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zizou2016 comments

Posted in: Flu infection rates surge to record-high in Japan See in context

Many companies pay for the flu shot or do provide an help for it. Companies take responsibilities but nothing is mandatory per the law

But young kids can not get vaccinated and have a weaker immune system, many low paid workers like baito or self employed do not have it because of a weak income, and people like me who do not want get vaccinated. I believe a strong immune system, a good health style, sports no alcohol are the key. Got the flu 4 years ago, the first in 30 years since my teenage years. At that time, though not sure, I believe an underlying disease déveloping the following year weakened my immune system. Since that issue cured, no cold or anything.

Also in my opinion masks are not really efficient. It is more psychological. Virus can live on door handles, all thes trains handles so spreading easily

Anyway, cross fingers and will get the vaccine in my older age, as the body is weakening

it would be interesting to know how many people get the vaccines,

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Posted in: Probe of IOC's Takeda hangs over Tokyo Olympics See in context

Takeda has been charged but does not face any trial yet. No risk of being arrested if he goes to France.

Difference with Ghosn case is that the JOC paid and he did not get any personal benefits.

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Posted in: Son of ex-Nissan head Carlos Ghosn predicts court surprises on Tuesday See in context

10 minutes. Including the translation time or not ?

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Posted in: Japan's jobless rate rises to 2.5% in Nov; jobs availability grows See in context

@Ganbare Japan!

Where have you read the unemployment rate in France is 22.3% ?

Check your figures before posting. It is just above 9% now

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Posted in: Penalties for drivers using cell phones to be toughened with jail terms See in context

What’s about driving while watching TV. I see many drivers not turning their tv off. This is disturbing

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Posted in: JAL says pilot evaded breath tests over 100 times since last year See in context

Do not use JAL as it is too expensive.

Feel safe.

No need to reprimand the pilot and put the story on light as the test is not mandatory but rather yourself as a company and change the rules. If deemed.

0.10mg is a vet low limit for flight attendants.

After their welcome champagne glass, all executives in the Business class will be well over

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Posted in: Exploitation, overwork a scourge in seedy world of 'chika idols' See in context

In the first place, did they really read the work contract in details?

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Posted in: Exploitation, overwork a scourge in seedy world of 'chika idols' See in context

Did they really read their contract too or signed under hope of success and excitement?

A work contract must be read carefully

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Posted in: Tokyo hotel to trial newly-developed wooden straws, ban plastic See in context

In the same time, I see more and more plastic in candies and biscuits packs, 1 biscuit 1 plastic

My coworker brought back an Omiyage , some mochibwith anko inside. This used to be altogether in the pack, but this time each Michi was surrounded by plastic,

Why no move to change that?

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Posted in: Japan urges cooperation with ASEAN on N Korea, environment See in context

Monitoring and research have already been done and impact done.

Reducing or stopping consumption is the key to solve the problem.

But Japan never proposes do reduce consumption. The government never wants to affect the industry, whatever the industry is.

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Posted in: Tsukiji fish market hold-outs defy demolition orders and trade on See in context

In the same time, this news was also in the Japanese media and traders are Japanese.

So it’s far from being a foreigner concern

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Posted in: German gets 6 years for attempted murder committed after he was snubbed by women See in context

Read too many stories about how easy it is to pick up girls here. But it is not, specially if you are not attractive enough and strange. I guess girls realized how crazy this guy was and kept safe from him

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Posted in: Carrying unpacked knives onto trains to be banned under new security steps See in context

Railway operators proposed to the ministry introducing protective shields, stab proof vests

How many staff have been stabbed over the past few years? I have not heard of any so I do not see the point for such an excessive implementation that will make people around believing it is dangerous or there is any high risk.

It looks like Japan does much more for security for the Olympics rather the World Cup in 2002 though they were afraid of hooligans who never came

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Posted in: Japan's population declines at fastest pace yet to 125.2 mil See in context

The title says:

Japan's population declines at fastest pace yet to 125.2 mil

It is not Japan’s population but Japanese population that stands at 125.2 mil

The JP government and media’s always tend to point out the total of Japanese when it comes to population statistics as the foreign population is just an adjustment variable and foreigners just the alpha force needed but not expected to stay forever

A country population comprises all people living in that country

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Posted in: Superb defense helps France beat Belgium 1-0 to reach World Cup final See in context

Go Go Go Fraaance !

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Posted in: Honda goal gives Japan a 2-2 draw against Senegal at World Cup See in context

I was predicting three losses and was wrong

The team really raised its level with spirit since this World Cup start, a big change compared to their poor games over the last few months.

A good surprise

The team deserves to qualify for the second phase

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Posted in: Japan's team at World Cup troubled by Osaka earthquake, hotel alarm See in context

Considering the team latest performances, I do not see it being able to raise its level. Unfortunately 3 straight loss would be logical and be better to rebuilt the team, rethink about the coach sacking, and the status of Japan soccer in the world.

First time since 2002 I do not have any hope in Japan.

The level of the team raised constantly in the 2000’s but for the last 4 years. no clear progress though Hahilodvic tried hard with the same star players

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Posted in: Japan to refuse entry to foreign travelers with unpaid medical bills See in context

According to a survey conducted by the health ministry, 80 percent of medical institutions in Japan treated foreign patients in fiscal 2015, of which 35 percent were unable to collect bills.

