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Posted in: Dutch advance to Women's World Cup quarterfinals with 2-1 win over Japan See in context

Close call for my home country while they played a good game in the first half they burned out pretty fast in the second' if they had not gotten that penalty they probably would had a tie breaker.

If they play like this match they wont survive against Italy this weekend so I hope they learned something from this game.

Had to endure the joking remarks from my staff and neighbors today but it was all in good fun.

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Posted in: Thousands march in Chicago to encourage voting in midterms See in context

Always vote if you don't vote you are relinquished of the right to complain about problems you helped create.

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Posted in: British lawmakers, celebrities call for people's vote on Brexit See in context

Whats done is done what Brits do is up to them they had special status for as long as they were part of the EU let them sort it out, and no a re thread of a referendum isn't going to fix it, you can't constantly do a re election every time you get results you don't like then what is the point of a referendum in the first place?

They made their bed now they have to lie in it and now bargain with a weaker prime minister.

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Posted in: Suicide machine draws crowds at Amsterdam funeral show See in context

I know I should be thinking more serious about this but when I hear something like suicide machine I think of Futurama's suicide booth.

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Posted in: Putin sits back as U.S., allies strike Syria See in context

Intervention is not going to help the people of Syria at this stage the war was almost over from what I heard and the rebel were negotiating.

And why hasnt the US intervened before because the Syrian army has done some majorly repulsive stuff like the red cross convoy attack.

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Posted in: EU unveils Brexit draft, ramping up pressure on Britain See in context

Its funny because England holds all the cards yet is too weak to play them effectively,Theresa May never wanted the Brexit and allows herself to be walked all over by Merkel.

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Posted in: Ter Mors gets gold; Kodaira wins silver, Takagi bronze in 1,000-meter speedskating See in context

Would indeed have praised the others as well tough good on the others winning Olympic medal isn't a small feat glad my home country took gold but still.

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Posted in: Wust gets speedskating gold; Takagi takes silver See in context

So proud of my country men and women and Wust giving our King a hug was heart warming.

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Posted in: Newborn baby dies after being found floating in Ibaraki canal See in context

After reading I feel like giving my kids a hug very sad to read this.

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Posted in: Japan on Olympic drive to get rid of squat toilets See in context

I am not a fan of squat toilets when I twisted my ankle it was an outright nightmare not to mention my trips to the countryside still has a lot, so yea I am in favor of phasing these squat toilets out.

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Posted in: Macron says 'no progress possible' on Turkey EU bid See in context

The whole EU membership is nothing more than a carrot on a stick for Turkey they fail in all accounts of human rights, wich serves the EU just fine so that they dont have to do it while tooting their own horn on how great they are.

Also most Eastern Europe nations have no intention of letting Turkey join I would recon they all would invoke article 50.

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Posted in: Palestinian stabs Israeli in Jerusalem; anti-Trump protest flares in Beirut See in context

It isn’t really about the so-called ‘peace process ‘ because peace is impossible when one side doesn’t recognize the others right to exist.

Correct when you have people debate another persons humanity then you lose all support as they should that goes for both sides.

And thinking America is a honest peace broker today or in yester year is a fantasy.

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Posted in: Guterres calls for new push to stop 'stupid war' in Yemen See in context

An oil embargo on Saudi should do the trick.

Saudi Arabia isnt using Oil as its main export anymore so it would not do us any good to put an embargo on also China would just keep on buying.

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Posted in: Sarin used in deadly attack on Syria town in April: U.N. See in context

independent investigators were denied this already would set off alarm bells but since the American goverment is on the Saudi pay roll I am not surprised.

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Posted in: Europeans line up behind Paris accord, free trade before G-20 See in context

German leaders are trying to rule over Europe. Chancellor Merkel is not difference from other former German

This is inccorect Germany had a lot of really good liberal leaders in the past but you seem set into conspiracy theories.

What was her fault? The refugees who were perishing every day long before she accepted some?

And now even more are dying because of a yelling over a megaphone that a first world life style is waiting for those that make it giving human traffickers free game.

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Posted in: Le Pen uses guerrilla tactics to unsettle Macron See in context

Seems like its the same situation as the US elections both major canidates are one slightly less than the other.

