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Posted in: Aide to Kishida says he would hate to see LGBT couple See in context

Another reminder that Japan is perhaps the most reactionary society in the developed world.

Developed world countries don't seem as archaic as Japan when it comes to topics such as this.

Some countries do applauding his words: China, Russia !

Ah yes, that old Japanese chestnut - bring up China or Russia and hope our own ineptitude doesn't get noticed.

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Posted in: 'Setsubun' bean-throwing festival held across Japan See in context

Of course. But there's also a community of expats in Japan that hates and rejects everything Japanese with a passion, to the point where I'm wondering why they are all still here if everything is so silly and stupid and horrible.

Absolutely. Agree with this, but maybe it's hard to leave.

I'd grown tired of Japan and so left. The 'we are so different and unique and sugoi' crowd had grated on me. There are things I miss, but not enough to return to live.

Enjoy setsubun all

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Posted in: 'Setsubun' bean-throwing festival held across Japan See in context

Don't these people have jobs? Throwing and catching beans...

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Posted in: Japanese TV network makes multiple apologies for reporter chewing gum on air See in context

Japan needs to lighten up. Have never been to such a serious nation

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Posted in: Murakami to publish first new novel in six years See in context


Ryu Murakami is far superior

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Posted in: Sushi chain reports diner who licked utensils in viral clip to police See in context

Good god there are some dirty people around!

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Posted in: NATO chief stresses Indo-Pacific partnership in Keio University speech See in context

Outside of semester time? What a bore this NATO chap is.

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Posted in: Chemicals found in Tokyo residents' blood may be due to contaminated water from U.S. base See in context

Always ready to blame everyone but themselves in Japan. A foreign scapegoat being the most favoured.

Makes my skin crawl. Am so relieved to be back in a clean country.

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Posted in: Kishida grilled in Diet over son's excursion during overseas trip See in context

I despise Kishida

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Posted in: Contracts in Tokyo Olympics bid rigging case totaled ¥40 bil, sources say See in context

The only 'good' thing that came out of the Olympics was that due to the pandemic, these bloodsucking parasites weren't fully able to blow their own trumpet as much as they would have.

So so dishonest

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Posted in: Woman who served in SDF sues gov't, assailants over sexual harassment See in context

All the best to her.

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Posted in: Toyota world's top-selling automaker for third year running See in context

A car without character. No thanks

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Posted in: 72% of foreigners in survey say they’ve been disappointed by bad breath in Japan See in context

Japanese people are also conscious about not opening their mouths very wide when they laugh, because they think it’s impolite. So there’s less pressure to take care of your breath, and so attitudes about oral hygiene can become lax

What absolute nonsense. Just excuses excuses.

Definitely agree about the breath article. Worst breath in the world. Like it or not. Loooooool

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Posted in: Liverpool's FA Cup title defense over See in context

It was 'a lot' of fun. Not double plus

Away with this silliness, Steve:)

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Posted in: Eagles soar into Super Bowl; rout 49ers for NFC title See in context


But fair play to the Eagles; they deserved it

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Posted in: Activists fight Tokyo gov't over historic Jingu Stadium demolition See in context

a dump of an area. Remove all and build a nice park

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Posted in: National treasure-class mirror, sword found in 4th-century tomb in Japan See in context

Quick, send a fax to Unesco!

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Posted in: Foreign entries into Japan surge 12-fold in 2022 See in context

Why the obsession of reporting about foreign entries into Japan? As far as I know it doesn't happen in other countries.

I've asked many times but never got a proper answer.

I suppose it's the need to feel that they're loved. It's like the numerous TV shows that go wild about foreigners saying something nice about Japan.

Adult baby syndrome

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Posted in: Foreign entries into Japan surge 12-fold in 2022 See in context

Japan is sooooo sugooooiiiii ne

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Posted in: Japan online watchdog gets power to request removal of harmful content sites See in context

Fax machines will be in overdrive!

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Posted in: Kishida cautious about same-sex marriage See in context

Marriage is between a man and a woman. That's the way it is.

Sure. If you were living in the stone age.

Kishida is bang out of line. A rubbish leader with backwards views

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Posted in: Japan's foreign worker population hits record 1.82 million See in context

Such low numbers for an apparent developed country.

I wonder how many are paid well?

Miles behind Europe as always, Japan.

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Posted in: Kishida cautious about same-sex marriage See in context

Kishida is beyond abysmal.

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Posted in: Japan decides to ease medical rules on COVID-19 on May 8 See in context

I don't like that lion at all.

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Posted in: Ex-PM Mori casts doubt on Japan's excessive support for Ukraine See in context

First thing he's ever gotten right.

Thing is, if Japan was actually helping Ukraine in a genuine way, rather than just to appear supportive to the rest of the world, I'd condemn Mori

But they aren't, so I won't.

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Posted in: Bengals return to AFC championship after 27-10 rout of Bills See in context

Bengals deserved it. Feel for the Bills, but was happy with my Niners.

Cowboys played well, and felt for Dak. Going to have to be a huge performance from SF next week to beat the Eagles.

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Posted in: Murder of 90-year-old woman linked to online site recruiting members for house robberies See in context

Scum. I wish nothing but death on them.

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Posted in: Japanese makers of Tropicana fined ¥19 million for '100% Melon' juice with only 2% melon juice See in context

Well said, Yubaru.

I've never understood the clamour for such things made in Japan. Is that a positive thing?

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Posted in: Plastic pirouettes: Japan's recycled bottle ballet See in context

Just seems to be a 'look at us being so thoughtful ' type thing.

Self congratulatory if you like.

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Posted in: LDP lawmakers to set up group to promote Japan's defense exports See in context

@ossan and desert, you sound like you work for the Japanese government. I've never heard so much pro Japan sabre rattling in many a year.

If Japan is so great and so advanced in military equipment, why do they hide behind America? No amount of links and technical talk can persuade people that Japan doesn't.

I fear for the world with an active Japan in the military world. Don't trust them at all.

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