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ZombieNemesis comments

Posted in: See how this robot makes sushi See in context

Did the robot prepare and form the rice? Did it identify and cut the fish? Did it grab the packaged wasabi? I'm thinking humans had more to do with making this sushi than the assembly robot did. Sushi chefs are safe for a while longer.

None the less, its going to be an interesting world when humans don't get the majority of their lives fulfilled with a job, or the requirement (or opportunity) to earn a living.

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Posted in: Akie Abe visits Pearl Harbor See in context

"It was not clear exactly when Akie Abe made the visit. "

Akie Abe made a surprise visit Sunday to Pearl Harbor in Hawaii ... Abe visited the site at 7:55 a.m., the exact time that the attack took place in 1941. Her visit there was a personal one. http://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2016/08/22/national/akie-abe-prays-pearl-harbor-fueling-speculation-japans-prime-minister-will-follow-suit/

Why not just let her have some independence? As an American I appreciate her visit, no matter what her views or reason for visiting.

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Posted in: Woman motorcyclist killed after being run over by several cars following fall See in context

This is a horrible avoidable accident. Most of us drivers (both autos and motorcycles) are too confident in our own abilities. I've done my share of riding in the rain, and admit I've been lucky nothing bad has happened. After experiencing a fogged up helmet providing near zero visibility in a cold heavy rain at night. I learned quickly how truly insane it is to be out there putting my life in extreme risk. There are always other options to riding in those conditions. Its too bad she didn't choose to stay put or at least pull over to a safe spot and stop when conditions deteriorated.

I wouldn't jump to any conclusions about the autos speeding or tailgating. Heavy rain in the dark is really hard to see through. The auto drivers are likely traumatized by this. I feel for all parties involved this is horrible.

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Posted in: Is it safe to let customers know workers' real names? See in context

We all would hope its safe, especially in Japan. Unfortunately it isn't safe 100% of the time.

If things continue down the path we are on, in as little as a couple years it won't matter if people display a name tag or not. Using our smart phones we will be able to learn most everything about anyone by simply taking a picture and letting facial recognition provide all the details.

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Posted in: Fantasy sci-fi anime 'Sword Art Online' to become a live-action, U.S.-produced TV series See in context

SAO is a harem anime set in an interesting VR world. But its still a harem anime with the young male audience as it primary target. Although the main female characters are portrayed as strong in SOA they are still rendered helpless requiring a male hero to save them. The culture in the US has moved away from women needing to be saved by men. Just take a look at the latest Star Wars films. When this story is retold by american writers it will be very different. It may still happen in a Matrix or Tron like world but the character dynamics will be very different. Wether this is a wanted or an unwanted change in SAO fan's eyes, it will happen none the less.

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Posted in: Middle-aged 'easy riders' reviving 2-wheeler market with 'slow bikes' See in context

In 2015 more that than half a million riders attended Sturgis Bike week in the US. The riders average age was estimated to be ~50. Arguably due to the fact that its way harder for a younger person to afford a $30,000.00 Harley. So its actually not surprising at all that people the same age in Japan are quencing their mid life crises with a new motorcycle, and choosing to do it with something a lot more affordable.

Here is an ad for the Z125. If this were real life he would be wishing he had a few more cc in that thing? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y6UOvcH4468

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Posted in: Middle-aged 'easy riders' reviving 2-wheeler market with 'slow bikes' See in context

I'm confused by this statement: "Why on earth would anybody want to go so fast in a small country like Japan?" How fast do the trains go in Japan anyway, I thought I heard they were some of the fastest in the world? If you're using a motorcycle as your primary transport, you've driven the same roads 100s of times, why wouldn't you want to travel at posted speeds?

BTW: You just don't turn the throttle as much when you want to go 30 kph on a full size motorcycle.

Its unfortunate to hear my made in Japan, 1679cc Yamaha motorcycle is too much for Japan? It would have been fun to 'cruze' the countryside.

After driving more than 320,000 kilometers on motorcycles I've found the smaller bikes are not necessarily safer. They may seem that way on the surface and then you find people riding smaller bikes are actually taking more risks in traffic because they feel they can more easily maneuver through slow traffic. Yes, the traffic may be going slower. But getting run over by that delivery truck you got to close to will hurt evan at 5 kph.