80 percent. It must include foreign residents who have for most of them I guess the National Insurance or an other one. But is is possible in some places to delay the paiement of the bill. I have been exceptionally taken outside the visiting hours, and came back an other day to pay.

I would suppose the 35 percent includes mostly visitors which is a huge number unless for residents, they do not respect the delay to pay.

By the way I used a Japanese travel insurance in France for an emergency hospital stay. At first I was told the insurance won’t be recognized and should pay but the Japanese staff in France could deal with the hospital I did not pay anything

I guess foreign travel insurance companies must have representatives here to be able to deal directly to the hospital. If the insurance staff can negotiate there is no reason it does not work

Aniway Japan is right to take such a measure

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Posted in: Japan's lowest mountain celebrates first day of climbing season See in context

This mountain is so safe that no one has gone missing


The priest rather makes like a joke, I believe

If anything happens on that mountain it will be a national news

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Posted in: Japanese climber who lost 9 fingers dies on 8th attempt at Everest See in context

RIP. He lived for what he loved. I can only respect his will to keep climbing after loosing his fingers.

My ex-company actually did support his Cho Oyu climb in 2007. I do not know why but he had quite a lot of support and sponsors since a long time ago.

But he had a lot of failed attempts and was not seen as a really powerful climber by his pairs. Lack of strength certainly or of some kind of decision making. Climbers with strength and abilities do succeed on a mountain after about 3 tries. If not, they go away from that mountain for a while, do not stick to it. He tried 8 times the Everest, without succeeding, and this climb was certainly turning into an obsession to achieve the Seven Summits.

Anyway, easy to say from my chair. I dream I could climb some Himalaya summits too.

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Posted in: Protesters in 3 cities criticize Aso over sexual harassment comments See in context


Should better retire and enjoy gardening in the countryside

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Posted in: High court finds cell phone TV owners obliged to pay NHK fees See in context

I did not pay for over 10 years but decided to because NHK BS, not talking about Sogo, offers some very good documentaries and programs, and does not put any annoying and useless commercials like all these private channels that brainwash you with commercials.

public television is paid in all countries, at least mine, which avoids a huge decrease of program quality.

i understand people who don't want to pay but if you really don't want just don't buy a television

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Posted in: Japan dethrone Dutch to win gold in women's team pursuit See in context

@kowaigoffee and all

I agree the the J.TV shoes only or mostly events where the Japanese athletes are, more than in other countries at least.

But a good point for this year olympic and a very good idea is that the TV broadcasters created a website where all events not broadcasted on TV are on the net.

Look at www.gorin.jp

I do follow cross-country and biathlon through that site. I guess it is the official olympic broadcast and is in English. So basically, all the events are broadcast.

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Posted in: Boarding now for a flight from Tokyo to Paris that never takes off See in context

@West sea

I do not really understand your reply to my comment

Anyway, I am in the middle age and fly many times a year, no need for me to go to such a place

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Posted in: Boarding now for a flight from Tokyo to Paris that never takes off See in context

Wall on the right side, elevated windows on the left side.

Looks more like a cinema than airplane to me

Hope they have good inflight entertainment, otherwise I do not see much the interest

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Posted in: Japanese speedskater suspended after failing doping test See in context

if he was clean on the 29th and not the 4th, he should know what it took between in even if it was by accident.

Of course it can always happen a cook put a diuretic in the Food but as he was controlled the day he arrived I hardly suspect a local guy did it

If he came directly from Japan it only could have happen there or in the plane

But as this product is a masking agent, there is not much doubt for me he did it

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Posted in: Japanese gov't worried S Korea may rush into talks with N Korea See in context

Now that Japan adopted a defense budget including billions for a new defense missile system, it is gonna be hard to justify the budget or a possible increase next year if there are no ennemy anymore

when it comes to a dialogue between both Koreas other countries have not much to say anyway

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Posted in: Freezing Tokyo sees most ambulance calls for 80 years See in context

@dango bong

Global warming is a scientific fact well proven and increased by human activities. Thé one who oppose that just see their own interests to not change from their comfort

Ask Polar Bears what their thoughts

A wave of cold is just part of the short time weather variation

Anyway in my town in Boso we have some minus 3 every year, it just went to minus 5 this year , not a big change

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Posted in: Consumer centers receive increasing inquires about virtual currencies See in context

People's responsibility

They have to know what they do , where they put their money, not being influenced by the media hype and be ready to loose

Above all, be aware of possible fraudulent exchange platforms

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Posted in: New project could improve weather forecasting See in context

@nakanoguy01 japan is light years behind when it comes to weather forecasting and also graphics on tv

Agree with you for the graphics but not your previous words.

I used to work in a private weather company here and was forecasting. Japan is as good as other countries that have technology and powerful computers. Japanese forecasters, most of them, with a bit of experience, know very well the specificity of their country when it comes to forecasting. The problem, as I suppose you know, is that the forecast on the mainstream media is just a general forecast that does not take into account the local specificities, and as Japan is a tiny country surrounded by sea with lots of topography, t a lot of local effects affect the cloud, wind, fog, precipitation forecast etc.. and of course cannot be taken into account for the general public. When it comes to bad weather, JMA and the main TV generally make it worst than it should be, to avoid any complain later on. Better safe than sorry for them.

I was doing pinpoint forecast for professionals and we were much more accurate, taking into account the local geography, etc…

I came back to my old job and when I really wanna know the weather, look at weather models on the net.

In term of weather research, US is first.

To end, a forecast remain a forecast and will never be 100% accurate

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