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Posted in: Gov't to create international emergency SMS for Japanese nationals abroad See in context

they inform you about potential threats, you wont be able to answer to this number, i guess. So no there will be no "I can't see the flag of my tour leader". But i doubt it would have changed the fate of yukawa and goto!

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Posted in: 5 young men and women killed in Takamatsu car crash See in context

My fault i misread 5 people yeah ive realised

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Posted in: 7 youths arrested for beating up cyclists last October See in context

Seriously what is wrong with Saitama! Are there no school's? Or are those parents really that bad at telling their kids about what's right and wrong?

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Posted in: 5 young men and women killed in Takamatsu car crash See in context

What kind of "car" was this? 10 people? Some kind of small bus? Hmm speeding and falling asleep? I wish there were more background information

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Posted in: 19-year-old girl arrested for killing 77-year-old woman in Nagoya See in context

19 is adult to me! I bet she thought, let's kill someone before turning 20 so I don't get a hard punishment... Sick kids in Japan.

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Posted in: NHK reporter won't be prosecuted over hoax 110 call See in context

Instead of having the 'balls' and stay to your mistake, you go ahead and lie to 'the police' in this case and to the comapany. Grow up silly goose.

I hope she was fired aswell.

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Posted in: Two 15-year-old girls on minibike crash after police chase; one dead See in context

Police did their job. Well done. And that's why you don't ride a motorcycle at this age.

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Posted in: 3-year-old boy survives fall from 6th floor See in context

@smithinjapan don't thank god, thank the guy that planned a hedge there, and thank the one that planted it there!

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Posted in: 2 women arrested over death of 3-year-old girl See in context

Discipline a 3 year old child? Such cruel monsters!

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Posted in: Student dies after she is hit by car being chased by police See in context

http://www.cnet.com/pictures/top-10-coolest-cop-cars-photos/3/ @brian, nissan skyline gtr r34 hits about 186 mph topspeed on a street version.

Brian Wheway at Dec. 22, 2014 - 12:03AM JST My son has just told me that J cops won't give chase if the speeding car is going over 70 MPH, why because the J cops are issued with production run cars so they are not all that fast. so the chance of catching Mr Crook, is pretty low, so my question is why don't they give the J cops a faster car?? then you can catch Mr Crook<

As for me 100% drivers fault, drunk or not! I hope this guy wont see the sun for awhile.

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Posted in: Car crashes through guardrail and hits house below, killing occupant See in context

Lucrezia, people here often look at the worst case scenario, but.. It was obviously the drivers fault since he had the control over the car, he could have just stopped somewhere instead of driving in such bad weather conditions. And lets be real, so many japanese cars got that stupid tv's at the front and that caused a lot of accidents already. May we get some more information on what it caused?

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Posted in: Hackers threaten Sony staff in new email See in context

I wonder if facebook is better protected than sony!?

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Posted in: Japanese girl dies in possible drowning at Guam beach See in context

Well its easy to blame the parents, and thats exactly what im gonna do! How can you let yout child alone in the water. I hope this wannabe parents wont gonna try again...so often read from childs falling out of windows and gettinf hit by cars, cause parents do not watch their children.

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Posted in: Parents arrested for chaining 8-year-old son inside house See in context

The little friend saved him! What a nice friend

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Posted in: 6-year-old boy hit and killed by car while playing on skateboard See in context

Driver and parents are to blame, as a car driver you have to slow down if their is no visibility... As a parent you tell your child not to go even close to a street, or make a fence and area fir your child to play or give him another toy, not a skateboard

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Posted in: Samsung rejects claims of Galaxy Note defect See in context

I would like to know the same, i want the note 4 not the edge, since i planned in buying the gear VR. And i really need a new phone, so note 4 it is. At least if i can buy it... Soon?

I heard that samsung didnt wantes to sell it but docomo wanted, i think samsung denied it.

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Posted in: Man killed by train while trying to crawl under it See in context

I dunno what to say, stupid idea to crawl under a train, somehow this kind of human seem to never get less, and yet they still erase themselfs.

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Posted in: Father of girl who murdered classmate in Sasebo found dead in apparent suicide See in context

Sad father, and i predict that the next one to go is the girl after she killed her friend and her dad.... And she may also feel some kind of responibility for the death of her mother maybe? We will see.

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Posted in: 1-year-old girl falls to her death from 8th floor apartment See in context

Excuse me to say this but, this parents are dumb! Of course you have to watch always for your little ones. They got their lesson for sure, to bad its to late for the little girl...

Shame on you parents, and every other people that let their child run off sight in that age...

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Posted in: 9-year-old boy survives fall from 11th floor, landing in tree See in context

30 meter, is really high!!!

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