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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic president tries to reassure doubting country See in context

Suga, the IOC, Mori and Bill Gates versus the majority of the Japanese people. That's what's happening right before our eyes. Will the people finally rebel against these sick IOC officials and their global elite friends and say enough is enough and the games are canceled. I certainly hope that the Japanese people will protest and ban the IOC officials from ever coming into Japan again. In the name of humanity!

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Posted in: Suga, Bill Gates agree vaccines key for Tokyo Olympics See in context

Gates also owns a very large compound in Karuizawa, Nagano prefecture where he can hide out. The fact that this conversation even took place is very scary.

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Posted in: 9-year-old boy pushing baby stroller hit and killed by car at intersection See in context

Most Japanese drivers are extremely careless and never give pedestrians the right of way and never stop properly at a red light. They all think they're special and the rules don't apply to them. I'm surprised this doesn't happen daily. Poor kid. Poor mom. Throw the driver into jail for manslaughter (kid-slaughter in this case unfortunately).

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Posted in: ALT asked to remove earrings by local education board See in context

The Japanese BOE King has no clothes... what's new....

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Posted in: 'Twitter killer' sentenced to death for 9 murders See in context

Presiding Judge Naokuni Yano ruled that the none of the eight women consented to being killed

Oh, here's a bombshell that could flip the entire trail...

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Posted in: Man who forced plane to land in Japan by refusing to wear mask continues stance at hotel See in context

Forget jail, forget the police. Give him what he's begging for. A beat down that ensures mutiple fractured bones and missing teeth.

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Posted in: 3 members of family die in apparent suicide in Hyogo See in context

poor girl, I hope she can finally rest in peace. As to the father and grandmother - burn in hell you parasites

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Posted in: Key question in Cosby appeal: Does defendant's past matter? See in context

This has to be a joke, right? The champions of justice, impartiality and non-partisanship, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court is going to decide what's what... I would laugh but the future of our nation is also in these criminals hands.

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Posted in: Japan cancels emperor's New Year event due to virus spike See in context

And all the politicians are still pushing the Olympics down the public's throat....ridiculous.

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Posted in: No Olympics See in context

Well, at least a few people are sane. The insanity of it all completely boggles my mind... The government's left had is giving out money to Go To Travel campaign through GW 2021, and it's right hand is continuing throwing money away on a mirage in the COVID-19 filled desert. Ban Bach and Coates from ever being able to land in Japan again.

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Posted in: After year of disruption, America set to choose a path ahead See in context

I want to congratulate the author, Julie Pace, on a fairly balanced opinion article that is not full of all the lies and deceit going on in the main stream media in the USA which is completely off the rails in both camps.

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Posted in: WHO chief warns against 'vaccine nationalism' See in context

Why would anyone ever listen to him again? I certainly won't. I didn't even read the article, just the headline was enough for me to skip the rest.

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Posted in: Okinawa governor asks Suga for dialogue on U.S. base transfer See in context

Lapdog Tamaki - that about summarizes the entire situation.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic organizers unveil scaled-back Games plan See in context

No Olympics should be held until there is a viable vaccine available worldwide, and one that has been tested to be both safe and effective as well!

I highly doubt that this can be achieved safely and properly within the time frame we have. It's time to take the red bill and cancel the Olympics and move on.

P.S. Bach and Coates are the epitome of what is wrong with our world leaders. Let them eat money.

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Posted in: Why do you think billionaire Microsoft founder Bill Gates, whose foundation has plowed billions of dollars into making vaccines against diseases like polio, malaria and HIV, is a regular target for fringe groups and anti-vaxxers accusing him of benefiting from vaccination or even using them for harm. See in context

He has said at Davos that "we" (the elites) have to reduce the population to only 1 billion people to be the slaves. All others should be killed with the "vaccine". That's his stand.

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Posted in: Suga holds talks with IOC chief, Koike about Olympics See in context

The propaganda machine will be non-stop but this is a great chance for the people to reject this train wreck and cancel the games.

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Posted in: Trip.com chairman wants Japan-China tourist travel to resume this year See in context

I can't believe the Japanese government would even consider this after what has happened and what is still happening right now. The answer must be unequivocally absolutely NO!

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Posted in: China's fishing suspension near disputed islands in East China Sea ends See in context

Bring is a few squadrons of A10s just in case...

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Posted in: Japanese show support for Hong Kong activist Agnes Chow See in context

CCP sucks. Unfortunately it may take a war to unseat them.

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Posted in: Biden eyes major U.S. foreign policy shifts if he wins See in context

Biden's solutions will entail him enriching his family and friends just exactly like Trump. But Biden will also stick his head up the CCP's butt.

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Posted in: Japan to discuss easing travel ban with China, S Korea, other countries See in context

The people in charge are really crazy...

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Posted in: Tokyo Games spokesman expects Olympics to go ahead despite poll result See in context

Here we go again... Stop the insanity...

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Posted in: Japan to consider easing travel curbs for Tokyo Olympic athletes See in context

The Olympics are done. Let it go already. Who in their right mind would attend them?

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Posted in: Tokyo ranked 3rd most expensive city in world for expats See in context


Not to mention that "cost" does not equate to "quality of living"! For all the good things about Tokyo that people talk about, it is not the most convenient place in the world to live.

Almost all my adult Japanese eikawa students say they love Tokyo because it's the most convenient city in the world. I don't agree but that's part of the mix. I've always lived in Kanagawa.

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Posted in: Xi's visit to Japan to take place after Nov: minister See in context

Why try diplomacy with the most corrupt and deceitful criminals on the planet?

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Posted in: Fireworks explode across Japan to cheer up virus-weary public See in context

Couldn't see anything in Kawasaki but it's a nice gesture and I hope it cheered up the nation.

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Posted in: Man arrested for beating couple in their 80s outside their home See in context

I hope Mr. Saito gets a taste of his own medicine in jail.

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Posted in: WHO head urges global unity to help make Tokyo Olympics safe See in context

I'm shocked that anyone would still seriously listen to the CCP's propaganda agency, The World Health Organization.

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Posted in: Report: Google facing onslaught of antitrust cases in US See in context

Monopolists are never good for the consumers be it Microsoft or Google. Personally, I think all of these online giants should be broken down into smaller companies with markets that reflect the borders and boundaries of true countries. And they should all be taxed by those countries, period.

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