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at zenpun I worked with blood & sweat to where I am now. I struggled with it. My parents never even finished elementary but still able to send us to school. In short i experienced not eating in a day or settled with just salt & banana! Just live in nipa & bamboo hut. My grandparents work hard despite of those suffering afterall life goes on and they see hope in us happy war is over!

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You're among those who refuse to accept the apology. It depends with the politicians whose in charge with the government. Why the government of my country Philippines who suffered a lot, China, Taiwan, Korea allow the Japanese people, businessman be around? To think we are many here in Japan who benifited from Japan reaching out. Mostly of my Chinese, taiwanese, Koreans friend will still like to work here than in China or Taiwan or Korea.

What do you want then?Japanese now will take the responsibility of what happened? The government does not represent all of the people from all the country involve and for sure not all people before wanted to be at war.

All of these drama is politicaly motivated.

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Posted in: Taiwan urges Japan to apologize over sex slaves See in context

The Japanese government apologize many times already... it's the Korean, Chinese and Taiwanese governments whose still raising eyebrows even up to now especially those in the position. There are many who accepted it already & met some few who still want & can't let go and want to keep the hate in them. Which is not good. The Japanese have reach out others accept it others don't. Scenario above are amomgst that would like to create a drama over and over again which infact majority of people who have suffered the atrocities of war long ago had moved on already and settled to have harmonious relationship with each other. One of my grandfather was a US navy who was among who suffered at death march but was helped by one of the Japanese soldiers from being burned to death. While mostly of my relatives were bayoneted and may have experienced terrible things and one of my grandmother was raped & got pregnant and my Japanese uncle is still with us. We have forgotten those things already and I never heard anything bad against towards the Japanese people from my family. I know the history since majority of my loved ones have been through it. In fact visited the places inflicted much to remember those who suffered much. It should be the basis for us now who never experienced those horror to not let it happen again as possible and learn from it not letting it dwell in us. As long we hold into it we will always be at war which definitely will no do good. Now I'm currently doing PhD here in Japan as japanese govermernment scholar. I'm from Philippines. prior here I have worked with Koreans, Taiwanese and Chinese researcher of which now my friends.

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