraged" propaganda. Koreans are instructed from a very young age that "Japanese" are bad and Koreans are the "victims".

This is an ongoing trend from Korea and Koreans, basically "Let's pull down Japan at every opportunity".

The only time Korea's profess to "like or love" Japan is when they enter golf tournaments or are selling movies and TV shows or are putting on a concert in Japan.

I think Korean's really need to address that big chip on their shoulder.

Chip on their shoulder or perhaps an inferiority complex. Ask a foreign person to name things from Japanese culture and you will get a list of karate, bonsai, manga, sushi, anime, kabuki, hello kitty and so on. Then ask people to name Korean things, and you may get kimchi.

No wonder you then have some Koreans who claim "kumdo" (kendo) originated from Korea or that the Japanese "stole" ramen from them etc. This hinomaru-story is from the same front. It's sad, as most Koreans who I know are moderate types and then individuals like this ultranationalist student girl will make everyone look stupid.

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