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Posted in: EU mulls legislation in the fight against online hate speech See in context

While private institutions are free to set the bar for what hate speech is after all Freedom of speech is that the goverment cant censor what you say and not places like facebook and the like.

While I am worried that any form of criticism will be considered hate speech that doesnt agree with the current political spiel wether they are left or right views they best way is to discredit them with facts and logic.

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Posted in: A guide to pensions for foreign residents in Japan See in context

My company has its own pension fund and I keep my orginal health insurance from back home its a little more expensive but it covers my family even if they are japanese and my house im my country is still climbing in over worth so my pension is secured.

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Posted in: Japanese Twitter users share entertaining anecdotes of their experiences with foreigners See in context

What the geologist didnt mention that the dutch version of geology also includes the study of geography and not just geology wich I am guessing they do teach in Japan but it would not hurt to teach them some geology.

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Posted in: Japanese women list top 10 romantic scenarios by which they’d like to meet new boyfriend See in context

You could make a drinking game out of this take a sip every time the word suteki is mentioned

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Posted in: Is hanami in Japan actually all that fun? See in context

I did this once with the inlaws reminds me a lot of kings day in the capital with the swarm of people but its really not my cup of tea.

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Posted in: Erdogan: Turkey might hold referendum on EU membership See in context

Ha I would soonder bet on the Swiss joining the EU than the Turks at this point at the way they have been acting.

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Posted in: British police arrest seven in raids over deadly Westminster attack See in context

Khalid Masood is the name of the attacker sad for the people who lost their lives.

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Posted in: After Dutch reject populism, will other Europeans follow? See in context

The greens are never really taken seriously yet they are the clear winner wich is good since we have a lot more crazier people running AKA Wlders and the Erdogan Satalite party of DENK and I should point out that VVD is a center right winged party and its still the biggest party in our pariliment right now.

Dutch goverment has always been either center right or center left with right wing leaning policies its never been full left or right in a 100 years I had to mail a aproval to my parents to vote since I dont live in the Netherlands but still get voting rights.

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Posted in: Dutch PM slaps down far-right challenge See in context

Looks like the Dutch haven't fallen for rightist, racist trash.

Wich was my biggest fear to be honest in this election while Rutte isnt perfect and a little too Europhile for my taste he is miles better than WIlders.

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Posted in: Turkey threatens to scrap migrant deal with EU See in context

@itsonlyrocknroll Yeah I heard from my family back home and had to give my parents to power to vote in my stead PVV is also pretty high up there wich makes me sad.

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Posted in: Turkey threatens to scrap migrant deal with EU See in context

The EU were off their trolleys thinking that this so called refugee deal, sooner or later, would not be used as political leverage.

Pretty much this it was only a matter of time before he pulled this stunt out of his sleeve there was no way he would keep his word.

I recon its going to be a rocky summer for Europe when the next legion of rubber boats comes onto the Italian and Greece shores.

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Posted in: Turkey's Erdogan says apology from Netherlands not enough; attacks Merkel See in context

Most of us dont really care what that little man child thinks he's like a turkish version of Trump except he doesn't have a funny twitter account.

and if he thinks an apology is not enough he can stick it where the sun dont shine Turkey isnt that important in the grand scheme of things.

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Posted in: Turkey-Dutch relations worsen after Turkish visit banned See in context

If they go back to Turkey we can see that nothing of value was lost I doubt most have the guts to move back anyway.

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Posted in: EU's big four behind 'multi-speed' Europe idea See in context

Seems the champagne socialists are seeing the wolves gathering at their gates and are hoping to speed up the process.

The idea of a single fiscal policy and social policy is a nice idea but unfeasible and very expensive venture and European nations dont have that much spare cash laying around especially in eastern Europe but it will help prevent asylum shopping and the like.

And also the fact that noting concrete is made is not of fear from resistance from the east its more that leaders are weighing their options on what is better for them and how the voters react lets not kid ourselves here you dont jump into the deep pool unless you know you can swim.

No what it looks like is more of an attempt to cut off far right parties from gaining any power and influence in high goverment.

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