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Posted in: Balloon burst See in context

By any chance, is the store selling really big bags of Jelly Beans?

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Posted in: 'Star Wars' box office surpasses 'Titanic,' 'Jurassic World' See in context

Avatar and Jim Cameron's domestic box-office title are toast.

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Posted in: 'Game of Thrones' author says latest installment delayed See in context

He would fit right in as a manga writer. Fans always want more from their favorite authors then they can provide.

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Posted in: Bad behavior See in context

I've been riding for over 20 years, more than 300,000 km. I detest loud motorcycles. Once watched two guys putting ear plugs in while walking to their Harleys, they then proceeded to attempt to blow the ear drums of those of us around them while still in the parking lot. Nearly as loud as a gun shot.

"Loud Pipes Save Lives" is what I always here from those narcissist, loud pipe riders. But in reality loud pipes lose rights for the rest of us. Its good to see the actual offenders getting stopped rather than the entire motorcycle riding community being penalized. I've never seen this happen in the US even though most states have specific noise limits. The local governments need to set specific db limits to noise, then give the police a calibrated db meter and teach them how to use it. Set fines and force the offender to prove the offending equipment has been repaired. This should apply to more than just motorcycles. Cars, motorbikes and those damn loud speakers should be muted.

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Posted in: 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' is fun fan service See in context

Hard to read a movie review and avoid spoilers these days. I'll skip the reviews, go see the movie tomorrow and make up my own mind if its fun fan service. So far Mad Max is the best movie of 2015, SW TFA may be just a weee bit better.

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Posted in: Computer overheating? Twitter user suggests using 10-yen coins to cool it off See in context

Seriously, I've managed more than a thousand Mac desktops, iMacs and laptops at work. You can make your Mac's fans push so much air past the CPU, HD and GPU it will sound like a leaf blower using free fan control software. You can easily increase minimum fan speeds with software. Just increasing it a bit will dramatically lower the operating temp. Even a MacBook Air has a powerful fan inside, you simply need to instruct the Mac to use it a bit more than Apple thinks it should. The problem is Apple thinks all their users want a completely silent computer, that is why Mac owners rarely hear the fans and they run hot.

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Posted in: Computer overheating? Twitter user suggests using 10-yen coins to cool it off See in context

Most Apple computers have fans more than capable of keeping the computer cool. Unfortunately Apple has chosen to er on the side of a quite computer over a cool computer. The MacOS rarely spins those fans up to high speed.

There are several very effective free software tools that will allow you to control the speed of the fans in your Mac. If you have an older iMac, getting a tool like this installed is critical to the longevity of the Mac. Simply search for Mac fan controls. Hard drive, video card and display failures are all to common on computers that are allowed to run hot.

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Posted in: May the Force be with you See in context

Star Wars is a marketing machine no one can beat, even without stormtroopers protecting it.

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Posted in: 'Mad Max' voted best movie of the year by international critics See in context

Still have a few more movies to see this year before proclaiming it the best of 2015. But right now I can not think of one that I enjoyed more. The movie's action only lets you up for air a few times. Its none stop motion.

When you do see it, ask yourself what kind of fuel range the best motorcycle has and how much fuel it would require to drive that motorcycle for 160 days. Could you carry that much fuel?

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Posted in: Japan nuclear power outlook bleak despite first reactor restart See in context

Objectively ...

Finding a truely viable way to store electricity generated by wind and solar is key to using those energy sources. Without it they will remain niche. Solar currently represents just over 1/2 of 1% of the worlds energy consumption. Wind makes up about 1%.

Unfortunately less nuclear energy has meant more fossil fuel imports for japan. "Japan is the world's largest liquefied natural gas importer, second-largest coal importer, and third-largest net importer of crude oil and oil products."

100s of thousands of people have lost their lives and millions of people have been displaced by dam failures around the world. Eco systems have been destroyed and others created by dams. Consider the difficulty building an earthquake proof dam in a region susceptible to devastating earthquakes and you'll soon realize why its so difficult for Japan to fully leverage hydro-electic dams. Hydro-electic represents about 6% of the worlds energy consumption.

