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So different than the scenes from hurricane Katrina. No pictures of spiky-haired black men carrying 30-gallon plastic containers with Heineken beer, nor videos of police themselves looting in Wal-Mart.

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Isnt this a repeat of the 3DTV in America that showed the Superbowl football game a few YEARS ago? 2003 or so?

People (Americans) dont want 3D, they want big and clear.

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I support Palin on this ONLY because if it was a "comedian" that said it about obama's daughters, there would be riots in the streets and the person would be fired. The same thing happened when Don Imus - a man hired to be shocking and controversial - said the US Womens Basketball team was a bunch of "nappy-headed (bad word for easy women)" and was fired, and activists demanded he be fired. Letterman used to be the favorite of college-type humor in the 1990s, but now isnt funny any more. He didnt have a TV show during the "writers strike", so it is obvious he doesnt even write his own jokes.

Letterman is also FAR FAR to the left politically, and Palin is slightly to the right

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Posted in: Obama labels nuclear-armed N Korea 'grave threat' See in context

obama is so wrong on this. He says he "wont meddle" in their affairs? Funny, he meddles with China and Israel, telling them what to do, even telling Japan what to do. So, obama, since you wont meddle, and you said the same thing about Iran, I guess it is OK then to let them have nukes?

I hope S Korea doesnt wait for the UN to do anything. The UN did nothing between Gulf War 1 and 2.

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Posted in: Japanese hiker died of blunt force injuries after copter crash in New Mexico See in context

The headline made it seem like someone beat the hiker to death...I still dont understand this story..?

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This is a videogame. sure its "sick" to some, but Amazon has every right to NOT allow its sale, even if it is My Little Pony Super Rainbow Adventure. Amazon is not America's "First Amendment". Its a private company and they can choose to be the sellers agent or refuse to be. Big deal, two copies showed up on Amazon. As of right NOW you can get it on ANY of the popular torrent sites (No, I wont say the name of the title).

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Posted in: Daschle apologizes for not paying taxes; fights to save nomination See in context

smithinjapan, you are obviously out of touch if you think this is his ONLY scandal. Get real.

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Posted in: Obama must apologize for U.S. crimes against Iran: Ahmadinejad See in context

Well, at least under Bush he didnt cave to these idiots. America can do whatever it wants, who cares what Luxembourg thinks? Why should we do what THEY say? They should do what WE say or stay out of it altogether. I cant for the life of me see why you liberals think it should be ONE way ONLY and if we dont cave to their silly demands we are somehow "wrong"?

I guess these people arent even old enough to remember Iran took civilian American hostages for over a YEAR (444 days?) and only released them when Reagan was in office - because they KNEW he would use force. If you've ever lived in Arab lands, even an Arab neighborhood in America (I do), you'll know FORCE is the only thing respected and taken seriously.

I sure hope obama listens to the Reaganites on this one, rather than these silly damned "talks" he says he will have - catering to their every whim. But I know he wont, and America will have to lose liberty or pay in some way to them. ALREADY two Gitmo detainees are ready to attack America. Smooth move, Ex-Lax obama!

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and to skipthesong; well, corporate America doesnt really pay tax, they just pass it on in the cost of their product. If they didnt, theres no money to be made. Liberals dont understand that if they raise taxes on a business, that comes out of their profit. No profit = need to make cuts. They can cut marketing, R&D, jobs, equipment...but they do that and their competitors will get their business. One reason many businesses in Wisconsin had left or failed. Lots of talent but they cant afford to do business in that state. Master Lock, Briggs and Stratton, Harnischfeger, Allen Bradley, even Delphi died in Wisconsin. W.H. Brady is next, and all thanks to the bribed-by-Indian-Casinos Governor Doyle.

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I guess his wife should give back the money she got (Was it $350,000.00?) for being on an appointed position for a food company in Chicago. Management said they'd never seen her, obviously a Chicago Politics payoff.

"Michelle also is under attack for joining the board of a food company where she allegedly took part in a 2005 decision to close a pickle and relish plant in La Junta, Colorado, putting 150 mostly Hispanic labourers out of work."

Everyone in Chicago knows obama is a crook. He ONLY won his election as senator because he did a lawyer trick and got his 3 opponents kicked off the ballot by a crooked court order. The court dates were set AFTER the election, the others running against him could not fight it!

Change HAS come to Washington. The Chicago Mafia has finally been elected President. He will just blame his failures on Bush, as image is everything to the typical American Teenage Idiot. No job? Crap economy? Thats OK, they can just live with their parents forever and spend time at the shopping mall. A country full of losers waiting for government to fix their problems and give them money and healthcare for free.

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Whats wrong with Japan celebrating its heritage just because some of it is military? Silly lefties want to ignore the past and lie about everything in case someones FEELINGS might be hurt. rolls eyes.

Military IS history and defines the nations borders. Simple.

Want to be civilized? Then celebrate your military.

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Posted in: Rice pushes for peace progress in Israel See in context

Yep, we'll have peace any day now. OH! We're SO CLOSE!

Until one (or both) side is gone, we'll have this.

Our best foreign policy is to cut aid and kick butt on both sides until they stop it. Punish Israel (how? I dont know!) for their insane tactics on travel and human rights abuses, torture policy, etc,,, and start sending in hit squads to take out terrorist leaders of Hamas, Jar, and SP (if SP still is around).

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Posted in: Calif teen gives birth in shower, walks to hospital with baby attached by umbilical cord See in context



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Posted in: Clinton, Obama duel ahead of Indiana, North Carolina primaries See in context

So, it is a black man's "turn"? Even if he is 99% UNQUALIFIED?

That alone, I wonder how Clinton and Obama can debate on anything, since they agree on EVERYTHING. They want to soak with taxes any "rich" person (Thats a family of four whose parents both work. Obama had $71000 / family of 4 as RICH on his website, but now removed. Can use Internet Archive to find it).

They all talk like conservatives when they run, then take a hard left turn after elected. They arent this time, because all the new voters care about is IMAGE, not ISSUES.

Americans will soon learn (and forget as quickly) the harm in such silly decisions as "its a woman's turn" and "Its a black mans turn". I dont agree with McCain on many things, but he is the ONLY qualified person running.

Alan Keyes is black, but he is a republican, so he will never get the support of the crooked and corrupt self-appointed black "leaders" like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.

Remember what the left did to Clarence Thomas? Because he was right of center politically.

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