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tit for tat? they bombed Pearl harbor because you wanted them to. in fact australia even warned the US of the incoming japanese attack but the US didnt react so that the damage would have been higher and thus, people would get enraged and would be motivated to go to war (just like in world war 1 the US sent a civil ship to nazi waters on purpose) also its hard to compare the millions the US killed with pearl harbor. but i guess tit for tat explains it right?

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@HonestDictator why? china 20 years ago was nothing and now its the 2nd largest world economy. why complain?

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lol@ everyone being scared of the "big evil nuclear plants". the truth is they save japan a ton of money just gotta make them more secure than they were before

all new technologies might present risks at first, if you give up just because of one accident, then youre bound to never make any progress

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