Nuclear makes up about 7.5% of the worlds energy.

Fossil fuels (Crude Oil, Natural Gas and Coal) make up 83%

Biomass, Biofuels, Geothermal make up the rest.

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Posted in: How nuclear-free Japan made it through hottest summer yet without brownouts See in context

Be nice if the author included a simple pie chart of energy consumption by fuel type so far in 2015. What is the actual percentage of energy produced in Japan from hydro and other renewable sources? In 2013 it was 4% hydro and only 2% other renewable like solar, 93% was energy produced by fossil fuels.


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Posted in: Home struck by bullet fired at nearby SDF training ground in Shiga See in context

@turbostat. Thanks for the link. That changes everything. Obviously not a shotgun round.

And 3.5 kilometers is quite different from 500 meters talked about in this article.

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Posted in: Home struck by bullet fired at nearby SDF training ground in Shiga See in context

From the description it sounds like a standard 12 Gauge Shotgun slug. A standard rifled slug weighs about 22 grams. It travels at ~ 550 meters per second when it leaves the barrel then immediately begins to slow down due to resistance as it travels through the air. Slugs are not very aerodynamic so they slow down more quickly than a rifle bullets normally used by military. At 50 meters it would be traveling at ~ 380 meters per second. At 100 meters it has slowed down to 300 meters per second. At 500 meters it will be traveling far slower. Even though it would have been traveling much slower than a rifle bullet, a slug's mass makes it potentially lethal up to 500 meters.

Its becoming more common for gun ranges to install shooting tubes that force the gun to remain pointed down range. This helps to ensure accidental misfires don't happen with the gun pointed outside the range.

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Posted in: Prices of chocolate, sauces, bread, other items to rise See in context

Higher chocolate prices are a global issue, caused by increased global demand and local supply issues in the cocoa producing regions.

If the rising price of chocolate in Japan was do to a weakening yen, or the political leanings of its elected officials, why are the prices continuing to rise in the US where the dollar is getting stronger.

Small farms unwilling or unable to modernize production to keep up with the worlds growing demand for cocoa means higher prices for everyone.

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Posted in: Man arrested for uploading video of himself driving at over 170 kph See in context

"We really have to be thankful for Youtube."

Kind if goes both ways, people are encouraged by the fame of youtube to do crazy things. Maybe youtube indirectly encouraged this dangerous act.

Living where the speed limit on most highways is already greater than 120 kph, this doesn't seem all that fast. But its the speed differential with the vehicles around him that makes it dangerous.

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Posted in: A long way down See in context

Crazy how just looking at this photo makes me feel acrophobic. Have to visit the Tokyo tower the next time I'm in town.

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Posted in: Climate control See in context

Abe, Is that a pickle in your pocket or are you just happy to see Angela?

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Posted in: The real problem for Republicans: Too much money See in context

Too much money, a girl too pretty, a car too fast. None of this exists.

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Posted in: A shrinking population not all bad news See in context

I would think the popularity of electronic washlets have more of a positive impact on paper usage than a less than 1% drop in population.

If rural/farmer population drops by choice, this may provide an opportunity to consolidate farms into more efficient automated farms measured in square kilometers. This could dramatically reduce the cost of locally produced cash crops. Maybe get rice prices inline with the rest of the world without upsetting the farmers.

Once the economics of a capitolistic socitey are modified to compensate for a population drop (not sure how that will be done without some pain). The world will be a better place with fewer but happier people.

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Posted in: New 'Star Wars' teaser, cast information revealed at event See in context

Looks like Star Wars VII will open in Japan on Dec 18th with the rest of the world, no long wait like most films.

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Posted in: 'Star Wars' movies to be released online See in context

I wish they were actually the 'original' original Star Wars movies. Unfortunately, the special edition (non-original) versions are being released. At some point it would be nice to see the 1977, 1980 and 1983 releases in HD.

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Posted in: Dummies See in context

Perfectly illustrates the modern human state; mindlessly staring at their smart phone. While the world goes past their little window.

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Posted in: Plum blossoms See in context

Signs of spring always put a smile on my face.

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